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hey i don't get this meme please explain it peter

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2023.05.31 18:46 lolahasasecret Thyroid Sonogram

28F 5’1 non smoker Looking for help understanding my thyroid sonogram results. Noticed a lump feeling in my throat a little over a month ago, didn’t think much of it until my doctor started sending me for more tests.
FINDINGS: The thyroid isthmus thickness is 0.4 cm. The right lobe measures 5.6 x 1.4 x 2.3 cm in sagittal x AP x transverse dimensions. The left lobe measures 6.4 x 3.2 x 2.3 cm in sagittal x AP x transverse dimensions. Overall thyroid echotexture and blood flow: Mildly heterogeneous with normal vascularity. In the right upper pole is a well-circumscribed isoechoic nodule predominantly solid measuring 1.5 x 1.0 x 1.2 cm. TR 3 In the right lower lobe is a well-circumscribed isoechoic predominate solid nodule 2.6 x 1.4 x 1.8 cm. TR 3 There is a dominant nodule replacing the left lobe measuring 5.9 x 3.1 x 4.0 cm which is heterogeneous isoechoic. TR 3
Going for a FNA biopsy next week, but still overthinking and worrying lol If anyone could weigh in I would greatly appreciate it :)
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2023.05.31 18:46 doppler07 Dont fall for this scam!!

There's a instagram account called boom_digitals0 which has 3k followers but is a scam, they pretend to sell valorant points at cheap but block u after u give them the money, one of my friends fell for it, stay safe everyone and all report the account if u can it will help in getting these scumbags banned .
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2023.05.31 18:46 Deep-Examination-244 I am deeply paranoid that everyone in my life is out to harm me for their benefit

The title pretty much says it all. Going from my past friends, to past girlfriends, to even my own family I have always been used for their gain and my expense. Even when I was young my mother who constantly manipulated me into hating my father while also being super abusive, this led me to forcibly become a shut in and try to 'only make worthwhile friends and family' while blocking out everyone else for my own safety. Over the years I tried to make friends with more people only to be burned every time. Everyone of my girlfriends have cheated on me in some way or another, with this latest one going for my roommate.
Now this isn't to say I haven't made at least one good friend in all of this but thats it, nothing more and I am worried for my life everyday that they will used me like the rest. I am trying my best to 'stay positive' and leave my heart on my sleeve but every damn time I end up on the shitty side of the stick, with everyone saying empty bs statements like, "You're really a great guy and this shouldn't have happened to you".
I feel like I have nobody to vent to about this and it's beginning to affect how my days go. Where I used to try and make it through the day now I can barely bother with getting out of bed.
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2023.05.31 18:46 sharksfan7_sd IC4 from Amazon

I just purchased the IC4 from Amazon. Scheduled to be delivered this weekend. Anyone know if the ones from Amazon are the newer models with the larger rear stabilizer bar? The pictures on the site are of the older model, but perhaps they just never updated those. Not sure when the new design was released, but if you got an IC4 from Amazon in the past few months, could you tell me if you received the newer model?
Also, was the display updated with the newer model? Better firmware for more accurate metrics or better bluetooth connectivity?
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2023.05.31 18:46 Familiar_Holiday Should I have someone fill 5inches of water or just use my hose? 28' round pool.

My dad said that when he was using the hose originally that it cut off all the water in the house, due to some pressure loss or something and he had to reset it. I think it made him nervous to fill the pool that little bit ourselves cuz he wants to call a guy for $250. If we fill it and keep an eye on the pressure essure , would it save us money/be safe? We have one of those hose filters as well but I think he's nervous we are going to ruin the house/pay more at the end of the month than 250
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2023.05.31 18:46 Lazy-Bite-2669 Personal Story : How I found a product that helped me?

About 3 months ago, I was scrolling Tiktok and ad of this product comes over. I did a through research and also asked for the product in this group.
Have you ever experienced those moments when your mind feels foggy, making it challenging to think clearly or remember important details? I can totally relate! That's why I want to share my amazing experience with Keystone Performance.
From the moment I started using it, I noticed a significant improvement in my ability to concentrate and stay focused throughout the day. This remarkable supplement is meticulously formulated with a blend of some natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to support optimal brain health.
Since incorporating it into my daily routine, I have noticed a significant boost in my productivity, mental clarity, and overall well-being. I no longer struggle with brain fog or feel overwhelmed by mental fatigue. Instead, I feel energized, focused, and ready to take on any mental challenge that comes my way.
I'd recommend to use it once as you may get rid of your brain fog.
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2023.05.31 18:45 CamelZestyclose883 Adherence not met 4th month in a row

So on May 18th i was sent an email stating that this is my 4th month not meeting adherence goals. If not met a written warning level one will be issued. I did not receive the email during business hours and was out of work on may 19th so i did not see the email until may 22nd.

Since the notice i have managed to keep my adherence over goal everyday since. But has not been good enough to meet monthly goal.

Is that an acceptable time frame to bring up adherence or should i push back in my meeting that will now be a written warning meeting since today is the last day. I had a meeting at the beginning of may why wasnt this brought up then?
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2023.05.31 18:45 DatSyKo Efficiency Wars PvX

In Efficiency Wars, efficiency is the key to survival. With limited resources scattered across the galaxy, you'll need to carefully manage your inventory, construct efficient ships, and develop advanced technologies to gain an edge over your rivals. Team up with other players to form alliances and conquer the challenges that lie ahead, or venture out on your own as a lone wolf and forge your own path to success.
The concept is simple, its regular space engineers with a twist. We come from other open world pvp games like, ARK, Conan, Rust and Dayz and we are trying to replicate a similair gameplay loop in space engineers. Progression comes in the form of tiered tech and scarce resources. Players will have to go into space and visit the other planets in order to acquire every ore, while tierd tech is farmed from the inventories of NPC ships and stations and can be used to upgrade the performance of certain blocks. This server is perfect for people who want to step up their PvE game or get a taste for PvP.
Right now there is only a few of us on the server but we are built up and ready to play. I'll be posting some images of peoples builds soon. The server we are hosting on we own, we have remote access to a dedicated machine in Germany with 128gb of ram, a 12-core Ryzen 9 3900 with 1gb Networking, Ready for whatever players can throw at it.
Some of our systems features include; Vanilla like gameplay Balanced 2500km3 Playarea All 3 vanilla planets and moons plus triton and pertam in a custom layout Custom balanced Tiered Tech to upgrade blocks such as thruster power, refinery speed & drill sizes No Weapon mods and No shields All the QoL mods you'd expect, Build info, Build vision, Coloured icons and so on .. NanoBots BuildandRepair systems (3 per player) 6 Interactive NPC factions with ships, stations and world bosses A Custom Built Npc Faction designed to challenge seasoned players, more soon* Community events like Raid bases or testing builds in creative mode on our test server A few rules to make things fair for everyone Offline raid protection Block restrictions to promote competition and server performance Dedicated and linked Discord, with cross chat and server status
Interested? find more info and a gameplay guide in our discord linked below;
Discord -
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2023.05.31 18:45 TN_Egyptologist Statue and block statue of the Mayor of Thebes, Montuemhat. 26TH DYNASTY (664–525 BC). The Egyptian Museum Cairo.

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2023.05.31 18:45 determinedmouse121 queer/lgbt events for june?

hey y’all!! i just moved here last week and i’m looking for any queer events going on throughout the month of june. also, i would really appreciate pointers for organizations or groups to follow to get involved, meet people and start feeling a sense of community. thank you!! 🫶🏽
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2023.05.31 18:45 lazaroblanc I got scammed 6 years ago

6 years ago I got scammed for over 150 keys in Rocket League.
The scammers blocked my account after they scammed me but luckily I was screenrecording. I recently re-found that recording of the scam happening and luckily I showed the steam profile ids so I was able to find their Steam profiles today. I still feel a lot of anger over this even 6 years on. Can anyone help me find out more info about these guys? Their steam profiles are very restrictive so I cant get any info about them. I'd be willing to pay for info (not talking about doxxing or stuff like that)
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2023.05.31 18:45 AllLitUpLike If I'm still suicidal, is the medication working?

I started 10mg of lexapro, going on about 3 months now & still at the same dose. While I have noticed enough improvement to continue my usage (significantly less irratibility/agitation, mood swings, slightly improved general anxiety) , I have been conflicted and having a hard time putting what I'm feeling into words. I know Lexapro is not a magic pill that will eradicate all negative feelings. But I still feel empty and lifeless more often than not and the thoughts of not wanting to live have never ceased, but are occasionally dulled enough to function day to day. I realize this kinda comes off as me asking for medical advice ... but I suppose I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced similar feelings after a few months. I don't know what to tell my psych because it has been working in some areas. But others not so much. Thanks for reading my novel
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2023.05.31 18:45 NervousStrawberry531 Does my husband dislike me?

My husband and I have been together for almost 3 years but have known each other for over a decade as friends. He is the love of my life and the only person I’ve ever wanted to marry. But lately sometimes I get the feeling that although he loves me, he doesn’t like me very much. I tend to also be an anxious overthinker so would love to hear from anyone if this is me anxiously overthinking. In the beginning of our relationship it was SO obvious he liked me: romantic gestures, wanting to see me ALL the time, super affectionate and very vocal about his feelings, and always doing things for me (as his love language is acts of service). We moved in together about 8 months later and still were in that love bubble at first. Then it started to decline fast: he wants space to himself all the time, has become very short with his words, he’s not very affectionate at all, and asking him to do anything for me has started to feel like pulling teeth (when it used to come so naturally to him without me asking). When we’re with friends, his energy and enthusiasm is at 100% but then when we’re alone, it’s down to 30%. We just had our honeymoon and he was so not present during our trip, but I just know this was not the energy he’s given other girls he’s traveled with in the past. I understand that the honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever, but is that what this is? Or does he just not really enjoy me very much anymore? Is this just a normal part of a growing long-term relationship and all that comes with getting married and living together? I’m stumped, I get nauseous at the thought of not being liked by the only person I’ve ever loved. But again, this could all be my anxious attachment speaking. Thoughts?
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2023.05.31 18:44 Mommason Parent involved field trip in the middle of the week and I’m the only parent who can’t make it

The school district that we moved to doesn’t have full day kindergarten, so I found myself paying $775 a month for kindergarten.
While it was quite a surprise that half-day kindergarten was all that was available at public school… we really like this private school for our daughter. It’s been great to see her bloom socially and academically.
At the end of every year they do a field trip in the middle of a workday and expect parents to drive, accompany, and Fundraise.
I didn’t fundraise because… I pay $775 a month. I feel a little bit guilty… But I pay $775 a month.
According to the sign-up sheet I’m the only person who works that day and my daughter needs a ride.
I could take time off, but my company only gives me 10 vacation days a year. I tried to use that strategically for days my kids are out of school or have appointments… or are sick again.
I could keep her home that day, but then I would have still have to work so that’s not better for me. Plus I think she would have a great time!
Last year when she was in pre-K she got a ride with another parent and I was grateful. I’d like to do this again, but I realize that A) it requires a lot of trust and B), I’d be outsourcing childcare to another parent.
I just hate that these are my options because of the way the world is built, and I hate that I keep finding myself in variations of this situation where there’s no winning.
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2023.05.31 18:44 Medium-Broccoli-6157 I 24F found my boyfriend’s 22M second Instagram

I’ve been seeing this guy for about 5 months now and he’s from a small town meaning all his friends are people who he went to high school with and have known him forever and all his past and bring it up constantly when I’m around them. We all have a past we can’t change I’m not upset that he has a past I do too but it’s the way his friends talk about things in front of me for example I went to his friends for a fire and I’ve only met this set of friend once before at a wedding and they started talking about ex girlfriends in explicit ways and also just girls he had things with and how hot those girls were so on I tried to keep it together and let it go but it really upset me and made me feel incredibly insecure within myself. So I looked up the girls on his Instagram while he was asleep and I accidentally found that he had a second Instagram account with half naked photos of himself on it and I thought it was really strange that he had this account no one was following it anymore but the photos had been liked by one of his friends. I never brought this discovery up with him because that would mean I went through his phone and I know I shouldn’t have. I was editing pictures one day and I joked about posting a photo of my ass and said would that be ok? And he said it wouldn’t be my favorite thing and said that was funny and he said why because I post things like that and I said I don’t know do you? And he said no I don’t and I said ok knowing damn well he has in the past I just don’t know why he can’t tell me about it if it was just a joke page. I know I was wrong for looking at his phone and I wish I didn’t but my insecurities got the best of me
I don’t know if he just thinks it’s different because he’s a guy or what the case is
Is this a thing guys do ?
Am I the problem?
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2023.05.31 18:44 goatonacoffeemug Question about Crown Of Candy and literacy!

Please avoid spoilers replying to me
Hi! So I got into D20 for the first time about a month ago. I’ve finished Season 1 of both Fantasy High and Unsleeping City and just started a Crown of Candy. I’m in the middle of episode 3 and caught something.
Brennan when talking about the Pontifex said that 95% of people who can read work for them. I also remembered in Episode one Lou said the King cannot read either. Do they clear this up in later episodes why many of the population, even high status members, are illiterate?
LOVING Crown of Candy so far but it’s definitely been tough keeping up with the lore as a first time viewer!
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2023.05.31 18:44 Kloveindia Beauty of Joseon Bubble Toner Green Plum Toner Toner for Hydrating Skin - K-Love

Beauty of Joseon Bubble Toner Green Plum Toner Toner for Hydrating Skin - K-Love

Enriched with the goodness of Green Plum Water and Glycolic Acid, this toner gently removes dead skin cells and impurities with microbubbles keeping the skin soft, plump and radiant.
  • Controls sebum secretion and tightens pores.
  • Hydrates and exfoliates the skin keeping it clean and clear.
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties.
Visit our website:
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2023.05.31 18:44 etherealpepper My experience with the copper IUD (flexi-t 300) insertion was amazing! Would do all over again if I had to!

Just wanted to share my experience in case anyone is thinking of getting or making the switch to a copper IUD. I got the flexi-t 300 as I am in Canada and it is suitable for women who have not had children yet (it is smaller with curved arms).
I got to the clinic and peed in a cup for them so they could their routine test for pregnancy, and they will also send it off to check of STI’s etc etc (they do this automatically).
Then I went into the room where I would be getting the IUD inserted. The doctor I had was lovely and warm right off the bat. She gave me a debrief of the IUD I would be getting and mentioned risks as per protocol.
Then I hopped up into the stirrups where she would then apply lidocaine gel to my cervix to numb it. After that set in, she measured my uterus which felt like one big period cramp, with pins and needles. Then there was another big cramp when the IUD went in, it felt the same as the measuring. It’s a weird feeling and hurts for sure but nothing terrible! I have had worse period cramps!
It has been two hours post-insertion and I am not crampy at all, nor am I bleeding. I will provide an update in a few months to explain how I am liking it.
I hope this post is informative for those who are planning on getting an IUD or are soon getting one! Don’t be scared! Just breathe through the process and you will be fine, it’s not as bad as you think ❤️
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2023.05.31 18:44 Poke-Phd Subleasing 2 bedrooms June through August, $900/month each

Hello, my roommate and I are subleasing our 2 rooms in a 5Bed 4Bath house a couple blocks North of U-Village. It’s just across the street from bus lines for getting to campus and to the light rail. The $900 does not include utilities. There is a shared washer and dryer (coin operated).
DM if interested in pictures of the rooms/house or more details!
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2023.05.31 18:44 consciousnes5 Robinhood Q1 Earnings: Found Stability, Could Become Interesting

Robinhood Q1 Earnings: Found Stability, Could Become Interesting
Most hated stock on the market - $HOOD DD
Market Valuation 7.98 B / Cash Available is 10.53 B / Total Debt 2.75 B - Trading at Book Value of 7.83
Current price 8.82 $

441M in Q1 Revenue / Pre AI MANIA where trading volume has increased.
23.1 M Accounts funded with 120K QoQ
78 B Assets under custody with Money moving to Market funds from banks.
2023 Product Roadmap
Stock screeners - 24 Hour Market - Futures and more shit for entertainment on WSB
Cumulative funded accounts
Monthly active users troughed in Q4 Recession and about to boom
Now these Robinhoods are printing money with interest rates being high and our god Jerome powell mentioned that rates will stay as is for the remainder of 2023 at current levels - Famous sentence NO CUTS THIS YEAR
Interest revenue in Q1 208 Million USD
OPEX -25% YoY, With a tail wind to boost revenue
Adjusted EBITDA at q1 2021 level at 115 Million

Last but not least : I dont know who this guy is, I just want to make money
Positions : 900 Stonks at 8.82 $
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2023.05.31 18:44 BeauWisp Finally managed to cry on sertraline

Despite feeling like my eyes are blocked and being unable to cry most of the time, I finally cried through my medication and woke up with a giant headache which hasn’t yet gone away
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2023.05.31 18:44 AdFinancial6485 Should I even work at Cracker Barrel at this point?

Like I already got the job last month and they finally called me in for orientation and I did that and now I have to do tons of fucking courses before I can even step my foot into training . It was the holiday weekend and all the lady did was keep calling me even though I had already started on the courses I’m trying to hurry up and finish but it takes so long it’s like 16 and 14 courses to do in each section. You have the rundown on everything then they keep repeating it over and over again. Then they have multiple choice questions for each of these things and if you don’t answer correctly they make you take it over again to get a %100 . I’m Already so sick of it and I haven’t even started working. The lady has been on my ass nonestop calling and rushing me to finish these long ass courses like they aren’t long . It takes 4 hours or more to complete. It takes almost 2 hours to get through one course .
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