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2023.05.31 18:03 London-Roma-1980 NON-CONFERENCE MATCHDAY 11 RESULTS

Basketball on Naismith Island is a game of 40 minutes. If you don't play all 40, you can lose a winnable game. See below.
#1 UCLA 80, #8 Michigan 77. Every defensive positioning matters; every play matters; every call matters. It's how you remain the #1 team in the land.
Bill Walton took a charging foul from Chris Webber with 12 seconds left, then sealed the game after being fouled on the inbound, as the Bruins (11-0) stole one from the Wolverines (9-2) to run their winning streak to 48 games in a row.
"I don't know what the complaint is. I had the position, I was far enough away from the basket, and I kept myself still. Chris [Webber] ran into me. It was the right call," Walton claimed.
While block/charge calls will always be controversial, it helped that the result of the collision took Webber's shot off-line. This wasn't a case of Michigan losing the lead on the call; reverse it, and Webber would have gone to the line down one. Still, the feelings of coming close and being so far resonated in the Michigan locker room.
"You can't do that -- you can't make that call," Webber griped after the game. "You gotta let us play, man."
Walton led all scorers with 18 points; Juwan Howard led Michigan with 17.
#3 Kentucky 82, #5 Kansas 81, OT. Wilt Chamberlain has never fouled out. Critics would say that stat plays too heavily in his mind at crucial points in the game -- that if you get a fourth foul on him, he becomes weaker on defense and passive when he should be going for blocks.
Is that what happened here? Obviously we'll never know, but the talk will become louder.
Anthony Davis' dunk over Chamberlain -- whose block attempt seemed to be a product of hesitation -- provided the difference with 1.2 seconds left as the Wildcats (10-1) took out the Jayhawks (9-2) after 45 minutes of end-to-end action.
"Coach [Adolph] Rupp told us that late in games, you could go to the rim," Davis said after the game as Kentucky fans swarmed him. "I didn't know how many fouls anyone had, I just knew that we were one down and the best chance I had was to get inside and dunk it down. I was able to do that, and we won the game as a result."
For his part, Chamberlain denied that his four fouls affected the final play. "I thought I had an angle to block it, but I wouldn't have gotten my hands there in time. I was out of position trying to guard [Dan] Issel on the final play. That's not how you zone."
Chamberlain had a monster game, putting up 19 points, 10 rebounds, 7 assists, and 3 blocks. But it's another number that everyone will focus on -- 4, his foul total for the game.
John Wall led Kentucky with 15 points.
#4 Duke 73, #6 Michigan State 71. A common joke through the years has been that it just isn't a Duke season until they make someone hate them by ripping their proverbial hearts out.
Kyrie Irving's three-pointer as time expired silenced the partisan Michigan State crowd and lifted the Blue Devis (9-2) to a bounceback win over the Spartans (8-3) in a game both teams sorely wanted for different reasons.
"We needed that win, man," Duke forward Grant Hill, who led all scorers with 16 points, said after the game. "You come off a loss, you're facing an even tougher team, you gotta dig down deep. This was a gut check. We got what we needed."
Irving's last-second heroics -- or villainy, depending on whom you ask -- wiped out an incredible performance from Spartan guard Scott Skiles. With Jason Richardson in foul trouble and Magic Johnson as a shooting guard, Skiles turned back the clock and put up 11 assists to go with his 7 points. He found Johnson (14 points) with 7 seconds to go for the sky hook over Elton Brand that gave Michigan State a 71-70 lead and sent the crowd into a deafening roar.
That roar would go eerily quiet soon after.
#25 Illinois 87, #12 Connecticut 70. Eddie Johnson had been hearing noise from the Auburn faithful saying he was an impostor and that the "real" Eddie Johnson resided on the Plains. Your move, Auburn.
Johnson stunned and thrilled the crowd by putting up 27 points with the help of seven three-pointers as the Fighting Illini (9-2) stole one from the Huskies (8-3), who had no answer on defense for Johnson's hot hand.
"Incredible," Huskies coach Jim Calhoun said while shaking his head at the post-game press conference. "I don't think I've seen something like that in some time. We knew [Derek] Harper could cause trouble, and I figured we had Red [Kerr] contained, but sometimes it's the last guy you expect."
As Connecticut attempted to double-team the red-hot Johnson, he made the passes needed to keep Illinois on track. Meyers Leonard was a major recipient of those passes, ending with 15 points of his own.
Cliffy Robinson led the Huskies with 16 points.
#2 North Carolina 101, #22 Florida 56. Note to self: never, ever, ever, EVER face Michael Jordan coming off of a close loss. Ever.
Jordan, who when given the green light is almost unbeatable, scored 33 points and had 10 assists as the Tar Heels (9-2) gave a rude welcome to the Top 25 to the Gators (8-3), disheartening the Florida crowd and leaving coach Billy Donovan without answers.
"You know, when you look up at the scoreboard and it's the first half and there you are down 30, 35 points... you try to tell your team to take it one possession at a time, but you know they're thinking about how big that hill is to climb and how close they are to the point of no return," Donovan said. "We spent the second half trying to get our plays in order so that when SEC season began, we wouldn't run into this trouble."
Jordan, for his part, wanted to make a statement in this game. With 6 minutes left in the second half, Jordan even seemed to refuse to come out of the game, much to his substitute Vince Carter's chagrin. Eventually Dean Smith called a timeout to remind Jordan who the coach was.
"Michael's competitive, and we usually like that," Smith said after the game. "Usually."
#9 Notre Dame 78, #11 Ohio State 68. Is Digger Phelps on pace to be a Coach of the Year? He has to be the leader at this point.
With John Havlicek off to a hot start, Phelps went to a bigger lineup, moving Austin Carr to point guard and bringing LaPhonso Ellis in to stop Havlicek's slashing to the hoop. It paid off: only two of Havlicek's 22 points came in the second half as the Irish (9-2) stormed back to beat the Buckeyes (8-3).
"Coach asked me to step up, and I was able to today," Ellis said after the game. "You're facing a tough lineup like that, and you gotta hope for the best. I was able to come through for the team."
Ohio State led 40-33 at the half, but a monumental turnaround began when the Irish cut off Ohio State's top scorer. From there, Adrian Dantley took over, getting 17 of his 22 points in the second stanza -- a near mirror of Havlicek.
"Whatever I said at halftime I need to bottle, don't I?" Phelps joked after the game.
#15 Southern Cal 64, #7 Syracuse 55. Both teams went to a zone defense to unsettle the opposing outside shooters and cut down the passing lanes. It worked, but one team found just enough offense to put themselves over the top.
Bill Sharman's 15 points led all scorers as Syracuse missed 22 of 25 three-point attempts and the Trojans (9-2) knocked off the Orange (8-3) in a game meant for the basketball purists.
"We got them to use almost all of the shot clock on every possession," Sharman said after the game. "When you get a lead, you gotta play airtight defense. I've talked to the guys about being ready to give 110% on both sides of the ball, and it worked tonight."
The first half of this game proved to be a war of attrition. Syracuse missed all 11 of their three-point attempts, while Southern Cal committed four different violations of the 30-second shot clock. The teams went into the locker room tied at 24.
"We need to forget this game as soon as possible," admitted Orange guard Dave Bing, who had 12 points. Carmelo Anthony finished with 10, but on 1-12 shooting from outside the arc.
#18 LSU 66, #19 Georgetown 57. The anticipated matchup was between big men Shaquille O'Neal and Patrick Ewing Sr. That matchup was a battle of the bulls, but it was the shooting guard matchup we should've watched.
Pete Maravich had 21 points, outscoring Allen Iverson by 10, while O'Neal and Ewing had 16 points each. That was the difference, more or less, as the Tigers (8-3) knocked off the Hoyas (7-4) in a bruising clash between two power teams.
Coach Dale Brown was happy with his team's performance after the game. "It was a slow game, it was a half-court game, but we still found the outside shooting we needed to make it work," he told reporters. "It was necessary that we get this win -- I believe we can make noise in the SEC."
Hoyas forward Alonzo Mourning was frustrated all day by Bob Pettit cutting off passing lanes and keeping him from getting the ball. In the end, Mourning had only 7 points.
"I don't know how he did it," he said. "That guy's so underrated, man."
Meanwhile, in our featured game...
#17 DePaul 107, Rhode Island 77. In a surprise move before the game, coach Ray Meyer sat George Mikan and went small-ball, having Terry Cummings take the tip and Quentin Richardson join the starting five. It paid off big-time.
Richardson had 9 points, but he opened others to thrive in an up-tempo game as Mark Aguirre put up 25 points and the Blue Demons (8-3) established the pecking order over the upstart Rams (7-4), surviving their speedier style and winning in it.
Rhode Island coach Frank Keaney was disappointed, but not worried. "Our style is something we practice every day. When the time comes, we'll be ready to steal games with it. We need games like this to show our guys how much work they still have left to do if they want a postseason bid."
Sly Williams led the Rams with 16 points.
  1. UCLA 80, 8. Michigan 77
  2. North Carolina 101, 22. Florida 56
  3. Kentucky 82, 5. Kansas 81, OT
  4. Duke 73, 6. Michigan State 71
  5. Kansas 81, 3. Kentucky 82, OT
  6. Michigan State 71, 4. Duke 73
  7. Syracuse 55, 15. Southern Cal 64
  8. Michigan 77, 1. UCLA 80
  9. Notre Dame 78, 11. Ohio State 68
  10. Indiana 85, West Virginia 64
  11. Ohio State 68, 9. Notre Dame 78
  12. Connecticut 70, 25. Illinois 87
  13. Texas 92, Oregon State 56
  14. Arizona 92, Iowa State 58
  15. Southern Cal 64, 7. Syracuse 55
  16. Maryland 82, South Carolina 65
  17. DePaul 107, Rhode Island 77
  18. LSU 66, 19. Georgetown 57
  19. Georgetown 57, 18. LSU 66
  20. Minnesota 74, Detroit Mercy 66
  21. Alabama 73, Wichita State 63
  22. Florida 56, #2 North Carolina 101
  23. Iowa 71, Clemson 65
  24. UNLV 105, Old Dominion 67
  25. Illinois 87, 12. Connecticut 70
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2023.05.31 17:59 AuthoritywL 6e/6GHz throughput issues (Aruba 635 and 655 APs)

Hey everyone,
I've been dealing with some issues regarding throughput on our 6e APs, leveraging the 6GHz spectrum. We are leveraging a mix of Aruba 635 (2x2) and 655 (4x4) APs. Each AP offers 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz. We are also using the Cloud controller (Aruba Central).
We've configured a test SSID as we have begun deploying more 6e devices. We're seeing roughly half the throughput on the 6GHz as we see on the 5GHz radio with the same clients, running speed tests and iperf to local destinations (as well as Internet Speed Test reflecting the same). We see this throughput loss across 40MHz, 80MHz and 160MHz wide channels (it scales up as you'd expect with the increased widths, but we still see ~50% loss of throughput compared to 5GHz). I'm also fully aware of the penalty to 6GHz tx power by lowering the thresholds.. That said, we are deploying for a higher density wireless, and the fact that we're unable to control the 5GHz and 6GHz widths independent of one another in Aruba is driving some of the lower width 'want'.
Test results (all done with 2x2 clients), speeds are averaged over multiple tests: Test Clients: MacBook Pro M2 2023, Dell Windows 11 Laptop w/ Intel AX211 (also tested with some newer Samsung phones and got similar results).
160MHz width 5GHz: unable to test.
160MHz width 6GHz: 635Mbps Download, 670Mbps Upload, Tx Rate 1.9Gbps
160MHz width 6GHz: 650Mbps Download, 670Mbps Upload, Tx Rate 2.4Gbps
80MHz width 5GHz: 600Mbps Download, 610Mbps Upload, Tx Rate 1.2Gbps
80MHz width 6GHz: 350Mbps Download, 400Mbps Upload, Tx Rate 1.2Gbps
40MHz width 5GHz: 250Mbps Download, 240Mbps Upload, Tx Rate 600Mbps
40MHz width 6GHz: 95Mbps Download, 110Mbps Upload, Tx Rate 600Mbps
We're currently working with Aruba support, who acknowledge that we should be seeing similar, or better results on the 6GHz as we do on the 5GHz. They haven't provided anything actionable yet. Last I heard, they're going to work on reproducing it on their lab.
We've also taken a couple of the 600 series APs and tested them in a lab scenario, with fully clean and default configuration with different security configuration (PSK instead of EAP), and get the same/similar results.
Not sure if anyone else has seen similar results, or better? If we get anything back from Aruba support worth mentioning, I'll update this post as well.
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2023.05.31 17:48 nova_le_bg problem with motor

problem with motor
for school i need to make a kart controlled by bluetooth with an app but when i try my program for the motor nothing happen so can someone please help me
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2023.05.31 17:22 teonesofle Using Multiple Wireless Transmitters Indoors

Hi. Fairly new to wireless transmitters. Bought multiple hollyland video transmitters & a teradek spark only to realise they don't play nicely with each other. Luckily I rented these units to test. But how do you know which wireless units can work well with each other? Are there models that won't interefere with other transmitters / receivers?
I try to space out the transmitters & recievers by at least 5m. I know the TX/RX devices are cutting each other out because if I only have one set running it works but as soon as I turn on 2 or more transmitters / receiver sets they cut out. I make sure they aren't running on the same channels / frequencies.
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2023.05.31 17:15 AutoModerator RepWeidianSneakers Member Guide and Rulebook: Read Upon Arrival and Before Posting!

Hello, and welcome to RepWeidianSneakers! Whether you’re a long-time member or someone new who just straggled in from one of the other replica subreddits, this recurring post will serve as an introduction to or reminder of the subreddit rules. This group runs in several key ways that may be different from other groups to ensure we maintain a high-quality group where well-informed replica buyers can engage in constructive conversation regarding the best batches for various shoes, batch flaws of popular and commonly purchased batches, and QC posts of new and old products alike.
Please do your best to stay up-to-date on the latest subreddit rules and cultural norms in order to make sure that your participation in the group is in accordance with how we run things here! All sub rules are visible along the side bar if on desktop, and under the "About" tab if on mobile. We appreciate your attention and diligence to subreddit policies, and hope you enjoy your time here!
The following rules will be outlined in the following ways:
  1. Most Important Rule of the Sub
  2. Post Formats (QC, Find, Help Me Find)
  3. General Subreddit/Reddit-Wide Rules
Rule #1: Sneakers from Weidian, TaoBao only
This one should be self-explanatory - QCs for shoes purchased from middlemen are not allowed on this sub. I understand that many users value the input from members in this subreddit specifically due to their reputation and credibility, but we want to keep this sub as pure to its purpose as possible. If there are specific people from whom you want input from, feel free to post in the other rep subs and tag them.
Additionally, when users ask for recommendations on where to purchase, make sure to provide links to Weidian or TaoBao stores, and not middlemen. Middlemen sell Weidian/TaoBao products at a markup for convenience - always focus on the actual product.
Rule #2: QC Post Title Guidelines: [QC] {Price in Yuan} {Batch} {Shoe Name} from {Seller Name}
When posting your QCs or Finds, use the following format: [QC] {Price in Yuan} {Batch} {Shoe Name} from {Seller Name}. Example: [QC] 400¥ FK Batch Travis Scott x Jordan 1 High OG Mocha from A GDJ Supplier
The Group Automod comments on every single post in this group with a reminder of this title format. If your title does not include each of the necessary components in the brackets above, please be proactive and repost with the correct format. If you don’t delete the post, a moderator will, and that or repeated infractions may result in a temporary ban from the group. This rule exists to ensure the group is easily searchable to help make researching batches on your own as streamlined as possible.
Rule #3: QC Posts need W2C Link:
If you are posting a QC, make sure to post the W2C link. If the listing link is dead, please post the link to the store where the shoe was purchased instead. No W2C link will result in the deletion of your post!
You are welcome to post Weidian links, TaoBao links, or links from any shipping agent except for PandaBuy, given that PandaBuy forces you to login to see the item, whereas the other agent links do not. Linking a PandaBuy link and not an alternative link will result in the deletion of your post.
Rule #4: Help Me Find Post Title Guidelines: [HELP ME FIND] {Shoe Name} + Picture of Shoe
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Example: [HELP ME FIND] Jordan 1 High Chicago
Rule #5: Find Post Title Guidelines: [FIND] {Price in Yuan} {Batch} {Shoe Name} from {Seller Name}
Okay, so you’re on WeChat, and a seller has posted a new product. You want to be the first one to post about it on Reddit, so you rush over and make the post. Great, pat yourself on the back. Just kidding. Don’t just stop there - put some thought into the post. How does this new find compare to other products on the market? Do they have potential? You don’t have to be an expert QCer, but give your general thoughts. In short, were these worth finding? The hope is that with this general subreddit policy, it will encourage people to post high-quality finds and reduce clutter from low-tier finds that don’t add much to the group.
Rule #6: Be Respectful of One Another
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Rule #7: No Cussing
In line with the previous rule, no cussing on the sub, please. Often, on the rep subs, the only time people are cussing is to insult one another, spread misinformation, or speak illy in general. For this reason, an AutoMod is in place that will regulate posts and comments on the sub. Your post/comment will be deleted and you will receive a message alerting you if this happens. Bonus: Mr. Frosty can't post or comment without some sort of explicit language, so this simple rule (and the accompanying AutoMod) keeps the sub safe
Rule #8: Support Your Statements with Evidence
Essentially, cite your source. Let's avoid being like other rep subs where people make up rumors or decide their opinions without any research or evidence.
If you comment saying a batch is the best or better than what has been posted, show us why. Link reference posts, rep vs retails, QCs, etc. Show, rather than tell, us why what you're saying is correct. If your statement is a good one, this shouldn't be difficult. As above, don't default to name calling if you can't support your statement. It is okay to have a well-informed opinion - it is not okay to have an uneducated opinion that you spread as fact.
If you run into issues with a member or members in the group that are not participating in this group norm, please tag a mod, and the situation will be handled accordingly.
Rule #9: No Seller Ads
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Rule #10: No WeChat Verification Posts
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Rule #11: No Memes
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Any use of meme titles will result in a 14-day temp ban as previously announced, as will repeated infractions of posting other memes.
Lastly, this Group is Not Meant to Be a Direct Line to u/poncecatchemall
Please reference his guides and resources linked below for answers to most commonly asked questions. He does not read chats asking repetitive questions, and mod mail is not meant to be used to ask specifically him questions, so do not use it for that purpose.
- Poncecatchemall’s Recently Updated Beginner’s Batch Guide where I cover top batches for popular shoes.
- Poncecatchemall’s Select Weidian/TaoBao Finds: November 2022 Edition covering popular purchases with all W2C Links
- Never used an agent? Check out Poncecatchemall’s Updated Weidian, TaoBao, Agent: How-To Guide for a step-by-step guide on how to purchase reps using WeGoBuy
- How to Ask Poncecatchemall For a QC/LC please follow these instructions if you want a response.

Thank you in advance to everyone for following the sub rules and for keeping this sub a great, high-quality sub to be a part of. If there are any rule addition recommendations, we are always open to suggestions.
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2023.05.31 16:51 6atalyst Help needed to understand the issues with the grease intercept setup, and if required how to correct it.

Setup link:
We recently purchased a small lodging establishment and had to have a small grease intercept (25gpm/50lb) installed in breakfast preparing area which serves precooked (we do not have any cooking facility on site) breakfast for three hours in morning in buffet style. All items arrived precooked from vendors, and we just put them in warmer to bring them to required temperature.
The town's water department requires grease trap to be installed since we are serving food. Based on formula provided by them the size of grease trap was determined to be 50lb (25GPM), and the size was approved by the water department.
The licensed plumber we hired has it installed above ground, as he says he has done similar setups earlier in neighboring Fort Worth, TX.
However, city (of Benbrook TX) inspector says that the grease trap can only be installed underground. The inspector is asking plumber to follow IPC 2018. The plumber says he has installed many such setups in neighboring Fort Worth area and never had issues. On the other hand, the city (Benbrook TX) inspector is referring to guideline meant for grease interceptors which are minimum 1000 lb and should be underground.
However ours is only 50lb. Because of this we are at an impasse. We had called many plumbers in the area, but everyone said they do not do grease traps. The licensed plumber we hired is the only one who even said they installed grease traps. Since we have no other reference from any other plumber who even does this kind of job, we are at a stalemate which we do not see a way out.
The building was built back in 2007, and the room where the grease trap needs to be installed is at the front of the building. Trying to put a 50lb grease trap under the floor, and then running drain lines towards the back of building to join into drainage seems a lot of work considering building already exists, and to make the setup work as per city requirement significant work has to be carried out. We need advice of experienced people here to see if there is even any provision in IPC 2018 for the setup that has been done. Or what changes would be required to current setup to where the city inspector can be convinced that the required code has met. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
The setup pics:
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Jayden JadeTeen Jailyn Ojeda Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa Jane Lucier Jane Soul Janna Breslin Jem Wolfie Jen Bret Jenna Charlette Jenna Ortega Jenna Shea Jenni Neidhart Jennifer Ponce Jessa Rhodes Jesse Jane Jessi Tron Jessica Nigri Jessica Sunok Jhonni Blaze Jill Hardener JizzJazz Jocy Cosplay Joey Fisher Johnny Sins Joselis Johana Juanita Belle Julia Rose Juliana Bonda Pack Julie Jess Justaminx Kalani Rogers Karely Ruiz Karinairbyy Karma Rx Karolina Mrozicka Katalina Kyle Katiana Kay Katie Cummings Katie Sigmond Katja Krasavice Katrina Jade Katrina Thicc KattLeya Kayla Simmons Kayle4Keeps Kaylen Ward Kaylin Garcia Kazumi Squirts KcBabyy Kebabs0verabs Keilah Kang Keiran Lee Keisha Grey Keishly Marie KenCake Kendal Jenner Kendra Karter Kendra Lust Kendra Sunderland Kenzie Madison Kenzie Reeves Kiara Mia Kiera Young KikiUndercover Kiley Corsello Kim Kardashian Kimmy Granger Kinsey Wolanski Kissa Sins Kit Mercer Kitty Ellen KittyXkum KiwiSunsett KKVSH Kneevo Kristen Hancher Kwuanisknnylegend Kylie Jenner Kym Graham Kyra Santoro Lacey Laid Laci Kay Somers Lady Sonia Lala Anthony Lana Rhoades Lana Rose LaSirena Laura Earnesty Lauren Alexis Lauren Elizabeth Lauren Summer Layna Boo Lazaniaze Lazano Lazelle Lazybutthead Leah Goes Wilde Leana Lovings Leichtperlig Lela Sohna Lena Paul Lena The Plug Lenina Crowne LeoLulu Lexi Luna Lil Pump Lilded Janet Lilianaheartsss Lilith Cavalier Lindsey Pelas Linneas Linny Hill Lisa Ann Little Angel Little Caprice LittlmissFit Liz Cambage Lizbeth Rodriguez Lizzy Wurst Loren Gray Louisa Khovanski LoveLilah Lucia Manfredi Ludmii Alderete Luma Skye Luna Alessandra Luna Star LupuWellness Luxury Girl Lydia Grace LylasBigHeart Lyna Perez Lyna Perez MaareBeaar Mackenzie Ziegler Mackz Jones Madelene Wright Madison Ginley Madison Ivy Madison Moore Malu Trevejo Mamibree Mandy Rose Mandy Rose Maria Arreghini Maria Eduarda Maria Eugenia Maria Gjieli Maria Nagai Mariah Mallad Mariana Cruz Martina Finocchio Martina Vismara Maru Karv Mary Moody Mataya Sweeting Mathild Tantot Mati Marroni Mckinzie Valdez Me1adinha Meana Wolf Meeti Kalher Meg Turney Megan McCarthy Megnut Mela Moria MelimTX Melissa Debbling Melody Rabbit Mia Azul Mia Francis Mia Khalifa Mia Malkova Michelle Rabbit Michelle Zepeda Mikaela Fuente Mikaela Pascal Mikaela Testa Mikahhlynn Mikaila Murphy Mikaylah Milan Mirabella Milf And Daughter Millie Bobby Brown Mimsy Bun Mimsy Heart Mini Loona MissBnasty MissCindyTran MizzTwerksum Molly Eskam Morgan Vera Moriah Mills Ms Fiire Ms Sethi MsPuiyi Mulan Vuitton Murka Valentin Nacre Victoire NakarySp Nala Fitness Naomi Soraya Naomi Swann Nara Ford NataLee Natali Polyakova Natalia Fadeev Natalie Coppes Natalie Reynolds Natalie Roush Natasha Aughey Natasha Nice Neiva Mara Neringa Kriziute NickiiBaby Nicola Cavanis Nicole Aniston Nicoletta Shea Nikki Woods Niykee Heaton Noelle Leyva NoemieLili NonaKanal Noonz_Supattra Nurababy Nursh Nyukixthequeen Octokuro Olivia Casta Only Jayus Paige Nieman Paige VanZant Paloma Silva Pamibaby Pandora Blue Pandora Kaaki Pandoranyxie Paola Skye Payton Preslee PeachJars Penelope Kay Phoenix Marie Piabunny Pinuppixie Pokimane Polina Malinovskaya Poonam Pandey Povlotti Princesa_Ari Princess Helayna Ptwithally Purple Bitch Rachel Cook Rachel Dolezal Rae Lil Black Rakhi Gill Ramona_Jst Rebecca Crocker Reislin Rena Tari Reya Sunshine Rharrirhound Rihanna Riley Reid Riley Reid Rosa Acosta Roxystylez Rubi Rose Ruby Salvo Rusty Fawkes Sabrina Nichole Sahlt Sailormoon Samantha Aufderheide Samie Duchamp Sara Gold Sara Mascara Sara Retali Sara Underwood Sarah Banks Sarrixo Sava Schultz Savannah Bond Scarlett Jones Scarlett Kisses Scarlit Scandal Sejinming Selena Gomez Seltin Sweety Serinide Shady Shainarae Shaiden Rogue Shamayneg ShiftyMine ShunliMei Sincerely Juju Sky Bri Skye Sutton Skylar Rae Skylar Vox SkylarMaexo Skyler Lo Smashedely SnackyChan Sofia Ansari Sofia Elizabeth Sofia Gomez Sofia Simens SolaZola Solomia Maievska Sommer Ray Songyuxin Hitomi Sophie Dee Sophie Mudd Sophie Mudd Sophie Rose Sophie Vanmeter Stacey Saran Stacia Maria Steffy Moreno Stella Brooks Stella Violet Steph Kegels Stormi Maya STPeach StrawberryShan Summer Hart Sunny Leone Sunny Ray SusyGala Svenska Tjejer Svetabily SydneyVmay SyrianQueen - AMBS Taliya Jordan Tamzintaber Tana Mongeau Taneth Gimenez Tara Babcock Tasyamini Tayler Hills Taylor White Teanna Trump Tessa Winters Thaissa Fit TheConnellTwins TheDanDanglerr TheRealBrittFit Thumbalina Tiiieeen Toni Camille Toochi Kaash Trisha Paytas TroyaChan Turkish Amateur Teens Tyga UhhLiar Uhvenyu Ur4vity Urbzz Urindianbae Utah Jaz Valentina Garzon Valentina Nappi Valeria Alejandrav Valerie Kay Valkyrae Vanessa Bohorquez Vera Dijmans Veronica Perasso Vicky Stark Victoria Barret Victoryaxo Viet Bunny Viking Barbie Vina Sky Violet Myers Violet Summers Vita Celestine Vivi Tarantino Vladislava Voulezj Waifu Mia Wbery Wetkitty Whiptrax Woe Senpai Xenoncos Xev Bellringer Ximena Sanchez XoXo Xxapple Yael Cohen Yanet Garcia YareLyLy YikeSaiko YinyLeon Yisela Avendano Yumisin Yungfreckz Zahra Elise Zara Jordan Zoey Sinn Zoie Burgher boobs, ass, tits, tiktok, nudes, naked, sextape, porn, leak, leaked, leaks, nsfw, onlyfans, mega, discord, telegram, new, OF, latest, corina, corrina, megnutt02, megnutt, mackzjones, charli, dixie, damelio, d amelio, waifumia Abby Lynn Abrie Baby Addison Ivy Aery Tiefling Aestra Azure Alaska Clarke Alexandra Daddario Aidra Fox Alina Becker Alina Lopez Allie Cat Alyri Alyssa Alessio Alyx Star Ameliasocurvy Anissakate Annabgo Anna Louise Anne Moore Aria Banks Aria Lee Ariana Mumtaz Ari Kytsya Asha Miller Ashhxlynxx Ashley Alban Ashley Danielle Ashley got Ashley Matheson Ashley Rey Asianbarbietina Asian Candy Asianmochi Audrey and Sadie August Taylor Austin White Autumn Renae Autumnsbum Ava Nicks Azalyastar Babyjey Babymalaya Babyprincesskai Babyrayxxx Bailey Brooke Bambitwo Bapricorn Bar6ie6 Bbygurlmax Bbystar Beatrice Segreti Belinda Nohemy Bella Jameel Bellamay Bella Rayee Bella Rome Belle Barbie Belle Olivia Belinda Nohemy Billie Ellish BlackWidof Blair Williams Blinkx Bootylikeabackroad/Gianna J Brandi Sheri Bratzmon Breckie Hill Brenda Trindade Brenda Vanessa Briadeline Brianna Amor Bridgette B Briea Harm Bronwin Aurora Bubblebratz Bundleofbec Bunni.emmie Bunniemai1591 Bunni3png Byoru Callmesherni Canela Skin Carolina Samani Catgirl Cecilia Lion Cardi B Carli Nicki Cassie Curses Celina Powell Charlotte Emerson Charlotte Parkes Chelsea Wilde Chelxie Cherry Apricots Chloe Rannoch Chrissy Knox Chulaslim Cierra Mistt Clarababylegs/clarakitty Coconey Connell Twins Cottonkelly Cutepowerlegs Daisy Drew Dakota Jade Dakota James Dakota Johnson Dana Hamm Dan Dangler Dani Fae Danilanio Dawn Marie Devon Jenelle Dia Kimeko DickForLily DoubleDoseTwins Effycutiexx Elisa Esposito Elizabeth Olsen Elizabeth Vasilenko Eliza Ibarra Ellalx0x Elle Knox Elliesapplepie Ellyandnick Elsa Love Emirafoods Emjaybird EmjayPlays Emmmyxo Ennid Wong Erotic Medusa Erxticgoddess Erzabel Esmeeteaches Eva Elfie Fairyalexx FatherKels Fareeha Bakir Fetching Butterflies Fiamurr Fifigirl9 Fitchick_em Fit Emily Foopah Frootbabie Gal Gadot Gii Xoxo69 Gina Valentina Ginger Lure Giulia Rosa Gracie Waifu Gthatass Gwendolyn Celine Haley Spades Hannah Hughes Hannah Palmer HannaMiller HardForEva Helen Ivy Hime Tsu Hitomi Hoehuxtable Honey Gold Husvjjal Iamangelinadeep Ilanosh Immeganlive Inkedsophiie Iris black21 Isabella Rhoades Isabelle Eleanore Isisxox Ivanka Peach Ivana Knoll IzzyBunnies Jada Conbreezy Jade Lavoie Jade Kush Jaileen/Jaixpetite Jakara Baby Jakara Mitchell Jamelizzzz Jasmineteaa Jasmyn2juicey / Kaylee4keeps Jazvip Jenna Chew Jenna Lynn Meowri Jessica Weaver Jewelz Blu Jia Lissa Joanniefit JOracekuJO Josephine Jackson JuicyFakku Just-Wingit Kaelundeen KaileGoh Kaitlyn/k8lyn096 Kalinka Fox Kate Kuray Katie Milkers Katsokinky Katti Colour Kaylani Lei Kazumi's World Kelli Carter Key Chicaiza Kiko Baka Kiley Lynn Kim Brûlée Kiyomi Leslie Kristen Kindle Kkimkkimmy Lady In The Streets Lana Bee Laura Lux Lauren Jasmine LauraSahar Lauren Burch Lasirena69 Lavaxgrl Layla Brooks Layladeline Leah Larsh Lems7 Lena Kitsune Lena12 Leyna Inu Lilbussygirl Lilmochidoll Lilwaifulia Liya Perez Lily Phillips Lily Shams LillyVig Lina Belfiore Lindsay Capuano Littlespoonz Liya Silver Lolaxmina Loonassoftfeet LoveAngelica Low-keydeadinside Lucy Doll Lucy Mochi Lulu Chu LydiaGh0st Lynarita Lyra Crow Maddy Belle Madiitay Madisonwilde Milakitten Maikonidesvip Margot Robbie Mariaaskyy Maria del Mar Mariam Hadid Marie Temara Marisol Yotta Mary Burke Meggyeggo Mei Kou Mei Minato Meladinha Mellooow Melwood Mercedes Blanche Mia Falls Mia Monroe Michelle Rabbit Mikayla Demaiter Mikki Marie Milababy69 Mila Sobolov Minavenetavip Miss Banana Miss Bunda Miss Dxxx Miss Lexa Misstiff Model_gg Molly X Moody Feet Morgpie Morganlanexo Motzie Mvngokitty Nanda Reyes Nataliexking Natalnya Natasha Noel Naya Dickson Nebraskawut Neiima Nicki Minaj Nicole Dobrikov Nikitaxkim / Nikita Cruze Nina Kayy Nnnnekochan Nonsalemwitch Norafawn Nymphet Angel Oakleyraeee Ocicat Officialzoerenea Oliviamaebae Okichloeo Olivia Eden Orphicbunny Paigeuncaged Paige Woolen Pantynectar Patricia Lopez Pengali Princess Phia Pixei Praewasian Prosexx Puppiwi P7oh7 Queen Needy Queenqawan Quinnfinite Quqco Railey Diesel Rainey James Razorbaby Realprettyangel RealSkyBri Redheadwinter Renata Riww RileyFans Romi Rain Rori Rain Rose Monroe Roxysdream SaabSilvi Saleemamansur Samantona Saucekaybaby Savana Sky Scarlett Johansson Scarlet Silva Senya Marin Shania Perrett Shinratensei98 Shycutie Siegex Sierra Cabot Skyexxxsummers Skyiiah Snaxychann Sienna Mae Gomez Skylar Blue Sofiallia Fiaax2 Safiyaax Sofia Mariana Sofia Silk Sophielaurenxxo Soogsx and Puppiwii sfa12 Stella Barey Steffy Moreno Stefanie Gurzanski Steph Murves Summer Brookes Sweetie Fox Sydneymay Tahlia Hall Tanababyxo Tantot Twins Tayathegoddess TayTatted Tayylavie TheBaeBreanna Theesammyjo TheGorillaGrip Theprivateavocado Tiffanynhoe Tiny Texie Talia Mar Triplex Celeste Trippie Bri Trishyland Tru Kait Urfavbellabby Ur69baby Uwucatxoxo Valeria VidalgasfxghVanessa.rhd Vanessa Sierra Vega Thompson Vero Gold Veronica Zolotova Vismara Martina Vyvan Le Wettmelons Whoahannahjo Whosbonnieandclyde Xailormoon Xenon Xlucy Yasmine Lopez Yololary YourSuggerBaby Yoya Grey Yummy Kimmy Yur Aular Zayla Skye Zipoz Zusje Addison Rae Faith Ordway fds12 Emily Ratajkowsk Emma Chamberlain Dixie D'Amelio Madison Beer Erin Gilfoy danielle bregoli
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2023.05.31 16:15 igorcarbex16 Bully Soundtrack References & Similarities in Details...
Hello Bully it's me again, The Bully soundtrack composed by the genius Shawn Lee is pretty rad, so as a music enthusiastic, i want to share this post for people really obsessed with the Bully songs like me, tried to include every song in the game like as puzzle pieces getting together with the greatest amount, most accurate and similar as possible in one sitting, with some help around the internet, personal discoveries and songs already mentioned for yourselves so thank you nonetheless, and sorry for the repetition. Unfortunately some will still be missing so "a little help"/hits for these unreferenced sounds are very welcome.
Some songs are pretty obvious but others looks well hidden, but that's the fun of it, not every song is a sample, they just sound alike or has interpolations.
I know it would be boring to reading all of this so also dedicated this YouTube playlist in details for, so that you can check thoroughly for a more accurate comparison: 😎👍 - Have Fun!
★ Main Storyline
·Welcome to Bullworth (Menu theme): Suspiria Theme - Goblin
·This Is Your School: The Duck - Shawn Lee
·The Setup/Bait/The Gym is Burning: Organ Donor - DJ Shadow
·Slingshot/Revenge on Mr. Burton "Part 3" (Fun): My Sweet Lord - George Harrionson the ex-Beatles & Bill Preston
·Save Algie: Love My Way - Psychedelic Furs
·Defend Bucky/The Eggs/Weed KilleStronghold Assault (Action): Shake, Shake, Shake - KC & The Sunshine Band, A Little Less Conversation - Elvis Presley, Hocus Pocus - Focus
·That B****/The Diary/Jealous Johnny/Paparazzi: This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) - Talking Heads
·The Candidate/Cook's Date: Oh Yeah - Yello
·Halloween/The Big Prank: The Chase - Shawn Lee, Burning Bridges - The Republic From The Getaway Game - Shawn Lee
·Help Gary: Cannonball - Breeders (it also reminds me the "X-Files Theme - Mark Snow" but this is overthinking)
·Character Sheets: Agent Woodrow - The Woodies
·Hattrick vs. Galloway: Cat Blues - Seatbelts (Drum Patterns)
·Movie Tickets (Sneaking On A Date): All Mine, Glory Box - both by Portished
·Carnival Date (Romance): Kiss The Sky - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra (also features in "Tales from the Bordelands Episode 2")
·Prep Challenge/Boxing Challenge: Drums on Phasing - Joe Ufer (Sample)
·Race the Vale/Lola's Race: Casio VL-1 Tone (Sampler) *a lot of songs use this instrument for samples, for Bully this is predominant in bike races, it also reminds the iconic song "Funkytown - Lipps inc."
·Beach Rumble: Tenebre 12 mix - Claudio Simonetti
·Tad's House: Billie Jean (Bass Only) - Michael Jackson
·Tagging/Making a Mark (Wildstyle): Chic - Good Times
·Wrong Part of Town/Busting In, Part I: Prog Punk, Psyche Drums (*After The Release!) - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra
·The Tenements/Norton Boss Fight: Human Fly - Cramps, I Wanna Be Your Dog - Iggy Pop & the Stooges
·The Rumble/Defender of the Castle (Epic Confrontation): Matador - X Mal Deutschland (as the "wildstyle" music many songs are similar to this, i listed the most accurate or the most fun imo, at least)
·Nerd Challenge/Consumo Arcade (Menu): Sakura, Sakura - Traditional Japanese Folk Song
·Nerd Challenge/Consumo (Main): Four Thousand Years of Chinese History - SNK Sound Team from Fatal Fury: King of Fighters Game
·Glass House/Smash It Up (Destruction/Vandalism): Rapture - Blondie, The Breaks - Kurtis Blow
·Nice Outfit: Odetta - Hit or Miss (Drum Patterns), Dig Your Own Hole - Chemical Brothers (Drum Patterns)
·The Big Game (Nerds "Agent")/Revenge on Mr. Burton "Part 2": Big Bad Wolf - Shawn Lee
·Rats in the Library: You Rock My World - Michael Jackson, Spies In The Wires - Cabaret Voltaire
·Preppies Vandalized (Punishment): D12 40 Oz. - Mr. Stan
·Busting In, Part II/Paper Route: Identity - X-Ray Spec, Mongoloid - Devo
·Showdown at the Plant (Overture): "Saracens Theme" - The Warriors Game
·Complete Mayhem (Street Fight): Criminal - Fiona Apple (also resembles "All Caps - Madvillain-Madvillainy or MF Doom" and "Intermezzo 2 - Mr. chop" but this was released in 2009)
·School's Out (End Credits): Walk On The Wild Side (Bass and Rhythm Pattern) - Lou Reed by Velvet Underground
\Christmas is Here, Small Offences, Discreet Deliveries, The Collector, Mailbox Armageddon and Go See The Principal doesn't feature a unique theme or has any song.*
★ Miscellaneous, Ambience & Shop themes
·Chase Prefect and Police: The Shaft intro and end themes - Isaac Hayes, Beat Dis (12 Version) - Bomb The Bass
·Chase Adults/A Little Help: Take California - Propellerheads, Secret Agent - Bjorn Lynne
·Detention/Mowing Laws - Unused track from The Warrior Game (it doesn't have an actual name, sorry)
·Bike Race 1: Casio VL-1 Tone (Sampler)
·Bike Race 2: Sonic CD Game - Wacky Workbench Zone - Bad Future
·Kart Race (Main) or "Lowrider": You Baby - The Turtles
·Kart Race (Beta): Baba Hya - Lafayette Afro Rock Band
·General Store "Yum Yum Market": Cover Girl - Gabriele Ducros
·Hair Saloon (Poor) "The Final Cut": Punky Dragster - Tele Music
·Hair Saloon (Rich) "Old Bullworth Vale": Dance Feeling - Tele Music
·Clothing Store (Poor) "Worn In Used Clothing": Disco Revisited - Tele Music
·Clothing Store (Rich) "Aquaberry Outlet" (*After The Release!): Now That Is Jazz - Charlie's Bistro Ensemble
·Janitor's Room: Lonesome Heart Swing - Dennis Caplinger
·Carnival Ambience "Billy Crane's Traveling Carnival": Golden Brown - Stranglers
·Box Club Ambience "Glass Jaw Boxing Club": Icy Nation - Tele Music
·Preppie's Hideout Beach "Lighthouse" (*After The Release!): With My Maker I Am One - Chill Coffehouse Drip
·Dragon's Wing Comic Store (*After The Release!): Daniel Loves Singing - C. Allocco
·Nerd's Hideout "Dragon's Wing Comic Store" (Under): Soaring Song - Tele Music
·Jock's Hideout "Jock's Clubhouse": Grand Theft Auto (Song) - Craig Conner
·Monkey Fling (Menu): it reresemble Super Mario World Overworld theme
·Future Street Racer (Main): The Doom - Shadow The Hedgehog 2005 Game
★ Xmas Themes
Holiday themes features various artists, this list is based on the ones made by Shawn lee itself for his album "A Very Ping Pong Christmas: Funky Treats form Santa's Bag", The original composers is on the song description.
·Balls of Snow: Carol of the Bells - Mykola Leontovych
·Miracle on Bullworth St.: Jingle Bells - James Lord Pierpont
·Rudy the Red Nosed Santa: O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles) - John Francis Wade & Frederick Oakeley
·Nutcrackin': Deck The Halls - Thomas Oliphant, Little Dummer Boy - Katherine Kennicott Davis, Harry Simeone & Henry Onorati
·Bike Shop (Xmas) "Shiny Bikes": Let it Snow! - Gary Hoey (Dean Martin is the original composer) (Most famous by Frank Sinatra)
·Clothing Store (Poor) (Xmas) "Worn In"/Clothing Store (Rich) (Xmas) "Aquaberry": Jingle Bells (Dan The Automator) - Dean Martin, *the Aquaberry outlet uses a different tone in jazz
·Janitor's Room (Xmas)/Hair Saloon (Poor)(Xmas) "The Final Cut": Up On The House Top (Ho, Ho, Ho) - Gene Autry
·Dragon's Wing Comic Store (Xmas)/Hair Saloon (Rich)(Xmas)"Old Bullworth Vale": We Wish You a Merry Christmas - Traditional English (Britain) Folk Song
·Xmas Tree: Dance Of The Sugar-Plum Fairy - Piotr Ilitch Tchaikovski
\The General Store "Yum Yum Market" reuses a song collage of various themes as Deck the Halls, We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Jingle Bells in that order on looping.*
★ Classes
·Music classes features American Folk and American March Songs since the game takes place in USA
Class 1: Turkey In The Straw
Class 2: Masterpiece Fanfare
Class 3: She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain
Class 4: Liberty Bell March (also known as "Monty Python Theme")
Class 5: The Washington Post March (also sounds similar to "Willian Tell Act" by Charlie Chaplin)
·English Class: Piéces de Clavecin en concert; La Timide - Jean-Philippe Rameau
·Art Class: Come With the Night (Drum Patterns) - Sugar Stick (also resembles "Test Area - Broadcast" or "Serpent Magique - Tangerine Dream")
·Photography Class/BMX Park (*After The Release!): Automatic - Shawn Lee & AM (for observation, the Bike Park and Photography theme are slightly different, not the same)
·Biology: Dara Factor One - Weather Report Music, Heist in Helsinki (*After The Release!) - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra
\Geography class uses a medley of characteristic instruments and sounds of world nations*
★ Cliques & Boss fights
·Vendetta Non-Clique: Ode To Billie Joe - Lou Donaldson
·Vendetta Bullies: Skin Therapy - Mr. Dibbs, And on the Sixth Day - Pat Williams
·Vendetta Nerds/Stronghold Assault (Nerd Boss Fight): Casio VL-1 Tone (Sampler), Da Da Da - Trio (not only the song but the nerds cliques itself looks heavy inspired by the movie Revenge of the Nerds, some themes would also fit for Nerds in particular "Burning Down The House by Talking Heads")
·Vendetta Preppies: Billie Jean - Michael Jackson, Whip it - Devo
·Vendetta Greasers: Play For Today - The Cure, Private Idaho - B-52's, Disorder - Joy Division
·Vendetta Jocks: Amen, Brother - The Winstons, Drums Away - The Simon Song (Drums Intro), The Assembly Line - Commodores (this one use one of the most famous samples in music the "Amen Break" by Winstons as initially mentioned)
·Vendetta Dropouts/Townie Challenge: Tédio - Biquíni Cavadão, I Love Rock 'N Roll - The Arrows (Original Composers) *the guitar riff and bass pattern is extremely similar to "Pretty Fly by Offspring" but the song "Tédio" is alot older and still more accurate to the townies theme
·Russell in the Hole: Firestarter (Drum Patterns) - Prodigy, Devotion (Voice of Paradise) - Ten City
·Dishonorable Fight: Eye of the Tiger, Burning Heart - both by Survivor
·Fighting Johnny Vincent: Boogie Woodie - The Beach Boys, Caldonia Boogie - Louis Jordan (also covered by James Brown) *this song line is also referred as "The Walking Bass" featured in many Classic Rock songs
·The Big Game (Jock Boss Fight): Just Like Heaven, A Forest - The Cure, Harmonia - Dino
·Showdown at the Plant: Headhunter - Front 242, Are You Red..Y - The Clash
·Final Showdown: Underwater March - Klaus Badelt, 2001 NBA Ultimate Player (Film Score) *God of War (2018) Game also has a similar tone in "Spartan Rage" overture by Bear McCreary
★... Uncertain? ...Suggestions
·Bully Main Theme (Running Theme): Maniac - Michael Sembello, the synthesizer effect looks an interpolation of the xylophone effect used in the game.
·Overworld (Walking Theme) - The Phantom of the Opera Motion Picture Overture (this also resambles "echoes" by pink floyd but that peculiar melody is more predominant in this theme), Let's Ge Started (Bass Only) - Black Eyed Peas, it looks heavily inspired by Dario Argento movies (as the overall soundtrack).
·Here's to you Ms. Philips/Last Minute Shopping/Cook's Crush/Discretion Assured/Finding Johnny Vincent/Revenge on Mr. Burton "Part 1" (The Search): Sounds similar to "Tenant - Siouxsie And The Banshees", people often confuse this theme to "Cheating Time" but the track is named "Here's to you Ms. Philips" as does the mission, it also resembles a Giorgio Gaslini piece an italian jazz pianist or the american compositor Henry Mancini the creator of Pink Panther iconic theme.
·Panty Raid/Galloway Away/Cheating Time (Stealth): Love Theme From "The Godfather" or "Speak Softly, Love" or just The Godfather Theme from Nino Rota a renowned italian composer, written by Larry Kusik, also resembles the song "Hey by Pixies".
·Comic Klepto: Where’d You Go - Fort Minor e Jonah Matranga (interpolation), also resembles Gramatik, Transplants, Flobots or X-Ecutiornes style of song.
·Funhouse Fun/ Funhouse (Ambience): Carnival of the Animals; Introduction and Royal March of the Lion ("Marche Royale du Lions") - Camille Saint-Saëns (interpolation)
·Funhouse Graveyard "Carnival Funhouse Graveyard" (Unused/Beta): Lux Aeterna - Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet; Requiem For A Killer Movie Score
·Shop Class "Auto Repair Shop": Sounds similar to Star Guitar - Chemical Brothers, Cities in the Dust - Siouxie And The Banshees
·Math Class (Beta): Sounds similar to Nightmare on Elm Street Theme
·Gym Class/Lockpicking/Jocks Challenge: Sounds similar to "Resucitó" an old catholic song
·Bike Shop "Shiny Bikes": Sounds similar to Billy Club - Junkie XL, Horndog - Overseer
·Greaser's Hideout/Greaser's Challenge "Blue Balls Pool House" "Tattoo Parlor" & "The Happy Mullet": Sounds similar to In-Cut Overdrive - Tomonori Sawada; Sega Rally 2006 Game
·Townies/Dropouts Hideout "Dropout Hangout": Sounds similar to Babel - Covenant
★ Still Missing... Unknown?
·Chemistry Class: although i can't find a matching song it doesn't sound like music per se
·Math Class (Main): definitely a funky/soul tune, unfortunately i couldn't find a corresponding song for it
·Nut Shots: resembles Gradius songs a game by Konami or AiAce Combat a Namco Game
I Hope you like it 😎👍
submitted by igorcarbex16 to bully [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 16:05 EternalTeezy Are the Celtics the most cursed franchise?

There is a difference from a poorly run franchise and a cursed one. You can blame the Cavs for wasting so many 1st overalls, or the Nets for their trades. The Celtics seem to make great personnel and roster moves, but so many things have gone wrong.
Off the top of my head
Feel free to add more.
At least the Cs always beat the Sixers.
submitted by EternalTeezy to bostonceltics [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 14:36 CeeSak30 Please help this noob with this first split layout build.

Please help this noob with this first split layout build.
Hi, this might be a very noobish question. So, my friends and I are trying to build a custom split keyboard. This is our very first time making any keyboard. Since this might be the only keyboard we will make, we have added all the features we wanted, like number rows, a 6-key thumb cluster, a knob, and an OLED screen (128*32 px). We thought that the pins available in a Pro Micro or a similar microcontroller would not be sufficient, and to make it future-proof, we decided to go for the Raspberry Pi Pico, which uses the RP2040 chip. We also plan to add LEDs later (only one color fixed for backlighting).

Here comes my question: as we (my friends and I) are not well-versed in microcontrollers, we are at a loss right now. We cannot find any proper guide for the RP2040. For example, what pins should we assign for what purpose? Can we make it QMK or ZMK compatible? And can we incorporate a toggle switch for switching layers? If yes, then how?

Our design is an ErgoDox Infinity with a knob. For each side, we need 13 (8+5) pins; for the rotary encoder, three pins; for the OLED screen, two pins; and for the TRS connector, three pins.
Adding an rp2040 pinout for quick reference along with our key layout.
submitted by CeeSak30 to ErgoMechKeyboards [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 14:17 chrissypharaoh Here’s some songs that helped me learn a lot about how to gain notes that I couldn’t do before… share some of your songs that helped you as well..

I found over the past decade that song choice have helped me over time compared to vocal exercises accompanied by piano that did nothing much for me other than pitch accuracy and finding a position thats comfortable (but those sounds created from vocal exercises cant be used for the entirety of every song out there.. theres so many sounds out there to make e.g. practicing lip trills wont help you sing an entire catalog of songs) …
Here are some songs that helped: (though you need to have a good ear for this and use it as inspiration or imitate— some people can hear things and imitate easier than others. If it hurts you’re doing too much)
I choose ballads mostly because it’s easier to follow and generally most people recognize these songs. In my opinion, most of the time people on here struggle with singing advice because they choose songs that no one knows with a really “artistic” singing style so people can’t help them that well and they try copying them. So when I share stuff I try to share songs people actually know.
1 - Michael McDonald - Stop Look Listen To Your Heart : helps with singing higher without pushing it. Feels looser in the throat, less effort, and closer to a “cry” and yawning.
2 - Run to the hills : helps with finding more compression / twang and it feels closer to a gagging/puking feeling. Helps with bridging/uniting a flipping voice into one consistent “full voice.”
3 - Hate you but I love you : helps with finding a little more compression and body engagement than the michael mcdonald sound. It feels closer to the feeling of yawning and sneezing the stronger the sound gets higher…
4 - This i promise you : helped me figure out a variety of combinations of the feelings of puking/gagging/crying/yawning/and relaxing to create different sounds with different feelings. Soft and stronger…
JC - crying, relaxing feelings Justin - moaning, crying, relaxing feeling, letting go (flipping)
5 - Peaches by Jack Black : helps figure out how to use different combinations of sounds to create music. Feeling of puking for distorted (gritty) sounds and taking “chest voice” higher with the heaviness-deepness in tone.
6 - Versace on the Floor : a cross between the same feeling making sounds made by Michael McDonald and a few other artists e.g. Usher.
7 - U got it bad : the feeling of moaning into a belted yell creates these sounds
8 - U2 - With or Without U : feeling of gagging (or even somewhat closer to choking) to create the higher notes without flipping into a breathy falsetto… but not too much of it … an appropriate amount.
9 - Just my imagination : the feeling of totally letting go of your voice… aka flipping to create a certain hollow quality. Feels easy to do. If you start with this sound you can find everything else by just adding onto it (e.g. gag feeling into this creates a belted sound e.g. usher… if you start with this sound and yawn into it with a little sadness into it, then youre at michael mcdonald).
10 - System of a down - feels like very compressed… kinda like puking … combined with a really clean well-dictated pronunciation creates those high notes
11 - Someone to Love - Jon B : at 3:02 the feeling is similar to how Michael McDonald sings in the first clip however there’s a little more feeling to it maybe a stronger cry feeling added… little to no “yawn” feeling in the sound. It feels kinda like when you clench your teeth a little bit but not too strongly and mumbling the words a bit to create the sound quality like that.
and here’s what I mean by “cry feeling”. When you cry like that you feel something happen inside your throat.
hope this helps
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2023.05.31 10:59 Kroftyy I just finished watching The Challenge S36: Double Agents for the first time. Here are some of my thoughts!

Hey all,
Back at it again after just now finishing Double Agents. A definite overall improvement over last season, but one that is still a bit of a slog to get through and not without its flaws. Let’s discuss.
Disclaimer: At this stage I have only seen seasons 5-36 of The Challenge, plus the VS spinoffs. Please refrain from spoiling any other seasons, or returning players. Thanks :)
TL;DR Summary
Double Agents continues with the skull twist introduced last season, forcing people to enter and win an elimination if they want to make it to the final. Whilst they try to tweak this twist to create a better season, it still negatively impacts things overall. The cast is pretty solid, but the boot order is rough and has a major alliance dominate through the whole season WotW2 style. There are a few standout characters which bring life to an otherwise boring season, and daily challenges are mostly ok. Eliminations quickly got old with the same set of 5 reused over and over, albeit with a few tweaks. Fortunately it has an incredible, tough final unlike something we’ve seen in recent memory (not counting WotW), and winners which feel mostly satisfying.
The Good
The Not So Good
The format
The format this season is equal parts good and bad.
It’s a partners season with shifting teams. Male/female teams are initially self-selected at the start of the season after the first challenge. I quite liked how they left it up to the contestants to choose their first partner - good drama and some really cool teams came out of it. These teams would not stick it out though, as the season introduced multiple twists to allow shifting and changing.
As always, we had our usual daily challenges, where teams compete, in their duos, for a win. The winners of a challenge become our ‘Double Agents’ for the week. After the challenge, everyone beside the Double Agents would participate in nominations to discuss who they want to put up for elimination. Individually, all contestants would then vote for the team they want to send into elimination (anonymously)
Following these noms, the Double Agents are privately shown the nominated team as well as all individuals that voted to send them in. They are then given the power to send in their opponent after arriving to the elimination arena and seeing the game.
Eliminations shake out like usual, albeit with a limited pool of games this season, but are played individually in male/female days rather than as duos. After an individual is eliminated, a few things happen. The losing contestants partner becomes a ‘Rogue Agent’ and will be left alone, unable to compete, until a new partner pops up in the next episode as a result of THAT elimination. The winning individual of the elimination can either stay with their partner, take the losing individual’s partner, or steal ANY other partner on the show, except for the Double Agents.
If this alone was the format - top tier. Whilst I loved some of those initial teams, the ability for them to shift around was fantastic. I loved seeing the drama involved with picking new partners, and how it forced some unlikely duos together.
Unfortunately, the winner of the elimination also gets… a skull… and this is what is required in order to run the final. They openly state a limited number of skulls this season, but it doesn’t do too much to alleviate the issues introduced by this twist last season. Everyone just lines up to take their turn in the elimination, and it slows down the season and makes it a struggle to get through. I hope to never see this twist again - it takes out so much unpredictability.
The cast
Look the cast is overall good this season. There are some flops but we have some great people around, and a season without Bananas at that. Unfortunately the boot order is a bit tough to watch - we lose a lot of the entertainment due to the dominant, bland alliance, and so the cast slowly gets worse over. I’ve got a LOT of contestants to get through so might try to keep things a bit briefer.
CT: I’ve been on a bit of a rollercoaster with CT lately. I keep wanting to see the CT we saw upon his initial return - that stint around Rivals - Exes 2. But I think the fact of the matter is that he’s different yet again. I found him to honestly be a little dull at times this season. The first 3/4s he really didn’t provide a whole lot. Then you DO get the drama with Big T, his showdown with Fessy, and his eventual win with Amber, so things do come around in the end and his win is cathartic if only because he wasn’t part of that majority alliance all season. I also like the full circle moment of him taking a win in Iceland after Exes (which I BELIEVE was also there?). I would have enjoyed a new winner on the male side though... getting Turbo/Rogan was nice, but it feels like we’re falling back into familiar territory with Jordan/Bananas/CT winning.
Amber: I really enjoyed watching and rooting for Amber this season. Her initial partnership with Darrell was fantastic, and one of my favourite pairings of the season. Unfortunately, she for some reason gets shafted by the edit through 80% of the season and barely gets to show any personality or narration capabilities. I love that she got to shine a bit more in the final few episodes though, winning the two (admittedly easy) Hall Brawls, and absolutely SMASHING that tough final. She in no way had to lean on her partner, crushing almost all aspects of the final and putting in a memorable finish and win - love seeing a rookie come through and take the crown. I really hope to see more of her, perhaps in more of a main character role, in the future.
Cory: Loved seeing Cory make a deep run again. Whilst he WAS aligned with the majority alliance, and thus pretty safe all season, he’s a great confessionalist that has only improved over time, and provides fantastic narration through this whole season. He’s also really funny in confessionals this time around, calling out the antics in the house in his trademark style. Loved to see him earn a little bit of money ‘for his family’, and was dying at his rotating door of female partners all season. A good Cory season.
Kam: Much like CT I find I am often on a bit of a rollercoaster with Kam. I think I prefer seeing her need to scrap from the bottom, because I found it hard to root for her this season as the leader of the majority alliance. She dominated from start to finish, and for someone that loves an underdog, it often put me in a position where I’d be rooting against her, and even disliking her. Her arrogance sometimes rubs me the wrong way, even though it IS sometimes earnt with how she has played in the past. In the end though, I came back around on her and was able to appreciate her presence and gameplay this season. I enjoyed seeing her take 2nd place too.
Leroy: Leroy’s ‘final’ season (tbd if that proves to be true or not), and what a way to go out. He may not have won, liked he set out to do, but this is Leroy’s best season through and through. He has agency over the game, and without Bananas to lead the pack, steps up alongside Kam to make decisions and actually have a say. It’s refreshing to see from him, and I enjoyed his usual placement as the ‘straight man’ amongst the antics of his house. Again, his placement in that majority often made it hard to get behind his plight, but I’m happy for his performance this season and think this will be a great way for him to finish his challenge career, if that proves to be true. Great daily performances alongside Kaycee, and a commendable final effort. Probably would have liked to see him secure the win here, although if that meant a Nany win I wouldn’t have been super happy.
Nany: Speaking of Nany… gosh since her return I’ve liked her less with each appearance. She had some really awful moments last season and continued to showcase some bad personality traits this time around, yet again betraying one of her ‘best friends’ Aneesa. Her proximity to the Big Brother alliance, even more so than Kam/Leroy due to how ingrained she is, also puts a big taint on her character, as Josh, Fessy and to a lesser extent Kaycee aren’t my favourite contestants at the moment. I hate that he storyline is the EXACT SAME every season. Line for line I feel like she has the same confessionals every time ‘I’m finally here to take my win after x seasons’.
Fessy: Holy crap. I actually haven’t outright hated someone on The Challenge in a long, long time. There was Paulie, sure, but I LOVED to hate on him. Fessy is my least favourite contestant in recent memory, and it’s not even close. Firstly, he has to be the least-charismatic villain the show has ever seen. He has the personality of a wet towel, and combined with his inflated sense of self and arrogance, it gives us a truly hateable contestant. He belittled and blamed his female contestants all season long, and then when he finally gets his ‘first choice’, he gives up in the final and tries to gaslight it into being Kaycee’s fault. Seeing him place last in the final was FANTASTIC, and I LOVED that everyone dogged on him for his choices. Production included with that fantastic Karma Chameleon needle drop. His ego is ridiculous, and I think he should have been DQed after his actions in that Nelson Hall Brawl. Just ridiculous and unsafe. The fact that he was allowed to compete in a second HB after that is an awful choice on production’s end. I need him to get humbled in elimination BAD. Preferably a physical one.
Kaycee: My feelings towards Kaycee are much, much less severe that Fessy. Kaycee suffers from just being boring. She’s completely likeable, and she seems cool. She’s a great competitor. But her personality doesn’t feel geared towards the challenge, and for someone making it so deep two season in a row, I’d hope to see a bit MORE from her. Whether this is productions’ fault or her own is yet to be seen, but if she continues to be on the show I’d love to see some more entertainment from her. I felt horrible for her in the final though, and was genuinely sad to see her go out that way, even if I was satisfied with Fessy losing.
Kyle: One of the three shining points of entertainment this season - Kyle is in strong form. He’s never in the majority, and often getting betrayed by the minority, and so we get Kyle playing this scrappy game all season long. He’s fantastic in confessionals this season, it’s almost a stand-out for him, providing non-stop comedy both there and in the house itself. His heart and determination is on display yet again too, following his injury in the final Hall Brawl of the season against Fessy. I would have loved to see Kyle take this one home this season - I truly do feel like he has it in him to win. I’ll be highlighting many Kyle quotes and moments below.
Big T: Yet another shining point of entertainment this season. I’ve mentioned how much I’ve enjoyed Big T in her fleeting moments on the previous two seasons, and I absolutely loved seeing her get a main-character season this time around. She is one of our main narrators and storylines from the get-go, quickly ending up as CTs partner and giving us a fantastic story of triumph and building confidence. She goes through ups and downs with CT as a partner when he leaves her for Kam, and eventually makes his way back, but all throughout she remains likeable and such a bright presence. Unfortunately I don’t think she’s ever going to be a winning threat… but in terms of entertainment value and personality, I think she should continue to do many more Challenges.
Darrell: Alongside Amber, Darrell gets done DIRTY this season. We have one of the most iconic vets of the game, and he’s reduced to a few fleeting confessionals here and there, with nothing in between? So disrespectful of Production. Darrell is absolute gold in confessionals, and the ones he DOES get are almost always memorable and fun. I wish we would have seen even more of him, and his relationship with Amber. One of the only true partnerships this season imo, never betraying each other and always being supportive.
Aneesa: This is going to surprise some of you based on how I’ve spoken about Aneesa over her last few appearances, but I actually think she brought it this season. She’s no physical-threat, or winning-threat, but entertainment-wise I actually think she was memorable. She won multiple dailies, with different partners, and earnt a gold skull as well, against Tori of all people, even if her eventual elimination performance is dreadful. The relationship with Fessy as her partner, as well as Kyle after switching, were both fantastic in different ways. Fessy because it was GREAT to see him constantly handicapped, and Kyle because they genuinely worked well together and had great chemistry. One of Aneesa’s more memorable seasons in a long time.
Nam: I feel so bad for Nam. Having Lolo as a partner for most of the season and then getting DQed with an injury. He was a little boring, but I’d like to see him back to get another shot. I think he could bring something given a better starting hand.
Gabby: I liked Gabby. I don’t think she’s anything crazy or unique from what we’ve seen before, but she had a strong confessional style and was able to speak well. Kinda hate that she eventually gave in an hooked up with Mr. Introvert though.
Josh: Josh this season was how I remembered Josh from Big Brother. It’s taken a while, but he’s gone from surprisingly ok back to what I first thought of him - loud, obnoxious and annoying. Fortunately, his presence this season was appreciated because he had a fantastic foil to his personality in Devin. The Devin v Josh stuff was the highlight of the season entertainment-wise. And seeing the true side of Fessy this season makes Josh look likeable in comparison.
Lolo: Wow, what an absolute flop. Lolo showed so much promise on the VS spin-off and is a complete let-down this season. She pretty much whinges from Day 1 when things aren’t going her way and constantly blames Nam for everything happening. And then she just quits? What a fail. They should have brought back Louise.
Devin: Devin’s first season in a little while, and what a memorable one. He almost single handedly makes the first half of this season. Much like with Bananas, he just has a way of getting under people’s skin like nobody else can. I LOVE it. The way he played Josh over and over and over never ceased making me laugh. ‘Big brother sucks’, ‘what’s 8x9’ and many more will be referenced further a bit below. He was comedy gold this season and the entertainment value dropped off significantly after his boot. Also adds Wes to his surprising elimination win list.
Amber M: Amber had quite a bit of exposure through the first half of the season - quite a bit of drama surrounding her and her relationship with Devin and others, but she ultimately didn’t lead enough of an impact to be all that memorable.
Mechie: Mechie seemed like a good person and the small insights we got into his backstory were good, but he’s not built for The Challenge and I’d be pretty surprised if we see him again.
Theresa: Theresa was an absolute STAR this season. This is my favourite season of hers ever. She may not have made it deep but she brought back her signature personality matched with a bit more maturity and it hit all the right notes for me. She was smart, feisty, and unafraid to back down from the major alliance. I loved her relationship with Jay and was rooting hard for the two of them to make a deep run.
Jay: As mentioned with Theresa, out of the whole season I was rooting the most for Theresa/Jay. I loved both of them and thought they complemented each other really well. It was nice to see Jay make it a little further than usual - he always seems to get targeted for his size, and he continued to be targeted this season, but he was fortunately able to make it a little deeper. Really likeable, love his never-back-down attitude. He’s a great player and I’d love to see him become a staple to the point where he isn’t targeted as much and can play the game a bit longer.
Ashley: Ashley was literally in and out of the house not once but TWICE. It’s a shame Ashley leaves so many seasons early because you can’t say she doesn’t bring drama and personality.
Lio: Nothing really to say about Lio - I don’t follow WWE so had no attachment to him, and he’s pretty low-key on the season up until leaving.
Tori: A surprising early finish for Tori, especially considering she lost to Aneesa. It was nice having her out a little early. We’ve seen a lot of her lately and I probably didn’t want to see a whole season of her again this soon.
Nelson: A brutal exit for Nelson. I think he got unlucky off the bat getting a rookie and things went downhill from there when he’s blindsided by Fessy to secure his own gold skull. A lot of heart shown by Nelson in that hall brawl despite the matchup. I wish Fessy would have been DQed here and Nelson stay in the game in his place.
Natalie A: Another Survivor on the show! And another Survivor to bring it. I really like Natalie, and her pairing with Wes was a dream come true. They have very similar personalities and ways of playing the game. Devastated that she had to go home for an emergency and I really hope we get to see her back in the future.
Wes: As said, a dream pairing for him with Nat A, but such a lacklustre season from him. I would have loved to see Devin, Kyle, Wes run that little minority, but instead we get a bit of a half-assed attempt from Wes where his head isn’t in the game. Wes’ appearances seem to go one way or the other lately: a deep run or out early. Lame.
Liv, Joseph I actually can’t remember, despite watching these early episodes less than three weeks ago. Oops.
Nicole Z: Wtf?!?! I was keen to see Nicole Z and then she’s medically removed so early? Absolutely brutal. I think her pair-up with Devin would have been interesting to see develop further.
The challenges
The dailies
We get some pretty interesting dailies this season, and some which are quite unique. Not all of them are memorable, but some of my favourites:
Ok I take back what I said most of these dailies SUCKED. I don’t know what I was on. Sure, there’s a couple nice ones. All Brawl is good, Road Kill is good, Decryption is good. But half the time everyone just works together or the challenge is bland/predictable.
The eliminations
I struggled with the eliminations this season. For such a long season, we only had six different eliminations, and some of them weren’t interesting or enjoyable to watch. I’ll touch on all of them though because they all have something worth mentioning:
The final
Dailies, mostly average. Eliminations, mostly average.
But the FINAL?!? ‘Finally, some good fucking food’
This Final was fantastic. It’s easily the best one since War of the Worlds, and I preferred the spectacle and visuals (location) of this one over WotW. It’s a beautiful final played over a rocky coastline, it incorporates a stunning ice cave, and is played at the tail end of a hurricane. The conditions are brutal, timing generally matters, and the first person to make it to TJ is the winner.
We had running/endurance along beautiful Icelandic coastline, a brawling checkpoint which recreated the first Decryption challenge (alright, that reuse is a bit lame), an eating checkpoint where Amber gets a glorious blood-beard, a kayaking portion, and overnight portion in a stunning locale, with an endless dripping of water and mental torture, some puzzles. It really ticked all the boxes and felt tough. CT and Amber’s win feels earned.
It was just a great final all-around. One of the best episode of the season I think, and if this is the new standard of final, I’m all for it. Makes me really reminiscent to like, the Rivals 1/2 or Exes final. Keen for more like this.
Random remaining thoughts from throughout the season
And there we have it. Fortunately Double Agents is an improvement over Total Madness. It’s nowhere near a perfect season and struggles with a boring storyline, some bland dailies, and the skull twist, but it also has a few individuals that really stand out, as well as good winners and a fantastic final.
Overall, I’m content with this one.
Next up I have All Stars 1 which I am incredibly excited about. I’ll be trying to do my usual predictions for it but I feel I’m going to get a ridiculous amount wrong. Lets see!
As always, let me know what you all thought of this season - keen to hear your thoughts on it, and please feel free to rag on Fessy with me. Thanks for reading!
Wild that this marks my thirty-fifth season of The Challenge. A cool milestone. I’ve placed this in a spot which surprised me a little, I didn’t expect it to be so high, but comparing it to some of the seasons below is what landed it here. It could change, as always with these rankings.
  1. S25: Free Agents
  2. S24: Rivals 2
  3. S33: War of the Worlds
  4. S21: Rivals
  5. S34: War of the Worlds 2
  6. S13: The Duel
  7. S30: Dirty 30
  8. S10: Inferno 2
  9. S29: Invasion of The Champions
  10. S20: Cutthroat
  11. S8: The Inferno
  12. S19: Fresh Meat 2
  13. S12: Fresh Meat
  14. S26: Battle of the Exes 2
  15. S22: Battle of the Exes
  16. S32: Final Reckoning
  17. S17: The Duel 2 (V)
  18. S15: The Gauntlet 3
  19. S18: The Ruins
  20. S31: Vendettas
  21. S36: Double Agents
  22. S28: Rivals 3
  23. The Challenge: Champs v Stars 2
  24. The Challenge: Champs vs Pros
  25. S6: Battle of the Sexes
  26. S14: Inferno 3
  27. S11: The Gauntlet 2
  28. S7: The Gauntlet
  29. The Challenge: Champs vs Stars
  30. S5: Battle of the Seasons
  31. S9: Battle of the Sexes 2
  32. S23: Battle of the Seasons (2)
  33. S27: Battle of the Bloodlines
  34. S35: Total Madness
  35. S16: The Island
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2023.05.31 09:23 garagedor Experience Unmatched Garage Door Repair Excellence in Killeen, TX: Your Trusted Solution

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2023.05.31 08:56 jm-wireharness The History and Future Development of Automotive Ethernet

The History and Future Development of Automotive Ethernet

History and Development of Automotive Ethernet

In IT, Ethernet has a long and extremely successful history. Invented in 1973 and standardized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in 1985, Ethernet has since come to dominate local area networks used in business and fend off competition from all other competing technologies such as Token Ring. For decades, Ethernet has proven to be a versatile and flexible standard network that drives advancements in communications. Different versions of Ethernet run on coaxial cables, fiber optics, and unshielded twisted pair wires, and speeds have also increased from 10M bit/s to over 100G bit/s. After decades of application, people's understanding of Ethernet
The solution is already very adequate and a good improvement has been made.
As the in-vehicle network begins to connect more in-vehicle computing resources, the application of Ethernet has become a natural choice, so in 2016, IEEE released the first automotive Ethernet standard IEEE 802.3bw, or 100Base-T1. Although 100M bit/s bandwidth is comparable to 100Base-TX introduced in 1995, there are still key differences in the automotive version.
Both of these standards run on unshielded twisted pair, which is two copper wires twisted together along the length of the cable. This has the effect of producing less electromagnetic radiation and crosstalk, avoiding interference with other wires or components, and resisting interference from other sources.
However, 100Base-TX uses two twisted pairs, whereas Automotive Ethernet uses only one pair, resulting in lower weight and cost. This pair of wires is "balanced", meaning that the signals have equal but opposite voltages. Both the transmit signal and the receive signal are conducted on one set of twisted pairs, instead of using two different sets of twisted pairs like 100Base-TX.
In the 100Base-TX standard, a maximum length of 100 meters is also specified, which is followed by subsequent Ethernet standards. Automotive Ethernet has a specified maximum length of only 15 meters. Clearly, automotive applications do not require long distances between network components in the car, and the shorter the length, the lighter the wiring.
Another key difference is the encoding done by the transceivers at both ends of the cable.
The 100Base-TX standard uses Multi-Level Baseband Coding (MLT-3), which encodes bits on the wire by cycling through three voltage levels, while Automotive Ethernet uses three-level Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM- 3), By bit-encoding the amplitude of the signal pulse, more bits can be encoded in each clock cycle. Combined with other encoding techniques, the final frequency can be reduced from 125 MHz to 66.6 MHz, again helping to prevent EMI and crosstalk.
Automotive Ethernet

Subsequent Developments in Automotive Ethernet

The 100M bit/s of the IEEE 802.3bw standard can satisfy many basic automotive applications, so it is widely used today. But higher speeds will be required as engineers consider higher-definition video streaming and the aggregation of data from multiple sensors onto common cables.
Shortly after IEEE 802.3bw was finalized, the IEEE officially ratified the 802.3bp standard, or 1000Base-T1, which enables gigabit speeds over shielded or unshielded twisted-pair wire. This standard shares much in common with its predecessor, but at a frequency nearly 10 times higher, at 600 MHz. This means the cables are more susceptible to crosstalk, so engineers need to design systems with special care to control electromagnetic noise throughout the vehicle, rigorously testing and shielding where required. The standard will provide sufficient bandwidth for the next two to three generations of platforms.
In 2020, IEEE formulated the 802.3ch standard, which can also support Gigabit Ethernet at standard rates such as 2.5G bit/s, 5G bit/s and 10G bit/s within a distance of 15 meters. Shielded twisted pair cables will be sufficient for the above transmission speeds, but frequencies above 7 GHz may require shielded parallel pair cables to minimize EMI issues.

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2023.05.31 08:48 Economy-Culture-9174 An Ultimate Complete List of everything Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus & Travis Barker ever created - blink-182, AvA, BCR, +44 and more [Updated Version]

A while ago I created an ultimate chronological list of everything that Mark, Tom and Travis created, it is a lot of stuff but with some help from you guys, I was able to extend it so this is almost 100% complete now therefore I am posting this one more time.
The new fans are still discovering this great band and every once a while I see them asking about this here and I am also sure there will be more people coming when the new album/single drops.

40 000 characters limit reached


blink-182 Demos
  1. Flyswatter (demo)
  2. 21 Days (demo)
  3. Buddha (demo)
  4. Enema Of The State DEMO (demo)
blink-182 EPs
  1. Short Bus (EP)
  2. They Came To Conquer Uranus (EP)
  3. Dogs Eating Dogs (EP)
blink-182 Albums
  1. Cheshire Cat (Album)
  2. Dude Ranch (Album)
  3. Buddha (Album)
  4. Enema Of The State (Album)
  5. Take Off Your Pants and Jacket + Bonus songs that aren't on Spotify (Album)
  6. Untitled (Album)
  7. Neighborhoods Deluxe (Album)
  8. California (Album with Matt Skiba)
  9. NINE (Album with Matt Skiba)
  10. 2023 Album (October 2023)
blink-182 Live Albums
  1. The Mark, Tom & Travis Show (Live Album)
blink-182 Singles and Covers
  1. Dancing With Myself (cover)
  2. I Won't Be Home For Christmas
  3. Good Times (cover)
  4. Dead Man's Curve (TV song)
  5. Life's So Boring (see Demos - Enema of The State demo)
  6. A Letters To Elise & Boys Don't Cry (The Cure Covers)
  7. Hope (Descendents cover)
  8. Not Now & Another Girl Another Planet (Bonus songs from the Greatest Hits)
  9. Out Of My Head (NINE Bonus Song)
  10. Not Another Christmas Song
  11. Quarantine
  12. Falling (unreleased song)
  13. Edging (New Era Single)
  14. More Than You'll Ever Know (June 2. 2023?)

Box Car Racer - Tom's project with Travis
  1. Box Car Racer - Box Car Racer (Album)
  2. BCR Non Released -Dance With Me, Mandy (Cover)

(+44) - Mark's and Travis' project
  1. +44 - When Your Heart Stops Beating (Album)
  2. +44 Covers - I Am One, Christmas Vacation and Guten Tag

Transplants - Travis' project
  1. Transplants - Transplants (Album)
  2. Transplants - Haunted Cities (Album)
  3. Transplants - In A War Zone (Album)
  4. Transplants - Take Cover (EP)

Angel & Airwaves - Tom's Project
  1. Angels & Airwaves - We Don't Need to Whisper (Album)
  2. Angels & Airwaves - I-Empire (Album)
  3. Angels & Airwaves - LOVE I & II (Double Album)
  4. Angels & Airwaves - LOVE Movie OST
  5. Angels & Airwaves - Stomping The Phantom's Brake Pedal (EP)
  6. Angels & Airwaves - Dream Walker (Album)
  7. Angels & Airwaves - Dream Walker Demos (Demo Album)
  8. Angels & Airwaves - Of Nightmares (EP)
  9. Angels & Airwaves - Chasing Shadows (EP)
  10. Angels & Airwaves - We Don't Need To Whisper Acoustic (EP)
  11. Angels & Airwaves - Lifeforms (Album)

Simple Creatures - Mark's Project
  1. Simple Creatures - Strange Love (EP)
  2. Simple Creatures - Everything Opposite (EP)

Tom DeLonge
  1. Say Anything - Nibble Nibble (Song)
  2. Tom DeLonge - Odds & Ends (Album)
  3. Ilenium - Paper Thin (Song)
  4. Tom DeLonge - All That's Left Is Love (Song)

Travis Barker
  1. Travis Barker - Give The Drummer Some
  2. Aquabats - The Fury Of The Aquabats
  3. TRV$DJAM - Fix Your Face & Fix Your Face Vol. 2
  4. 6 Feet Underground
  5. Saturday Night
  6. Just Chill
  7. Let's Go
  8. Misfits
  9. Mod Sun - Down
  10. Mod Sun - Never Quit
  11. Machine Gun Kelly featurings
  12. Avril Lavigne - Alone
  13. Avril Lavigne - Bite Me
  14. Avril Lavigne - Bois Lie
  15. Run The Jewels - Forever
  16. All Other Travis Barker's Collabs & Featurings

Mark Hoppus
  1. Ataris - That Special Girl
  2. Simple Plan - I'd Do Anything
  3. Box Car Racer - Elevator
  4. New Found Glory - Something I Call Personality
  5. MxPx - Empire
  6. MxPx - Wrecking Hotel Rooms
  7. Fenix TX - Saved by the Bell Cover
  8. Motion City Soundtrack - Hangman
  9. Renee Renee - Paper Doll
  10. Vanilla Sky - Nightmare
  11. Mark Hoppus & Pete Wentz - In Transit (Alice In Wonderland OST)
  12. Mark Hoppus & Richard Gibbs - Until The Stars Fall
  13. Angels & Airwaves - Hallucinations Remix
  14. Forget The Pacific - Sweet 16
  15. City Coma Sate - You Crush My Heart
  16. Tonight Alive - Thank you and Goodnight
  17. McBusted - I Hate Your Guts
  18. New Found Glory - Ready And Willing II
  19. Mark Hoppus & Travis Barker - Ameoba
  20. Mark Hoppus & Owl City - Dementia
  21. Neck Deep - December
  22. Goldfinder - See Your Around
  23. Mark Hoppus - Not Every Dog Goes To Heaven
  24. Amy Shark - Psycho
  25. State Champs - Time Machine
  26. McFly - Growing Up
  27. The Used - The Lighthouse
  28. Super Whatevr - Carhartts & Converse
  29. Arrested Youth - Find My Own Way
  30. Ricky Himself - Parasocial
  31. A Day To Remember - Re-Entry
  32. Avril Lavigne - All I Wanted
  33. Beauty School Dropout - Almost Famous
  34. Smrtdeath - Adding Up
  35. Mark Hoppus Other Collabs & Featurings

All other stuff - remixes, features, covers, tributes
  1. Unwritten Law - Lonesome (cameo)
  2. AvA - What A Wonderful World (L.Armstrong cover)
  3. Steve Aoki - Why Are We So Broken
  4. Goody Grace - Scumbag
  5. The Chainsmokers - P.S. I Hope You're Happy
  6. Blink182 and Mumford & Sons - Brohemian Rhapsody
  7. Oliver Tree - Let Me Down
  8. XXXTentacion - It's All Fading to Black
  9. Lil Peep – ​the song they played
  10. Powfu and Beabadoobee - Death Bed (Bonus Remix)

Video - DVDs & Documentaries

  1. Good Times
  2. Josie B Roll Footage
  3. Urethra Chronicles I
  4. Enema Of The State Bonus Video
  5. Urethra Chronicles II
  6. Road Home
  7. Riding in Vans With Boys
  8. MTV Diaries Pop Disaster Tour
  9. Cheetah TOYPAJ Era
  10. Untitled MTV Launch + Cheetah Videos
  11. On The Road With Blink-182
  12. 2004 Unreleased Documentary
  13. Blinkumentary)
  14. New Cheetah Videos
Box Car Racer
  1. Box Car Racer Doc
Tom DeLonge
  1. Buzzworthy Interview
  2. Pursuit of Tone - Tom DeLonge
  3. Ernie Ball - String Theory
Travis Barker
  1. Meet The Barkers
  2. Til Death Do Us Part
Angels & Airwaves
  1. Start The Machine (making of We Don't Need to Whisper)
  2. Love The Movie
  3. Poet Anderson Short Animated
  4. Making Of Dream Walker

Music Videos

  1. M&M's
  2. M&M's Alternative Version
  3. Dammit
  4. Josie
  5. Josie Alternative Version
  6. What's My Age Again?
  7. All The Small Things
  8. Adam's Song
  9. Man Overboard
  10. The Rock Show
  11. Anthem Part Two Live
  12. First Date
  13. Stay Together For The Kids
  14. Stay Together For The Kids Alternative Version
  15. Feeling This
  16. I Miss You
  17. Down
  18. Always
  19. Stockholm Syndrome
  20. Violence
  21. Not Now
  22. Up All Night
  23. Heart's All Gone
  24. Wishing Well
  25. After Midnight
  26. Bored To Death
  27. She's Out Of Her Mind
  28. Home Is Such A Lonely Place
  29. Generational Divide
  30. Darkside
  31. Not Another Christmas Song
  32. Happy Days
  33. Quarantine
  34. Edging
Box Car Racer
  1. I Feel So
  2. There Is
  1. When Your Heart Stops Beating
  2. Chapter 13
  3. 155
Angels & Airwaves
  1. The Adventure
  2. The Adventure Short Film
  3. It Hurts Short Film
  4. Do It For Me Now
  5. The War Short Film
  6. The Gift Short Film
  7. Everything's Magic
  8. Everything's Magic Alternative
  9. Secret Crowds
  10. Breathe
  11. Hallucinations
  12. Anxiety
  13. Surrender
  14. Surrender Remix
  15. Soul Survivor from LOVE
  16. Clever Love from LOVE
  17. Epic Holiday from LOVE
  18. Hallucinations from LOVE
  19. Diary
  20. The Wolfpack
  21. Tunnels
  22. Rebel Girl
  23. Kiss & Tell
  24. All That's Left Is Love
  25. Paper Thin
  26. Euphoria
  27. Losing My Mind
  28. Spellbound
Simple Creatures
  1. One Little Lie
  2. Thanks, I Hate It
  3. Special
  4. Adrenaline
  5. Strange Love
  6. Drug

Promotional Videos and Other stuff
  1. 1998 Commercial
  2. Take Off Your Pants And Jacket Promotional Video
  3. Reunion 2009 Promo
  4. 2011 Tour Promotion
  5. HTC Status Commercial
  6. Dogs Eating Dogs Promo
  7. blink-182 are coming!
  8. LOTS of other videos and audios can be find here Blink182Media3 and MLG182 and Blink182Italia!
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2023.05.31 07:15 thinkingstranger May 30 , 2023
“[O]ne of the things that I hear some of you guys saying is, ‘Why doesn’t Biden say what a good deal it is?’” President Joe Biden said to reporters yesterday afternoon before leaving the White House on the Marine One helicopter. “Why would Biden say what a good deal it is before the vote? You think that’s going to help me get it passed? No. That’s why you guys don’t bargain very well.”
Biden’s unusually revealing comment about the budget negotiations was actually a statement about his presidency. Unlike his Republican opponents, he has refused to try to win points by playing the media and instead has worked behind the scenes to govern, sometimes staying out of negotiations, sometimes being central to them.
The result has been, as Daily Beast columnist David Rothkopf summarized today, historic. Biden has worked to replace 40 years of supply-side economics with policies to rebuild the nation’s economy and infrastructure by supporting ordinary Americans. The American Rescue Plan gave the United States a faster economic recovery from the COVID pandemic than any other major economy. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has already funded more than 32,000 projects in more than 4,500 communities in all 50 states, Washington D.C., and U.S. territories.
The Inflation Reduction Act made the biggest investment in addressing climate change in our history, and according to University of Washington transportation analyst Jack Conness, it and the CHIPS and Science Act have already attracted over $220 billion in private investment, much of it going to Republican-dominated states: Tennessee, Nevada, North Carolina, and Oklahoma have each attracted more than $4 billion; Ohio, more than $6 billion; Arizona, more than $7 billion; South Carolina, more than $9 billion; and Georgia, more than $13 billion.
Victoria Guida in Politico yesterday reported that the reordering of the economy under Biden and the Democrats has reversed the widening income gap between wage workers and upper-income professionals that has been growing for the past 40 years. The pay of those making an average of $12.50 an hour grew by almost 6% from 2020 to 2022, even after inflation.
Those gains are now at risk as pandemic measures end and the Fed raises interest rates to bring down inflation, although the wage increases are only a piece of the inflation puzzle: Talmon Joseph Smith and Joe Rennison of the New York Times today reported that companies raising their prices to “protect…profits” are “adding to inflation.” In other words, companies pushed prices beyond normal profit margins during the pandemic and the economic recovery, then maintained those higher profit margins with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and continue to maintain them now.
The fight over the debt ceiling is both an example of the different approaches to negotiation on the part of Biden and Republicans like House speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), and part of the larger question about the direction of the country.
On January 13, 2023, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned McCarthy that the Treasury was about to hit the borrowing limit established by Congress and that she would have to resort to extraordinary measures in order to meet obligations until Congress raised the debt ceiling.
On March 9, as part of the usual budget process, Biden produced a detailed budget, which was a wish list of programs that would continue to build the country from the bottom up. He told McCarthy he would meet with the speaker as soon as he produced his own budget, which McCarthy could not do because the far-right House Freedom Caucus (these days being abbreviated as HFC) wanted extreme cuts to which other Republicans would never agree.
On April 26 the House Republicans passed a bill that would require $4.8 trillion in cuts but was quite vague about how it would do so apart from getting rid of much of the legislation the Democrats had just passed. HFC members said they would not raise the debt ceiling until the Senate passed their bill. That is, they would drive the United States into default, crashing the U.S. and the global economy, until the president and the Democrats agreed to their policies. Even then, they would raise it only until next spring, with the expectation that it would then become a key factor in the 2024 election.
Biden insisted all along that he would not negotiate over the debt ceiling, which pays for money already appropriated under the normal process of Congress and which Congress raised three times under former president Trump even as he added $7.8 trillion to the national debt. Biden said he would happily negotiate over the budget. McCarthy, meanwhile, was out in front of the cameras and on social media insulting Biden and insisting that it was Biden’s fault that talks took so long to get started.
Late Saturday, the two sides announced an agreement “in principle” to raise the debt ceiling for two years—clearing the presidential election. As the Washington Post’s Catherine Rampell noted, it protects current spending on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid; keeps tax rates as they are; increases spending on defense and veterans’ programs; leaves most other domestic spending the same; cuts a little from the expanded funding of the Internal Revenue Service; and tweaks both the permitting process for energy projects and the existing work requirements in the food assistance program.
As Rampell points out, “this much-ballyhooed ‘deal’ doesn’t seem terribly different from whatever budget agreement would have materialized anyway later this year, during the usual annual appropriations process, under divided government. To President Biden’s credit, the most objectionable ransoms that Republicans had been demanding are all gone.”
Now the measure has to get through both parties, with congressmembers back in Washington today after the holiday weekend. Freedom Caucus members are howling at the deal. Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) is threatening to bottle the measure up in the House Rules Committee, which decides what bills make it to the floor. The Freedom Caucus forced McCarthy to stack that committee with far-right extremists as part of his deal for the speakership (it has nine Republicans but only four Democrats on it). But Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo suggests that McCarthy’s alliance with Representatives Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) might pay off here, since the two have thrown their weight behind the measure.
Even if the measure does pass before the June 5 deadline when the Treasury runs out of money, it has had an important effect. As Rampell noted, it has weakened the United States. It has enabled both China and Russia to portray the U.S. as unstable and an unreliable partner. As if to prove that criticism, Biden had to cancel a trip to Australia and Papua New Guinea, where he was strengthening the Indo-Pacific alliances designed to weaken Chinese dominance of the region. (And Russia continues to involve itself in U.S. politics: today Tara Reade, the woman who in 2020 accused Biden of sexually assaulting her, appeared on Russian television next to alleged spy Maria Butina to say she has fled to Russia out of fear for her life in the U.S.)
Writing in Foreign Policy, Howard W. French sees a more sweeping problem with the debt ceiling fight: it “highlights America’s warped priorities.” “[W]hen a rich and powerful country finds it easier to cut back on the way that it invests in its people, in education, in science, and in making sure that the weakest among them are not completely left behind than to curtail useless and profligate weapons spending,” he said, “there are reasons to worry about the foundations of its power.”

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2023.05.31 06:41 avengersecurityalarm Important Guidelines for Home Security Houston No Contract

Only some have the same needs, yet everyone wants to safeguard their property. A security camera system is an excellent way to keep an additional eye on your home at all times. Because the layout of your property, budget, and home security priorities varies from your neighbors, there is no one-size-fits-all guideline for security camera minimums. If you intend to install home security in Houston no contract, there are a few things you should consider before installing CCTV cameras in your workplace or house.

Coverage area

When building the CCTV and security system in Houston, consider which areas are most vulnerable and should be protected. The company from whom you will purchase the CCTV cameras in Tomball will send an analyst to assist you in determining the most practicable position to put the camera and obtain optimal coverage. You can also choose the specific region that the camera should cover.

CCTV camera options

Wireless CCTV cameras in The Woodlands are becoming the most often utilized camera technology. These cameras eliminate the need for cables and are simple to operate. Traditional cameras are stationary and only point in one direction. Dome cameras in corporate buildings and shopping malls give 360-degree coverage surrounding them. As a result, cameras must be chosen based on the quality and coverage required.


The CCTV cameras you choose will also be determined by the region in which they will be installed. The quality of a camera placed outside your house or workplace will not be the same as that of an inside camera.
Today's robbers are skilled at dodging outside cameras, and even total area coverage may be overcome by masked attackers. Installing a low-light dome camera indoors might save you a lot of bother in the long run.


Before installing CCTV in Conroe, you may need formal clearance from the appropriate authorities. If you wish to put CCTV cameras outside your home, they will cover a section of the surrounding region. Most residential conies require you to notify the local government before installing them and be careful to get authorization from the civic authority before installing anything.

Cameras should be strategically placed for optimal observation

As said previously, always position the cameras so that they can see the area you want to survey. Placing them at the corners of your structures, for example, may create spots and limit the views of your cameras.

Consider your lighting

Ascertain that the area to be monitored has constant and adequate illumination for the camera to pick up identifiable characteristics, such as facial features. Consider utilizing a night-vision CCTV camera when there is insufficient lighting.

Seek expert guidance or assistance

You may be able to build a modest system for your house, and it may be enough, but expert installers live and breathe video surveillance. When it comes to establishing a CCTV system for your house in Cypress, but especially for your company, they are specialists and will know things to do and check for that you probably will not. Consider drawing on their knowledge and skills if you need to hire them to do the task. When considering your time and work, hiring a professional surveillance camera installer may save you money.

Use only wired security cameras

Only install a wireless camera system in Humble if you have a considerable budget since a commercial grade of this type may be fairly pricey. Furthermore, the purpose of video monitoring is to boost security. At the same time, wireless technology has improved but is still more "hackable" than a wired camera system.


Considering the following ideas will assist you in installing home security Houston no contract without difficulty. If you've opted to install CCTV cameras, look for modern IP cameras that can quickly connect to a wireless network. However, scaling may be tough if you still have the old CCTV cameras.
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2023.05.31 05:22 Bluewolf1983 [YOLO Update] (No Longer) Going All In On Steel (+🏴‍☠️) Update #51. Selling the AI AI AI AI.

[YOLO Update] (No Longer) Going All In On Steel (+🏴‍☠️) Update #51. Selling the AI AI AI AI.

General Update

Most of the AI related stocks were rallying high at the start of the market day and FOMO seemed to be in the air. Anticipating a green day, I bought $SPX June 2nd calls and June 2nd $TSM calls. That went... badly as I essentially lit $12,000 on fire. >< On the positive side, as AI stocks began to fade as the day went on, my large $QCOM shares position remained strong. I decided to turn my unrealized gains into, well, realized gains.
My current motto is "cumulative base hits" over "home runs". My return on the play was quite decent and thus it was time to take my exit with the AI stock sector rally starting to show some weakness. This puts me within $17,500 of my previous account high back in June of 2022. For the usual disclaimer, the following is not financial advice and I could be wrong about anything in this post. This is just my thought process for how I am playing my personal investment portfolio.

Macro Stuff

There is one area of economic data that has continued to show weakness: manufacturing. For some data points:
So while unemployment remains low and the service industry remains strong, there are potential signs of cracks elsewhere. Oil / Energy especially continues to get hammered as if a recession is imminent. The overall data still refuses to show it such as the strong PCE numbers of last week - but there are some occasional signs of potential weakness.
Expectations are now 60/40 for the Fed hiking during their next meeting. Then 23% chance of things being 50 bps higher total in July which was 0% back on April 28th. Worry over rate hikes seems to have died down but the market could decide to freak out about it again at any moment since a "pause" had been priced in as of late.
One additional bonus piece of macro data that I'm including just because I saw it but didn't see it mentioned in the daily here: $ATVI seems to have again stated the $MSFT acquisition has a "drop dead" date of July 18th: .
Activision has applied to intervene in Microsoft's appeal against the CMA's decision, saying that the planned deal has a "drop dead" date of July 18.
That is the date the merger agreement expires (mentioned here and in the official filing here). Expecting the UK to reverse course in 3 weeks seems unlikely that appears to mean the deal might effectively be dead? At least, if they planned to extend the acquisition agreement, their choice of wording to the UK on deadlines is then weird. (Note: while I work for $MSFT, I have no inside knowledge and am nowhere close to this deal to understand anything outside of what I read on public articles).

So What Is Next?

There are no positions with this particular update as I'm unsure currently. This update is more of a choose your own adventure! Scenarios I'm thinking of:
  • The rates on bonds increase from a combination of Fed hiking expectations + the need to issue bonds to refill the US Treasury. In this case, something similar to the $TLT play would make sense as I still expect inflation to moderate eventually.
  • AI stocks experience a pullback. An example is the meme stock C3.AI having poor earnings causing a sector selloff. In this case, I might re-enter $QCOM, $TSM, and/or $NVDA if they fall enough.
  • $SPY and/or $QQQ experiences a large pullback that makes it worth just placing my money into an index. I'm not going to try to play puts on it as there are still too many pieces of economic data that show strength - but it wouldn't surprise me to see a correction in the stock market over recession fears yet.
  • Not planning to touch banking, steel, shipping, healthcare, and retail. While these segments have been beaten up, I'm just not bullish on these yet. I'd rather wait for them to drop further before considering to buy them (ie. "priced for bankruptcy").
Overall I'll likely maximize short term yield until I find a play that looks like a great risk/reward. I'm more interested in capital preservation having locked in multiple successful "base hits" this year and I'm fine if I miss out on a further market upswing considering what the risk free yield remains.

2023 Updated YTD Numbers:

Taken From Fidelity Active Trader Pro.
Fidelity (IRA)
Taken From Fidelity Active Trader Pro.
IBKR (Interactive Brokers)
Overall Totals
  • YTD Gain of $273,165.41
    • This is above a 54% YTD gain overall realized.
  • 2022 Total Gains: $173,065.52
  • 2021 Total Gains: $205,242.19
  • ----------------------------------------------
  • Gains since trading: $651,473.12
    • Previous best ATH was $668,581.06 from Mid-Year 2022 Update. Glad to have mostly recovered to that level at this point and could make up the rest with just short term TBills.

Concluding Thoughts

Lots of short term trades have led to many rapid updates as of late. My goal is to be patient timing the entry of my next play (including have a clear picture on where things are likely to go). So hoping I remain in "cash equivalent" for a bit until it makes sense for one of the routes mentioned previously or for something I don't even see as a potential future opportunity right now. I'll make a comment if I enter something and will continue this series then. Being patient and focusing on base hits seems to have been working as the gains have really added up.
As we enter the mid-year mark, I'd be curious to know how everyone else has been doing this year? That could potentially be a separate thread on this board to kick off June for those that are willing to share? Seems like I'm half of the non-daily posts these days. :p
That about does it for this small update to wrap up my AI play with the segment losing steam quicker than I thought. Momentum could pick back up again tomorrow - but I'm happy with the gains I've realized. Feel free to comment to correct me if you disagree with anything I've written as I'm always open to reconsidering my current thinking. As always, these are just my personal opinions on what I'm doing with my portfolio. Thanks for reading and take care!

Previous YOLO Updates

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2023.05.31 05:13 FordMFingRANGER Air Movie review 7 media keys

Movie Review
Title: Air, A story of Greatness
Director: Ben Affleck
Distributor: Artists Equity
Genre Sports, Drama
MPAA rating: R
USCCB rating: A-III
Your rating on a 5 star scale: 4.5
Primary audience: Avid sports fans and Nike fans.
Year of release: 2023
Trailer: Air Trailer
The Movie Air takes place in 1984 and follows the story of Nike trying to sign a rookie basketball player by the name of Michael Jordan. In 1984 Nike was a successful running shoe company that was trying to branch out into the basketball shoe market. At that time Convers and Adidas were the two dominant players in the basketball shoe market. Nikes plan to break into the market was to sign shoe deals with prominent players that were fan favorites to drive up demand for their shoes; however, Nike was struggling to find good players willing to make a deal with them. This film follows Sonny Vaccaro, played by Matt Damon, a talent scout who works for Nike as he tries to do what everyone thought couldn’t be done and sign Michael Jordan to a shoe contract.
The First Media Key: Balance
In this movie Ben Affleck does a great job of finding the balance between the true story of Sonny Vaccaro trying to sign Michael Jordan to a Nike contact while making a movie that is fun and inspiring to watch. When creating a movie based upon a true story it can be difficult to portray characters is an accurate light. The movie does a great job of creating fun dialog for conversations that they knew happened but were not totally recorded. I believe that this movie was able to find the appropriate balance and really did justice to this incredible story.
The Second Media Key: Attitude Awareness
The second media key is attitude awareness and has to do with decerning the message behind the media. I the message that I felt was being portrayed in this film is to trust yourself. From the beginning of the movie onward you see Sonny get shot down and told what he was trying to accomplish was impossible or too risky. Never the less Sonny follows his gut and continues to work towards his goal and eventually does achieve what he set out to do. Another example of this message is in Michael Jordan himself. While the character of Michael Jordan has very few lines in the movie and you never actually see his face due to the fact that this is such recent history that having someone play the character of young Michael would take away from the story because so many people know what his real face looks like. The movie cleverly has Michael speak through his mother but the message is clear, I am the best and I will be greater then all those before me.
The Third Media Key: The Dignity of the Human Person
The third media key is the dignity of the human person and besides one scene where Matt Damon rants about the incompetence of his coworkers this movie does a good job of upholding human dignity. Between Mrs. Jordan knowing and standing up for her sons worth and Sonny voicing opinions that the current system for athletes regarding compensation is broken and that they deserve more this film does a good job of promoting human dignity. This is of course putting aside all of the degrading speech that people in this movie use when doing business however the language is not sincere.
The Fourth Media Key: Truth‐Filled
The fourth media key is truth filled and being that this movie is biased upon a true story it does a good job of holding to this key. The media key truth filled is paired up with the virtue of fortitude. In this movie Sonny is the embodiment of fortitude. With his job on the line, he pushes forward regardless of everyone telling him no. Because of his fortitude he was able to accomplish what others thought was impossible.
The Fifth Media Key: Inspiring
The fifth media key of inspiring greatly relates to this movie. The movie title Air a story of greatness is accurate, this is a story of greatness and a truly inspiring one at that. It is inspiring to watch Sonny, an out of shape middle aged man whose job mainly is to watch high school basketball games, fight tooth and nail to sign the greatest basketball player who ever lived to Nike. Sonny was told that his mission was impossible by his CEO, his boss and his friends yet he believed in himself and made his goal a reality. It is always inspiring when someone is able to do something that others at the time believed was not possible.
The Sixth Media Key: Skillfully Developed
The sixth media key is skillfully developed and has to do with the overall quality of the movie, the camera angles, the special effects and music. This movie is indeed skillfully developed, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon did a fantastic job in directing and shooting this movie. The movie has a very cool 80’s feel to it. At the start of the movie, it shows clips from major world events and fads from the era the story takes place in, this helps the viewer to better understand the time in witch the movie takes place. The sound track to this movie is extremely fun full of 80’s throwback songs.
The Seventh Media Key: Motivated by and Relevant to Experience
The movie Air a story of greatness is rated R by the Motion Picture Association for “language thought”. This movie does have a great deal of swearing in it however the swearing is more filler language that for an adult audience actually makes the movie more fun. The vulgar language helps to add a flair of passion dialogue. The main instance of language occurs in a scene that shows Sonny talking on the phone to Michael Jordans agent and the agent starts going off at Sonny.
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2023.05.31 05:13 Zelphster Last year, I legally changed my name TWICE! LOL

If anyone has questions about legally changing your name, I'm happy to share what I've learned. I live in Austin, TX in the US. I'm also happy to guide others through the legal process. It is easy to do yourself. Or it was in Texas last year.
Some things I've learned:
Update your name everywhere as soon as you can. It will simplify your life. I would start with your Social Security Number. My employer wouldn't change my name until it, the SSN, was updated with my new name. Even though I had the legal paperwork, that wasn't enough for them. I understand that is not unusual. They want the tax info to match.
Other places to update your new name include your driver's license, passport, bank accounts, credit cards, whoever is in charge of your home -mortgage financing company or lease from apartment, insurance, company you pay your car payment, utilities, cell phone, colleges and schools you attended (needed to verify education levels) and work certifications or licenses. You should also update and get a new birth certificate. It will be important if you want to get a passport later.
Another place to update your records is the credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax, Trans Union). They will eventually update your name as the accounts that report to them report new info with your new name, but you can simplify things by being proactive. If you do anything that triggers a credit review, (apply for financing, apply for a job, shop around for insurance rates), you can run into problems with the name mismatch.
As far as updating your name at work, I understand most employers will be as accommodating as possible while helping you change your name. As I stated earlier, my employer would not change my name until I had the document for Social Security that showed I had updated my name there. Getting an appointment as the SS office took weeks. In that time, my work changed my name everywhere with a "preferred" name. This took place instantly and appeared as a legal and permanent a change to everyone. I got a new badge that same day with updated name, new company email with the new name, updated my info in the company directory. Then when I got my official Social Security document, I updated everything officially.
Why did I do it twice in one year? :) Well, I had been wanting to change my name for several years, but struggled to choose a name. There was so many to choose from! Finally, I made an appointment to file my documents with the name change request, and filled out the paperwork with my favorite name as of the day of the appointment. Then, once the legal name change was finalized and I started changing my name on documents and hearing the name used to get any attention, it hit me - I chose the wrong name. It was a great name, but a great name for someone else. However, this experience did give me clarity. Somehow, once I started hearing this new "wrong" name used for me, I understood with complete clarity on what my name SHOULD be. I was embarrassed to go back to change my name again but knew it was the right thing to do for me long term. So, I changed it again and now I love, love, LOVE my new name! I'm so glad I didn't let the embarrassment hold me back from completing the legal change the second time.
Any other questions? Fire away!
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2023.05.31 04:02 Screaming_Mosquito The Hinge running from VA/NC to LA/TX

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2023.05.31 03:45 Fearless_Fruit9772 2021 Topps Chrome Sapphire Kebryan Hayes #3/10

2021 Topps Chrome Sapphire Kebryan Hayes #3/10
Really stoked to pull this one. Can’t find anything comparable.
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