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Home Inspection woes

2023.06.08 06:16 artisticromantic Home Inspection woes

Sooo.. hubbie and I are buying a house we're very excited for but the inspection came back as less than satisfying. The main issues were
  1. Plumbing is going to need to be replaced in the near future.. I bet that ain't cheap.
  2. All of the rooms had "3 prong ungrounded outlets" what is that?
  3. An improper p-trap in the kitchen sink.
  4. A water heater that will need to be replaced soon.
  5. Some minor (hopefully) cracks in the foundation.
  6. The inspector also wrote there was a safety concern that the "chimney flue/vent pipe has inadequate clearance to combustible materials. repair as needed"
This list sounds expensive. My realtor said our next step is to send the repairs to the seller. What exactly does that mean? She explained but im not fully understanding I don't think. I'm worried this will cost me an arm and a leg after paying quite a bit for the house :( It's a very lovely updated house but I guess it just has some minor (or maybe major, im not sure how major those things listed are) deficiencies, which im assuming is normal, but I'm also not sure. Thoughts? Is this part of buying a house or does this house have more problems than the average? Does anyone have an estimate on how much any of these issues would cost to fix?
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2023.06.08 06:16 ForSacredRussia2 We must grow the resistance. 📢🐝🐝🐝

As unfortunate as it may seem, the danger of rules violations and bans affect the users of this sub as there are lurking Prigozhin Vatniks from Lakhta street who want to report anything and everything.
That means, this is war!
Therefore it is important for us to keep kindling the flames of the revolution by starting spin-offs and other Free-Russia-themed subs.

New subs
As some may like one resistance faction or another, or particular individuals (FreedomStache), they may be in a position to create an entire community of news based on that person or group.
For example, some may be more into the separatist movements, and only some of them in particular. This user could then create such a sub and post relevant information to help create a fan-base and the reach of their group-in-solidarity to the search-engines.
Someone else may do the same with the non-violent movements and advocacy-based communities (RussiaResists, RussiaHumanRights).
To create and run a themed sub it takes very minimal work. In fact, one does not have to post 20 posts per day, it could be just a few per week or per month. The value will already be in a specific, theme-oriented collection of content that any user can look up and use for their research a long time after the fact.

• The Value of Reposting Telegram
The activity of reposting Telegram posts does a great deal to connect the Russian resistance with western supporters. Many westerners are weary of using the Telegram app, and the relevant topics are unavailable by search-engine search to find anything contained within Telegram.
Bringing the information out of this app into the wild of the internet is an overwhelmingly positive activity, so long as one does their due diligence and ensures that their sources are not fake FSB channels.
Moreover, bringing this information into Reddit automatically assigns such topics a comment section where they can be discussed.
In many of the Telegram channels, the comments are locked or they are filled with inane cacophony, to participate in which one must risk using the app. Here on Reddit, everyone is free to discuss the content in a moderated setting, no matter what side one is on, according to the standards set by the community.
Additionally, sometimes the admins or members of those groups do find these posts on Reddit and end up being involved in the discussion. There is a chance that resistance group members may read the western feedback regarding their content.
Using the app carries inherent risks such as not changing one's setting to stop exposing the user's real phone number. However, when proper precautions are taken to change this setting, the app is relatively safe. For ultimate safety, it is best to never comment on anything or even react, and to only join groups which are widely featured and have thousands of other subscribers already.

Translation with ChatGPT
You don't even have to speak Russian to participate in the creation of the uprising and a new Free Russia. With ChatGPT it is possible to translate telegram posts in a better way than simple text translation websites. With short posts that have accompanying images and a short paragraph of text, there's a guaranteed high rate of success.

• The Value of Cross-posting
At the beginning of the war the focus was all on Ukraine and the battle to keep the Russian army from taking over. Now, the focus will have to split as other front lines develop within Russia itself, and people will have to make efforts to filter their Ukraine war from their Russia war news.
In many subs these posts are intertwined, which provides an opportunity for new Russia-resistance specific subs to gain new members who are interested in getting the curated news relevant to this immediate area.
A themed sub could provide value by simply collecting other existing posts as cross-posted content.
Also, using cross posts can help keep some information alive longer, in the cases where for some reason the original post was removed from the source community.

All roads lead home
Any post or community or social media space which focuses and gives awareness to a resistance movement within the Russian Federation is going to exacerbate the pace at which the conclusion of the war arrives.
Even cross-posting other users' content from well-known communities into lesser-known ones is a valuable activity which benefits the cause. Eventually, the search-engine algorithms and organic grass-roots growth will add to the momentum which will inevitably result in the achievement of a new free Russian democratic state.

Watch 'em squirm
There is a big problem for vatniks lately, and our sub has been working indeed, in parallel with the actual real fighters of the Freedom Russia Legion/RVC and the UAF. The war is being split into multiple fronts, just as well as the information war. Already, the vatnik trolls have had to divert some of their resources to dealing with Russia-revolution subs from the Ukrainian subs. Just like they have had to call troops away from Luhansk to help defend Belgorod region.
Now that we got their attention, let's take them for a wild ride. Already, the cracks are growing within Putin's war machine and they are going to start fleeing like desperate rats from the sinking ship.
📢So, let's help the resistance, let's help each other: start new subs, repost Telegram, do cross-posts and help take down Putin & Co with a thousand stings. 🐝
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2023.06.08 06:15 KansasVenomoth [RP] A New Student - Legends: Arceus x Scarlet/Violet

Now that the nobles are calmed and the time-space rift has been closed, Satomi can finally focus on his work as a member of the Survey Corps. Traveling to and from every point all across Hisui in search of new Pokemon, new adventures, and anything else that might prove useful to his Pokemon researcher. Things were going about as normal as one could expect, at least that was until he had been contacted by the very one who had brought him to Hisui in the first place. Arceus had given him a choice; allowing him to remain in Hisui or Satomi could return to his own time, along with the Pokemon he had caught during his time in the past. It was a difficult decision, as Satomi had grown close to many of Jubilifes residents; Akari and Laventon becoming particularly close friends of his, and yet, he yearned to return home, even if he wasn't particularly fond of his family or sure of how he'd explain his sudden, lengthy disappearance... though, he's not even they'd care or believe his story unless Arceus had joined him at his family's home. After taking some time to contemplate his future, and whether he'd return to the present or remain in the past, Satomi decided that maybe returning home wouldn't hurt. Perhaps he could use the experience gained in Hisui and pursue a new journey in his home. As promised, Arceus returned him to the present, but rather than dropping him back in the modern day Sinnoh region like expected, he instead found himself in the countryside of Paldea. Confused, he did some exploring and met up with a group of researchers; he explained his situation, and they decided to help. In order to help him get used to the present once more and meet people and Pokemon alike across this new region, they aided him in gaining enrollment to Naranja Academy, though suggested he remain quiet of what had happened during his time in Hisui. Upon enrolling into the academy, he meets Y/C, becoming fast friends. Ultimately, he joins Y/C on their journey, searching for a special treasure of his own. Will his mysterious past remain a secret or will you discover that there's more than meets the eye with this unusually experienced trainer?


Crappy plot aside, I'm basically looking to isekai Satomi, a trainer based on the Pokemon: Legends protagonist, once again. This time, we're dropping him into Paldea during the events of Scarlet & Violet. Somewhere along the way, he meets Y/C for the typical Pokemon adventure. They travel about the region, find new Pokemon, meet new people, get into trouble, deal with the local 'evil' team, and all that good stuff. Seeking out both platonic and romantic shenanigans (MxF); open to both canon and OCs. The story could eventually lead to them visiting Hisui, or perhaps even journeying to other regions if we get that far. Feel free to DM me if you're interested in this!
Satomi's character profile
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2023.06.08 06:15 SomniaCE How many of you have transitioned from gamepad to hitbox style machines? How was that journey? (bonus question, are any of the cheap hitbox alternatives solid out of the box?)

Title. I love 6 button pads and while I'd love to play stick I just don't know if I have it in me to learn how to use one properly for fighting games. That said, I'm tired of every 6 button pad feeling so incredibly cheap or having a major issue holding it back. Build quality, cheap feel and poor dpads plague what few 6 button pads exist. Victrix has an interesting option that I'm sure has solid build quality and isn't cheap, but it has an odd shape and Dpad type and I'm wary of risking nearly $200 on something so different.
As much as I love the format, it is exhausting to have every controller feel so absurdly lackluster in some form or fashion. I play a lot of fighting games and am beginning to travel to events again and I'd also just like the ability to easily repair and customize something like a hitbox (in my experience, they're way easier to work on than most controllers and last longer).
All this to say that I am thinking of trying out a hitbox style controller. Buttons would likely feel far more intuitive to me than stick and I use my fingers on the buttons for pad anyways so it isn't a huge shift. Have any of ya'll made that jump and if so, how rough was the transition? What device did you go with and why? Also like the title asks, what cheap alternatives to the official hitbox are worth pursuing?
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2023.06.08 06:15 KatherineHicks Am I within my rights to contact legal aide at this point.

It is now 12:00 A.M. I tried reporting this building after we lost our manager, and they honestly just got an attitude and treated me poorly. People are having random visitors in and out the side doors all night. They slam the doors and twenty minutes ago there was a group of three people just wandering the hallway. I literally fear for my family's safety at this point, and I have tech people would want to steal. The building has practically been unsafe since we moved in, but after management quit. It is like the fucking wild west in here. People constantly go in and out side doors to avoid cameras, and of course they never put them in the halls! People are slamming doors half the night, and every time they do, it sounds like someone is fiddling with my door. While typing this I have looked at my peephole multiple times. I live in constant fear. I even hear people get in to hide from the police here, and I know there is lots of drug activity. I am hearing lots of slamming doors and stuff. But I can't be 100% there are people still in my hall. Like there is no audible sounds of conflict, so I am totally unsure of what is going on. This has been going on since we have moved in, and there has been worse situations. Am I withing my rights to persue legal aide to break the lease? Another person said I should do that, but the only issue is we have nowhere to stay at the moment but this hell hole. If you need to know any of the other incidents because this alone isn't enough, please contact me. One other thing I will say is I think the building is paying to cover up crimes on the property. A woman who lived here reportedly stabbed a man on or near the property, and he broke in to get to her. The apartment is not even ten feet from us. But yet there are ZERO police reports on them, to collect to break the lease. I LITERALLY think they are paying to cover shit up here.
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2023.06.08 06:15 pinkishpigeon My (24f) boyfriend (26f) doesn’t take care of himself anymore

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 2 years now and we plan on moving together a little more than one year. The thing is that on the past year I feel like he doesn’t take care of himself anymore, and I don’t mean only appearance-wise, but also of his health (mental and physical). At first it was only when I was away (he tried to keep up when I visited), but now it’s not even like that. He sometimes complain about his appearance or health issues, and I always encourage him to do what’s best to solve the situation (visit a doctor, do therapy, go to the gym, go to a hairdresser…), but he never does it. I even came to the point of scheduling him an appointment at a doctor because he had a serious allergy and did nothing about it, but I don’t want to take this maternal part, after all I’m his gf and he’s also an adult and should be able to take care of himself.
He says he’s happy and eager for our future together, so it doesn’t seem like his behavior is related with depression, even though both of us struggle with anxiety.
Last week we had a serious conversation and I told him I felt like he was paralyzed in life when it came about solving problems that bothered him, he answered that he prefers to wait until the situation is unbearable so he will really see the results of his effort when he does something (like he would wait until his face is raw because of an allergy so he can go to the doctor). I also encourage him to seek therapy and he says he doesn’t have money, but he frequently buy expensive tech stuff he already have (if he has a functioning tablet he got like 8 months ago he gets another one just because it excites him for like a month, even thought he uses it only for hobbies).
I feel like I’m being shallow because his appearance (shaving, washing his face, hair, weight…) also bothers me. I don’t know what to do anymore, it’s stressing me out so badly.
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2023.06.08 06:14 SunXingZhe 12th-Century Sun Wukong

12th-Century Sun Wukong
I was happy to learn that the Monkey Pilgrim (Hou xingzhe, 猴行者), Sun Wukong's antecedent, appears among a large set of late-12th-century ritual scrolls portraying the famed 500 Arhats. [1] He is depicted as a monkey-headed, black robe-wearing figure with the lower half of his body obscured by clouds, making him hard to see unless you zoom in on the image. He holds what appears to be the head of a staff in his left hand (fig. 1). Our hero is located just behind Tripitaka, who is riding a white horse led by a spirit-soldier(?) or perhaps Sha Wujing's antecedent (fig. 2). The full scroll shows this scene happening above the heads of four arhats (fig. 3), indicating that the Tang Monk is considered to be one of these Buddhist sages.
I actually found the simian immortal by accident while researching an article about Tripitaka’s Buddha title. Dr. Meir Shahar tells me that this depiction of Monkey doesn’t appear to have been mentioned in previous JTTW scholarship (personal communication, June 3, 2023). [2] Therefore, I’m so very happy that I can share this discovery with everyone!
Fig. 1 – A detail of the Monkey Pilgrim. From Lin Tinggui and Zhou Jichang, Images of the 500 Arhats (Wubai Luohan tu, 五百羅漢圖, 1178-1188 CE). Hanging scroll, ink and color on silk. Image from Nara kuniritsu hakubutsukan, Tōkyō bunkazai kenkyūjo, 2014, p. 86. Courtesy of Dr. Liu Shufen, a research fellow at the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica.
Fig. 2 – A detail of Xuanzang on his his horse.
Fig. 3 – The full scroll.
  1. To learn more about these paintings, see Zhou (2021).
  2. Dr. Benjamin Brose tells me that the painting appears in a Japanese source, but the Monkey Pilgrim is only listed as an “ape-like figure” (personal communication, June 3, 2023). See Nara kuniritsu hakubutsukan, Tōkyō bunkazai kenkyūjo henshū, 2014, p. 86.
Nara kuniritsu hakubutsukan, Tōkyō bunkazai kenkyūjo henshū [Nara University Tōkyō Research Institute for Cultural Properties (Ed.)]. (2014). Daitokuji denrai gohyaku rakan zu [Daitoku Temple’s Tradition of the 500 Arhats Paintings]. Kyōto: Shitau bungaku.
Zhou, Y. (2021). The Daitokuji Five Hundred Arhats Paintings and Their Beholders [Master’s dissertation, University of Alberta]. Education and Research Archive. https://era.library.ualberta.ca/items/f0bf436c-f6e5-46a2-920a-91c8b9dd5ba9
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2023.06.08 06:14 BrooAfro Is this a wear indicator on the gravel kings?

Is this a wear indicator on the gravel kings?
Got a pair of tires for free. I’ve made this mistake of thinking that the dimples on my 25c gatorskins were factory defects. I just wanna make sure if panaracer gravelkings have wear indicators or not. Is this a hole and is this tire still even safe to use?
Some context: I was given these tires from a friend who didnt need ‘em. He said it came with a wheelset he bought from his friend but he likes the gravelking ss’s so he went with that and gave me these for free.
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2023.06.08 06:14 itisalittleknownfact Anthony Bourdain Died Five Years Ago Today

I set a calendar reminder months ago. “Post Bourdain five year death thing on reddit.” I figured it would be a favorite photo, a quote or maybe an anecdote about how, in retrospect, I could hear and see his unhappiness and fragility. This last one really sucks because, like many of you, I had my blinders on while he was alive. The signs were there, but he was doing so much cool shit that he was able to hide his depression. Sleight of hand. These days, I look past people’s envious facades and wonder what they really have going on. It’s exhausting.
I’ve silenced the calendar reminder four times already today. Everything I can think to show you is redundant or trite. The world needed more Bourdain; I don’t know that it needs more posts about him. I don’t need them. And yet, here I am. Is it ironic? Annoying? Stupid? I guess my plan is to make this more about me—more about us—than Tony.
Obviously Bourdain comes up in this sub all the time. There’s truly nothing left to say about the man in a grand, enlightening sense. Everyone knows who he was, what he meant to the food and media worlds. We’ve watched and read all the things. Many of us went deeper—making more and less than we should of his relationship with Eric Ripert, his hush-money scandal, his secret reddit account, his tattoos. There’s nothing left to find. What could we possibly read today that we won’t already know? Bourdain produced amazing content. He changed the way the world thinks about food and travel. He’s dead. So be it.
Since I still feel like writing something, I thought I’d appeal to those of you who are still broken. I was broken before Bourdain killed himself, and I was lost afterwards. When all these documentaries and biographies come out, I often wonder who’s consuming them. How can these people be true Bourdain fans, when I still can’t bring myself to reread his sentences, let alone watch something with his voice in it? Time does heal though, and I’m finally realizing that my aversion to everything Bourdain is as much a sadness for his passing as it is self-preservation. Which is to say, in case you haven’t figured it out already, I also struggle with depression.
I had too much riding on Anthony Bourdain. He was the closest thing I had to a hero. He was more of a chef than I’ll ever be. He wrote better. Told better stories. Traveled more. Had cooler video equipment. Gave fewer fucks. Sexier. More socially and politically aware. He generated the most interesting content. It made me jealous in the best way, creating intrigue and drive and passion. He had most of the things that I want, and they weren’t enough—a brutal reality that will haunt me for a really long time.
But that’s just it. I’m still here. For me, that’s actually really powerful. It’s a specific thing I do better than Bourdain. Staying alive.
I know we are supposed to celebrate accomplished people on the anniversary of their deaths, but I can’t do it. Not today. My hunch is that a few of you feel the same. Am I sad that I don’t get to follow Bourdain’s life anymore? So fucking much. But he’s gone, and we’re here. Sometimes our heroes aren’t as strong as we think they are. And, sometimes, we are stronger than we think we are. Tonight at least, I’m going to give the blade another spin.

"question and answer"charles bukowski
he sat naked and drunk in a room of summernight, running the blade of the knifeunder his fingernails, smiling, thinkingof all the letters he had receivedtelling him thatthe way he lived and wrote aboutthat—it had kept them going whenall seemedtrulyhopeless.
putting the blade on the table, heflicked it with a fingerand it whirledin a flashing circleunder the light.
who the hell is going to saveme? hethought.
as the knife stopped spinningthe answer came:you're going to have tosave yourself.
still smiling,a: he lit acigaretteb: he pouredanotherdrinkc: gave the bladeanotherspin.
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2023.06.08 06:14 OogieBoogie989921 JNMIL. Driving me crazy about DRESSES 3 months before my wedding

So let’s start with my daughters. JNMIL wanted to buy her flower dress which is fine! Although I had the idea with going and idk kinda picking it since it is my daughter AND my wedding. Two weeks after we announced we were going to follow with wedding planning this time (we’ve rescheduled like 3 times. Covid, pregnancy and buying a house we are just working in reverse lol) she went out and bought a dress for her… 4 sizes too big and AQUA F-ING BLUE. Well I finally got it through to her I’m no way using that dress and picked another. It’s big but it’s really cute (there’s a better chance of her to grow in it with minor changes and she matches me!) Well she hounded me to go a size smaller for months. Finally told her whatever order the smaller size. “Well I don’t think the arms are going to fit, she’s going to be to big for it”…. Then WHY harass me to get a smaller size?!? So that’s the issue with my daughters still on going.
This woman… idk if it’s a game to her? Out of spite? But I’m 🤏🏻 to blowing a MAJOR gasket. I’ve worked hard MATCHING everyone one on both sides of the family so nobody looked like an outcast or looked like just a guest and not part of the family. I’d like her in a dark green I have my mother in a pastel green. THIS WOMAN BOUGHT THE TACKIEST CAMO DRESS I HAVE EVER F-ING SEEN… I shut that shit down quick(politely of course but told her again dark green and gave her options of what I thought would look great!)…. I do have HINTS of camo (per DH request) which is fine I’ve made it work but why am ALL camo dress…don’t get me wrong probably looks great on some… she is not some. Then today she starts sending me a whole bunch of pictures that are black (and party dresses for girls in their 20’s… NOTHING mother of the groom) I asked we going to a funeral? Her comment “your wedding”… oh you are JOKING. Once again pulled photos and sent them too her.. she proceeded to text MDH “I’m not wearing any of those everything is wrong with all of them… I’ll just wear jeans” AHT let talk about how NONE of yours you picked is age appropriate, event appropriate or the bare minimum of what I asked let alone JEANS TO A WEDDING. YOUR SONS WEDDING?!? DH I love him dearly flat out told her the guidelines ONCE again about the dress. “K we’ll see”…
I am so damn burnt out on this “maybe” and “we’ll see” bs. I’ve even asked her is it a color problem? Dress styles you like? Don’t like? And she avoids the hell out of those questions… IM TRYING TO HELP COMPROMISE HERE. It’s to the point now my girls (bridesmaids) think she’ll wear a white/off white dress so they ALL bought water guns to fill with koolaid. maid of honor went ahead and got a back up green dress Incase she decides she’s going to wear anything else. I want her to look beautiful, age appropriate, elegant a mother of the groom. Not have anyone stand out like a sore thumb in family photos while everyone matches and she does her own thing… IF she does not follow and refuses back up dress the only photo she will be in is one of her, FIL, BIL AND DH.
Rant over thank you for reading!
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2023.06.08 06:14 Thunderiver What CarMax does not want you to know

I would like to preface this by saying I have worked in the auto industry for quite some time now as a vehicle inspector.
CarMax on paper is a great idea. 24 hour test drives on virtually any vehicle. Lower prices compared to dealerships etc etc
This is where they screw you: CarMax does not buy brand new vehicles from the manufacture and sell them. CarMax buys a majority of their inventory from auction houses. And I would say another good amount comes from trade-ins or off lease deals repos etc.
Now you maybe asking well how do you know this and what’s the problem with an auction company ? I work for an auction company and CarMax buys vehicles from our locations every single week. Most auction vehicles have either mechanical issues or some form of cosmetic damage or frame damage.
CarMax buys these screwed up cars and then “in house repairs” them to “their standard” with employees who most of the time have no ASE certifications or employees who most of the time have never had experience in a body shop. Some of the paint jobs I see on the lot are laughable at how sloppy and unprofessional they look, at least to a trained eye. Not to mention they will sell you lemon vehicles and not properly disclose the vehicles history.
I have bought 2 vehicles from CarMax a Colorado ZR2 and a Subaru wrx sti. The ZR2 ended up a lemon. CarMax wouldent take the car back despite being 4 miles over the limit for the take back policy. The ZR2 was shown to me and it had no accident reports at the time or damage. I run the carfax on it at work the other day and there was an accident reported 6 months before I purchased the vehicle. Strike 1&2 there
I bought the wrx and it had frame damage in the Driver side C Pillar and was replaced with a sloppy pdr and bondo job. Despite the car being 1 year old and 2000 miles on it… this location did not disclose any damage or accident history and was different and took the vehicle back (as they should)
TLDR; don’t buy cars from CarMax they buy bad cars and sloppily repair them and then sell them to you for way over market value and won’t help you even if you have a lemon vehicle and will not properly disclose any damage to you
Edit: if you find yourself upset by this post you are probably a shady worker at CarMax and if the shoe fits wear it
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2023.06.08 06:13 Vespertil Computer not turning on but also refuses to turn off and runs fans at full speed.

Being completely honest I'm already in the acceptance stage but decided to post my issue here in hoping for some fix that I haven't tried yet.
My problem is the following, one day I was using my computer normally with no particular issue or any irregular occurances besides the fact that it was using less memory than usual(Which I list here just for transparency's sake but do not believe to have anything to do with the problem.), I get a bit sleepy so I shut down normally and go to bed. The next morning I try to turn on the PC and notice that It is unusually loud and taking a bit to turn on. "Okay" I thought, "Must be some sort of update that is making it think harder today. Might take a second to turn on." But then it just didn't so there is my grief. The GPU fan goes super fast and loud for some reason, I can't tell if running at full speed is the case for the other fans because the noise from the gpu one doesn't let me have an accurate idea of if the others are unusually loud or fast. There is no display at all, not even the bios or motherboard logo. In fact, the monitor doesn't even get signal, and another very odd thing is that normally I would have to hold the power button for about 3 seconds for it to turn on but now as soon as i press the button it turns on at fulls speed and, get this, just won't turn off no matter for how long I hold the power button. I have to turn it off by switching off the power supply.
Here Is some stuff I have tried In the attempt to troubleshoot this beast:
- tried the ram sticks individually and in both ram slots to see if it was a ram problem;
- Cleaned the Ram sticks and the ram slots;
- Disconected the gpu and tried turning it on using the integrated graphics of the cpu;
- Disconected and reconected every cable to make sure they were connected properly;
- Tried reseting the CMOS.

RAM and PSU are new with less than a month of use and were working perfectly the day before.
monitor is known to be working properly because I still use it and, in fact, am using it right now on my laptop.
Every fan and rgb (for the parts that have it) turns on normally.
I have removed the RAM sticks and turned it on because, supposedly, the amount of beeps would help me on troubleshooting but there were no beeps and I don't know what that means.

These are my parts:
- Motherboard: ASRock A-320M-HD
- GPU: GTX 960 2GB
-CPU: AMD athlon 3000G
-RAM sticks: T-force ddr4 xtreem 16gb(2x8gb) 3200mhz Or something like that
-PSU: forgot details but it's a 750w from corsair.
-I don't think it relates to the problem but in case it does, my OS was endeavourOS.

From a lack of knowledge, experience and identifiable signs from the other parts, my suspicion is that this motherboard is the source of the issue but I don't have access to an extra one I can use to confirm it and buying stuff for later returning it isn't as easy here as it is in some places so I'm reluctant towards buying any new parts before being super sure of the source of the problem.

Any help Is apreciated and in case anyone wants any more data, feel free to ask for it in the comments. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.08 06:13 Feisty-Flatworm9711 Advice about ghosting loved one after being too vulnerable

So, I pretty much have one person that cares about me. I’ve been super depressed for 3 weeks now and after 1 week I decided I wasn’t going to end my life so I chose to tell her that I wasn’t feeling good (I could never tell someone I’m not doing well and then die, leaving them wondering for the rest of their lives if there was something they could have done; she lost her dad to suicide). I had a cut that I had to get stitches on and I told her impulsively. She’s super busy so we only talk about every 3 days, so none of our texts have much detail (context: she was a professor and I just graduated; I used to see her every day and now I don’t at all) and I hadn’t even explicitly told her that I’m cutting and just randomly dropped that I got stitches with no other info. I massively regret it and am incredibly embarrassed by telling her. I keep ignoring her texts asking for detail about the stitches but she’s getting persistent and it seems like the only option is to cut her off. It feels like she doesn’t care at all (tons of empty promises of getting together and feels withdrawn) so I just hate that I told someone about the stitches who can’t provide the support I need, but there’s no one else I can tell. But I should have just told no one, getting the stitches was a wake up call and I haven’t cut since so it’s no longer a problem.
I don’t want to lie to her about why I got stitches but I can’t give any insinuations that I did this to myself. It seems like the only option is to ghost her because I cannot answer that question and if I tell her I don’t want to talk about it, she’ll know. Needing some advice on if/how to go about ending this relationship.
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2023.06.08 06:12 Sparkle356 Little me used to be so beautiful.

Had to post this here because I tried on another subreddit and for some reason it doesn’t go through. Recently I have been looking at past photos of myself and all I felt was sadness because I was such a beautiful little girl, it broke my heart. Idk what happened but I don’t even recognize myself anymore. Yea I know people change as they grow but now I look horrible, it was as if I had a major glow down. I used to be photogenic, now I’m not. On camera I look very ugly, it ruins my entire mood and because of this I refuse to FaceTime or take selfies, no video calls for me. I struggle with facial eczema, it’s not severe but it can definitely become noticeable from time to time. It’s worse during the cold season because it’ll flare up. My face gets red and it just makes me feel very insecure. I’ve seen a dermatologist and she prescribed some creams. Those creams only made it worse so I stopped using them. Now I just use raw honey and while it does help reduce the redness and flakiness, its always going to be there, theres no cure for eczema. I’ll be stuck with it for the rest of my life, worst part it’s on my face. I’ve had it since middle school, before that my skin was normal. I’m now 21, it’s been very hard to deal with it. There are times where people will tell me that I look fine but then there will be other times in which people will give me looks of shock, disgust or discomfort. They won’t even be discreet about it, I’ll be pointed at and laughed at. People will stop and stare. It’s confused me so much. Another thing is my voice, idk if anyone else has this issue but when I hear myself in person I sound normal but every time I record myself speaking I sound completely different, I sound awful. It’s so bad that I even refuse to send voice messages, I dread it whenever I have to call someone. I’d rather talk to someone via texting or in person, at least in person I’ll sound normal. I have a deeper voice which I don’t mind but when recorded, I sound horrible. It makes me cringe, I sound like Patrick Star. It’s already bad when you can’t take pictures of yourself because of how ugly you look, it’s worse when you also have a ugly voice. Recently I tried to take a selfie but when I looked back at it, I almost broke down. I couldn’t believe that was me. I looked hideous. I deleted it. I look worse with the flash on. It takes multiple tries for me to even look decent in a selfie, I barely have any on my phone. I only have two and they’re the only ones in which I look decent. Now I just try to avoid cameras. Anytime I go out, almost everyone around me looks attractive meanwhile I look like a straight up junkie. It makes me feel horrible and I want nothing more but to leave asap because I can’t stand being in the presence of those who look like walking goddesses. Yea I know that might sound a bit ridiculous but it’s how I feel during those moments. Even though it’s a struggle having to deal with all of this, I’ve just come to accept it as it is. I’m slowly working on myself though and I hope I can feel better one day but as of now it’s not good.
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2023.06.08 06:12 thequeasydream I tried to put myself out there and make friends with a coworker, and he avoids me for some reason

I don’t know how to interpret what’s going on. Does anyone have any ideas?
There is a guy(21ftM) I(28-AFAB) work with, let’s call him Andrew. When he started, I never talked to him. The whole time I just kept to myself which I’ve been doing for months now. My mental health hasn’t been great, I’ve been very depressed. When spring came around I started feeling better and have been trying to be more social. I have no friends and I’m trying to make some. He was friendly with me and would say hi, and things were cool.
One day, I swiped right on him on tinder. He said “hey,” and a few days later I messaged him on there asking if he wanted to go to the 420 fest with me. He never answered, I figured he didn’t use it much or something, so I just deleted my tinder because I don’t like using it anyway. The next few days, he gave me his number.
I texted him a couple days later, I’m a slow texter and so is he I guess. We had basic small talk and the conversation died off quickly. The last message I got didn’t encourage further convo, so I just left it and figured he didn’t want to talk to me.
That’s when things got weird. Whenever I’d see him, he seemed uncomfortable and would break eye contact and just give off “I don’t want to talk to you” vibes and I knew it was nothing I said, we just had surface level talk. I thought I had inadvertently made things weird, so I gave space and gave up.
I talked to a mutual friend Sam(30ftM) (we aren’t really friends though, he just talks to me at work. He tried to be friends with me but he is moving in a few months so I have kept my distance), and we got on the subject of Andrew. He said Andrew told him I “unmatched with him on tinder” (I did not) and that “he thought he made me uncomfortable,” so he gave me space, which mirrored exactly what I was doing. I reached out to Andrew the next day and said I talked to Sam and explained myself. I then clarified that I am just trying to get out of my rut I’ve been in and make friends, and he said “you’re good! and explained himself too, saying he thought he made me uncomfortable so gave me space. I told him he is always welcome to approach/talk to me. He said he’s always looking for new friends so that’s cool. I hearted the message and figured it was all cleared up.
So the next day I see him at work and go to say hi, thinking we cleared things up. But I get the same standoffish vibe/avoidance of eye contact. So I didn’t try to make further conversation.
He is friendly to other people, and he, Sam and another girl have a friend group that goes out for lunch together. I walked by them while going on lunch and Sam said hi to me to just be friendly I guess. They were all talking and laughing and asking each other who wanted what for lunch. I just walked by and kept to myself, and they went out for lunch together.
Whenever he sees me he doesn’t say hi or talk to me.
I feel like such an unwanted outcast, and weirdo. I don’t know how to interpret this situation. I don’t know why he doesn’t talk to me and basically avoids me. I’m trying not to care but I’m really sensitive and it wasn’t exactly easy to put myself out there only to be rejected basically for unknown reasons. I was just trying to be friends and now I’m left once again wondering what is wrong with me.
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2023.06.08 06:11 JoDaLe2 A little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing!

I'm headed out on vacation next week, and my originally booked flight was cancelled (this summer is shaping up to have some of the features of last summer). Not a big deal, I called my travel agency (no, I don't use a travel agent, I booked the flight with credit card points, so my credit card travel office had to handle my rebooking) and got on the next best (actually slightly better) MORE EXPENSIVE flight that was nearly identical to my original. I didn't even really look at except to pick the better time and fight path, and pick my seat, until a couple weeks ago.
I was checking to make sure that my seat selection was still the best I could get when I noticed that my first flight was a B757. Now, I have no problem with the 757 (I flew a couple last summer), but I'm taking off out of DCA (I will use the abbreviation because no one who lives here uses the "official" name...if you want to know why, sound off in the comments and I'll tell you the story!). I thought the largest plane that could take off from DCA was a B737/A320??? I KNOW the B757 is larger than both of those. A couple Googles confirmed that, indeed, the B757 is a longer and heavier aircraft...how in the world are they taking this off out of DCA, which features a maximum runway length of just under 6,900 feet??? And even more worrisome...they're doing this DIRECT TO LAX???
I finally put the right combination of words into Google and came up with this. Yeah, the B757 is longer, heavier, and greater capacity, but, apparently, taking off on a short runway is NBD for it! It may actually handle that runway BETTER than the B737's and A320's that take off dozens of times an hour from the same runway! And it does all that better when fueled for a longer range! https://thepointsguy.com/news/737-never-replace-757/
I mean, I knew it had to be safe to do it, but reading a 757 pilot wax poetic about what a great plane it is, including in conditions like I'll be facing in a few days' time, really makes me feel better!
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2023.06.08 06:10 ReusableTargetbag 19F [chat] - I would like a friend a normal friend :)

preferably someone who has these following things.. Discord (it’s easy to use if you don’t know how to watch some youtube videos you’ll get the hang of it) Agrees that VC(voice call) is better than texting …that’s pretty much, a few things about me 19 yr old preschool teacher who lives in New York and uh right now i’m just sooo basically looking for a lil company once a while :)
thanks :)
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2023.06.08 06:10 castle-girl Book Spoiler FAQ Page is (Mostly) Ready

Hi everyone,
Last week I made a post asking if there should be a spoiler FAQ type document for people who just want to know what happens in the books, and some people said that would be a good idea. So, with A LOT of help from one of the commenters on that post, I created a book spoiler FAQ page on the wool fandom wiki. NOTE: Obviously the vast majority of people on this sub don't need or want this, but from time to time there have been requests for spoilers on this sub, and rather than PMing people the same information over and over again, this is a way to streamline the process of getting book spoilers to the people who want them.
All answers on the page are collapsed by default, so viewers can go to the page and click "show" only on the questions they want answers to, without having to worry about being accidentally exposed to other spoilers they don't want. The page is called Wool Series Spoiler FAQ, and I'll paste a link at the bottom of this post, but before I do, I have a couple of requests.
First, fellow book readers, if any of you have the time and the inclination to vet my questions and answers, that would be greatly appreciated. It's been a long time since I've read the books all the way through, so some of the answers currently on the page are vague, and they're only as accurate as my memory plus the Wikipedia plot summary, so I'm sure some of them could use some improvement. I'm also hoping to get more characters on the "Does my favorite character survive?" dropdown list. There are instructions on how to edit the page on the page itself, or you can contact me about needed updates and improvements.
Second, non book readers, please check out this page and let me know about any questions that should be on there that I missed.
Here's the link: https://wool.fandom.com/wiki/Wool_Series_Spoiler_FAQ
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2023.06.08 06:09 3railbank Anyone have experience organizing or being part of a pool club where members share facility expenses?

The pool halls near me are meh in terms of tables and too expensive to go to for serious practice multiple times a week. They cater more to locals who just want a night out and to drink every so often and that's understandable if it makes the most money for them. With housing prices the way they are I'm not sure I would ever be able to own a big enough place to have my own 9' table. So my next thought was some sort of private club. Something like 20-30 members, $100-$200 / month, 4 - 6 tables, 24/7 access, scheduled private time each week where players can have a table to practice on (Ex: Bob - Mon/Wed/Fri/ 5 pm - 7 pm on Table 2, people just bring their own food. Has anyone organized or been a part of something like this? How did it work out?
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2023.06.08 06:09 aceofnospades My ex girlfriend admitted to still loving me today.

For background, my ex, who we’ll call Sarah, and I broke up for the final time in August of 2022, though we remained in contact with each other in one way or another due to us having mutual friends. I have been with my current girlfriend, we’ll call her May, for a little over 6 months. Things were good up until around the 3 month mark, where we started arguing constantly over every little thing.
The arguments would get so bad that we’d be screaming in each others faces, and some have even ended with me being hurt in some way, things such as my acrylic nail ripping off, or her threatening to kick me out of her car in unfamiliar areas because she was too pissed to be near me. It started to seem like she hated me and just wanted a reason to be mad at me and so she would start arguments with me over the smallest things. We also have a lot of issues regarding trust due to her past relationship, and many of my friends/family think I should end May and I’s relationship for good. I admit, they may have gotten in my ear and fed into what’s happening now, but I digress.
The current issue, however, started today, when Sarah texted me in regards to my Netflix account, which she still uses. We ended up texting for awhile and then we FaceTimed. During this FaceTime call we talked a lot, about our new interests, and how we’ve changed since we last spoke (which was around September-ish of 2022).
At some point during the conversation, she admitted to still having feelings for me. It honestly shocked me as she’s the one who ended things with me the final time. She went on to compliment me a few times during the call. When we got off the call, I started to get confused. I admit it felt nice, especially since I would feel so dehumanized after the arguments with May. Sarah made me feel seen for a little while, and it made me think about my actual happiness.
After the call, I felt guilty for how I felt, so I called May to tell her. She got extremely upset, which I understand, and is hounding me to make a choice, and has been yelling at me over the phone. Sarah has no idea I told May, and I’m not sure what to do.
I love May, very much, but finding out Sarah still loves me has confused me. On one hand I know I’m hurting May by even considering any of this, but Sarah made me feel seen for the first time in awhile, it was nice to speak to someone who didn’t find an issue with every little thing I do/have done. I’ve already cried about this, and tried to rationalize the whole situation, but no matter what I can’t seem to find a way to make any sort of decision. What do I do? I don’t know what to do.
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2023.06.08 06:09 Historical-Fox1372 Meditation Challenges

Update: I posted here a few weeks ago about experiencing depression and anxiety after meditation. Heaps of people helped me out and asked me about it. Too many to respond so I'm sorry if I didn't. Thanks to all of you. I haven't been experiencing these feelings pretty much since that post. And meditation seems to be improving my quality of life.
Now for my post, does anyone give themselves challenges? My main meditation sessions are for meditation only and in a non competitive way. But sometimes throughout the day, when I'm in a busy or crowded environment, I will meditate to see how well I can drown out the outside or handle stress etc. For example, I saw a dentist recently and got two fillings. For anyone who has had fillings you will know it's loud, uncomfortable and can even hurt sometimes. I meditated for probably a third of it and I actually did pretty well at focusing on my breath and I also felt more relaxed and almost ambivalent about the fact that two people had their fingers in my mouth and a loud drill was 2 inches from my throat. This wouldn't normally make me too nervous or anything, but the meditation definitely relaxed me even more.
So do you guys want to share ways in which you use meditation throughout the day in unorthodox ways?
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2023.06.08 06:09 GrumpyM0nkey When you find out they are dating…

We have been together for 23 years. 1 young child. Separated for 1. I decided to end things because after 7 years of begging and pleading for change I realized it wasn’t going to happen. Actually, I realized that over time we had evolved in different directions and I no longer felt like I had a right to ask him to change to make me happy. I accepted he is who he is. So here we are a year later. We have been co-parenting quite well. The three of us actually spend time together. Most of the time without argument. We have agreed to the stipulations of our divorce and beginning the process of making it real. During this whole time he has shared here and there that he has met women but he is not at all ready to date. In fact he drove that point home just last week. Fast forward to Sunday. My son tells me out of the blue in dad’s presence that dad has a “best friend” named *Susie. At first I didn’t catch on. When I did I asked two general questions. How old and how did they meet. This made him very angry. Anger has been one of our hot issues. I shut down of course and said no more. He is mad that our son saw the text message. SBEX did not insure that the texts would not pop up on the iPad my son uses. Anyway, he starts sharing info I don’t want to know. And my son tells me that this lady sends dad kiss emoji’s. Mind you they “just met” that week. I am sharing all of this because I can’t describe the feeling I have. I am mad at him for not being more responsible and handling the situation like an adult. But I hate the way it has made me feel. It is indescribable. I am not jealous or mad. I am want him to be happy. I was with this man for more than half my life. I honestly feel like I am grieving the loss of my marriage again. I don’t get this feeling. Am I alone here?
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