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2023.05.31 18:54 Rose_just_froze Kafka's english va is the best

This is prob super controversial but whatever. Her english voice is so unique!! I was so pleasantly suprised when I first heard it! Like I don't think I've ever heard voice acting this good with such an interesting voice! Not to say I don't like her voice in other languages, all the voice actors have done a fantastic job!! But to me kafka's english voice just stands out!
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2023.05.31 18:54 fyre31 Which car would you go for?

Hi all, my partner and I are planning on getting a small-ish car soon (primarily for her, I drive an SUV which she finds too big). We went into the local Mazda dealership to check out and test drive the 3 sedan which we really liked. We left with the decision that we would come back and pay the reservation.
As we were leaving, we were asked by the agent if we would like to check out the CX-30 unit they have in the garage. It's an older 2020 model with all-wheel drive which isn't obtainable anymore (the newer top of the line hybrid model is 2wd), soul red color. Not the biggest fan of the color, we prefer the machine/polymetal grey colorways, but not to the point that we'd outright say no. It was a little dusty but didn't look used, they said it arrived 3 weeks ago from the plant or another casa and only had 119km in the odometer. They were offering it for ~1.7m (SRP is ~2m) which actually falls in the same ballpark as the 3 hybrid.
This got us thinking. We liked the 3's drivability and looks but we also liked the CX-30's higher ground clearance and ride height. Obviously, the discount is very attractive as well.
If it were you, which one would you go for? Would you go for the older CX-30 or go for the straight-from-the-plant 3?
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2023.05.31 18:54 maxdefolsch [Monogatari Short Stories] Tsukihi Endless

Hi ! This is one more post of a series whose aim is to share the Monogatari short stories that hadn't been translated into English yet.
Short stories masterpost here, updated regularly to show our progress with the translations.
Today's story is Tsukihi Endless (translated by Tigoris), published in the special edition of the Bakemonogatari manga volume 22, the last volume of the manga, as the story itself will remind you. As usual, it's written from Araragi's point of view.
"And so, oniichan, the comicalized Bakemonogatari has now come to a perfect end. This is yet another ending in the Monogatari Series that seems to be endlessly ending without end. Would you like to examine this repeated occurrence?"
"Don’t say that it’s endlessly ending. In fact, don’t say anything at all."
My adorable little sister, the embodiment of the idea of "pretty", Araragi Tsukihi, voiced a level of meta-commentary that was so far above normal that I honestly felt every fiber of my being become fed up with her. I was using the words "adorable" and "embodiment of pretty" in an attempt to trick myself into continuing the conversation. And to top it off, this was to be the final of these short short stories, a series of stories that appeared at the end of each of the 22 volumes of the comic version, and in this final story of the series, the character to appear was not Senjougahara, Hanekawa, or even Shinobu; no, it was her, of all people.
"Fufu. That’s because I am the character who was born to bring an end to the story."TL note 1
"That’s Ougi-chan."
"I’m not making it up! Look, the second volume of Nisemonogatari, Tsukihi Phoenix, was the final chapter of the series, wasn’t it?"
Hm, she had a point.
I see. It’s amazing what a person could forget… Well, perhaps there was a reason to examine the topic with her. I was unusually annoyed to have to go along with her idea, but if we didn’t leave behind some kind of record, then the world would have to rely on historians to piece together the answers.
"Umm, well, to start, the name Monogatari Series didn’t even exist. Hitagi Crab was published in the supplementary issue of the light novel magazine Mephisto in 2005, and at that time there was no series name… It wasn’t even decided if there would be any additional stories to create a series with."
"There must have been some plan to continue, though, right? After all, Karen and I are both in the story."
"At that time, the two of you were twins."
"A remnant of the original idea."
"Originally the plan was to tell the story of Senjougahara, then the story of Hanekawa’s Golden Week, and then the spring break with Shinobu—so each story would be another step into the past. But as you know, what actually happened was a series of short stories that continued forward in time with Hachikuji and Kanbaru. In other words, Mayoi Maimai and Suruga Monkey. And at that point, it ended."
"At the end of the first volume of Bakemonogatari? Why?"
"At this point, the magazine that the stories had been published in, Mephisto, suspended publication. That’s probably because, from an outside perspective, with the recovery of Senjougahara Hitagi, the story had reached a stopping point."
By the way, the short story magazine Mephisto went on to face a variety of challenges, and it changed form to be called MRC (Mephisto Readers Club), a membership-based newsletter that continued to publish stories.
Just what you’d expect from where I originated. It was undying.
"After that, the stories were published as a single volume, and then the second volume was written all the way through. And as I said before, the stories of Shinobu and Hanekawa didn’t end up taking place in the past, but instead Tsubasa Cat was published, and, if not for that, it was unlikely that Nadeko Snake would have existed."
"How terrifying. It’s like looking at an alternate world where my best friend Nadeko-chan never existed."
I had a feeling that Sengoku would feel terrified as well, hearing that she was considered your best friend. Let’s just ignore that.
"With Bakemonogatari parts 1 and 2 complete, the series had a clean ending point. What came next was the long-awaited story that I talked about earlier, a story taking place in the past, Kizumonogatari. At this time, it was called a two-part story."
"The way that they talked about it, Second Season, it was more like planting and harvesting two crops in the same year."
"It really didn’t feel like that at the time. It felt like the soil might die… However, before that Second Season could take place, the aforementioned Nisemonogatari volumes 1 and 2 came out. That one was targeted to be a story taking place in the future after Bakemonogatari and Kizumonogatari. They were meant to be published alongside the announcement of the anime version."
That was likely the first time that the series had the feeling of coming to an end. In the next story, Nekomonogatari, the series began to change. To be more specific, it was in this part of the series that other characters began to replace me as the narrator.
"For the more hardcore mystery fans, it was a bit of a difficult change to have the narrator or point of view change around like that."
"Wasn’t that an issue from way back when for more traditional mystery stories?"
"Don’t call it ‘way back when’, Tsukihi-tan."
Well, she wasn’t wrong. Foreign mystery novels were surprisingly open-minded when it came to “point of view” in stories. It was the difference between a third-person perspective and an omniscient perspective. In any event, in the story that came after Nekomonogatari (Kuro) which showed the events of Golden Week in the past, Nekomonogatari (Shiro) featured Hanekawa Tsubasa as the narrator, and, for the Second Season of the series, the heroine herself would be the one telling the story.
"Bakemonogatari, Kizumonogatari, and Nisemonogatari all had the radical for ‘person’ in the first kanji of the title, so there were those who called it the Ninben Series."TL note 2
"Nobody called it that, did they?"
"But in Nekomonogatari, that first radical of the first kanji changed to that of a beast instead of a person,TL note 3 because the story was about a person turning into an animal. And just as a side comment, it was at this time—in a fanbook made for the release of the Bakemonogatari anime—that the first of this style of short short story was written."
"Ooh, what a revolutionary event."
It would be nice to have all of the short short stories compiled into a single volume, but given their short length, it just wasn’t enough to make a book from.TL note 4 This special edition release came with the 22nd of the stories, and there will no doubt be more of them to come.
"Nekomonogatari (Kuro) brought with it the end of the stories from the past that had been planned, but Nekomonogatari (Shiro) brought with it the idea of delving into the minds of the heroines, and so in the following stories of Kabukimonogatari, Hanamonogatari, and Otorimonogatari the titles included the radical for ‘change’, and thus began the Second Season.TL note 5 The end of that season came with Koimonogatari."
"Which doesn’t have the radical for ‘change’."
"That was the story that broke the rule."TL note 6
The narrator for Koimonogatari was not myself or any of the heroines, and it was at that point that it became clear that literally anything could happen.
"But given the title Hitagi End that comes within the story, it definitely had a feeling of finality to it."
"No, but the story pushed ahead fairly quickly into the Final Season."
"There’s a lot of talk of ‘end’ and ‘final’, but the story seemed to have a vitality that defied coming to any sort of ending…"
"Well, the last installment of the Final Season was Owarimonogatari. Wait, no, it was Zoku Owarimonogatari wasn’t it."TL note 7
"Yes, far too much vitality."
That’s rich coming from you.
"Tsukimonogatari, Koyomimonogatari, Owarimonogatari parts 1-3, and Zoku Owarimonogatari composed the Final Season, and then it was revealed that there would be an Off Season."
"Well, now that there’s an Off Season, there’ll never be an end to it."
"The Off Season consisted of Orokamonogatari, Wazamonogatari, Nademonogatari, and Musubimonogatari. The season ended with Musubimonogatari."
"That title certainly has a feeling of finality to it. But I bet there’s more that comes after, right?"
"There is. The Monster Season."
Aberrations were always largely unknown figures in the stories, so while the heroines could become narrators, you’d never see an aberration as the narrator. However, during the Off Season, the line between human and aberration began to blur and become less firm, and so that became the next new territory to explore.
Yoimonogatari, Shinobumonogatari,TL note 8 Amarimonogatari, Ougimonogatari.
And finally, Shinomonogatari parts 1 and 2.
"Well, the series didn’t end even when the titles had ‘final’ or ‘end’ in them, so now it’s come to ‘death’ huh… Aah, but surely the series did end here, right, oniichan? Even if there’s an undying vampire or an undying phoenix…"
"With the release of this volume of the manga version of Bakemonogatari they’re announcing the release of a new novel, Ikusamonogatari."
In that sense, perhaps the series itself was turning into some kind of fantastical creature… It wasn’t much compared to the 600 years that Kissshot Acerolaorion Heartunderblade had lived, but for a novel series to continue for eighteen years, perhaps it, like the short story magazine Mephisto, was undying.
"Well, I can only imagine that the next book will be Koroshimonogatari."TL note 9
"Nobody would publish such a violent title. Nobody wants to commit murder just to bring the series to an end."
"Well, I suppose Kanmonogatari is still left… Or Nakimonogatari, Momonogatari, Oimonogatari, Chikumonogatari, Naimonogatari, or Ushinaumonogatari?"TL note 10
"Stop ruining potential titles. I forgot you do that sort of thing."
Or maybe she wasn’t spoiling potential titles so much as she was advertising books that didn’t exist yet… After all, the Second Season and Monster Season had begun in a similar style.
"You know, I wouldn’t mind doing Oimonogatari one day. For personal reasons. But this and that, the anime version, the manga version, it was thanks to all of these things that the series was able to continue in the way that it has. It's allowed the series to live on. I’m very thankful for it."
"The feelings of appreciation will never run out. There definitely won’t be a Tsukimonogatari any time in the future."TL note 11
"That sounds like a story with you as the protagonist… But you know, maybe now with the definitive end of the manga version of Bakemonogatari the series has finally had its final footnote in history and will finally enter a deep slumber. Nemurimonogatari."TL note 12
"You can’t say that, oniichan. Until the collected volume of all of the short short stories is released, we need to live long lives."
True, a life should be long.
The next story in the Monogatari Series, Mijikanamonogatari.TL note 13
Don’t miss it.
TL notes:
[1] Of course, the word “story” here is 物語 (monogatari).
[2] Ninben is the name of the “person” radical, 亻. It can be seen in the first kanji of 化物語 (Bakemonogatari), 傷物語 (Kizumonogatari), and 偽物語 (Nisemonogatari).
[3] 猫物語 (Nekomonogatari) contains 犭, usually called the “dog” radical.
[4] Right.
[5] The radical for “change” is 化, as seen in 化物語 (Bakemonogatari). It’s contained in the first kanji of 傾物語 (Kabukimonogatari), 花物語 (Hanamonogatari), and 囮物語 (Otorimonogatari).
[6] 恋物語 (Koimonogatari) doesn’t contain the “change” radical, but neither does the previous book, 鬼物語 (Onimonogatari).
[7] The owari part of the title is 終 (“end”), while zoku is 続 (“continued”).
[8] For some reason, these two titles are not in the right order, as Shinobumonogatari came first.
[9] Koroshimonogatari is 殺物語 (“Killing Story”).
[10] Kanmonogatari is 完物語 (“Complete Story”). Nakimonogatari is 亡物語 (“Deceased Story”). Momonogatari is 喪物語 (“Mourning Story”). Oimonogatari is 老物語 (“Old Age Story”). Chikumonogatari is 逐物語 (“Successive Story”). Naimonogatari is 無物語 (“Nothing Story”). Ushinaumonogatari is 失物語 (“Lost Story”).
[11] Here, Tsukimonogatari is 尽物語 (“Ran Out Story”). It’s different from the first novel of Final Season, Tsukimonogatari (憑物語, “Possession Story”), and the Sangatsu no Lion crossover story, Tsukimonogatari (月物語, “Month Story”).
[12] Nemurimonogatari is 眠物語 (“Sleep Story”).
[13] Mijikanamonogatari is 短物語 (“Short Story”). Now we just have to make it our title for the book, don’t we?
One last time (for now), thank you spr-o-ckt and appointedfern for contributing to this commission.
So um, did not expect the story to go full meta and offer us an entire retrospective. It was basically a Nisio afterword at this point. It also re-confirmed something that had been brought up in Nise, the tidbit about the Fire Sisters being twins originally. I also find it funny that we got our third official Tsukimonogatari title.
Ahem. Anyway.
With this one and the recent progress on other things, I guess we're pretty much officially completely caught up with the extra content. Short stories, additional material, and even audiovisual content, we've taken care of everything we could at this point. Of course, as this story implies, it's not like Nisio intends to stop pumping more of them out, but it still feels nice to know we're not lagging behind at last.
One thing I've been preparing recently as we were running out of stuff to get translated is a little expansion on the "audiovisual" section of the short stories masterpost. I'd like to make a post introducing these semi-important / cool videos, going from the Drama CD-like stories to the little-known promotional videos like the Madogatari Manner Movie. To this end, I've also personally subbed several videos that weren't already and that I didn't post yet, so that'll be some more content for you to discover.
But I guess we can't postpone it much further now. It's time to take care of the Second Edition of the Short Stories Book, which as you may know has always been planned. This story and this moment in time feel like an excellent stopping point. So, I guess soonish (hopefully), I'll be able to share this Second Edition containing all the stories published until now (including Mayoi Welcome), as well as the Mazemonogatari compiled book. And then maybe I won't have any more excuses to procrastinate on my super-ambitious years-long ultimate project.
Thanks for reading and see you next time for another story !
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2023.05.31 18:53 DingleberryDlight Found an old utilities debt on credit report. Paid directly to creditor as I still have my account. Possible to remove from credit report/call off collections?

I checked my credit report today for the first time ever and found I owed $225 to a utility company from 2018 that I was completely unaware of. Verified its validity, and went ahead and paid the company directly because its collections agency does NOT offer pay to delete. What are the chances I can speak to the billing department with this utilities company to have them remove the collection against me?
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2023.05.31 18:53 jahshsbvabha AirPods Pro 2

I just got a pair of the 2nd gen AirPods through eBay certified refurbished in ‘excellent’ condition which is basically new. Coming from the normal 2019 AirPods, the noise cancellation and transparency is good but it’s nowhere near as insane that the reviews made it out to be. Is it just me or are my pair defective?
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2023.05.31 18:53 TryAlternative7478 Worth getting further testing?

M/20 years old for reference.
For a while I’ve been getting problems with erections, and with ejaculation (semi to 3/4 at best) where when I ejaculate i have to pulse like 3 times after the initial orgasm to get everything out. I’ve been suffering frequent urination (10-20 times a day), and when I go to urinate after the initial stream I have to push like 5 times to get all the urine out. No pain from either urination or ejaculation and urine colour normal. Went to the doctor last week and she gave me an antibiotic for a week and got me to piss in a jar and did a dipstick test she said is normal. Since I haven’t heard from her I assume the urine test is ok. Should I get testing done?
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2023.05.31 18:53 Still-Marketing6781 I will forever be addicted.

I started vaping when I was around 13 years old. It started off small, no nicotine in the juice, only did it for the flavors, and only cared about doing tricks as well. Then I slowly went to 3 nic juice, and this is when I felt the buzz for the first time. At this point, I still only really cared about the flavors, and the tricks, and blowing huge clouds. The buzz was just a bonus.
A couple of years later, in my sophomore year of highscool, I hit a juul for the first time. A friend of mine who was a junior, gave me his juul and told me to go to the bathroom to hit it. I was blown away. One little hit is all it took for me to get the best buzz I’ve ever gotten. I could barely stand and it felt awesome. I knew I had to get my hands on one of these.
Fast forward a few more years, and I’ve spent hundreds probably thousands of dollars on these disposable vapes, unable to achieve that great feeling I used to get.
I wake up and crave my vape. I’ve told myself I’m quitting hundreds of times by now. All of my friends vape. My cousins I’m close with vape. It’s all around me. The longest I’ve gone was a week, and that was because I was on a vacation where I couldn’t vape. Can you guess what I did the first day I got back? I flushed that week down the toilet!
Im running out of options, running out of hope. I just don’t know if it’s possible anymore.
Im forever fucked. Good luck to all of those who have a glimmer of hope.
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2023.05.31 18:53 Radiant-Wishbone7847 Funny team names for customer service that won't immediately get me fired?

To be brutally honest, I hate my job and I'm just working in it so I get extra money at the moment. It is customer service, so as you would expect not the best but at least the pay is okay.
We always have group conversations which are forced/fake nice interactions. We're coming up with a team name. I wanted to say "Team minimum wage (almost in the literal sense)," but you're probably not allowed to be even remotely negative or risky. The fake passive aggressive positive attitude here is nauseating.
Does anyone have any funny team names which won't get me fired?
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2023.05.31 18:53 RideEquivalent5102 Lease begins tomorrow and landlord hasn’t told me when or how I will have access.

My lease begins tomorrow in a rental home. The corporate leasing company has been easy to work with up until now.
I am trying my best to be patient but I am trying to plan my move which requires knowing when I will have access. Shouldn’t I have received some type of instructions on when/where/how to get keys by now?
The leasing agent indicated a few weeks ago there will be a keybox at the property that requires a keycode and someone would “reach out” with instructions.
Obviously they wont give me actual key-code until tomorrow but shouldn’t someone have said when and how I will receive the code?
Am I overthinking this? I’ve emailed twice this week and received no response.
Any insight is appreciated.
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2023.05.31 18:53 electricariella found a really good apartment afraid to tell roommate

I live with my best friend in a huge house that we got for a great deal but it still is a lot of money it’s just a great deal for what it is. I find myself struggling to save money and just make rent every month (I still have a great life so I’m not broke broke but I do think I live above my means) anyways a family friend has an apartment available for an incredibly cheap price I’d be paying either the same I pay now to live alone OR if my boyfriend moves in with me it’ll be half of what I’m currently paying on my own which is a steal because it’s in a very prominent Brooklyn, nyc neighborhood.
I know the obvious choice is to take it but I’m afraid to tell my roommate. I’m pretty sure she can’t afford our current apartment on her own and I know her reaction will not be pleasant. If I do decide to move what’s the appropriate way to break the news to her. Obviously I’d give a 2 month notice. We currently do not have a lease either.
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2023.05.31 18:53 throwawaycape Tips for returning to racing after a long hiatus, late in the season

I'm stoked to have found this subreddit. A little bit about me;
I was an alright junior racer, and field fodder in collegiate racing. I consider collegiate racing to be the "peak" of my career. I raced at a University overseas and it was an awesome experience, albeit with very limited success in terms of results. Riding in huge peletons where people speak different languages, etc. I raced mainly on the road but did some XC racing.
About midway through college I got burnt out. I started surfing, smoking weed, mountain biking a lot more for fun. I decided I'd rather go for a rip on a mountain bike than train. Basically went from roadie mentality to Enduro bro.
I've spent most of the last 7 years guiding and coaching mountain biking, and surfing. I didn't really have any ambitions of racing again but I never stopped riding. Almost exclusively mountain biking, some BMX.
This year I started an office job and suddenly I'm not guiding anymore. I've registered for a bunch of races. I've got very few base miles aside from riding my BMX bike at the skate park and dirt jumps, some gravel, and some bikepacking.
Last night I raced my first XC race in about 7 years. It was an ass kicking, but I enjoyed it. While I never stopped riding, riding at that intensity level is completely different than the riding I have done for the last 7 years.
I'm trying to find a way to get that intensity back. The race season just started, and I'm a little behind the folks who spent the winter putting in base miles. But I'm not really feeling much fatigue after 3-4hr+ moderate rides. It seems like so many training models are based on the assumption that you have base miles already when you start upping intensity.
I'm a strong rider, because of how much time I spend on my bike. But I'm not a good racer at the moment, because of my lack of intensity and fast training.
At the moment my plan is to do a couple 3hr+ rides a week on the road, and a couple interval/high intensity rides per week. I have a race every two weeks. I'm targeting a few events in the fall to give myself plenty of time to get fast again.
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2023.05.31 18:52 saratimm NIPT Test

I did IVF and transferred 2 PGT tested embryos (xx and xy). Baby A’s heart stopped beating at 6 weeks :( but baby B is still growing. 🙏🏼 I know the gender won’t be clear after the NIPT but I’m afraid there might have been some chromosomal issues with baby A that might show up. Does anyone have any info on this? I asked my clinic and they’re very sure it wouldn’t be a chromosomal issue since I PGT tested but I know that’s incorrect. It’s not 100%. I didn’t post this question in the IVF sub since I thought it would be better here since I’m pregnant? Please let me know.
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2023.05.31 18:52 Soap_Mctavish101 Soap the Oceans. Woensdag Aflevering.

Hé iedereen
Vandaag is me een beetje ontglipt. Ik kon niet slapen vannacht en sliep pas na 3en. Dat heeft me een beetje de das omgedaan vandaag.
Ik wacht een beetje op dat mijn begeleider terug komt. Ik merk dat het lastig is voor me om “beter” te functioneren als ik op mezelf alleen ben aangewezen. Dat is gelukkig al volgende week :-) Weet alleen nog niet wanneer. Dus moet nog even die tijd zien door te komen.
Dus ja. Dat was mijn dag een beetje. Vooral lopen zombie-en. En als ik zometeen mijn telefoon weg leg dan ga ik nog een ommetje om. (Shout out aan u/Ennas_ )
Hier laat ik het even bij
Tot morgen
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2023.05.31 18:52 gluk1212 Extreme amount of tiny whiteheads

Pictures in the comments.
Okay, I (21F) am doing this as a last resort as the waitlist to see a dermatologist where I live is over a year. At this point I am extremely desperate for some answers, this has been taking an immense toll on me.
-I got a hydra facial last Friday thinking it would help clear these tiny whiteheads, but they came back, and there is even more of them this time around.
I usually have a decent amount of these tiny whiteheads, but the amount usually doubles/triples in the summer. I have a small area on my chest where they appear as well.
My face is itchy sometimes. I also have curly hair with bangs that rest on my forehead.
I have used Paula’s choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant for the past 2 years, and sometimes the inkey lists succinic acid treatment. I have stopped both of these for the past week. For moisturizer I use the clarins hydra essential cream combined with the Nivea rose care gel cream.
after doing some research I suspected this to be fungal acne (Malassezia folliculitis), so I used nizoral shampoo on my face last night and this morning, but I see no change.
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2023.05.31 18:52 ConorHermes [Online] [EST] [5e] [Sunday at 7pm EST] Looking For 2 More Players to Join an Existing Campaign

As the title states I am looking for 3 more players to join an existing campaign I am running. We have only completed 2 sessions so far so you will not be missing much context. Currently we already have an Aasimar Twilight Cleric and a Half Elf Lore Bard. We play from 7pm EST on Sunday to 10pm EST though we will sometimes go longer (15-20 minutes). Please only apply if you are confident this time slot works for you and will for the foreseeable future, we will not be changing times as we add new players. Below the line is the original post I used to recruit the 2 existing players, please read through it to make sure you are a good fit for the game.
This post will not be like other posts because this campaign will not be like other campaigns. I am looking for a very particular kind of player so many of you will read through this post and find that the campaign will not suit you, so please read through everything carefully and make sure you are ready to commit to this experience. The post will not include any details about the story of the campaign, this is purely to find a group of players that are compatible with each other, the campaign, and myself. The following is what I am looking for and why.
Unfortunately I suffer from various mental health issues and I’m mentioning it now because it will almost certainly have an impact on the game, I may have to step away from the game at points in order to take care of myself, of course as I ask my players to be respectful of this I extend the courtesy both ways and if you ever find yourself needing a break from the game it will not be a problem.
I will be accepting applications from all types of people, if you are going to be in my game you have to be welcoming to all, being crass and swearing are both absolutely fine but I will not accept any amount of intolerance. We are all adults and are bound to come across topics that we disagree on so I ask that you handle what you say with tact and be ready to hear each other out no matter what. Oftentimes disagreements can be avoided with thoughtful discussion of the subject.
I am specifically looking for the types of players who enjoy taking thorough notes and seeking out lore and plot relevant details dropped throughout the story. My number one expectation from my players is engagement so I absolutely love players who go above and beyond to feel at home in the world and learn more about it and the characters who inhabit it. If you are looking for a casual, beer and pretzels style game this is not the post for you.
There are some content warnings for the campaign. It's 18+ and will discuss topics like addiction, abuse, hallucinations, and mental illness. There will be graphic descriptions of violence and elements of horror. I will be thoughtful when using themes like this and it will not be the main focus of the campaign. The campaign will be very serious in tone and I expect players to match that tone as we play. Joke characters have no place here. You are welcome to play a character that copes using comedy or has other relevant comedic aspects as part of their nature.
You must be experienced with 5e. I ask my players to be ready for challenging combat and staying in character when discussing certain aspects of the game. In order to keep these things at a reasonable pace I expect you to have a fairly high level of experience so that we can minimize moments that take us out of the game or slow down the pace unnecessarily.
I am quite restrictive with homebrew as I believe flavor and small mechanical tweaks can accomplish what most people are seeking from homebrew and that allows me to better control the balance. That being said I am quite open to allowing homebrew content created by Matt Mercer as I have personally playtested quite a bit of it.
I don’t restrict anyone on class choice in terms of party composition, I think the system allows for a massive amount of flexibility but I do ask that your character comes with a clear identity. The best kinds of D&D characters have a clear focus and distinguishing factors, and again the game is flexible enough that a party full of clerics could be incredibly diverse. I also ask that my players optimize their builds, combat will be demanding so your character should be prepared accordingly. That does not mean you have to minmax but the optimization of your character should be one of the many factors during character creation.
I plan for the game to start in about 2 weeks from choosing the group, a week for session 0 and then the first session. This is subject to change. The game will end up being either Saturday or Sunday night starting around 7pm EST.
The ratio of combat and RP depends entirely on the party so if you are looking for a game that is predominantly one of the two instead of an even mix this is not the game for you, most groups I've had tend to lean a bit on the RP side.
The game will have a linear story presented to you but you are open to act as you like. If you choose to ignore or decline a plot point that is totally fine, I never intend to force you into anything unless there is a character attempting to force you into something. (e.g You are wanted criminals, Paladins throwing you in jail is bound to happen, I would not consider that railroading)
The plan is to create in depth characters who bond and journey through the world weaving a tale. This means I'm a bit on the stricter side of metagaming, your character’s stats and abilities should be communicated through RP rather than through players. So instead of saying “I have 20 hit points left, can you heal me on your turn?” you could say something like “My character grunts with pain and asks “Have you got any potions left, I could really use one.”. As well as things like rolling your death saves to only the DM and your character sheets being hidden from each other. I still encourage discussion and planning outside of the game as long as it is feasible for your characters to do so in the moment, you are welcome to theorize and strategize as much as you'd like throughout the week in-between sessions but I would ask to keep it limited if you were separated or in a scenario where time is of the essence at the end of the last session.
My intention for the campaign is to tell a story, although D&D is a game, in my case it is just a storytelling tool. I intend for the campaign to be fun and enjoyable but this should not be viewed as a way to blow off steam or a casual experience. If that’s what you’re looking for I’m not judging you but I do ask that you find another game. I ask a lot of my players and most D&D players don’t enjoy the same style of campaign I do, again that is totally okay, but in this case I’m looking specifically for my style of players who are willing to commit to this experience.
Thank you for reading through everything, I know it is lengthy. If you are interested in joining please message me privately. In your message include at least the following. The more unique your message is the more likely I am to respond.
Your Discord Handle
How long you have been playing 5e
Confirm that either Saturday or Sunday from 7-10pm EST works for you (Sessions may run long occasionally)
I would recommend you read my Player Document before making a character but if you have something vague in mind feel free to include that. If you have something very specific in mind be ready to change it to better suit my world
There is plenty more I have to talk/ask about when we have a call over Discord and in Session 0 but if you’d like to ask me anything feel free. A good question could be a good way to see that we’d be a good fit.
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2023.05.31 18:52 etherealtaper Is it adultery if… (vent post)

So although the story is long and more detailed I’ll try to keep it (relatively) short. I started at a job last year, where I (20F) met my (35M) supervisor and we hit it off pretty quick. As soon as we started messing with each other (it was just texting) the flirty vibe became a bit more obvious to people in the workplace because he’s very open with with it. Consequently, various coworkers started noticing and a few have warned me that he was already sleeping with (a situation-ship basically because he “doesn’t believe in labels”) a coworker (19F). I questioned him about it and he told me it was a situation that would never be more than what it was and that I had nothing to worry about, aka it wasn’t serious and he told me he’d cut it off.
I started getting paranoid that he was lying to me about still seeing her and stuff but I continued to pursue things because in my head I rationalized it like this: I wasn’t close with or friends with the coworker who he slept with/was sleeping with, I knew and verified that they weren’t actually “together” in a committed relationship, and I knew I wasn’t looking for anything serious so I felt as though I could continue fooling around with him.
So, we saw each other for a while and a good amount of months later he eventually admitted to me that although he “cut her off” he did continue to hook up with her occasionally and this hurt me a bit. I know he wasn’t committed to neither me or her but I still feel a little ashamed that everyone knew about their situation-ship (because she told everyone, not that he was open with everyone about it) but yet our business was kept in the dark. I genuinely did not know at that point in time, I assumed he’d stopped seeing her completely. Around March of this year, he’s told me he wanted to continue his “situation” with her and we stopped seeing each other for a while. I did not want to be the “secret” knowingly (because at least I was genuinely in the dark at first) so we just agreed to not see each other anymore. I feel like he felt that I would not move on from him because as soon as it became apparent that I was done grieving what we had he comes back around and tells me he still has feelings for me. I fell for it and started sleeping with him again. Would this count as us committing adultery if I now know for a fact he is back in the situation-ship with my coworker? She does not know I am sleeping with him.
He told me he’d never commit to either one of us and although the dynamics are similar I still feel a bit odd being the secret. Adultery or not though, I have become a little friendlier with the coworker he’s seeing so the guilt is rising and I don’t want to be in this situation anymore. The only thing is, when I try to pull away from him he takes it out on me at work and I’m scared to see what will happen if I cut him off completely. He has narcissistic tendencies and gets kind of scary when people “cross him” at work. He also has this weird thing where he’s been fantasizing about impregnating me and now he’s pretty insistent on us having unprotected sex. I don’t know if this is because I’ve been trying to pull away or what. So I definitely have to leave the situation now because it’s getting dangerous in my eyes and he already has a kid and a baby mother who does not even give him the time of day to speak, I’m sure that is for a reason and another very clear sign that I should leave. I know I’ve made a mistake shitting where I eat, lesson learned for sure. It just sucks that I will probably have to leave the job where I’ve made substantial progress to get out of this situation completely. I am sadly extremely attached to the toxic cycle we are in so it’s hard but there is no positive outcome to this really.
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2023.05.31 18:52 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in WI Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
INSPYR Solutions Director of Food Innovation, QA, & Regulatory Beloit
UnitedHealth Group Per Diem - Social Worker - SSM Health - Monroe, WI or Janesville, WI Beloit
INSPYR Solutions Director of Manufacturing Beloit
Quad Sales Agent Big Bend
Quad Roll Tender 2nd Shift Big Bend
Quad Crew Leader - Floor Supervisor 3rd Shift Big Bend
UnitedHealth Group Per Diem - Social Worker - SSM Health - Monroe, WI or Janesville, WI Brodhead
INSPYR Solutions Business Systems Analysis II- Brookfield
Quad Pressman Burlington
Quad Second Shift Saddle Stitch Operator Burlington
Cargill Conveyor Operator Butler
Cargill Production Worker Butler
Cargill General Production Butler
Quad Sales Agent Cedarburg
Quad Sales Representative Cedarburg
Quad Poly Wrap Operator Cedarburg
Velocity Machine Inc CNC Machine Operator and Machinist De Pere
Quad Sales Agent Delafield
Quad Printing Machine Operator Delafield
Quad Saddle Stitch Operator Delafield
Best Buy Agent, Autotech I Eau Claire
Family Focus Eye Care Optometric Technician Fond Du Lac
Family Focus Eye Care Patient Care Coordinator Fond Du Lac
DB Roberts Customer Service Representative Germantown
Quad General Labor Hartford
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.31 18:52 ForHisGlory_ Please can you pray for me, I am struggling financially so cannot even afford groceries & I am looking for a job.

Hello everyone, I would appreciate some prayers in agreement with me because I am struggling heavily financially to the point where I am constantly stressed about the fact I cannot afford basic necessities like food/groceries and so I don't know how I will afford to attend a job interview. This is affecting me looking for work because I apply but an important question is how I will even get there. I trust in God that He will make a way for me and that as long as I stay in prayer and remain obedient that everything will be okay, I standing on his promise that if We call to Him that He will answer. I have sent out some emails to companies and filled in some job applications. I am just waiting to hear back now but as desperate as I need and want a job, I'm constantly in tears because I just do not know what to do and I could get a positive response at any time but I am continuing to pray. It's all getting on top of me and causing me so much stress😞.
I would appreciate some kind words and encouragement. I know that God will help me, I just need to keep in faith. Thank you and God bless you all
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2023.05.31 18:52 OddHistory1190 Shes tiny and enjoying her food leave her alone !! 🥰

Shes tiny and enjoying her food leave her alone !! 🥰
ALSO is it js me that has been noticing her mention stuff she wants like jer sephora cart and her phone, girl js text ur feeder boyfriends and they will pay for it 😭
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2023.05.31 18:52 UmmItsBailey What do you do for work?

I'm an undergrad history student and I have gotten a bit discouraged by the career fairs/events given by my department. For the most part, the examples they give us for successful history majors are normally all corporate, finance, marketing, etc. types of people.
I think their goal is just to get us jobs in general, rather than jobs that are actually related to history in any way.
As someone with Autism (with my special interest being history), it is very important to me to be able to continue learning about history throughout my career (not just briefly in university before I have to enter the 'real world'). I am also very politically progressive so most corporate jobs feel bleak or pointless, and even immoral in many cases.
So, I guess I'm wondering what are some real examples of careers that would still include history while also paying the bills and not corrupting my morals.
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2023.05.31 18:52 thejoyfulolive Will Kor Whitening Results for Fluorosis Last?

Will Kor Whitening Results for Fluorosis Last?
I (22F) have suffered from fluorosis for most of my childhood/adult life. I am a week into my two week treatment and am already seeing fantastic results. My teeth can be a bit whacky; some days they look bad, and some days they look better than usual. As of right now, I am thrilled with the results and am looking forward to seeing the final results next week. I was told no one would be able to help me because my stains were so deep and internal. I can’t believe they look so great (compared to when I started). Will these results last even though my teeth are so prone to change, and what can I do at home to help? I smoke on occasion (no tobacco) and do not drink alcohol, tea, juices, or sodas. Thank you!
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2023.05.31 18:52 progz How does Verizon’s data and reception work?

This is a bit detailed question and really don’t know the true answer and don’t want to waste my time or money if unlimited plus would help me.
I currently have the plan called unlimited welcome or it’s called welcome unlimited. Basically the lowest price unlimited plan.
When I’m at work, my reception to the service is somewhere near two or one bar on my iPhone.
Sometimes, my data can be enough to do everything I want and sometimes it so slow that I cannot do anything.
Is this a plan issue? Is the network just congested and they are slowing me down? If I get low reception is it worth getting the unlimited plus? Because then I have 30GB of premium data for every month.
I have been trying out T-Mobile and it’s great with data. But there are times it doesn’t seem to be the case.
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