Hellbilly acres alvarado tx

Cardinal Senior Benefits is hiring a Outside Sales Representative - Rose Hill Acres, TX in the United States

2023.05.31 01:00 RemoteRocketship Cardinal Senior Benefits is hiring a Outside Sales Representative - Rose Hill Acres, TX in the United States

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2023.05.29 18:47 BabyDragonFlyOF F22 vinyard maintenance worker.

I don’t know where else to put this. And its really just complaining. Im a laborer at a vinyard in Fredericksburg TX. Ive worked here twice, the first time I was fired, in my opinion, unjustly. It started with my boss and coworker hitting on me, to them both touching me and making inappropriate comments about my body. I was asked to train and “keep an eye on” a different coworker. When reporting his half assed work in the vines, boss went and told said coworker I said something about his work and as expected i was ostracized. Soon I set a boundary with my boss who also happened to be an alcoholic and what some would consider verbally abusive. He reacted strongly and within a couple days let me go, apparently bc I deserved better than in the vines, i needed to go to college, and lastly I was on my phone too much. All of which were very random seeing as i was doing almost double the physical labor as the other employees.
Fast forward a year, change in management, I get the job back. And begin working. Im 4 months into it now. A whole different team. Two men had worked alone on 60 acres for almost a year. They work incredibly quickly. One man hired after me. First 2 months went well. Except the drunk phone calls from the recently assigned assistant vinyard manager. One asking me on a date, another threatening my job, although he neither has the power or legitimate reason to do so. Things have gotten worse. Im very much excluded from the morning greetings, the drives to get lunch, and in the rows banter. I was informed that they all think im having sex with my happily married with kids boss, although he has made a couple awkward comments, less than the first. Whenever they get McDonald’s, a pamphlet explaining their hiring process appears on my little corner of the table. This has happened 3 times now, so its no accident. I mentioned everything to my boss, he said he’ll talk to them tomorrow. Idk if that will make it any better. Im doing my best not to pop off on these guys in fear of loosing this job, which I absolutely love. I don’t know what to do. I feel hopeless and exhausted.
Tl;dr - i feel as though I’m being mistreated, threatened and ostracized bc i am a woman in a labor trade.
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2023.05.26 19:57 wrapityup Took off from San Jose, California, US, at approx. 12:00 am PT, 2023-05-26, landed in Austin, Texas

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2023.05.26 12:05 fivassistant 5.26 Jobs with USA visa sponsorship

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2023.05.26 03:44 Zealousideal_Gur6668 My (22f) parents' neighbor's dog always shows up on their property. We think they neglect her. What can we do?

I have never posted on Reddit before. Obv not giving names but for legal help this is in Texas. My folks live on a few acres outside our city and have just a few neighbors on their street. One such couple has an extremely sweet staffie/pittie dog (lets call her Sugar) who for the last 2+ years has been periodically showing up at my folks' house. They have fence/gates which are usually closed but there's a gap the dog gets through. She comes over often during storms or when ppl set off fireworks as she is very scared of the noise, sometimes in the middle of the night begging for shelter. Here's what we know: Sugar shows up about 1/month or so, recently much more often. She always has both live fleas and flea dirt and is dirty (easy to see bc part of her coat is white). The NFH owners live on several acres and do not close their main gate. Other than this we do not know their fence situation. From the few times we've actually talked to the NFH, they have claimed at different times: - sugar is their young kid's dog - sugar is their outside guard dog - they flea treat her monthly -sugar lives outside full time For obvious reason, I only believe the last point. Sugar is not the breed or temperament for a guard dog (plus, isn't a guard dog supposed to stay on property to, ya know, GUARD IT?). By the amount of fleas and other factors we think they keep her outside but unsecured and we don't think she has a dog house or adequate shelter. She has had fleas every. Single. Time. She has shown up. This poor dog is gonna get anemic from all the damn bugs. Another thing to note is that this dog is extremely starved for affection. She is whiny and sad every time she shows up and will barely let us stop petting her. Her owners barely reply to my mom's texts to come get her and barely seem to dive a da$m.
So here's the WWYD part: Is there anything we can do for this dog? We've been hesitant to contact the humane society bc of her breed and how they may treat her. We're also not sure they're doing anything that actually violates tx law other than our local leash law ordinance. They neglect her, but she's fed. My parents have thought about reporting them or just letting her hang out and see if the NFH give enough of a da$m to come get her without us hounding them. We're also unsure of the legality of this. Any advice would be appreciated.
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2023.05.25 17:27 CardanoCrusader Texas Creating Gold-Backed Crypto

Texas could become the first state in the nation to issue its own digital currency based on gold and silver. The Texas Senate could vote on Senate Bill 2334 this week. A similar bill in the Texas House, House Bill 4903, has not yet advanced.
If the Texas digital currency proposal becomes law, money could be spent with a debit card by people anywhere in the world, not just within Texas. Texas would mint its own coins. Anyone could create an account, the coins and digital currency would be accepted anywhere that debit cards are accepted.
In summer 2018, Texas began operating the nation’s only state-run bullion depository. The Texas Gold Depository is a Class III vault (the highest security level) that can hold up to 12 million ounces of gold, platinum or palladium, and a highly secure storage area that can hold more than 17.5 million ounces of silver. The 40,000-square-foot facility for TxBD was constructed on 10 acres in Leander, Texas, just north of Austin and completed in January 2020.
All U.S. citizens and residents, including businesses, trusts and estates, are eligible to apply for a TxBD account to deposit bullion for safekeeping. (TxBD does not require applicants to reside in Texas to qualify for an account.) As of June 2021, nearly 1,000 account holders had deposits at TxBD, with the average account valued at approximately $140,000
It is not clear how this new law, if it passed, would be reconciled with the US Constitution. Section 8 permits Congress to coin money and to regulate its value. Section 10 denies states the right to coin or to print their own money. Individual states can issue bonds and other debt instruments, and Texas may argue that their debit card would simply be a debt instrument, similar to a bond. As long as they are not used to avoid taxes and can be exchanged — or ultimately exchanged — for U.S. dollars, they would be legal
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2023.05.24 21:28 Weekly-Judgment-409 TxDOT wants to raze some 200 acres of trees from the Big Thicket Federal Preserve; community members are pushing back

The county in which the preserve is primarily located is joining in on the pushback.
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2023.05.24 21:25 Weekly-Judgment-409 TxDOT wants to remove some 200 acres of trees from a federal reserve; community members are pushing back

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2023.05.24 17:09 mmmmpisghetti Open Roads is the shit!

Open Roads is the shit!
I've previously mentioned the fuel card I use for diesel. Here's yesterday's fill. 3.329/gallon after the discount. You have to fuel on the semi truck side at a place in their network but it's been awesome so far! They don't have a gas discount yet but say they're working on it.
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2023.05.24 16:41 Beast2Unleash Almost exactly a year ago, I made a discussion on how Matt’s Cash & Carry was an insurance fraud scheme and I think this pushes my suspicions even more.

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2023.05.24 00:00 clavisIllustrationem "For wisdom will enter your mind And knowledge will delight you." - 24 May 2023 on the 10th hour

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2023.05.23 18:33 ElephantTerminator22 Follow-on School After ECP

I'm going into NMMI under their AROTC ECP to get my commission as an Armor Lieutenant either in the proper Army or the Guard (TX hopefully, under the 278th ACR).
I was hoping to go to Norwich University after NMMI since they have a relationship regarding Criminal Justice, but I then remembered that there's no armored units up in Vermont; just a cavalry formation attached to the 86th IBCT.
I saw the VT NG post on Insta recently showing off the new lieutenants coming from NMMI to the their state's Guard, and one of them was an Armor Lieutenant. I don't know if that was a general picture of some NMMI graduates the VT NG decided to use, or the lieutenants who are actually going to their state for their Bachelor's.
So I came here to ask how follow-on schooling for ECP works; are newly commissioned ECP lieutenants supposed to get their Bachelor's in a state that has their branch (Armor in Texas, Idaho, Tennessee), or do they go to their BOLC after getting their Bachelor's and serve with the nearby unit (such as the 86th IBCT for Norwich) regardless of their branch until then?
This is probably a simple question but I figured I'd ask to be sure.
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2023.05.22 20:44 abi0012 New to this! I’d love some advice :)

Hi, everyone! I just bought my first entry level metal detector. We live in a 2 acre property in TX and I want to explore it all! I haven’t found anything yet, I think I’m being shy with my digging. Can anyone show me how deep/wide your digs actually are?? I’ve “found” something, I start digging and then test the area again and the detector cannot read anything, and so I get discouraged. So how deep should I go? My detector has a 10 inch depth sensitivity.
Any other advice is appreciated!
Thank you.
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2023.05.20 04:23 CarterDiMaggio The Full Jack Marston Biography (1895-1976)

The Full Jack Marston Biography (1895-1976)
This is my idea for what Jack Marston’s life looked like, hope you enjoy! (This takes place in the Real World, not the Red Dead Universe. Characters are the same, but places are real life geographical locations.)
Jack was born in 1895 to John and Abigail Marston. He lives out his earliest years as the youngest member of the Van Der Linde Gang and shares a close bond with his mother, Hosea Matthews and Arthur Morgan who taught him how to read, write and fish. He stayed with the gang until it ultimately disbanded in 1899.
Jack moved around with his parents for several years, eventually settling in Beecher’s Hope, just outside Abilene, Texas in 1907. Jack spent his earlier teenage years reading, writing, and doing menial jobs around the ranch. He was desperate to form a connection to his near absent father, who would constantly leave the ranch for weeks at a time. By the time he was 16, Jack had begun to despise his father for practically abandoning his family and began to teach himself how to ride, shoot and rope. After John returned from his Government Assignment, he was more eager to form a connection with his son, and took him out hunting, roping and herding. Though still resentful of his presence, Jack began to feel a stronger connection with his father, this would end abruptly in the Autumn of 1911, when the ranch was stormed by several FBI agents and Soldiers. John was killed in the battle, while Jack and Abigail managed to escape. They later returned to the ranch and buried John’s body atop the small cliff overlooking the property. Jack would stay at the ranch for three more years, enhancing his shooting and riding skills, and taking care of the property in absence of his father, all while entertaining the idea for revenge against Agent Ross, who ordered the attack on the ranch. Jack would eventually abandon the ranch after Abigail died in 1914.
After several weeks of searching, Jack finally managed to track down Ross, who was hunting ducks with his brother on the South bank of the Rio Grande, in Mexico. Jack confronts Ross, who shows no remorse for killing and betraying his father, and says he will not hesitate to kill Jack either. The encounter ends in a climactic duel, which Jack ultimately wins, avenging John.
After the killing, Jack wanders throughout West Texas, Southeastern New Mexico and Northern Chihuahua, Mexico for several years. Enhancing his shooting abilities even further. He learns to hunt and camp in the wilderness, learns how to handle various forms of weaponry, and several bar fights strengthen his knuckles. He is bitter about the World, and sees everyone in a negative light. He was involved in several gunfights, and is confirmed to have killed ten men during his time in the West (not including Ross). Jack was arrested in 1916 for Unarmed Assault after he beat up three Mexican men at a bar in Las Cruces, NM. In early 1917, Jack, with the assistance of a Native American man named Fuerte, tracked down and apprehended a group of cattle rustlers near White Sands, NM. After getting arrested again in May for larceny, Jack escaped the tiny jailhouse and fled to Arizona where he laid low for a few weeks. A bounty of $50 was offered for his capture.
The United States joined the First World War on April 4, 1917, and hundreds of thousands of men began making the journey to Europe. Jack, who had become fed up with his life, decided it would be better to die an honorable death in the war than in the middle of the desert, and went to a local recruiting office. Initially hesitant to fight for the very people who killed his family, Jack begins basic training. Using the skills he learned during his time as an outlaw, he quickly rises to one of the best men in his platoon. He is strong, has great endurance, and is very agile. As time goes on, Jack becomes close with several members of the platoon, young men around his age, who adore his stories of his time as an outlaw. Jack begins to have a more positive view of the world around him, and for the first time in a long time, feels like he is at home with his fellow soldiers. Jack and his platoon eventually ship off to France on October 16, 1917. He fights in the battle of Amiens, where he kills 5 enemy German soldiers, and saves the life of his close friend and fellow soldier, Ray McArthur, who would later return the gesture after a stray bullet momentarily blinded Jack. After Amiens, Jack and his platoon were dispatched to the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, where Jack killed four more Germans.
Jack was nominated for the Medal of Honor, for his bravery, but did not win it. He was disappointed, though was mostly happy that he made it out of the war alive. McArthur, however, was not so lucky and Jack traveled to Ray’s hometown of Syracuse, New York, to attend his funeral. In 1919, Jack began work at a large ranch in Oklahoma, where he stopped two Comanche tribesmen from stealing a horse. The local sheriff, impressed by Marston’s skills, recommended him for the Texas Rangers. Jack was still distrustful of the government, but hard-as-nails Ranger Frank Hamer, who was also briefly an outlaw before joining law enforcement, convinced Jack to join. He was officially sworn in on August 22, 1919, and was stationed in Dallas. He was partnered with the tobacco chew addict and son of a hard-as-nails cowboy Patrick Rudabaugh. The two were immediately friends, and loved to reminisce about their time in the War, the Old West days and told stories of their fathers.
Throughout the 1920s, Marston and Rudabaugh enforced Prohibition laws on the citizens of Dallas, and were involved in several raids and arrested a notorious Irish bootlegger in 1922.The next year, Jack met a young woman named Lucy in Speakeasy Patrick had convinced him to go to, the two immediately fell in love and were married four months later. In 1924, Jack clung to the back of a Ford Model T for while it sped through country roads just outside the city. He managed to maneuver to the front of the vehicle and force the fleeing criminal to stop. Jack arrested the man, and the event soon made him a Texas legend. In 1928, in the Countryside near the town of Palo Pinto, TX, Jack, Patrick and a team of thirteen other rangers engaged in a large gunfight with Gangsters. The fight left four gangsters dead, and eight injured as well as two rangers dead and one injured. The gunfight became a part of Texas lore and glorified Marston even further. Many began to forget the legacy of John, and became fascinated with Jack, “The Outlaw turned Lawman.” In the summer of that same year, Jack and several of his fellow rangers traveled back to New Mexico where his bounty had never been taken down. A ceremony was held and Marston personally apologized to the sheriff, who had long since retired. He paid the local police station the $50 and was officially no longer a wanted man.
Jack’s first child, a daughter, whom they named Mary, was born on February 10, 1929. Now with more responsibilities as a father, Jack began to take less dangerous assignments, which gave him more time to practice his writing. In the summer of 1929, he wrote a script for a Western film, which was picked up by a director in San Francisco. It was heavily edited, and though Jack intended the original story to take the length of a full movie, it was reduced to a 10-minute short. The film had moderate success, and garnered Jack some attention in Hollywood. Jack’s second child, a boy named Hosea, was born on May 1, 1931. The next year, Jack joined Patrick in an operation to take down an Auto-theft ring that had been terrorizing Dallas for weeks. They eventually succeeded, and arrested the ringleader, an Italian-American gangster from New Orleans on July 16, 1932. The event brought Marston’s name back into the headlines, though a reporter from the Houston Chronicle dug deep into Marston’s past and published an article on how Marston had killed “upstanding hero” Edgar Ross in cold blood back in 1914. A trial ensued, with Ross’s family paying a team of esteemed lawyers from Fort Worth to represent their case. After a large investigation by Texan and Federal authorities, Ross was ruled to have been in the wrong for betraying John in 1911, but Jack was also reprimanded for killing him, as “Murder is never the answer, in any which scenario.” Marston was not punished, though he was discharged from the Rangers. Despite this, the Marston name was not tarnished, and many people were on Jack’s side in the matter. The Texas Rangers were disbanded by governor “Ma” Ferguson soon after Marston’s discharge. Jack and Patrick began pooling their money to buy back the old ranch at Beecher’s Hope, which had been bought by a wealthy businessman from Oklahoma City shortly after Marston abandoned it in 1914. They eventually struck a deal with the businessman, who agreed to sell them the 500 Acre Plot for $10,000. The man informed Marston that the buildings had been torn down and his parents' coffins had been moved to a cemetery in Abilene. Marston was angered by this, and decided to pull out of the deal. Patrick understood Marston’s viewpoint, and used his share of the money to buy a large plot of land 20 miles North of El Paso.
Returning home, Marston felt like his family’s story had been forgotten about, for the house they had built was gone and their bodies moved to some unmarked graves in the middle of nowhere. Using his memories and testimony from surviving gang member Josiah Trelawney, he wrote a Memoir about his father’s life and the story of the Van Der Linde Gang, a group that had not been spoken about in over 20 years. Jack eventually finished the book in 1934, and titled it Red Dead. The novel instantly became a New York Times Bestseller, and it catapulted the names John Marston, Dutch Van Der Linde and Jack himself into superstardom. The same year, Jack’s third child, another girl named Vivian was born on March 23, 1934. Jack would go on to have one more daughter, Mae, who was born on July 18, 1936.
In 1936, two years after Red Dead was published, Marston submitted a script for a Western film based on the events his father took part in while trying to capture and track down his former friends turned enemies back in 1911. Jack titled the script “Dead Man” and it was picked up by famed film director Ford Beebe. The film was released in 1937 under the same title and starred Henry Fonda. Dead Man was a massive commercial success, and only furthered Marston’s reputation within Hollywood. That same year, Marston would move his family to Los Angeles so he could practice screenwriting full time. Throughout the rest of the 1930s and 1940s Jack would write several successful and unsuccessful screenplays. Known for the raw action used in his films, he was particularly successful in the Western and War Genres. He wrote a brief comedic short for American Soldiers fighting in WW2 in 1943 that was quite popular. In 1944, Marston helped write the script for both Tall in the Saddle and The Fighting Seabees, which both starred actor John Wayne.
On July 18, 1947, a secretary who worked for Warner Brothers was found murdered at the Union Pacific Rail Yard near Pasadena. Homicide detectives Rusty Galloway and Cole Phelps investigated the case, and Marston was briefly suspected of the crime due to his background as a killer, but was proven innocent. The real culprit was a film executive named Leo Travis who had been having an affair with the young woman and did not want his wife to discover their relationship. Marston was present at the trial when Travis was convicted. He was executed on April 10, 1951 for the crime.
Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Marston continued to write his own screenplays and assist others in writing their scripts. He gained much notoriety for helping to write and direct the 1962 WaAction film The Longest Day starring Robert Mitchum and John Wayne. The film would go on to win two Academy Awards and one Golden Globe. On June 18, 1965, Marston was officially awarded his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the ceremony was large and Marston delivered a thirty-minute-long speech detailing how when he was in his early 20s, roaming the vast and lonely expanse of the near dead Old West, how he thought he was simply going to end up shot to death in the middle of nowhere. He teared up when he said “My mother always wanted me to be a good man, famous for the right reasons. I guess I finally made her wish come true.” His son and daughters, now married and with children of their own, had a big celebration back at Jack’s home. Patrick visited from El Paso and the two reminisced about old times and how much things had changed since then. They ended the night by toasting all the fallen lawmen whom they had worked with over the years. After everyone left, Jack took a special moment to toast his father, he knew John wasn’t perfect, but he did try. And considering the circumstances, Jack’s early years could have turned out to be a lot different.
Marston’s final film was the 1969 Western/Drama “Love Finds a Way” based on written accounts from founding Van Der Linde Gang member Arthur Morgan. The story follows the Outlaw’s search for love as he navigates the troubled waters of accepting what he is, and how the world around him sees him as evil. The film had moderate success and was nominated at the Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay.
Marston retired from Hollywood in 1970, and lived at his estate in Brentwood Park, California until his death on January 12, 1976. He was buried in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery alongside Ralph Valentino and Marilyn Monroe.
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2023.05.19 21:37 Hot_Committee_1872 Should I Choose Emory or Rice Uni?

I recently got my decisions for Emory University (Atlanta, GA) and Rice University (Houston, TX) and I have no idea which one to choose. I am going to be a computer science major (as a transfer). I know that Rice definitely has a strong CS program but Emory seems to be more fitting for the type of culture I want a school to have. One important thing for me is having the best education I can have that will allow me to have great opportunities outside of school, but to also go to a school where I feel like I will be able to be my most creative and happy self.
Also, I am transferring from a small college (4,000 undergrad, 300 acres) and didn't like the fact that it was small because I felt like I saw everything and knew too many people. I want to go to a school that is diverse, with different types of people but will also allow me to grow further in my CS career (especially since I want to explore the field).
Cost isn't really important since I would only pay $4,000 at Emory (will be covered by outside scholarships) and will get a full-ride at Rice. Please help me!
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2023.05.17 01:46 punkshoo [US-AR] [H] QK65, Bakeneko 65, Zoo65, Thera, and more [W] Paypal; Gok 7v

Keyboards will not include switches or caps but may include stabilizers and original box. Transaction will take place via PayPal invoice and does not include shipping. Switches are stock unless otherwise stated. Discount packages available for switches and caps when purchased with a board. CONUS shipping only.
I am also looking for a Gok 7v.
Momoka Zoo65 - Blue - Stock barebones with box - **$170
Akko PC75B Year of the Tiger - Limited Edition prebuilt with box; Used for display and video prop only - $120
Lin Whale 75 - Silver - Brass plate, built with Anubis tactiles, includes DMK Silent Forest All-in-One caps, carry case - $600
GMMK Pro - Black - Pink top, white top, pink knob, white knob, Stupid Fish foams. PC, POM, FR4 plates; Original boxes where applicable - $220
Akko Mod 006 - Sky Blue - Stock barebones with box - $160
Tacworks T3 - Black - Stock barebones with box; Used for video review only - $200
Sakura Workshop/CMM.Studio Saka 68 - Purple - Stock barebones w/ random stabs and hotswap; Original box (huge) included with extra shipping - $180 SOLD
Createkeebs Thera75 - Off White - Built with BCPs on alphas and Holy Pandas on mods; Includes 21KB keycaps, starry and Christmas badge - $500
Createkeebs Thera75 V2 - Dark Gray - Stock barebones new; PC and carbon fiber plates; with box - $350
Jupiter Studio Pollux 75% - Black - Imported small maker board from CN; Stock barebones; plays musical chimes; Used for video review only - $75
Kemove K68 - Stock with Gateron Pro Silver switches; Used for video review only - $40
Epormaker EK68 - Stock with Epomaker Flamingo switches; Used for video review only - $65 SOLD
Akko 3068B - Ligtly foam modded with Akko Wine Red switches - $70
Machenike KT68 - Stock unknown switch; New - $70
CannonKeys CNC Bakeneko 65 - Barebones kit, FR4 and POM plates, TX stabs, IXPE sheet, and foams; case included - $200
Qwertykeys QK65 R1 - Stock barebones kit; Assembled for display only; Well-traveled AshKeebs variant - $225
NovelKeys NK87 Early Generation - Comet Blue - Barebones w/ Case - $150
Monsgeek M1 Domestic - Anodized "White" - Stock Prebuild with Wine White switches; New never used - $160 SOLD
Akko ACR Pro 75 - Frosted Acrylic - Barebones kit - $50 SOLD
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2023.05.15 17:21 khirok [FS][US-TX-DFW] Ruckus R550 Unleashed

Ruckus R550 Unleashed that was used for about a year inside my house. Easily covers an acre lot and never failed me. Includes original box and all mounting equipment.
$400 + shipping or local pick up (located NW of Fort Worth, TX near Azle)
Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/a1MyWtP
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2023.05.14 11:24 Workingmarriedmom90 Ied like to open a no kill animal shelter as my county has none. Where do I start

The only shelter in my county is a kill shelter. (Tx)
I have a huge amount of land, and I work from home so I have nothing but time. I have fenced in areas that at one point were used for horses but now sets unused. I even have a building crew whos willing to do the labor of building multiple dog runs.
I was a certified animal rehabber as a hobby, but mostly dealt with skunks and raccoons and bottle feeding baby puppies.
Ied like to open a safe spot to take the pressure off of the local shelter when they get over ran so we have less of a kill rate... sort of a halfway house for second chances.
I have 2 acres of usable land just in the fenced in area in my front yard. I even have a 2 story chicken pin that could be restored for birds, or other animals that need more upward space(which was my plan when I was rehabbing).
Is it possible to get a small grant for materials to build the kennels(doghouses) with? The fenced in area is secure(I used it for skunks), all i really need is the sectionable dog houses to keep them seperate, and maybe to stock up on food.
There are about 3 animals up for kill a day in my area. We have a super high dump rate and super low S/N rate. We have 5 shelters in the county, and they are all kill shelters.
I know I probably sound ignorant to how much work will go into this, but I have the space and the time, and even a crew willing to build for me, Ied like to do what little help I can.
I lost my dog in March and thought the pain would kill me. He was my best friend. As I said i worked from home and he was my life. I was going to adopt in his honor but on checking out the local shelters my heart broke. I figure I could house allot of furry friends with a few acres of green fenced in land, and a little help from the animal loving community. Again, im not looking to be paid for boarding the animals only asking about grants to get some housing/sectioning up. I even contacted the shelter and they they would partner with me if I was able to get the housing and transport the animals back and forth.
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2023.05.13 16:41 DungeonmasterNixem Real life entrance

I guess I will start with the question to all. Do you believe the Backrooms are real? Internet lore tends to originate from some kind of interpretation of a real thing. The classic pic from “2002” or whatever is centered around this. But, I keep looking for the opposite for a truth. After digging a bit, I think some factions are/have done the real Kanepixles/Async thing. Viviz Technologies and associated companies may be opening a portal to the backrooms, I call it the “In Between “ because the Backrooms is not the point, it’s the other side of it is what they want to see. If we are connected to a Matrix like simulation, the backrooms is the buffer zone between. If you look up all associated companies with Viviz, and read everything they have on their sites along with LinkedIn pages and actual people and their backgrounds, it’s very Hawkins Lab Stranger Things vibes. Former high rank military and government scientists. Even if the “matrix” theory is totally false, you know someone will attempt creating an inter-dimensional portal. When I look at the map image of this place 308 dale acres rd Milford TX It’s not the “giant Tesla coil” building that inspired this post, it’s the perfect clean white road leading to the building and going past it. It dead ends to a point with no clean edge and the ground around the area looks distorted, at first I thought tire marks but it looks wavy too. ( I can’t tell for sure without being their in person). This could be in my theory the entrance to the Backrooms, underground in that spot. Last note: read things people wrote about it online about this place and one thing stuck out, that they never seen cars or people their. *This is all my Fan Theory for the backrooms subject in no way or form I would condone any harassment to the above mentioned company or people associated with them. Should we Internet sleuth it up? Did I find a crazy ARG? Weird coincidence?
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2023.05.09 21:16 ML092JM5 To Realtor or Not to Realtor / Nationwide search

I currently live near Houston TX. My two kids in school will be graduating soon and my wife and I are looking for somewhere to reclocate. We want at least 10 acres within an hour or so of a major city for under 600K. We are both financially independant with sources of passive income. We prefer wooded areas with water but we also need enough cleared land to support a small farm. Any ideas on if we should contact a realtor to help with the search. I've got a bazillion homes saved on Zillow but I recognize that there are some things as far as zoning / land usage that make a knowledgable realtor useful. Has anyone used a single realtor for a nationwide search before? Any tips on where to look would be appreciated too. We are leaning towards the midwest.
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Hey everybody! I have a crap ton of skincare and samples that I literally have not used or barely used. I'm extremely open to offers!
Shipping starts at $3.50 and it's within the US! **$5 minimum (shipping cost doesn't count toward minimum), please!*\* Payment through Paypal F&F or G&S (buyer pays the fee)! I only accept money and am not open to doing exchanges. I will ship out immediately. I will make sure that the products are padded when they ship so nothing fragile breaks. I put retail values next to the items that are more expensive!
Foil sample options at the end of this post
If you spend (before shipping costs):
$10, you can pick 1 foil packet sample for free
$15, you can pick 2 foil packet samples for free
$20, you can pick 3 foil packet samples for free or $1 sheet mask
and so on (1 free foil sample for each additional $5 spent)
while supplies last

BNIB = brand new in box
BN = brand new
DS = deluxe size

Brand Product Size Usage Price
AMOREPACIFIC Youth Revolution Radiance Creme & Masque DS (0.2 oz/8 mL) BNIB $10 (retail value $32)
AMOREPACIFIC Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Creme DS (0.27 oz/8 mL) BN $8 (retail value $24)
Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion DS (1 oz/29 mL) BN` $1
Aveeno Oat Repairing Cream DS (1 oz/28 g) only 1 available BN $1
Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream https://imgur.com/goMORm8 DS (0.5 oz/14 g) 3 available BN $1 each
Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream Mini (5 oz/141 g) BN $5
Aveeno Eczema Therapy Rescue Relief Treatment Gel Cream Mini (1.5 oz) BN $5 (retail value $10.49)
Aveeno Eczema Therapy Rescue Relief Treatment Gel Cream DS (0.5 oz/14 mL) BN $1
Aveeno Eczema Therapy Itch Relief Balm Mini (1 oz/28 g) BN $2
Aveeno Eczema Therapy Nighttime Itch Relief Balm Mini (1 oz/28 g) BN $2
Aquaphor Healing Ointment Mini (1.75 oz/50 g) BN $2
Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Gel-Cream https://imgur.com/DOwUAp8 Mini (2.5 oz/75 mL) 2 available BNIB $4 each
BioMee Anti-Itch PAD Cream Full-size (6.8 oz/200 mL) BN $4
CeraVe Healing Ointment Mini (3 oz/85 g) BN $5 (retail value $11)
CeraVe Healing Ointment DS BN $1
CeraVe Facial AM Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 30 DS (0.17 oz/5 mL) BN $1
CeraVe Facial AM Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 30 Mini (2 oz/60 mL) BN $7 (retail value $14)
CeraVe Hydrating Sheer Sunscreen for Face & Body SPF 30 DS (0.17 oz/5 mL) 2 available BN $1 each
CeraVe Hydrating Sheer Sunscreen for Face & Body SPF 30 Full-size (3 oz/89 mL) BN $8 (retail value $17)
CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion https://imgur.com/AOmjVqT https://imgur.com/CosOkiB DS (1 oz) 4 available BN $1.50 each
CeraVe Moisturizing Cream Mini (1.89 oz/56 mL) BN $2
CeraVe Moisturizing Cream DS (0.17 oz/5 g) BN $1
CeraVe Itch Relief Moisturizing Lotion DS (1 oz) BN $1.50
CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM https://imgur.com/BwwyJ6j https://imgur.com/EJx21TT DS (0.17 oz/15 mL) 3 available BN $1 each
Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream DS (0.5 oz) BN $1
Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream Full-size (20 oz/566 g) BN $8 (retail value $16.29)
Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion Full-size (20 oz/591 mL) BN $8 (retail value $16.49)
Cetaphil Eczema Restoraderm Flare Up Relief Cream DS (0.34 oz/10 mL) BN $1
Cetaphil Eczema Restoraderm Itch Relief Gel Full-size (2 oz/59 mL) BNIB $10 (retail value $20)
Clinique Moisture Surge 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator DS (0.17 oz/5 mL) BNIB $2
DERMAdoctor DD Eye Dermatologically Defining Eye Radiance Cream SPF 30 3 packets of 2 mL BNIB $3 (retail value $11.20)
Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance Moisturizer DS (0.24 oz/7 mL) BN $2
Epionce Daily Shield Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50 Full-size (1.7 oz/50 mL) Swatched 1x, ~99% remaining, didn't like the tint on me $20 (retail value $42)
Epionce Renewal Facial Lotion DS (0.41 oz/12 mL) BN $12 (retail value $24.48)
Epionce Renewal Facial Cream DS (0.41 oz/12 g) BN $12 (retail value $24.48)
Epionce Lytic TX Retexturizing Lotion DS (0.41 oz/12 mL) BN $8 (retail value $16.80)
Epionce Lite Lytic TX Retexturizing Lotion DS (0.41 oz/12 mL) BN $8 (retail value $16.80)
Eucerin Advanced Repair Cream Full-size (16 oz) BN $8 (retail value $15.29)
Eucerin Advanced Repair Cream DS (0.25 oz/7 g) 1 remaining BN $1
Eucerin Advanced Repair Lotion DS (0.5 oz/14 mL) BN $1
Eucerin Advanced Repair Lotion Mini (3 oz/89 mL) BN $2.50
Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Body Cream DS (0.35 oz/10 g) 1 remaining BN $1
Filorga Optim-Eyes Intensive Revitalizing 3-in-1 Eye Contour Cream DS (0.13 oz/4 mL) BN $7 (retail value $15.73)
Filorga Time Filler 5 XP Correction Cream DS (0.23 oz/7 mL) BN $6 (retail value $13.72)
First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream DS (1 oz) BN $3
Gold Bond Diabetics Dry Skin Relief Hand Cream Mini (2.4 oz/68 g) BN $2
Grown Alchemist Hydra Repair Day Cream DS (0.4 oz/12 mL) BNIB $2
Hempz Ultra-Moisturizing Herbal Lip Balm Full-size (0.44 oz) BN $4 (retail value $9)
IMAGE Skincare Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturizer with SPF 32 Mini (1.5 oz/43 g) BN $8 (retail value $23.62)
IT Cosmetics Hello Results Wrinkle Reducing Daily Retinol Serum-in-Cream DS (0.17 oz/5 mL) BN $3
IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream Anti-Aging Hydrating Moisturizer DS (0.237oz/7 mL) BN $4 (retail value $11.50)
Kate Somerville Firming Eye Cream + Retinol DS (0.1 oz/3 mL) BN $6 (retail value $17.60)
Lancome Renergie Lift Multi-Action Ultra Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream DS (0.1 oz/3 mL) BN $4
Neostrata Matrix Support with Sunscreen SPF 30 DS (0.5 oz/15 g) BN $10 (retail value $22.20)
Neostrata Hyaluronic Luminous Lift Gel Cream DS (0.35 oz/10 g) BN in packaging $8 (retail value $17.40)
Neostrata Enlighten Brightening Eye Cream Full size (0.5 oz/15 g) BN in packaging $30 (retail value $62)
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturizer with SPF 50 Full-size (1.7 oz/50 mL) BN $10 (retail value $20)
Neutrogena SheerZinc Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 50 DS (0.5 oz/14 mL)1 remaining BN $1
Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 70 DS (0.5 oz/14 mL) BN $1
Neutrogena Mineral Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch Lotion SPF 30 DS 3 available BN $1 each
Neutrogena Mineral Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch Lotion SPF 30 Full-size (3 oz) BN and sealed $8 (retail value $16)
Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Moisturizer DS (0.09 oz/2.6 mL) 2 available BN $2 each
No7 Pure Retinol 0.3% Retinol Night Concentrate Full-size (3 oz) BN and sealed $20 (retail value $40)
Origins GinZing Energizing Gel Cream with Caffeine + Niacinamide Mini (1 oz/30 mL) BN $12 (retail value $24)
Origins GinZing Oil-Free Energy Boosting Gel Moisturizer DS (0.5 oz/15 mL) 1 available BN $3 (retail value $9.50)
Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream https://imgur.com/VB80SzT DS (0.17 oz/5 mL) 2 available BN $5 each (retail value $14)
Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Hydrating Mask Travel-size (1 oz/30 mL) BN $8 (retail value $17)
Philosophy Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion Mini (2 oz/60 mL) BN $3
Rituals Ritual of Sakura Recovery Hand Balm DS (0.6 oz/20 mL) BN $2
Rituals Ritual of Ayurveda Recovery Hand Balm DS (0.6 oz/20 mL) BN $2
RoC Derm Correxion Contour Cream Full size (1.7 oz/50 mL) BNIB $16 (retail value $33)
Sarna Sensitive Anti-Itch Relief Lotion DS (5 mL) BN $1
Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream https://imgur.com/1bMTOqQ DS (0.17 oz/5 mL) 3 available BN $9 (retail value $21.33) each
SkinCeuticals Daily Brightening UV Defense Sunscreen SPF 30 DS (0.13 oz/4 mL) BNIB $4
SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense Sunscreen SPF 50 DS (0.13 oz/4 mL) BNIB $3
StriVectin Hyaluronic Tripeptide Gel-Cream for Eyes DS (0.17 oz) BN in packaging $9 (retail value $21.67)
StriVectin Anti-Wrinle SD Advanced Plus Intensive Moisturizing Concentrate for Wrinkles & Stretch Marks https://imgur.com/FTLsvk3 DS (0.35 oz/10 mL) 2 available BNIB $5 each (retail value $13.16)
TiZO Ultra Zinc Non-Tinted SPF 40 DS (0.18 oz/5 g) BN $2
TiZO Renewable Moisturizer DS (0.18 oz/5 g) BN $2
TiZO PM Restore DS (0.18 oz/5 g) BN $2
Vanicream Daily Facial Moisturizer Full size (3 oz/89 mL) BNIB $8 (retail value $15)
Vanicream Facial Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Full size (2.5 oz/71 g) BNIB $8 (retail value $15)
Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rehydrating Cream Rich https://imgur.com/V2sJ8OJ DS (0.51 oz/15 mL) 1 available BNIB $3
Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rehyrdating Cream Light DS (0.1 oz/3 mL) 2 available BNIB $2 each
Vichy LiftActiv Supreme Firming Anti-Aging Face Moisturizer DS (0.51 oz/15 mL) BNIB $5 (retail value $14)

Brand Product Size Usage Price
Avene A-Oxitive Antioxidant Defense Serum https://imgur.com/Cp2nC8z DS (0.1 oz/5 mL) 2 available BNIB $2 each
Avene Cleanance Concentrate Blemish Control Serum Full size (1 oz/30 mL) BNIB $15 (retail value $30)
Clinique Smart Clinical Repair Wrinkle Correcting Serum DS (0.17 oz) BNIB $3
Coola Sunless Tan Dry Oil Mist DS (0.85 fl oz/25 mL) BN and sealed $10 (retail value $24)
Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum 7 capsules BNIB $4 (retail value $11.20)
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex Mini (0.23 oz/7 mL) only 2 available BNIB $7 each (retail value $18 each)
Differin Adapalene Gel 0.1% Acne Treatment Full-size (1.6 oz/45 g) BNIB $20 (retail value $34)
Epionce Purifying Toner DS (0.6 oz/18 mL) BN $3
Epionce Balancing Toner DS (0.6 oz/18 mL) BN $3
Epionce Intense Defense Serum DS (0.41 oz/12 mL) 2 available BN $30 each (retail value $60)
Glow Recipe Strawberry BHA Pore-Smooth Blur Drops DS (0.16 oz/5 mL) BN $3
Glytone Age-Defying C+ Advanced Antioxidant Serum DS (0.1 oz/3 mL) BNIB $5
Herbivore Moon Fruit 1% Bakuchiol + Peptides Retinol Alternative Serum DS (0.17 oz/5 mL) BNIB $5 (retail value $10.33)
Hey Honey Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum DS (0.17 oz/5 mL) BN $3 (retail value $8.17)
IMAGE Skincare Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum DS (0.5 oz/15 mL) BN $2
Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil DS (0.15 oz/4.5 mL) BNIB $3
Josie Maran Argan Beta Retinoid Pink Algae Serum (2% pro-retinol) DS (0.25 oz/7.5 mL) BNIB $10 (retail value $20.70)
Keys Let Me Glow Illuminating Serum DS (0.17 oz/5 mL) 3 available BNIB $2 each
Kiehl's Ferulic Brew Rejuvenating Facial Essence DS (0.17 oz/5 mL) BN in packaging $2
Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate with 12.5% Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid DS (0.17 fl oz/5 mL) 1 remaining BN $3
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate DS (0.14 oz/4 mL) BN in packaging $4
Lancome Advanced Genifique Radiance Boosting Face Serum (Youth Activating Concentrate) DS (0.27 oz/8 mL) 2 available BN in packaging $9 (retail value $20.80)
Lancome Advanced Genifique Radiance Boosting Face Serum (Youth Activating Concentrate) DS (0.16 oz/5 mL) BN $5 (retail value $13)
La Roche-Posay Effaclar Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment Full-size (1 oz/30 mL) dropper not shown but in box Swatched 1x, ~99% remaining, basically brand new, comes in original box $20 (retail value $40)
L'Oréal Revitalift Derm Intensives 1.5% Hyaluronic Acid Serum DS (0.14 oz/4 mL) 2 available BN in packaing $1 each
L'Oréal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Midnight Serum https://imgur.com/q8IaULC DS (0.1 oz/3.8 mL) 2 available BNIB $1 each
Murad Targeted Wrinkle Corrector DS (0.11 oz/3.25 mL) BNIB $6 (retail value $16.90)
Neostrata Gel Plus Oily Skin AHA Refiner https://imgur.com/ir7Tw8O DS (0.35 oz/10 mL) 2 available BN $2 each
Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense Face Serum Sunscreen SPF 60+ Full-size (1.7 oz/50 mL) BNIB $7 (retail value $15)
Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Retinol Pro+ 0.5% Power Serum Full-size (1 oz/30 mL) BNIB $20 (retail value $35)
Neutrogena Stubborn Acne AM Treatment with Benzoyl Peroxide https://imgur.com/Dixg7Fw DS (0.3 oz/9 g) 4 available BN $1 each
Origins Plantscription Multi-Powered Youth Serum DS (0.5 oz/15 mL) BN $13 (retail value $30.50)
Obagi Medical ELASTIderm Neck and Decollete Concentrate Full-size (1 oz/30 mL) BNIB $100 (retail value $250)
PCA Skin ExLinea Pro Peptide Serum DS (0.17 oz/5 mL) BN and sealed $10 (retail value $20)
Philosophy Nature in a Jar Skin Reset Serum with Bakuchiol DS (0.16 oz/5 mL) BNIB $2
RoC Derm Correxion Fill + Treat Serum Full size (0.5 oz/15 mL) BNIB $18 (retail value $39)
RoC Retinol Correxion Line Smoothing Night Serum Capsules DS (10 capsules) BN $4
RoC Multi Correxion Hydrate + Plump Hyaluronic Acid Serum Capsules Full-size (30 capsules) BNIB $15 (retail value $33)
RoC Multi Correxion Hydrate + Plump Hyaluronic Acid Serum Capsules Mini (10 capsules) BNIB $5
Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate DS (0.33 oz/10 mL) BN $4
SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic DS (0.13 oz/4 mL) BNIB $15 (retail value $24.27)
SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF DS (0.13 oz/4 mL) BNIB $15 (retail value $24.27)
SkinCeuticals Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier DS (0.13 oz/4 mL) BNIB $7 (retail value $14.67)
TiZO Advanced Vitamin C + E Serum DS (0.72 mL) BN in packaging $2
Vanicream Vitamin C Serum Full-size (1.2 oz/35 mL) BNIB $10 (retail value $19)
Vichy Mineral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Serum DS (0.14 oz/3 mL) 1 available BNIB $2
Vichy LiftActiv Vitamin B3 Face Serum for Dark Spots & Wrinkles DS (0.16 oz/5 mL) BNIB $3
Vichy Neovadiol Peri & Post Menopause Meno 5 Bi-Serum DS (0.16 oz/5 mL) BNIB $2
Vichy Neovadiol Peri & Post Menopause Meno 5 Bi-Serum Full-size (1oz/30 mL) dropper not shown but in box BNIB $22 (retail value $39)
Youth to the People Peptides + C Energy Eye Concentrate with Vitamin C and Caffeine DS (0.1 oz/3 mL) BNIB $4

Cleansers/Scrubs/Makeup Removers
Brand Product Size Usage Price
Aveeno Calm + Restore Nourishing Oat Cleanser Full-size (7.8 oz/232 mL) BN $5 (retail value $10.49)
Avene Tolerance Extremely Gentle Cleanser DS (0.8 oz/25 mL) 2 available BN $1 each
Bioderma Sensibio Foaming Gel Cleanser Mini (1.5 oz/45 mL) BN $1
Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Cleansing Water Mini ( oz/ mL) BN $1
CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser DS (0.5 oz/14 mL) BN $1
CeraVe Hydrating Cream-to-Foam Cleanser Mini (3 oz/87 mL) BN $2
CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser Mini (3 oz/87 mL) BN $2
Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser Full-size (16 oz/473 mL) BN $6 (retail value $14)
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Full-size (20 oz/591 mL) BN $6 (retail value $14)
Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream DS (1 oz/30 mL) BN $2
Epionce Gentle Foaming Cleanser DS (0.2 oz/6 mL) BN $1
Epionce Gentle Foaming Cleanser DS (0.41 oz/12 mL) BN $2
Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser DS (0.41 oz/12 mL) BN $2
Eucerin Eczema Relief Cream Body Wash DS (0.5/14 mL) 2 available BN $1 each
Fresh Soy Face Cleanser DS (0.6 oz/20 mL) only 1 available BN $3
Glytone Rejuvenating Mild Cream Cleanser Mini (2 oz/60 mL) BN $7 (retail value $15)
Glytone Enhance Brightening Cleanser Powder Full-size (2 oz/60 g) BNIB $25 (retail value $50)
Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Cleanser Daily Foaming Wash DS (1 oz/30 mL) BN $3
Kiehl's Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash DS (1 oz/30 mL) BN $2
Neostrata Enlighten Ultra Brightening Cleanser DS (0.35 oz/10 mL) BN $2
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel https://imgur.com/TkEqGM4 DS (0.5 oz/14 mL) 3 available BN $1 each
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel Full-size (7.8 oz/230 mL) BN $5 (retail value $10.49)
Neutrogena Ultra-Gentle Hydrating Cleanser DS (0.5 oz) BN $1
Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash DS (0.5 oz/15 mL) 4 available BN $2 each
Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash Mini (1 oz/30 mL) BN $3
PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash DS (0.17 oz/5 mL) BN $1
Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser DS (1 oz/30 mL) BN $2
Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser Full-size (8 oz/237 mL) BN $4 (retail value $9)

Face/Body Masks
Brand Product Size Usage Price
Aveeno Repairing Cica Hand Mask 2 single use gloves (1 pair hand mask) BN $1
Aveeno Repairing Cica Foot Mask 2 single use slippers (1 pair foot mask) BN $1
Filorga Meso Mask Smoothing Radiance Mask DS (0.23 oz/7 mL) BN $3
Fresh Rose Face Mask Mini (1 oz/30 mL) BNIB $10 (retail value $26)
Lancome Advanced Genefique Hydrogel Melting Mask 1 mask BN in packaging $7 (retail value $15)
MD Cosmetica Growth Factor Repair Mask 1 mask BN in packaging $5
Miss Spa Rose Stem Cell Renewal Sheet Mask 1 mask BN in packaging $1
Megababe Le Tush Clarifying Butt Mask DS (0.5 oz/15 mL) BN in packaging $2
Naisture Exfoliating 3-Step Skin Care Kit Full-size (comes with cleanser, sleeping mask, and AHA peeling pad) x 2 BN in packaging $2 each
Naisture Recharging 3-Step Skin Care Kit Full-size (comes with cleanser, moisturizer, and sheet mask) 1 available BN in packaging $2
Sephora Collection Purple Clay Mask 4 uses (1.18 oz/35 mL) BN $2
Sisterfoot CBD Foot Mask Two masks (one for each foot) BN in packaging $2
SKINWORKOUT Inner B System Inner Mask for Blemish Control 1 mask BN in packaging $2

Foil Packet Samples

Brand Product Size Price
Amlactin Foot Repair 0.11 oz/3 g $0.25
Barefoot Scientist High Dive Intensive Hydration Cream 0.1 oz/3 mL $0.15
Bareminerals Skinlongevity Skin Care Collection (Long Life Herb Serum, Eye Treatment & Night Treatment) 3 samples total (1 Long Life Herb Serum, 1 Long Life Eye Treatment, and 1 Long Life Night Treatment) $0.75
Beekman 1802 Bloom Cream Probiotic Moisturizer Unknown $0.15
Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb 0.1 oz/3 mL $0.25
Belif Youth Creator Age Knockdown Bomb Concentrated Anti Aging Serum 0.06 oz/2 mL $0.50
Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen Sensitive Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 0.2 oz/5 mL $0.25
Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum Complexion Correcting 0.03 oz/1 mL $0.25
CeraVe Moisturizing Cream 0.24 oz/7 mL $0.20
Clarins Multi-Active Jour Cream 0.06 oz/2 mL $0.25
Clinique Even Better Clinical Radical Dark Spot Corrector 0.03 oz/1 mL $0.20
Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser Unknown (2 available) $0.25 each
Elizabeth Arden Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Capsules 2 capsules $0.50
Estee Edit by Estee Lauder Dissolve the Drama 2-in-1 Makeup Remover and Cleanser 0.05 oz $0.15
Freeman Detoxifying Charcoal + Black Sugar Mud Mask 0.25 oz/7 mL $0.30
Fresh Milk Body Cleanser 0.13 oz/4 mL $0.25
Fresh Milk Body Lotion 0.13 oz/4 mL $0.25
Good Molecules Silicone-Free Priming Moisturizer 0.06 oz/2 mL (1 available) $0.20
Glytone Micro-Peel Mandelic Gentle Resurfacing Serum 0.1 oz/3 mL $0.50
Glytone TranEXamide Discoloration Serum 0.1 oz/3 mL $0.50
HD Cosmetic Efficiency MELANTXA Day Gel Cream 4 available $0.25
HD Cosmetic Efficiency MELANTXA Night Gel Cream Unknown $0.25
HD Cosmetic Efficiency MELANTXA Body Lotion Unknown $0.25
HD Cosmetic Efficiency BLUMOIST Aqua Gel Unknown $0.25
Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser 0.1 oz $0.20
Innisfree Youth Enriched Cream with orchid 0.03 oz (only 1 available) $0.25
It Cosmetics Hello Results Wrinkle Reducing Daily Retinol Serum-in-Cream 0.05 oz/1.5 mL $0.25
Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer 0.03 oz/1 mL $0.20
Kate Somerville Eradikate Daily Foaming Cleanser Acne Treatment 0.07 oz/2 mL $0.25
Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream 0.1 oz/3 mL $0.25
Kristals Cosmetics Rock Crystal Free Magic Supreme Body Butter 0.06 oz x 2 $0.10 each
KylieSkin Face Moisturizer 0.1 oz/3 mL $0.20
Lancer The Method: Polish (Normal-Combination Skin) 0.17 oz/5 g $0.25
La Roche-Posay Toleriance Double Repair Moisturizer UV SPF 30 0.06 oz/2 mL $0.20
L'Occitane Ultra Thirst Quenching Gel 0.05 oz/1.5 mL $0.20
Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Foam Cleanser Unknown $0.20
Neostrata Restore Bionic Face Serum with 10% PHA 0.07 oz/2 mL $0.25
Neostrata Correct Comprehensive Retinol 0.3% Night Serum 0.07 oz/2 mL $0.25
Neostrata Correct Comprehensive Retinol Eye Cream 0.07 oz/2 mL $0.30
Neutrogena Ultra Thin Blemish Patch Large 1 patch $0.75
Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Retinol Serum Capsule 1 serum capsule $0.20
Peach Slices Acne Clarifying Cleanser 0.07 oz/2 mL $0.15
Philosophy Purity One-Step Facial Cleanser 0.05 oz/1.5 mL $0.15
Rituals Cosmetics Ritual of Namaste Glow Radiance Anti-Aging Serum 0.03 oz/1 mL $0.20
Rituals Cosmetics Ritual of Namaste Glow Radiance Anti-Aging Day Cream 0.05 oz/1.5 mL $0.20
StriVectan Super Shrink Pore Minimizing Serum with BHA and Clarifying Enzymes 0.03 oz/1 mL $0.30
Too Cool For School Egg Mellow Cream 0.05 oz/1.5 g $0.20
Too Cool For School Rules of Mastic IX Enhancer Recovery Facial Balm 0.05 oz/1.5 g $0.25
Tula Take Care + Polish Revitalize & Cleanse Body Exfoliator 0.16 oz/5 mL $0.40
Tula Take Care + Nourish Advanced Hydration Body Moisturizer 0.16 oz/5 mL $0.40
Urban Skin Rx Retinol Rapid Repair Treatment 0.27 oz/8 mL $0.30
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2023.05.04 22:32 shallah Environmental groups sue US government over explosive SpaceX rocket launch: reportedly smashed windows in Port Isabel, TX ...starting a 3.5-acre fire in state park lands & hurling concrete, metal & ash over the habitats of endangered animals

Environmental groups sue US government over explosive SpaceX rocket launch: reportedly smashed windows in Port Isabel, TX ...starting a 3.5-acre fire in state park lands & hurling concrete, metal & ash over the habitats of endangered animals submitted by shallah to uspolitics [link] [comments]