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2018.11.13 00:42 EliteDuck You are probably looking for /r/beatsaber

You are probably looking for /beatsaber

2023.05.23 02:53 GimmeBean Can't find username on beatsaber

Hi!! I'm trying to get custom songs through beastsaber and I've registered an account using discord. I've toggled bookmarks on in syncsaber and my account on desktop and mobile says I've bookmarked several songs.
However I just can't find my username on the actual beatsaber app and I've tried it through BMBF and syncsaber with no luck.
I'm not really sure what to do. Any advice would be appreciated!
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2023.05.15 23:33 KurtDunniehue Looking for info on Beastsaber mods.

Hi guys, I noticed it's been a few days since the latest patch came out, and the BeastSaber mods haven't been updated. It's a bit odd that it's been this long.
However, I have noticed that this patch likely changed some things that may have broken more than a typical patch. My Quest 2 Headset doesn't want to allow Steam to run the game anymore for one through the Air Link. It runs on the computer being facilitated by the Oculus program regardless of Steam being what used to handle the launching and running of the game before.
Did this last update introduce a lot of challenges for the PC modding scene?
edit: For anyone else looking for the solution, you can downgrade to just prior to the latest update in Steam > Beat Saber > Settings-Cogwheel > Properties > Betas > Beta Participation > legacy 1.29.1*
That will install a version that works with the mod assistant.
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2023.04.28 21:43 bestform BeastSaber not updating. Is everyone ok?

I wonder if everyone is ok over at BeastSaber. The page hasn't been updated for over three days now (which is not a long time, don't get me wrong. But it is very unusual for this particular page to stay unchanged for so long).
I hope everyone is doing well. Does anyone have any info?
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2023.03.24 21:36 alexnag26 Best way to get songs from Beatsaver or Beastsaber to Quest 2?

Syncing has gotten harder despite the in-game UI. I'm really struggling. Syncsaber in BMBF is not syncing to my bsaber account. There is no way to use the in-same song adder to add from accoubts directly from either website. The browser fails to let me find my bookmarks for either website, nor log in.
BMBF 1.16.00. Afaik Beatsaber 1.24
Am I missing some wonderful solution?
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2023.03.09 08:09 JustSome50yoGuy Am I Good At This Game?

I know I am going to get posers and trolls, but I figured I’d give this a shot anyway.
I’ve been playing Beat Saber for just under a year. It took me a very long time to figure out a grip and settings that worked best for me, but once I finally dialed it in (without mods), I started to finally put in some good runs. My family says I am really good with some asking how I am able to track so many boxes. Then I go on Tik Tok and think, “Well, look at these amazing people; I must really not be that good.”
So, I downloaded the top 400 Expert+ songs from Beastsaber and have been going through them in alphabetical order.
I’m up to “R” and so far, I’ve been able to get through about 98% of them first pass, most with S ranks with even a few rare with SS. I know NPS may not be a perfect approximation, but I can do almost all 5s and a few 6s. I have yet to beat any 7 or higher.
So, like I said, I have no idea if this a good indicator or if I have a lot of work still to go. Being my age, I’m not sure I can get much faster.
I await evisceration.
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2023.02.22 15:21 link42586 Syncing playlist in-game to beastsaver?

Syncing playlist using in game song downloader to be on BeastSaber (I think this was the site I'm almost sure) for when I reinstall. I made A few in game playlists and I'd like to save those for another install if I need to. Anyone know how to do this? I remember I didn't need to redo my songs from another install because beastsaber I think it was saved the songs/Playlists so can that be done in reverse from the in-game playlists?
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2023.02.21 07:00 LoisMustDie946 Downloaded playlists overwrite each other

I’m on 1.25.1 Whenever I download a new curated playlist from beastsaber it takes the spot of the last playlist I downloaded instead of adding it to the overall playlist library. I think it’s still keeping the songs from the last playlist but it’s taking the album slot In the custom songs section. I can’t figure out what’s causing this. I suspect something is up with data saver mod?
This started happening at least a few months back now.
Any help would be appreciated
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2023.01.30 20:51 JamJam71103 Moving custom songs

I just got modded beatsaber on the oculus pc version and I have a ton of custom songs/playlists from the oculus quest 2 version from the headset I want to transfer over. Anyone know of a good way of doing so?
If not, then how to download songs from the BeastSaber website directly to the pc beatsaber game?
Thank you!
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2023.01.25 22:58 friedasucker48 Does anyone else ever get confused about Beatsaber mod names?

Not mad, just feel robbed of a mod because I downloaded SaberTrailer instead of SaberTailor, which is what I wanted.
I swear the names for beat saber mods are probly so similar like the whole time I was downloading the mod I really thought I'd get saber tailor and never noticed 😭
There's ScoreSaber and BeatLeader, SaberTrailer and SaberTailor, beastsaber and beatsaver, Qubes and (qosmetic) Cyoobs, and like 40 different hit score visualizers, counters and tweaks mods
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2023.01.18 15:03 Accurate_Bus8108 beastsaber songs for hard /expert

I recently got bmbf and so far I'm thinking it was a mistake. I had more songs that were well mapped and fun for me and my family before bmbf. I can't do any expert+ and even if I could I still think hard /expert is where the funnest pace is at.
I was really bummed to see magic by Jaroslav Beck be only available in expert+. And it had notes that appeared a quarter second before it was too late.... so you couldn't see them in the distance. I deleted the map. But that was my favorite map 😭. How is it possible that the original maps aren't available on bmbf? I assumed that would be a base and bmbf would build on top of that.
I may get into mapping my own songs but I'd have to put in significant time just to get back to a point where I already was before bmbf. So I think due to time constraints I may be better going back.
Is there something I'm missing here? Is there fun to be had in bmbf for people that don't want expert +?
Beat saber was a great game to show to friends new to vr but with bmbf they'll have almost zero songs to learn on. And the ones that it does have seem obscure or some song I've never heard of.
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2023.01.06 21:52 nyuchu ISO - DMCA safe music with existing maps

Anyone have any existing DMCA safe playlists on bsaber's (beastsaber) website that you recommend, or tracks in general they know is safe for streaming? Apparently the original volumes are good to go, but I'd like to have some variety for streaming. Having difficulty finding any existing collections all in one place.
((If there's any existing threads for this please lmk))
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2023.01.02 06:45 perceivedpleasure this is fucked up

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2022.12.27 21:30 mgkyM1nt Need help! Playlists overwriting each other

BMBF overrides playlists when i try to download either from BeastSaber or BeatSaver. For example, i downloaded "Christmas contest 2022" playlist from the BeastSaber, then downloaded "Chainsaw Man Op and Ed" playlist from BeatSaver, and in BMBF playlist section, one replaced the other... it appears that both playlists are saved with same file name download_BMBF.json to ModData/com.beatgames.beatsabeMods/PlaylistManagePlaylists/ that causes one file to replace the other. Any ideas how to fix or avoid that? I tried altering file names in directory but the playlist dissapears from BMBF after that.
There was a similar issue
but renaming files didn't help as i described above.
Any help is appreciated!
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2022.12.22 14:54 basmand Downloaded songs from bmbf not showing ingame

I downloaded sidequest and bmbf for the first time and started downloading songs in the bmbf app under beastsaber but they Arent showing up ingame and i cant find anything about how i get them too online. Anyone who can help me?
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2022.12.22 07:09 DracoSparda26 Having some trouble.

I'm trying to download some more custom songs from BeastSaber but whenever I preview them they either don't show any notes and or keep loading when I do download them. Any advice for this?
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2022.11.26 00:40 SilvanuZ Beatsaber doesn't find Songs anymore via BeatSaver. It worked perfectly till today. I changed literally nothing. Beatsaber 1.25.1. Quest 2. I still can add songs via BMBF and also can find new songs via Beastsaber. But Beatsaver is not working. No matter what config. I reinstalled it 3 times. :(

Beatsaber doesn't find Songs anymore via BeatSaver. It worked perfectly till today. I changed literally nothing. Beatsaber 1.25.1. Quest 2. I still can add songs via BMBF and also can find new songs via Beastsaber. But Beatsaver is not working. No matter what config. I reinstalled it 3 times. :( submitted by SilvanuZ to beatsaber [link] [comments]

2022.11.13 17:05 bakedcookie612 Beat saber mod

I just installed side quest and also downloaded BMBF to my quest and everything seems to be working fine, but how do I find the modded songs? I went to beastsaber and tried bookmarking and adding songs but I couldn’t get it to work any help is appreciated
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2022.10.25 03:57 Khronos___ What are some other alternatives to BeastSaber & BeatSaver?

I'm interested in finding more maps that aren't listed on the two prior websites and want to know where I can find them,
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2022.10.23 22:05 XiolintYT Why is beastsaber not letting me log in / register?

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2022.10.16 15:24 TitanBeats_YT Hows the 2080 super for vr?

Currently rocking the 1650 4gb with my quest 2, so far games mostly run at 30-50fps but some select games run at 60-70ish (beastsabeB&S)
I can play for hours at 30-40 fps so I know realistically any graphics update will help and be good enough for me to play, but will the 2080 super be good for say upscaled assetto corsa or decent quality HLA?
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2022.10.04 21:59 PI_greaterthan_ME How much to pay a mapper to map a custom song?

Would love to play my favorite songs on BS, but either they are no maps or they are too high a level. I am not at Expert yet. I saw on that a mapper wrote to DB them to create a custom map. Curious what the $ ranges are before I pursue.
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2022.10.02 22:53 Firewielder888 Are there just a lot of popular song without mappings, or am I doing something wrong?

Hey. I'm just curious if I'm looking in the wrong spot or something, because I've searched a few popular songs and artists such as Stephen Sanchez (which I saw on youtube there is a map for) but when I search for that same artist I get nothing from him. I'm on Steam, and I've even gone onto beastsabers website, and couldn't find anything there either.
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