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2023.05.31 18:27 Defiant_Ad_9395 AITA For Telling Him I Didn't Feel Safe Going Back to His Place?

As a kid growing up, my mom constantly beat me up over the that strangers were dangerous and I watched a lot of true crime, making me cautious and anxious AF as an adult.
Anyway, I am 26 years old and a virgin and haven't dated much because my mom constantly told me sleeping with people was gross and scary and that I'll get diseases, STDs, get knocked up, etc. and she didn't believe I was bright enough to use BC right because I'm kind of an airhead and forgetful.
I've been using dating apps a lot but the guys there are mostly disgusting or lazy and just message hey. But I came across a handsome guy (27M) who actually took the time to do a videocall with me, was super kind, polite, thoughtful, and asked me out for dinner.
He smiled the whole time, offered to pick me up (I didn't accept), checked in with me to see if I needed to use the restroom, got me steak and cocktails, and was just so sweet and handsome. I had major social anxiety during the d8 because I just didn't believe this was real and the guy noticed and I think it made him turned off.
Anyway, at the end of the d8, he invited me back to his place. I panicked because I thought if I went he would try to sleep with me, so I made up an excuse about my dad picking me up and ran into the convenience store. Surprisingly, the man smiled and was very understanding and gave me a huge and left. WTF as soon as he left I realized I made a huge mistake.
When I got home I texted him that I don't go back to the guy's place for safety reasons and because it was my parent's rule, he said that me saying this made him feel like I had doubts about him or didn't find him attractive. I told him that wasn't the case, he seemingly understood but never asked me out and unmatched me a few days later informing me he had taken things further with another person.
This was over a month ago and I keep having dreams about him, like for example I had a dream I went to a high-end spa and fitness club and ran into him and we slept together. My self-esteem is also shot to pieces and I don't know why he doesn't want me anymore. I think he was genuinely interested in me and I feel so foolish and paranoid for not going back to his place. I also feel quite rude not going back after he put in ALL that effort and think I probably came off as a boring worry wart. Thoughts? AITA?
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2023.05.31 18:23 k819799amvrhtcom Self-Imposed Videogame Challenge: Trans Ally Edition!

TL;DR (spoilers): You, and anyone who wants to try the challenge with you if it's a multiplayer game, are a trans ally, and your job is to collect $25,000 or the equivalent thereof in in-game money (rounded up to the next smallest divisible part) for your transgender friend's transition in less than 31 in-game years. Everything is allowed. You do not have to finish the game.
Want a new and interesting way to play your favorite videogame? I got one with a transgender theme that is interesting, challenging, easy to implement, and compatible with almost any videogame, so it's a Mario challenge, a Pokémon challenge, a Minecraft challenge, and so on and so forth, all at the same time!

The Plot

You, and anyone who wants to try the challenge with you if it's a multiplayer game, are a trans ally, and your job is to collect money to pay for your transgender friend's transition. You win by acquiring enough in-game money. You are allowed to consult the internet, use passwords from the internet, commit in-game crimes, purchase microtransactions, abuse glitches, use cheat codes, and even hack the game to reach your goal, but is it really worth the effort? You are kinda expected to use the easiest way to win the challenge that you know of.

The Rules

Rule #1: You have to get the money you need for a transition. In order to make the challenge less boring for you, I did the research for you and came to the result of $25,000. However, this value might change if you try out this challenge in the far future, meaning that this challenge technically changes depending on when you attempt it. The value is expected to rise even further with inflation, or perhaps it might be reduced with the invention of more efficient surgery techniques. If the USA ever starts getting the universal healthcare system or a societal breakdown makes these surgeries impossible, this challenge will refer to the cost of the legal name & gender change, instead. And if that also ever becomes free then just choose a different country where it isn't free yet. But this is not going to change anytime soon (When do you think this challenge will become obsolete?) so, for now, you just have to remember to collect $25,000 in in-game money. This applies to every game that uses $ for in-game money. If the game uses £ or ¥ or € or any other real-world value, you'll have to convert it. Here's an online tool for converting currencies, which also supports various cryptocurrencies and custom rate dates. If the maximum amount of in-game money you can hold at once is less then the challenge is simply impossible. This only applies to non-videogame currencies.
Rule #2: If the in-game currency is fictional then you'll have to convert it (rounded up to the next smallest divisible part). It's easy if you can buy in-game money with real money, even if that feature doesn't work because of a glitch or something. Otherwise, you'll have to do some research. If you can't find any direct information on the internet, I would suggest starting here to get a basic idea on how to calculate that. If there are multiple in-game currencies you are allowed to split the price of the transition among them in any way you want, provided you know the value of all of them. If there is no in-game currency then you are allowed to use points instead. If the game doesn't have points either then you can try to invent a substitute currency but it has to be something that would actually work as a substitute currency in the world you're in. If that's not possible either then the only way for you to win this challenge is to raise real money by doing a let's play of the game. But then you'll have to actually pay for a real trans person's transition (yourself included) or donate the money to transgender-related causes to actually win the challenge. Here's a website that lets you donate for transgender causes. If the amount of in-game money you can hold at once is less or you were unable to find out how much you need then you are also allowed to simply collect the maximum possible amount instead because games will never ask you for more money than you can hold for a single product, meaning that this would have to be the in-game prize of a transition, as transitions are always for only a single person. This only applies to videogame currencies.
Rule #3: You do not need to finish the game. All you need to do to win this challenge is to get the money somehow. Please keep in mind that the exchange rate isn't constant. The exact amount you need to win the challenge has to be enough in the moment when you have the amount. You automatically win the challenge the moment this is the case.
Rule #4: You need to get the money in less than 31 in-game years. This number was calculated by subtracting the age at which children begin to have an innate sense of their own gender (4 years) from the average lifespan of a trans person (35 years). If the game has time-travelling elements, you are allowed to use those to extend the time limit. However, it only counts if this actually involves time itself and not just the timer. The same also goes the other way around: Travelling into the future or even moving in relativistic speeds will decrease the time limit. If the time limit runs out, I hope you have a way to return back to the past later!
Rule #5: If you can choose between multiple difficulty settings, you are allowed to choose the easiest one. In fact, you are expected to. Trans people are already on hard mode and the idea of being an ally is to specifically use the possibilities given to you to help those with fewer possibilities than you. If you have the option to select an easier difficulty setting which would make it easier for you to win this challenge, use it. Even if you're already used to playing on a higher difficulty mode. Not doing so would be considered bad strategy on your part. You are allowed to choose a higher difficulty setting, but please only do so if this actually gives you some advantages, like more rewards, more levels, or faster gameplay. This challenge gives you no bonus points for selecting a higher difficulty setting.
Rule #6: Emulation, and all tricks that come with it, are explicitly allowed. Doing so might be against the law but it is explicitly not against the rules of this challenge. The reason for this is because being transgender has been illegal for a long time and still is in many states, forcing many people to break the law in order to live their lives. The police have historically targeted trans and gender non-conforming folks. Stonewall was a riot against police brutality. I am not advocating for doing anything illegal. I am, however, saying that you should never use the law to argue for the morality of anything trans-related, as doing so would be disrespectful towards a huge part of transgender history. Therefore, this rule will remain in effect even if being transgender ever becomes legal worldwide.
In order to make the challenge even less boring for you, I have started researching loads of fictional currencies and how much money you would have to collect there for this challenge so you don't have to.
A Song of Ice and Fire - 19 Gold Dragons and 1 Copper Star or 39 Hands
Albion Online - 4,752,500 Gold
Among Us - 250,000 Stars
Animal Crossing - 2,625,000 Bells
Animal Jam - 69,833 Diamonds
Animal Jam - 2,688,173 Sapphires
Apex Legends - 2,500,000 Apex Coins
Arcaea - 2,550,000 Memories
Archage Unchained - 125,000,000 Coins
Arknights - 30,000 Originium
Ashes of Creation - 3,376,000 Embers
Astroneer - 2,500,000 QBits
Avatar - 166,666.67 Yuan
Azur Lane - 1,531,440 Gems
Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning - 2,500,000 You Thought Points
Banjo-Kazooie - 900 Musical Notes
BattleTech - 2,500 C-Bills
Be Funny Now! - 2,625,000 Gems
Bioshock Infinite - 715 Silver Eagles
Bloons Monkey City - 1,250,000 Bloonstones
Bloons TD Battles - 625,000 Medallions
Bloons TD Battles 2 - 13,000,000 Monkey Money
Bloons Tower Defense 5 - 19,318,182 Monkey Money
Bloons Tower Defense 5 - 150,000 Tokens
Bloons Tower Defense 6 - 17,500,000 Monkey Money
Boomlings - 93,750,000 Gold
Brawl Stars - 425,000 Gems
Call of Duty - 2,500,000 Points
Candy Crush Saga - 250,000 Gold Bars
Change - finish the game
Chronicles of Riddick - 150,000 UD
Clash of Clans - 2,500,000 Gems
Clash Royale - 2,500,000 Gems
Cookie Clicker - 300,000 Cookies
Cookie Run Kingdom - 2,500,000 Crystals
Cowboy Bebop - 13,461,539 Woolongs
Cyberpunk - 11,208,707,759 Eurodollars
Dead by Daylight - 2,500,000 Auric Cells
Demolition Man - 25 Credits
DemonCrawl - 3,125,000 Tokens
Destiny 2 - 2,500,000 Silver
Disco Zoo - 375,000 DiscoBux
Discworld - 150.00 Ankh-Morpork Dollar or 40,000 Crowns
Disney Ducks Comic Universe
Volcano Valley - 2,500,000,000 Volcanovian Pezozies
Donald Duck - 1,250 Bajillion Pecos
Diablo Immortal - 1,800,180 Eternal Orbs
Disney Emoji Blitz - 219,298,000 Coins or 1,315,780 Gems
Doctor Who - 784,094 Credits
Donkey Kong - 999 Banana Coins
Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom - 83,334 Whuffie
Dragon Mania Legends - 28,470,070,000 Gold or 950,060 Gems
Dragonball Z - 50,000 Zeni
DragonVale - 500 Trunks, 1 Bag, and 1 Pile
Dune - 15,254 Solari
Dungeons and Dragons - 198 Platinum Pieces, 4 Gold Pieces, 1 Silver Piece, and 3 Copper Pieces
Dys4ia - finish the game
Egg Inc. - 17,000,000 Golden Eggs
Elite Dangerous - 31,250,000 ARX
Exoracer - 400,000 Diamonds
Fallen London - 140,000 Fate
Fallout - 1,605 Bottle Caps
Fate/Grand Order - 42,709 Saint Quartz
Felix the Cat - 12,500,000,000,000 Bakshee
Final Fantasy VII - 1,366,121 Gil
Fishing Planet - 194,159,000 Credits or 1,941,590 Baitcoins
Fortnite - 3,125,000 V-Bucks
Gaia Online - 2,500,000 Gaia Cash or 125,000,000,000,000 Gold or 12,500,000 Platinum or 125,000 Flynn's Booties
Game of Thrones - 25 Gold Dragons
Genshin Impact - 1,500,000 Genesis Crystals
Going Under - 10,000,000,000 Styxcoin
Gorilla Tag - 5,000,000 Shiny Rocks
Growtopia - 875,000,000 Gems
Guardians of the Galaxy - 10,715 Units
Guild Wars 2 - 2,000,000 Gems
GURPS - 140,108,846 Gold, 19 Silver, and 13 Copper
Halo - 57,073.82 Credits
Harry Potter - 3,401 Galleons, 6 Sickles, and 4 Knuts
Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage - 2,916,667 Crystals
High Frontier 4 All - 1 Aqua
HoboWars - 25,000 Points
Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh - 50,283,334 Gleeblos
Honkai: Star Rail - 1,620,180 Stellar Jades or 1,620,180 Oneiric Shards
Hunter × Hunter - 2,916,667 Jenny
Hypixel - 3,375,000 SkyBlock Gems or 2,500,000 Gold or 31,250 Loot Chests
In Time - 3.259 average Gregorian years
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? - 2,625,000 Vals
Jacksfilms - 138,889 YIAY Tokens
Jetpack Joyride - 250,000,000 Coins
Juego de Tronos - 8,966,966 Gold, 43 Silver, and 1 Copper
Kamen Rider Build - 25,000 Dollark
Keeper of the Lost Cities - 1 Luster
Kingdom Hearts - 18,797 Munny
Kingdom of Loathing - 2,500 Mr. Accessories
Kirby series - 3,125,600 Gem Apples
League of Legends - 3,250,000 Riot Points
LEGO series - 32 Studs
Limbus Company - 1,750,000 Lunacy
Lord of the Rings Online - 2,875,600 LOTRO Points or 359,425 Mithril Coins
Magikarp Jump - 1,250,000 Diamonds
Mario series
exact price - 277,778 Mushroom Coins or 277,778 Koopabits
Dr. Mario World - 277,778 Mushroom Coins or 375,000 Diamonds
Super Mario 3D World - 👑👑👑 Lives and 99 Mushroom Coins
3D Mario games - 99 Lives and 49 Mushroom Coins
2D Mario games - 99 Lives and 99 Mushroom Coins
Super Mario Odyssey - 9,999 Mushroom Coins
Super Mario Land 2 - 999 Mushroom Coins
Bowser's Fury - 99 Mushroom Coins
Mario & Luigi: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga - play until the part where you win the bet against Prince Peasley
Mario Kart Tour - 37,500 Rubies
Mass Effect - 156250 Credits
Merge Dragons - 625,000 Dragon Gems
Minecraft - 64 Emeralds
Minecraft: Bedrock Edition - 4,250,000 Minecoins
Monster Hunter - 2,625,000 Zeni
Monster Legends - 325,000 Gems
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - 2,500 Bits
My Singing Monsters - 500,000 Diamonds
Narnia - 100,000 Lions
Neko Atsume - 1,875,000 Gold Fish
Neopets - 2,500,000 Neocash
New World - 25,000,000 Gold Coins
Nineteen Eighty Four - 25,000.00 Oceanian Dollars
Ninja Kiwi - 625,000 NK Coins
Naruto - 262,500 Ryō
Odd Squad - 25,000 Jackalope Dollars
One Piece - 2,625,000 Belly or 26,250,000,000 Extol
Path of Exile - 6,250,000 Chaos Orbs or 100,000 Exalted Orbs
Pixel Gun 3D - 750,000 Gems
Plants vs. Zombies 2 - 50,000,000 Coins or 250,000 Gems
Pluto Nash - 3 Hillaries
Pocket Trains - 3,000,000 Bux
Pokémon series - 999,999 Pokédollars
Pokémon Go - 1,718,750 Pokécoins
Pokémon Sword and Shield - 175,000 Watts
Pokémon UNITE - 1,531,250 Aeos Gems
Progressbar95 - 125,000 Product Keys
Ratchet & Clank - 38,462 Metal Bolts
Rebuild World - 2,625,000 Aurum
Red Dwarf - 1,308 Dollar Pounds and 25 Pennycents
Rick and Morty - 125,000 Flurbos
Roblox - 2,000,000 Robux
Rocket League - 2,500,000 Credits
Roma - 1,685,519,963 Denarius and 4 Sesterius
Sea of Thieves - 2,291,667 Ancient Coins
Second Life - 8,000,000 Linden Dollars
Shadowrun - 11,208,707,759 Nuyen or 33,626,123,276 Rubles
Slow Life in Another World (I Wish!) - 2,625,000 Nohl
Snow White with the Red Hair - 2,625,000 Dill
Sonic series - 4,556,386 Rings
Sonic Forces: Speed Battle - 2,500,000 Red Star Rings
Spaceballs - 82,667 Space Bucks
Sprawl Trilogy - 1,086,957 New Yen
Spy X Family - 8,203 Dalc and 13 Ostanian Pents
Spyro - 166,667 Gems
Star Trek - 516,235 Federation Credits or 250,000 Darsek
Star Trek (Mari) - 675,676 Renn
Star Trek (United Federation of Planets) - 12,500 Federation Credits
Star Trek: The Next Generation - 15 Bars of Gold-pressed Latinum, 15 Strips, and 6 Slips
Star Wars - 500,000 Galactic Credit Standards
Stardew Valley - 500g
Stormbringer - 186,811,795 Gold, 9 Silver, and 8 Copper
Street Fighter - 3,137 Bison Dollars
Subway Surfers - 225,000,000 Coins or 125,000 Keys
Sword Art Online: Gun Gale Online - 262,500,000 Credits
Team Fortress 2 - 10,000 Keys
Temple Run - 250,000,000 Coins
Terraria - 2 Silver Coins
The Ballad of Rika Strong-Arm - 148 Gold Pieces
The Battle Cats - 750,000 Cat Food
The Binding of Isaac - impossible because you can only hold 99¢
The Elder Scrolls - 11,004 Septim
The Flintstones - 7,813 Clams
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - 428,572 Altarian dollars
The Impossible Game 2 - 2,000,000 Blocks
The Number of the Beast - 25 New Dollars
The Office - 250,000,000 Schrute Bucks
The Sims - 19,380 Simoleons
The Witcher - 83,334 Crowns or 63,452 Orens
Tiny Tower - 7,500,000 Bux
Touhou LostWord - 760,000 God Crystals
Trigun - 90,580 Double Dollars
Truxton King - 17,858 Gavvo
War Robots - 3,000,000 Gold
Warframe - 375,000 Platinum
What Mad Universe - 250,000 Credits
Who Framed Roger Rabbit - 2,808,989 Simoleons
World Flipper - 1,000,000 Lodestar Beads
World of Tanks and World of Warplanes - 3,418,997,741,500 Gold
World of Warcraft Classic - 2,375,000 Gold
World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade - 3,500,000 Gold Coins
World of Warships - 9,375,000,000 Credits or 6,250,000 Doubloons
Zelda - 999 Rupees
The values are not guaranteed to be accurate. In fact, I have found many cases of contradictory information on the internet. But you don't care about that anyway, do you? This isn't about the exact value anyway. These are all meant to be rough estimates to give you a sense of scale.

The Motivation

I was inspired by my Pokémon Trans Ally challenge that is about collecting money for a trans person's surgery. If you actually attempt this challenge you'll see that it'll usually be a very long and tedious challenge that will require a lot of experimentation, long-term planning, and doing the same things over and over again for a very long time, especially if you wanna try this as a speedrun. If the challenge bores you out, well, that is the point! The challenge is meant to give people with little or no sense of money an impression of how much money this really is! Now, you could argue that this challenge could theoretically be used to visualize any amount of money, and you would technically be correct, but I still think that a transgender transition is one of the best matches for this challenge because:
  1. A transition is always only for one person. We aren't talking about a company buying another company or a country investing in more infrastructure. This is something within the realm of a single person so it makes sense to have this be a challenge for a single person or a small group.
  2. This is not a luxury item like a famous painting or a private jet. Overwhelming scientific evidence proves that this is a medical necessity that trans people require in order to live like the majority of people. It is not something you want but something you need. So you can really say that acquiring all this money is really something that they have to go through. Therefore, unless you are transgender yourself, I would really recommend you to actually play the challenge until the end, even if it takes you years to actually do so. Not for your enjoyment but to acknowledge trans people's struggles and maybe also to protest against the gatekeeping system.
  3. Unlike people who regularly need medications, the transgender transition is a once-in-a-lifetime thing and is therefore compatible with a challenge that you only play through once and then never again.
  4. Once your transition is over, it cannot be taken from you.
  5. It is not possible to request the costs to be paid for you if you can prove that you cannot afford it, meaning the only way to get it is to actually get the money.
  6. Being trans is not an illness or a disability. Trans people never did anything wrong, neither deliberately nor accidentally. They are simply born with a condition that requires them to get the money. Trans people are therefore as guilt-free as a typical videogame hero.
Do you know anything more expensive that fulfills all those criteria?

The Fun Facts

/uj If you donate gold in Gaia Online, the company will donate money to charity. I find this mechanic to be a really good idea and I would like to see it more often because it enables players to support the less fortunate without having to donate their own money. Just imagine if every game on this list gave you the option to donate $25,000 worth of in-game money which would then be donated to transgender causes and unlock the Trans Ally achievement! I know it would be very cumbersome to unlock, but completionists would definitely go for it and also, it would be done for a good cause!
/rj Did you know you can make it so that every time an amount of money is shown, its value is converted into transgender transitions?
Simply get Universal Automatic Currency Converter, then scroll down to Custom display and enter the following:
Use custom display: ☑
Custom display: ¤ 🏳️‍⚧️
Custom conversion rate: 0.00004
/uj The original post was removed by Reddit's spam filters so I uploaded it again without the links in the list. The original list with the links in them will be in the comments.
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2023.05.31 18:22 SimonCharles How many ND filters do I need?

Photography has been my hobby for a long time, and I've shot video occasionally, but never seriously. So I'm familiar with how ND filters work, but mostly with still photography, and even then a lot is recoverable when shooting RAW. Non-RAW videos need a bit more preparation.
I recently got the Pocket 2 for some vacation videos, and I'm going to need some NDs since I'll be shooting a lot in daytime and bright sunshine. There's a couple of filter packs I could get for the Pocket 2, the Polarpro 3-pack with ND8, 16 and 32, and the 6-pack with PL, ND4, 8, 16, 32 and 64.
Now, I'd gladly try them out myself but they're rather expensive and wouldn't want to buy twice, so I'd appreciate some tips before I buy. Realistically, will I be needing the ND4 and ND64 at all? I'm going to be shooting at 4K 25fps almost all of the time, and want to keep the shutter speed at 50 and ISO as low as possible, preferably at 100.
What's your real-life experience on this matter? Do you really need the ND4 and the ND64 in many situations?
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2023.05.31 18:21 Jealous-Pension7671 These tits were made for fuckin’ and that’s just what I’ll do🎶 *even got a rare booty shot*

These tits were made for fuckin’ and that’s just what I’ll do🎶 *even got a rare booty shot* submitted by Jealous-Pension7671 to HannahMontoya [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 18:20 PyroPiePants Keneda from Akira - z8, FTZ w/ 70-200 f2.8 @ 200mm 2.8, 1/100s, iso 3200, Cropped.

Keneda from Akira - z8, FTZ w/ 70-200 f2.8 @ 200mm 2.8, 1/100s, iso 3200, Cropped.
Got to use the new z8 over the weekend and wanted to test it in low light. And I'm honestly impress. In the past I would struggle in taking the same photo with my D750.
This was shot just before 10pm with a single street lamp being a light source to the left. (Other than the LEDs)
Did a little bit of edit in post, mainly denoise, but just a little. Even after cropping and image is sharp.
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2023.05.31 18:19 nikk0_b [WTS] Planet Eclipse Etha 1st gen - $200 obo (free shipping, paypal fees included)

[WTS] Planet Eclipse Etha 1st gen - $200 obo (free shipping, paypal fees included)
Cleaning out my garage. I purchased this etha used around 2014. It never saw the field during my ownership. The only use it saw was in my backyard. It shot flawlessly when I used it. I do not remember how many paintballs I put through it because it's been in storage ever since 2015. It is in near mint condition. All accessories, spare parts, and tools, as well as the barrel, are not included because they didn't come with it when I purchased it. I put a battery in it, and it turns on. Unfortunately, I don't have air to dry fire/test it out. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will update the description if any questions are asked. I'm willing to adjust my price accordingly if it's too high. I've been holding on to my markers for too long. Unfortunately, i don't intend on getting back into the game. I'm ready to give my markers up for a steal.
Pictures show my ebay username. I initially intended to list it on ebay, but I figured I try to sell here first to avoid ebay fees. I also intended to post yesterday, but I got busy.
I have more pictures, but it says gallery is not allowed. DM me and I can provide you more pictures.
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2023.05.31 18:18 TwistedTripwire Doctor and Clown are super fun!

I've been trying to fill out my non-licensed killer pool and got enough shards to unlock two killers so I went with Doctor and Clown. Normally I wouldn't have any interest in them, but I figured "Hey, might as well".
I wish I had discovered them sooner. I've been having so much fun with them ever since I got them. Their powers are so much fun to use and the way they play is so much more engaging that a lot of the characters I'm used to playing.
I tried zoning killers, ranged killers, stealth killers, trap killers and they are all fun but there is something about the way that Doctor and Clown play that I find so much fun.
I don't know how popular they but I personally don't see them very often, but I'd say if you play killer you should definitely give them a shot. Not only are their powers fun to use, but since they are mainly chase based killers you can actually gain a lot of skills you can use on other killers.
Clown has improved my sense of pathing thanks to having to predict where to throw bottles and how to time them. Doctor has improved my knowledge of loops and pallet/window locations as well as how to play around them.
What do you guys think of Clown and Doctor? Have you tried them? What is it like going against them as Survivor?
TL;DR - Clown and Doctor are fun killers that I think more people should give a shot. What are your thoughts on them?
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2023.05.31 18:16 MetricWeakness6 Strangest way I saw a tank crew die

Strangest way I saw a tank crew die
Most strangest thing I saw in my time in Foxhole tbh (this was a while before 1.0 war I think?). So a quadiche or was it a Bardiche? was coming from the the SE of the road(Collies) and me and another guy (Warden) were SW where you see us but a bit further down. The Quad/bard was moving up to the middle of the intersection before one of the crew in it saw us and immediately jumped out even though we werent even near it (we had no AT on us) and tried to shoot us but somehow forgot about the MG pillbox on his right (the one you see there) and subsequently got gunned down by it.

Then the tank continued driving towards the NW side of the road and somehow entirely ignored the AT pillox you see on the left of the picture. The strangest thing was is that the tank died in 3-2 shots from the AT pillbox.

TLDr: one of the crew of an enemy tank saw us and got up to shoot us but forgot about the MG pillbox, enemy tank then got itself killed by 3-4 shots from the AT pillbox

It definitely wasnt moving in the direction of friendly territory and could have easily gone back the way it came to do so.
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2023.05.31 18:14 MurderfaceRunsThis Feeling defeated today. Need some reassurance

To start, I’m not looking for advice. Just a place to go for reassurance from people who know how it is.
I have three dogs, all rescues, two of them are reactive. Our 13 year old reactive chihuahua is pretty much a lost cause which is fine, we manage it just fine. Dog #2 is a rescued terrier mix. Sweet but shy and is a doll when she warms up. Dog #3 has the most issues.
He’s a rescue, medium size but not sure of breed. We got him when he was about four months old during the pandemic. When he got all of his shots we tried to start socializing him but when it came time to leash him he started to scream once it was around his neck, it sounded like we were beating him. It took months to get him comfortable enough to go on walks. He was scared and anxious.
Fast forward to now. We’ve been working intensively on his training to help him with dog and people reactivity. He is much more comfortable with people now which is awesome but his reactivity to dogs is just getting worse. He barks and lunges and jumps at dogs in the neighborhood. I’ve had to physically restrain him so he doesn’t hurt himself. Outside of the neighborhood he is much calmer because he’s so scared. I genuinely do not think he is dog aggressive, he just doesn’t know what to do.
Today I took my kids to the bus stop without him and met a sweetheart of a dog. I came home and just started crying. He’s never going to be a relaxed and happy go lucky dog and I have to deal with this for the next decade at least. Today I’m really not sure if I can do this.
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2023.05.31 18:13 JohnsonNorma972 I don’t even know what to say about this

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2023.05.31 18:10 InternationalRule1 Lush is jealous of Adam.

This isn't me hating on Lush, or dick riding Adam either. Just stating an objective fact.
Adam and Lush both white men around the same age (Adam is a lil younger actually)... As a matter of fact, Adam came from a middle class family, that's not at all involved in the entertainment industry, from the east coast. While Lush came from an extremely wealthy Los Angeles family with a film director father. Even when it comes to drama/beefs, Adam always seems to bounce back. Lush just spirals further and further down everytime someone disrespects him. Lush is broke. Lush is single with no kids in his mid 40s.
Then Lush wanna go off on this rant that "no one likes Adam" like a fifth grader. Adam just got married to his child's mother and is on his Europe month-long honeymoon. Not to mention he has one of the top hip hop podcasts. You think he's worried about "fwends" or street cred?... Thats why Lush ain't got shit, that mindset. he's so worried about being accepted instead of handling business like a man. Which ironically gets ZERO respect himself either.
Lush hates that Adam has way more going on himself. He sounded like he was subconsciously talking about himself in his rant against Adam.
Adam don't need to be worried about anybody from FMW doing him harm. A loser like Lush, with nothing to lose would be the one to crash out on him on some weird shit.
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2023.05.31 18:06 somethingig686926 My em's girlfriend is making me feel bad for being mad

I'm so confused and I feel terrible rn. So my parents have been abusive twords me in the past in many ways. They would beat me for little to no reason most times they'd make me babysit cook clean feed ECT my lil sibling and adults along with too many dogs. And for a long time we lived in filth because I was the only one cleaning and I couldn't keep up with 6 different people living in our house. They also emotional and mentally abused me. So obviously I (transm16) would be mad at my parents especially my mother since she hasn't changed at all.
I was on the way to an interview for a job I didn't get and me and my mom's girlfriend started talking about my mother. The conversation went into my past and how I'm mad that my parents did what they did, and I'm getting a job so I won't be home all day and I can save money for myself. She started to say how I felt was weird and then said "when you get older you'll realize that parenting has no handbook and they do things that aren't good but they still love you. I remember when my step mom insert abuse here (not my place to say what she went through) and I ran from her but I still forgave my dad even though he never helped. Your mom was Ina abusive relationship with your dad which caused her to do this all. You'll see and forgive her one day"
I obviously got a bit upset because I thought she was the one person who'd actually listen to me and not say something like that to me. I just changed the subject but it still hurts. I know parenting is hard I Basically raised my siblings but I think that a good parent would make sure their childrens house was atleast not filled with dogs and trash everywhere. I'd think a parent wouldn't leave their job for the kids to do. I think a responsible parent wouldn't give their 12 year old kid a gun on their birthday even though they asked for new glasses.i think a responsible parent wouldn't spend so much money on their partners and weed Instead of making sure there was food. I think a responsible parent wouldn't make their child a therapist for themselves, and it got so bad their kid doesn't know how to help themselves and will stay Ina abusive friendship and get groomed by grown women and men just because they are offered something the parent never gave. I'd think that would be you know the basics but apparently there needs to be a handbook for this all now. I just feel so betrayed because the girlfriend was supposed to be the one person i could trust but now I don't. Since of course she went and told my mom everything I said, so now I'm shutting down again. I know on here there's people that'll give me advice and I need that right now. Do I completely shut the girlfriend off too now??
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2023.05.31 18:05 Bagslapadin Had 971 interview today

Finally got my shot. 4 candidates, including myself, 2 positions. If I understood the MMES (him + 2 HR present) I am the only external candidate.
I feel neutral about the interview. I don't feel like I've walked out of there like a rockstar but I didn't sound like a clown either.
My best score on the 955 was actually for MPE 84.23. With military bonus makes it 89.23.
Was told to check my email by the end of the day for a pass fail notice on the interview. A little bit frustrating because I figure they make the decision as soon as you walk out of the room at least as far as the interview itself goes.
It is possible to pass the interview but lose out to someone that also passed but with a higher score. I feel like that is the most likely outcome for me here but I really appreciated finally getting my chance.
They never actually did ask about ohm's law I was so ready to rock that and bring up kirchhoff's and so on. Oh well. I think mentally I was still expecting an "ET" style interview. It was less formal than I expected and most of the questions weren't technical at all. I could see where one might manufacture an answer that sounded good but I didn't try to do that. I just answered honestly I did take my time and think for a few minutes on one.
No reason to try and bs those people everyone sitting in that room knows a lot more than I do.
Best of luck to the other candidates hopefully I see one of you in training.
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2023.05.31 18:04 eternalkushcloud RIP Latasha Harlins

RIP Latasha Harlins
"A South Carolina gas station owner was charged with murder on Monday after allegedly shooting and killing a 14-year-old boy he falsely believed was shoplifting bottles of water, according to police.
Rick Chow, 58, was arrested and charged in connection to the fatal shooting of Cyrus Carmack-Belton in Columbia, South Carolina, the Richland County Sheriff's Office said.
Lott said the convenience store owner, who police said was armed with a pistol, and his son chased after the teenager toward an apartment complex.
Cyrus fell during the chase, got up and was allegedly shot in the back by Chow, police said."
Nothing was stolen.
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2023.05.31 18:04 BlackJadeOFModeling So, I am working with RevAnimation model and need a bit of help/advice

So, I tweaked my settings and finally got the image look I wanted (I think). Anyways, I want to produce 3 different type of shots. Closeup, Half body and Full body. The prompts I have used are, Closeup, Cowboy shot and Full Body shot and has done what I needed except... The outfits get a slight variation to it during each perspective change (if that makes sense). How do I, once I get the models look the way I want, render 3 different views with exact same model, outfit, etc?
Prompts: ((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), ((realistic)), (detailed), (realistic), ultra detailed wallpaper 8k, 1girl, ((full body shot)), mature petite female elf fantasy mage, highly detailed skin, ((realistic green eyes)), ((Brown hair)), wearing green intricately detailed leaf robes, highly detailed skin, looking at the viewer, D&D fantasy, stunning gradient colors, no watermark signature, detailed background, elf village, lush jungle forest, florescent mushrooms, ,god rays, closed mouth, insanely detailed, ,((masterpiece)), absurdres, HDR, (hyperrealistic:1.2), oil painting, (Frank Frazetta:1.1)
Negative prompt: wires, ear rings, dirty face (deformed iris, deformed pupils, bad eyes, semi-realistic:1.4) (bad-image-v2-39000, bad_prompt_version2, bad-hands-5, EasyNegative, NG_DeepNegative_V1_4T, bad-artist-anime:0.7),(worst quality, low quality:1.3), (depth of field, blurry:1.2), (greyscale, monochrome:1.1), nose, cropped, lowres, text, jpeg artifacts, signature, watermark, username, blurry, artist name, trademark, watermark, title, (tan, muscular, loli, child, infant, toddlers, chibi, sd character:1.1), Reference sheet, long neck, (nsfw), multiple views Steps: 24, Sampler: DPM++ SDE Karras, CFG scale: 6.5, Seed: 3697780087, Size: 512x768, Model hash: 4199bcdd14, Model: revAnimated_v122, Denoising strength: 0.6, Clip skip: 2, Hires upscale: 2, Hires upscaler: Latent, Version: v1.3.0
Used embeddings: bad-image-v2-39000 [b03e], bad_prompt_version2 [afea], bad-hands-5 [10ca], easynegative [119b], bad-artist-anime [53f1]
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2023.05.31 18:03 London-Roma-1980 NON-CONFERENCE MATCHDAY 11 RESULTS

Basketball on Naismith Island is a game of 40 minutes. If you don't play all 40, you can lose a winnable game. See below.
#1 UCLA 80, #8 Michigan 77. Every defensive positioning matters; every play matters; every call matters. It's how you remain the #1 team in the land.
Bill Walton took a charging foul from Chris Webber with 12 seconds left, then sealed the game after being fouled on the inbound, as the Bruins (11-0) stole one from the Wolverines (9-2) to run their winning streak to 48 games in a row.
"I don't know what the complaint is. I had the position, I was far enough away from the basket, and I kept myself still. Chris [Webber] ran into me. It was the right call," Walton claimed.
While block/charge calls will always be controversial, it helped that the result of the collision took Webber's shot off-line. This wasn't a case of Michigan losing the lead on the call; reverse it, and Webber would have gone to the line down one. Still, the feelings of coming close and being so far resonated in the Michigan locker room.
"You can't do that -- you can't make that call," Webber griped after the game. "You gotta let us play, man."
Walton led all scorers with 18 points; Juwan Howard led Michigan with 17.
#3 Kentucky 82, #5 Kansas 81, OT. Wilt Chamberlain has never fouled out. Critics would say that stat plays too heavily in his mind at crucial points in the game -- that if you get a fourth foul on him, he becomes weaker on defense and passive when he should be going for blocks.
Is that what happened here? Obviously we'll never know, but the talk will become louder.
Anthony Davis' dunk over Chamberlain -- whose block attempt seemed to be a product of hesitation -- provided the difference with 1.2 seconds left as the Wildcats (10-1) took out the Jayhawks (9-2) after 45 minutes of end-to-end action.
"Coach [Adolph] Rupp told us that late in games, you could go to the rim," Davis said after the game as Kentucky fans swarmed him. "I didn't know how many fouls anyone had, I just knew that we were one down and the best chance I had was to get inside and dunk it down. I was able to do that, and we won the game as a result."
For his part, Chamberlain denied that his four fouls affected the final play. "I thought I had an angle to block it, but I wouldn't have gotten my hands there in time. I was out of position trying to guard [Dan] Issel on the final play. That's not how you zone."
Chamberlain had a monster game, putting up 19 points, 10 rebounds, 7 assists, and 3 blocks. But it's another number that everyone will focus on -- 4, his foul total for the game.
John Wall led Kentucky with 15 points.
#4 Duke 73, #6 Michigan State 71. A common joke through the years has been that it just isn't a Duke season until they make someone hate them by ripping their proverbial hearts out.
Kyrie Irving's three-pointer as time expired silenced the partisan Michigan State crowd and lifted the Blue Devis (9-2) to a bounceback win over the Spartans (8-3) in a game both teams sorely wanted for different reasons.
"We needed that win, man," Duke forward Grant Hill, who led all scorers with 16 points, said after the game. "You come off a loss, you're facing an even tougher team, you gotta dig down deep. This was a gut check. We got what we needed."
Irving's last-second heroics -- or villainy, depending on whom you ask -- wiped out an incredible performance from Spartan guard Scott Skiles. With Jason Richardson in foul trouble and Magic Johnson as a shooting guard, Skiles turned back the clock and put up 11 assists to go with his 7 points. He found Johnson (14 points) with 7 seconds to go for the sky hook over Elton Brand that gave Michigan State a 71-70 lead and sent the crowd into a deafening roar.
That roar would go eerily quiet soon after.
#25 Illinois 87, #12 Connecticut 70. Eddie Johnson had been hearing noise from the Auburn faithful saying he was an impostor and that the "real" Eddie Johnson resided on the Plains. Your move, Auburn.
Johnson stunned and thrilled the crowd by putting up 27 points with the help of seven three-pointers as the Fighting Illini (9-2) stole one from the Huskies (8-3), who had no answer on defense for Johnson's hot hand.
"Incredible," Huskies coach Jim Calhoun said while shaking his head at the post-game press conference. "I don't think I've seen something like that in some time. We knew [Derek] Harper could cause trouble, and I figured we had Red [Kerr] contained, but sometimes it's the last guy you expect."
As Connecticut attempted to double-team the red-hot Johnson, he made the passes needed to keep Illinois on track. Meyers Leonard was a major recipient of those passes, ending with 15 points of his own.
Cliffy Robinson led the Huskies with 16 points.
#2 North Carolina 101, #22 Florida 56. Note to self: never, ever, ever, EVER face Michael Jordan coming off of a close loss. Ever.
Jordan, who when given the green light is almost unbeatable, scored 33 points and had 10 assists as the Tar Heels (9-2) gave a rude welcome to the Top 25 to the Gators (8-3), disheartening the Florida crowd and leaving coach Billy Donovan without answers.
"You know, when you look up at the scoreboard and it's the first half and there you are down 30, 35 points... you try to tell your team to take it one possession at a time, but you know they're thinking about how big that hill is to climb and how close they are to the point of no return," Donovan said. "We spent the second half trying to get our plays in order so that when SEC season began, we wouldn't run into this trouble."
Jordan, for his part, wanted to make a statement in this game. With 6 minutes left in the second half, Jordan even seemed to refuse to come out of the game, much to his substitute Vince Carter's chagrin. Eventually Dean Smith called a timeout to remind Jordan who the coach was.
"Michael's competitive, and we usually like that," Smith said after the game. "Usually."
#9 Notre Dame 78, #11 Ohio State 68. Is Digger Phelps on pace to be a Coach of the Year? He has to be the leader at this point.
With John Havlicek off to a hot start, Phelps went to a bigger lineup, moving Austin Carr to point guard and bringing LaPhonso Ellis in to stop Havlicek's slashing to the hoop. It paid off: only two of Havlicek's 22 points came in the second half as the Irish (9-2) stormed back to beat the Buckeyes (8-3).
"Coach asked me to step up, and I was able to today," Ellis said after the game. "You're facing a tough lineup like that, and you gotta hope for the best. I was able to come through for the team."
Ohio State led 40-33 at the half, but a monumental turnaround began when the Irish cut off Ohio State's top scorer. From there, Adrian Dantley took over, getting 17 of his 22 points in the second stanza -- a near mirror of Havlicek.
"Whatever I said at halftime I need to bottle, don't I?" Phelps joked after the game.
#15 Southern Cal 64, #7 Syracuse 55. Both teams went to a zone defense to unsettle the opposing outside shooters and cut down the passing lanes. It worked, but one team found just enough offense to put themselves over the top.
Bill Sharman's 15 points led all scorers as Syracuse missed 22 of 25 three-point attempts and the Trojans (9-2) knocked off the Orange (8-3) in a game meant for the basketball purists.
"We got them to use almost all of the shot clock on every possession," Sharman said after the game. "When you get a lead, you gotta play airtight defense. I've talked to the guys about being ready to give 110% on both sides of the ball, and it worked tonight."
The first half of this game proved to be a war of attrition. Syracuse missed all 11 of their three-point attempts, while Southern Cal committed four different violations of the 30-second shot clock. The teams went into the locker room tied at 24.
"We need to forget this game as soon as possible," admitted Orange guard Dave Bing, who had 12 points. Carmelo Anthony finished with 10, but on 1-12 shooting from outside the arc.
#18 LSU 66, #19 Georgetown 57. The anticipated matchup was between big men Shaquille O'Neal and Patrick Ewing Sr. That matchup was a battle of the bulls, but it was the shooting guard matchup we should've watched.
Pete Maravich had 21 points, outscoring Allen Iverson by 10, while O'Neal and Ewing had 16 points each. That was the difference, more or less, as the Tigers (8-3) knocked off the Hoyas (7-4) in a bruising clash between two power teams.
Coach Dale Brown was happy with his team's performance after the game. "It was a slow game, it was a half-court game, but we still found the outside shooting we needed to make it work," he told reporters. "It was necessary that we get this win -- I believe we can make noise in the SEC."
Hoyas forward Alonzo Mourning was frustrated all day by Bob Pettit cutting off passing lanes and keeping him from getting the ball. In the end, Mourning had only 7 points.
"I don't know how he did it," he said. "That guy's so underrated, man."
Meanwhile, in our featured game...
#17 DePaul 107, Rhode Island 77. In a surprise move before the game, coach Ray Meyer sat George Mikan and went small-ball, having Terry Cummings take the tip and Quentin Richardson join the starting five. It paid off big-time.
Richardson had 9 points, but he opened others to thrive in an up-tempo game as Mark Aguirre put up 25 points and the Blue Demons (8-3) established the pecking order over the upstart Rams (7-4), surviving their speedier style and winning in it.
Rhode Island coach Frank Keaney was disappointed, but not worried. "Our style is something we practice every day. When the time comes, we'll be ready to steal games with it. We need games like this to show our guys how much work they still have left to do if they want a postseason bid."
Sly Williams led the Rams with 16 points.
  1. UCLA 80, 8. Michigan 77
  2. North Carolina 101, 22. Florida 56
  3. Kentucky 82, 5. Kansas 81, OT
  4. Duke 73, 6. Michigan State 71
  5. Kansas 81, 3. Kentucky 82, OT
  6. Michigan State 71, 4. Duke 73
  7. Syracuse 55, 15. Southern Cal 64
  8. Michigan 77, 1. UCLA 80
  9. Notre Dame 78, 11. Ohio State 68
  10. Indiana 85, West Virginia 64
  11. Ohio State 68, 9. Notre Dame 78
  12. Connecticut 70, 25. Illinois 87
  13. Texas 92, Oregon State 56
  14. Arizona 92, Iowa State 58
  15. Southern Cal 64, 7. Syracuse 55
  16. Maryland 82, South Carolina 65
  17. DePaul 107, Rhode Island 77
  18. LSU 66, 19. Georgetown 57
  19. Georgetown 57, 18. LSU 66
  20. Minnesota 74, Detroit Mercy 66
  21. Alabama 73, Wichita State 63
  22. Florida 56, #2 North Carolina 101
  23. Iowa 71, Clemson 65
  24. UNLV 105, Old Dominion 67
  25. Illinois 87, 12. Connecticut 70
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2023.05.31 17:56 Deweys12yearoldgf Looking for a book title I can’t remember

Okay this is a long shot because I don’t have a lot of details. I’m looking for a romance book I started reading a long time ago on one of those apps with amateur authors. I don’t remember the name of the characters but the main girl woke up outside in hell covered in blood with no memories. The king of hell takes her and they obviously want to bang each other but are acting like they hate each other lol. It’s revealed later she had escaped some kind of torture loop when they found her. Anyway they continue to fight their attraction toward each other but he’s super jealous and literally murders a dude for dancing with her at some party with the guards. She’s also having sex dreams about him that I think were eventually going to be revealed as being real. I think she was a virgin too? Okay that’s all I’ve got.
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2023.05.31 17:53 WholesomeEnergy AITA for being unsportsmanlike by making a personal attack?

I (24M) play Australian Rules Football. For this story, I'm going to use basketball to explain the situation rather than explaining our local sport to potential Non-Australians. The story isn't affected by the sport.
During the game, our opposition had a free throw attempt, except scoring would lead to a win and missing would lead to a loss. Draw was not an outcome.
This was a special game for me for two reasons: 1) It was a semi final, and 2) it was against my old team.
I have a sour relationship with the coach of my old team. We never got along. He refused to play me because of this, much to the complaint of many team members, and coaches from other teams within our club. He said I wasn't good enough, so I was determined to prove to myself I was at a new club.
I joined a new team and have been thriving. I could not wait to verse my old team and coach.
Back to the game, the person shooting the free throw was my former teammate Connor (24M). We were decent friends but not super close. He was always nice. Except when he found out I had slept with his girlfriend of two years, 3 years before they were together and we were both single. He was never rude or angry to me, but I understood why he'd be uncomfortable.
Because I was so determined to win, as he was throwing the shot, I yelled out to him, "Hey Connor, remember when I f**ked your girl?!" During our sport, sledging is very common but never usually this personal. He missed the shot and came straight towards me to fight. This involved our team mates but was settled quite quickly. He was dragged away screaming insults at me.
I felt guilty saying this but felt relieved with the win. My team mates said it was incredibly brutal but are mixed whether or not it was the right idea. The opposition all thinks I'm an asshole, and so does Connor, clearly.
So what's the verdict?
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2023.05.31 17:52 aftiggerintel A cautionary tale of listen to your body

Surgery for conversion was Thursday the 25th. I was allowed to have protein shakes up to 11:30pm night before. Stopped them at 9:30pm as I had to be up at 3:30am for meds, water cut off and all the prep before 5:30am show time.
Surgery went from 7:45 am to 12:45pm and I made it to my room about 4:00pm. Everything went off well. Allowed to shower right as I got there too. Settled in and got fluids down too. Went home the next day. Rested Saturday all day. Sunday we took the nausea patch off and didn’t think anything of it as fluid consumption was 52oz on Saturday and 54oz on Sunday. Then came Monday. Monday was hell. Slept all the way through the night from 11:30pm to 7:30am on Monday. Got up to get Tylenol and took the first pill and something felt off. Waited 8 mins to take the second and rushed to the bathroom and just dry heaved. Husband grabbed my prescribed anti nausea and I took that. Flopped in the tub and let the shower water run over me to see if that would help. My heart rate kept spiking up in the 150+ range. Called on call thanks to the holiday. Ended up in the emergency department. I had my 17 year old drive me up there and keep me company. X-Ray, CT with two types of contrasts, blood work upon blood work, and finally admitted. End result?
Non Diabetic Ketoacidosis and tachycardia because I’m basically starved because of the liquid pre-op diet and pre-op initial diet and my body is producing a hellacious amounts of acid content which the electrolytes can‘t even keep in balance either. 3 bags of potassium yesterday and my potassium went down. Magnesium yesterday and its down so more magnesium today. They‘re throwing everything at it and more. Sodium, sugar, etc. It’s finally starting to turn around. The tachycardia they really haven’t explained. It isn’t tied to blood pressure at all. No thyroid to tie it to that. My thyroid T3 isn’t off and T4 isn’t high enough to do it. No thyroid storm. It’s just popping up. Dehydration was a possibility until they had like 2 bags in me then that slowly dwindled as the more bags went in so it might just be my life of welcome to strange random tachycardia. Sorta wonder if they’ll humor me and pull an antibodies screening for something that they took out 15 years and 5 months ago. Probably not but hey it’s always a shot right?
They did let me finally go back to drinking water yesterday and late last night have stage 1 liquid diet. Today I got to advance to protein shake. Doctor didn’t even get fully out before I asked if I could start my shake over in the corner that has 10g more protein than the hospital’s and less sugar because I was so excited. I want a ricotta bake soooo bad. I just want something real food right now. If everything keeps working towards improving, I get to go home tomorrow. Good thing, I don’t think the hospital can deal with me keep releasing my three kids (17, 15, and 8) wandering around their food courts - this isn’t like 1 tower hospital, its about 14 or 15 tower building campus of a university teaching hospital with a national center on it. One tried to find where she could job shadow already.
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2023.05.31 17:52 PlathIce47 Fine I'll start locking the door before open time

I got reprimanded today and a little bit rightfully so. I got in at 745 to open the shop. I'm tucking in my uniform behind the counter and a guy comes in at 750. Now we open at 8 and all the lights are still off in the building because I was going to do that next, make the coffee, unlock the garages etc. So I go, hand in pants, and I'll admit gruffly, "oh we don't open until 8".
He goes "well the door is open".
"i had to get in somehow," i replied, "what's your license plate?"
"well if you're going to give me attitude, I'll go somewhere else."
"No, my voice is shot (it is all raspy, my nose is all congested), what's your plate?"
"you know what, never mind, your manager will hear from me" walks out
So ofc my regional calls me 15 minutes later. I tell him the story, he reprimands me for being gruff with the guy, and I agreed I was a bit of a bitch, but I explain that I DID try to move past it and write him up but he thought I was still giving him attitude. The regional even goes "yeah your voice is all raspy" and we agreed that I'll just lock the door behind me and unlock them when we OPEN at 8. Lol. I'm not a morning person. This is why I work in the back.
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2023.05.31 17:50 Different-Ad-1846 That advice was not solid

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2023.05.31 17:49 ReVGC Battle Network 3, and me

It took a loooong time but I'm finally able to do my BPT (Bullet point thoughts) on BN3! Keeping the tradition going as I've done for MMBN1 (discussion post here) and MMBN2(discussion post here). If you've completed either of these games and want to share/read other discussion points feel free to post a reply to any of these threads, regardless of when you come across them. Unless I've edited otherwise, I'm still accepting new notifications for these kinds of posts. There is ALOT to talk about here and I honestly am forgetting some things. If you get tired of reading, skip to the bottom for the TLDR.
MMBN3 was probably the game I played the most on GBA. My cousin was randomly playing it on GBA emulator and I was like "hey, that looks like MMBN2!" and the rest was history. I think we eventually had three GBA carts we played on? Though we interestingly really never got that far and that's saying something, lol. MMBN3 not only had a postgame, it had a postpostgame!! From 20 years ago! And its postgame itself was already as long as a real game! Soooo much freaking content in this one title and it made sense as it was originally intended to be their Swan Song ... until Capcom said "No, develop MMBN4 ASAP" and then MMBN4 became the highest grossing MMBN title riding off the coattails of BN3's success. ._. But that's neither here nor there for this conversion so without actual further ado, lol:
SPOILER WARNING for MMBN3! I've easily over 150 hours in this entry alone and that's 93% my fault but the other 7% ... I blame the changes. Going to recollect my thoughts and emotions from the beginning as best as I can so there'll be moments of praise and criticism randomly structured together.
TLDR: I think BN3 is overrated and I've a loooot of bones to pick with it.
I also think BN3 is peak BN and for now still remains as the one I consider the best.
But BN2 is still my all time favorite.
(We'll see how I feel after I get through Vol2)
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