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Jack in the Box is an American fast-food restaurant chain founded February 21, 1951, by Robert O. Peterson in San Diego, California, where it is headquartered. The chain has over 2,200 locations, primarily serving the West Coast of the United States.

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2023.05.31 19:00 DTG_Bot Community Focus - Plumli

Source: https://www.bungie.net/7/en/News/Article/bungie-aapi-history-month-cf
In celebrating AANHPI Heritage Month, the [email protected] club is glad to have this opportunity to talk more. A few of you may have noticed that we released a beautiful pin designed by [email protected], via the Bungie Store. Players can also support the AANHPI Heritage Month through the Bungie Foundation with a $10 donation through the Bungie Foundation and receive the “Harmonic Waves” Destiny 2 emblem. The emblem will also be included with the pin purchase.
We would like to also introduce to you a community artist whose artwork has revealed their passion and vision in blending their AANHPI cultural heritage and the world of Destiny 2. Please welcome—Plumli!
Hello Plumli! First of all, please tell us a little bit about yourself, and how do you feel about getting in the spotlight for Bungie’s AANHPI Heritage Month?
Hi, I'm Plumli and I'm excited to be here to talk about video games, art, and AANHPI stuff. Those are pretty much the only three things I ever talk about.
As my Twitter profile says, I am a part-time con artist and full-time Rob Liefield apologist. I'm one of those people you see selling art under a tower of posters at anime conventions. The second part of my job description is more aspirational, I'm actually a full-time graphic designer, and I wish I could be paid to be Rob's defense attorney. I'm also an Asian American who draws Guardians.
Your art has been nothing short of phenomenal, what got you into Destiny?
I started playing during the Destiny 2 beta. I've always gotten motion sickness easily, so I was very wary of playing an FPS. But from the moment I started, I noticed how absolutely buttery smooth the movement and POV was. I thought I was going to get into Destiny because I love the aesthetic of armored bounty hunters in a far-flung future, but no; it's how good it feels to just walk around and click heads. As for drawing Destiny, I had been involved in fandom culture and internet art for a long time, so when Forsaken rolled around, I figured I was obsessed enough that I should start drawing it. Also, I saw Byf's video on the Book of Sorrow and it was like brain worms.
Image Link
As we all know, the stories and characters in Destiny encompass a wide range of AANHPI heritages and cultures. Are there any specific ones that you’re most fond of?
When Drifter was introduced, I noticed a lot of people had the same reaction I did. This guy looks like the fun uncle everyone has, but he has been in trouble with the law too many times for comfort. He is the uncle relatives tell you not to end up like. He's the guy who rolls up to your parent’s house after three years of no contact with a get-rich-quick scheme. I love him. There's a Malfeasance ornament called the Red String of Fate which has Drifter's signature rustic jade look. In folklore, the Red String of Fate ties destined lovers together. The Drifter is a character who has run away from his fate from the very moment he opened his eyes; his fate as one of the Traveler’s chosen, the selected prophet of the Nine, and of course, the final fate that awaits all. The jade coin motif is quite cool too, after all, what's the difference between luck and destiny?
Characters like him flesh out Destiny as a world where even after all countries erode away and we huddle together for warmth under a cold unknowable god, our cultures and way of life will be given to the people of the future. It's in our clothes, the art on our objects, and the stories we tell.
Image Link
As an artist, have you ever felt that connection between your artwork and your heritage? What inspires you the most in delivering your personal taste when making Destiny 2 fan arts?
For me, art has always been a way to be closer to my culture and to connect to people who have similar experiences to me. I make a lot of nostalgic art and objects based on food items and nursery rhymes, so sometimes when people come by my table at events and tell me about memories of drinking chrysanthemum tea from a juice box as a child. Non-Asian people would sometimes come by and tell me about how much they love condensed milk on bread. It's simple interactions like those that remind me to be happy, not only for the life we have lived but for the people that lived it with us.
As for the second part of the question, I really love the armor design of Destiny 2. I love exploring the details and design choices for the armor sets I draw—I spend so much time trying to nail the littlest of details. Destiny armor is so rich in eclecticism, references, and design lore I love it. For example, the gear from the Moon features contemporary-looking clothing and weapons covered in knots, rags, feathers, and strange talismans. It suggests to me Golden-Age astronauts joined a voodoo cult to exorcise demons from the abyss—with guns. At the risk of making people who hate the fact I just mentioned the Dreambane set question my personal taste even more, my favorite armor set of all time is Scatterhorn. It looks like my Warlock crawled through a dumpster behind a Fallen cantina that definitely does not have an alcohol license. It says a lot about what kind of place the Tangled Shore is. Destiny 2 players feel strongly about what armor sets they like and do not like, and I think that speaks strongly to how diverse and imaginative these sets are. In Destiny 2, you can roleplay as a space marine, pretend you're front-row Paris Couture, be a cowboy, an occultist, the knight in shining armor, or glow with the strength of a thousand Gambit Jadestones.
Image Link
Not to exaggerate with stereotypes, but I guess we’re all familiar with how Asian parents often get wary about their kids making art or playing video games. Have your parents been through a similar dilemma? What does your heritage mean to you as an artist and a video game player?
I'm sure every immigrant's kid by the age of 16 has thoroughly psychoanalyzed the geo-social-economical-cultural-political conditions of their parents' upbringing enough to write several university papers on it, so I don't think I need to go too deep into what makes Asian parents the way they stereotypically are. In short, many immigrants want the world for their children, but the path to the world is very narrow, defined, and with a clear purpose to them. Playing video games after school at a friend’s house and drawing anime in secret notebooks is definitely not part of the path.
Contrary to my parents' anxieties, art and video games have given me pretty much all my job opportunities, and life-long friends and led to some pretty amazing experiences. I grew up in a mixed low-income neighborhood. In high school, me and my friends (all of different races, backgrounds, and abilities) would all sit around the library computers watching Halo machinimas and talking about video games, anime, and comic books. In my experience, I have always found the nerd community more accepting of minorities and LGBTQ folks. All this stuff we love connects us to vastly different groups and gives us a way to be a part of the world.
Are there any fellow AANHPI artists who you’re particularly inspired by, or any fellow AANHPI community artists who you’d like to shout out?
Honestly, I feel really uncomfortable answering this question because I know a lot of artists are very defensive about their identities for safety reasons. A lot of my art is about my Asian-ness and I do in-person events so it's not like I can hide my ethnicity. I know for a fact a lot of people in the Destiny 2 art community are AANHPI, but I don't want to name anyone without warning.
You mentioned you’re a graphic designer and love our newsletters, what game stats do you enjoy being recognized for?
My favorite stat is "most used Exotic." I switch things up so much every Season, it delights me to see something I haven't used in months top the list, and I can remember all the good memories of getting a shiny new Exotic and falling in love with it. Or alternatively the time I finally got the Graviton Lance catalyst that can only be completed by cosmology kills. But this was after its nerf, so I put in a lot of extra effort because I was convinced hey... when Void 3.0 comes out maybe this gun will be really cool right? Right!?
Image Link
Last but not least, is there something you would like to share with the wider Destiny 2 community as a fellow artist and gamer of AANHPI descent?
The path to the world is not so narrow, defined, or clear of purpose.
Thank you Plumli for taking the time and sharing your insights. Be sure to check everything else this incredible creator has shared right here to learn more about them and the love they have for a game we all share.
As we wrap up the AANHPI month, we want to thank the Bungie Community team for allowing us to share this focus. Lastly, thank you to all the players who continue to help us create worlds that inspire friendships.
That’s another Community Focus in the books, a bonus one to close out the month with some breathtaking art from a talented Guardian. More to come! In the meantime, feel free to mosey on over to the last Community Focus where you can learn more about Claire Corcoran and her amazing cosplay!
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2023.05.31 18:58 DailyTrax4u Benton - Skeptics - BLACKBOX017 - Black Box (2011)

Listen Here
Deep dark Dubstep from man like Benton. Loved this guys work ever since first seeing his London Boiler Room all the way back in 2014. To my mind, he was one of the pioneering artists to truly start pushing the 130-140 breaksy, jungle sound alongside a handful of others, notably Mella Dee.
If you go slightly further back in his catalog you'll find an absolute goldmine of old school Dubstep tracks, such as this one on Black Box records. As far as I'm aware stopped making music and DJ'ing for a while a few years back but seems to be back on it these days which is great to see.
Might actually need to go listen back to that Boiler Room again....
Follow my Instagram for more DailyTrax4u
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2023.05.31 18:57 talkwordy [H] Kill Team Ashes of Faith Campaign materials (NO MODELS) [W] $$$ Paypal [Loc] Mass.

Verification https://imgur.com/a/Dd9Te3i
I don’t really play Kill Team, I just wanted all the models, so this is everything else from the box (GW description below). Looking for $70 shipped US.
– 6x 250mm x 250mm Ashes of Faith Territory Tiles
– 77x Ashes of Faith Campaign Cards
– 1x Ashes of Faith Sticker Sheet, including 63 reusable friction stickers
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2023.05.31 18:57 Conscious_March_2514 If you have mice in your apartment learn from my mistakes and move your shoe boxes off of the floor

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2023.05.31 18:56 patriotAg Different question. I want to build a sod house in rural Texas, Oklahoma, or Indiana, do I have to conform to any type of code?

Yep I'm a different sort of person. I love pioneer stuff and want to have an adventure. May sound crazy but it's a life goal of mine to do something like this and live in it for many years.
So rural Texas, Oklahoma, or Indiana. Not in a city, in an unincorporated area. Somewhere without zoning. Can I cut sod, stack it, wire it, plumb it, finish it, and live in it? I think there is some kind of building codes that states adopt, but I think this is so "out of the box" that there are no laws that really apply (does it default to freedom?).
I will not sell it. Ever. This in no way is for business. Just 100% personal dream and use.
Do the appraisal districts of the county need to know? They will know I have land, but I'm just stacking sod and putting on a metal roof. It won't be grid tied. Creeks or ponds for water use (filtered). Solar electric.
Okay just wanted to ask. I know it's unusual but I want to know if I'm free to do it. :)
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2023.05.31 18:56 santaxart Bruh💀

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2023.05.31 18:56 KS-KO Global self aware leadership challenge!

Could a little box be more exciting??
I wonder how far these little cards could go? Could they reach the #sydney Opera House? The #ashburn library in #virginia? The #berlin Tower in #germany? The Giant’s Causeway in #antrim, #ireland?
Drop me a line and I’ll post some cards to you. Let’s get more people discussing self aware leadership around the globe!!!!

challenge #globalchallenge

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2023.05.31 18:56 Full-fledged-trash Construction process of my converted detolf to gecko enclosure. Scroll to see all my steps and see body text for details.

Construction process of my converted detolf to gecko enclosure. Scroll to see all my steps and see body text for details.
Here is my entire build and most of my process going through design and build phases. Built for my gargoyle gecko
The completed pictures are first followed by a cardboard box I had to plan out the design and all of my supplies. Then the steps I went through are mostly in order.
I ventilated the top by cutting out a big hole and adding sturdy heat proof metal mesh. Secured with tacks and siliconed the sharp edges and any gaps. I also sanded and spread a layer of siliconed all the exposed wood. Please excuse the shoddy silicone work
My bottom is sealed by a pane of glass(one of the shelves laying flat and another standing to hold the substrate) I added in and smoothed out a TON of silicone to hold and seal the glass. I did a water test for the drainage layer which was successful but my paranoia made me fit and silicone in a plastic liner(carefully making sure all folds will prevent water from leaking down between the liner and the bottom). You can see the liner in the last two pictures. All detolf wood was first polyurethaned before I did anything and I also spread silicone up the back corners to the top to prevent water from getting in the plastic pieces that hold the glass together. There is also a piece of foam between the vertical glass that hold the substrate in the bottom and my glass door to prevent my gecko from going between the two glass panes.
I used pond foam to build my two trees with cork bark and to secure them into the tank. Trimmed down the shiny bits of foam and sealed the foam with silicone and covered it in substrate. All the pots on the trees have drainage holes except one which has a tube to syphon water out of the drainage layer as well as a syphon tube in bottom of the enclosure.
All the vines are secured with silicone and there are 6 actual hides (but my gecko only uses 2 or sleeps in the open). I plan on adding plastic pieces over the siliconed liner very soon to prevent my gecko from pulling the liner seal away as he climbs up the glass from the bottom. My door is weather stripped mainly to prevent my gecko’s tail from coming out since he really liked to stick it through the cracks. And I have an added mini fan on top if I need extra ventilation but with my vented top my humidity ranges fluctuate perfectly and I don’t need it often.
The soil is all adjusted per plants drainage needs but is an overall homemade ABG mix. The plant lights are all submersible aquarium LEDs. Plant list is Schefflera, phal, blue star fern, philodendron, parlor palm, croton, gold dust croton, syngongium, Dracaena marginata tricolor, Sanderiana variegata
Let me know if you have any questions!Everything was built within a week of buying my detolf so didn’t take very long with my extensive planning
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2023.05.31 18:56 patchmcgee69 Tech just left my house. Questions about bridge mode and Google Nest mesh pods

Tech came to house this morning to run fiber into house and set up the new Gateway modem/router and mini TV boxes. Prior to today, had been using the Google Nest routepods throughout the house. After everything was set up today and I successfully tested the new network, I asked him about setting the Gateway into Bridge Mode so that I could use my Google Nest pods. He said that he couldn’t do it, but I could call Customer Service and have it done. But in the mean time, he connected the new Gateway to my Nest router via Ethernet and I could see my old network in my Wi-Fi settings and I was able to connect to it. This was prior to me calling about bridge mode. I tested everything and had a good signal throughout the house. I then called Optimum CS and asked them to put the new Gateway into bridge mode and they did. So, here are my questions- How was I able to access my old network, using Google Nest pods, prior to me asking asking for bridge mode? And, how do I know they actually set it to bridge mode? I don’t see anything different, including still being able to see the new network name in my list of available networks and being able to connect to it if I wanted to.
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2023.05.31 18:55 r4mr4m3024 speaker

Hello, can I use this speaker instead of the original GT86, brz speakers?
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2023.05.31 18:55 djinnisequoia Hey, I've just had a great idea!

I've been reading a lot here about people spending their careers actually trying to come up with lame explanations of how the bible could be true.
Wouldn't it be funny if we took another outlandish fairy tale, and really applied ourselves to explaining it scientifically?
Like "Jack and the Beanstalk": the beanstalk grew really big because there was more oxygen back then, and plants grew bigger. The giant was a giant because his house was in the clouds, and there's more oxygen up high.
Oh wait! There's less oxygen in the stratosphere, isn't there? Well, there were lots of beanstalks, and all those beanstalk leaves made more oxygen so he grew giant.
What? Oh yeah, then everyone would be a giant. Okay, well then he was a giant because Goliath. Stipulated. Now then. The castle in the clouds was possible because - - ?
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2023.05.31 18:54 Educational_House_21 the devil comes to town and fucks with the villagers

hello, oh great mind hive of horror!
im compiling a reading list for your favourite The devil as a character kind of thing. When he comes as a stranger or a normal person and starts acting suspish until s\he reigns down terror on everyone. A bit like Jack Nicholson's character in the movie adaptation of The Witches Of Eastwick. It can be terrifying or even funny like Good Omens, but the Devil has to be in the form of human.
I find this kind of humanising the devil quite funny and would love to hear your guys' favourites.
thank you so much
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2023.05.31 18:54 PenTenTheDandyMan Can someone explain this? (1927 house, Denmark)

Can someone explain this? (1927 house, Denmark)
Went to client's house because they hired a handyman to do electrical work.
There's two switches in the same housing. One turns on the light, the other turns on the outlet. They're parallel. When I plug something into the outlet the light also, dimly, comes on. When I also turn on the light, the power to the outlet cuts off. .
I do not understand this. There's no labeling or color coding on wires. This is cursed.
There's also an extension cord that comes out of from the lamp and is stapled across the ceiling to a wall? It doesn't turn on unless I connect power to neutral in a connection box right below the switches. There's also one more such mysterious connection and I don't know what it does.
I am scared. Please help me.
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2023.05.31 18:53 pineapple_shades Help with inground pump- low water pressure , high psi; please help!

Help with inground pump- low water pressure , high psi; please help!
I have a 25k inground pool with a Hayward Perflex filter with fingers and pump in the garage. We just bought the house and are a bit inexperienced and trying to learn.
The pool had a mesh cover and was brown when we opened it, I triple shocked and ran the pump, but the pump will run normal for an hour or so, and then the jets lose pressure and the gauge reads around 25. The normal psi after I backwash is around 10. There are seems like there is sometimes a slight leak from the strainer basket—I have the lid tightened, so not sure why.
Pool mechanic can’t get here until June 19 and it’s going to be 90 on Friday. Any help is appreciated!
Things I have done: - backwashed and refilled DE with appropriate amount (4x) - made sure pool was refilled to halfway point of skimmer box after losing water from backwash -made sure no air bubble in strainer basket lid - ordered lube for O ring and will apply tomorrow when it arrives- I checked the skim box and O ring seems to be in place.
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2023.05.31 18:53 hermie714 Looking for some insight on this…

I apologize if this is a little long but I would really appreciate some guidance:
My boyfriend and I adopted our 7 month old kitten, Caper, 3 months ago. He's been through a lot; he was found alone as a stray and he was only at the rescue for about a week and a half before we adopted him. He's come such a long way and has made so much progress. Now, he rubs against us, purrs, meows at us, snuggles, his tail is up, etc. The only issue is that he has frequent episodes of peeing outside of his litter box. My friend thinks that there could've been complications with his neutering procedure, but I don't know what the symptoms of that are or how that would be treated. It seems like we've tried everything: changing the litter box, changing the litter, antibiotics for a UTI, etc. The vet did a physical exam and said that he's a healthy boy. Please note that we are in constant communication with the vet's office and will make an appointment to see if the UTI wasn't fully treated. However, I'm starting to believe that this is behavioral.
Caper yowls out the window sometimes, he'll bite/tear cardboard or paper if it's left out, he'll come up for pets and then after a while he'll suddenly nip at our legs or arms, and he'll pee on "spiteful" spots like the couch or bed (even my boyfriend's pillows). There are no other things going on besides those and otherwise, he's a happy boy. My boyfriend thinks it might be anxiety so we've been using the Feliway calming spray daily for the past few days, but he peed on the couch this morning. I don't know how anxiety is treated in cats; is it medication? I've also heard that maybe he needs a companion cat. The rescue told us when we got him that he may need one and that we'll "be able to tell" when he does. The first night we brought him home, he was pacing and yowling, and I assumed that he was looking for the other cats. The rescue stated that since Caper was so shy, he never left his "cubby" but would always chirp and perk up when he saw the other cats out and playing.
I'm just really defeated and don't know what to do anymore. I'm so tired of cleaning up cat urine and rewashing sheets every other week. My biggest fear is adopting another cat and Caper still continues these behaviors. I would appreciate any help, especially from a vet or someone who has been in a similar situation. TYIA.
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2023.05.31 18:52 CharityBig9751 Ken M on hypersonic aircraft

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2023.05.31 18:52 ScarletFire21 Organic fert

Put fert down on tees the other day (milorganite), and realized after doing a few tees that I may have been making my passes slightly too wide, so I tightened up the gap between my passes. I know this product is known for “not causing stripes”, but do you think that there will be any noticeable visual difference in certain tee boxes in 8 weeks?
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2023.05.31 18:52 Proof-Particular-274 Can I install a 30amp outlet for rv from meter box?

I live in Tx and i would like to know if its possible for me as a homeowner can install my own 30amp outlet for rv from the meter box and if so. What are the things i would need to do it. I would really appreciate any advice given. Thank you!
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2023.05.31 18:52 Ch0c0lateBunnyRabbit Wiring electric cooker where gas cooker used to be?

So we've got a gas cooker removed and gas capped off ready to install an electric cooker but there's two seperate wires going into the box behind the cooker, then inside there both wires stripped to black and red cables which looks like DC power? Anyone know what this is and how I can go about installing an electric cooker in it's place?
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2023.05.31 18:52 kkmm2323 "and lab"?

On the activities section for science courses with combined lecture and lab, is it sufficient to just check the box indicating a combined lecture and lab? Or is it necessary to write "and lab"? It doesn't fit nicely with some of my longer course names so would prefer not to write it in. Thanks!
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2023.05.31 18:51 Phantogramduringsex [WTS] Limited Ed Zoologist Cardinal (bottle)

Hi hi hope y'all are well!
Selling this bottle of Cardinal before they changed the name and of course different packaging this one comes in a red box and red bottle! The perfume now is called Northern Cardinal so collectors would love this version!
Zoologist - Cardinal 70ml levels shown :asking $148 shipped
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2023.05.31 18:51 Mammoth-Gas5024 My Dreams Are Getting More Vivid and Insane (skip to the last part for a pretty intense reoccurrence)

The first part of my dream I remember getting into this elevator with two other girls. As the door closed, we began to fall very fast. At first we thought the whole elevator was falling and we’d soon hit the bottom. We then realized that the top of of the elevator wasn’t moving at all. The bottom of the elevator had been a false bottom and we manage to grip on either side of the “elevator walls”. We first tried climbing up but decided it’d be easier to climb down as long as we did not fall. It seemed to have gone on forever but when we reached the bottom, there was some sort of ramp. This was sort of mind boggling, because surely that fall would’ve killed us and we would’ve slid out at the bottom. We slowly slid out and found ourselves in some sort of factory. There were conveyor belts with packing boxes -just regular old cardboard boxes.
I don’t remember much more, but the next part of the dream, we were stationed outside moving these large tubs - not the same as the packing boxes from before. There was a large building with two white folding tables and several large trucks surrounding the area. However there were a lot more women here and they are all quite young. There was an elder women yelling and ordering us to put the boxes under and on these tables, and to make sure they are sealed tightly before doing so. There was one with the top sitting on it with one corner of it being uncovered. A girl close by tripped into it and much faster than me and the other girls, she managed to grab onto the sides. I reached in to help pull her out. The lady began to yell and ask who left the box unsealed. A girl sepped forward to explain it was already unsealed and she was unsure of what to do. As the woman began to drag this girl away, I realized that this is very similar to what happened with the elevator, and I assumed all of these tubs contain endless holes, but don’t understand how.
The next part of the dream is a strange series of images and happenstances… The one that sticks out to me the most is the image of a never ending staircase. I believe I have seen this illusion somewhere before, where someone seems to be running up a staircase that always leads back to the same place. But when the perspective is changed, the illusion breaks. I’ve seen it in dreams before, and when I realize it the illusion breaks. Ive seen it in many different ways, but it seems like I see it all at once. One way is that u see the separation of the stairs, from beginning to end, sort of like a 3d model. Another way is as if I’m looking over the staircase into an abyss. The last way I watch as the person running on the stairs fall to their death… I can’t quite put these visuals into a specific place in my dream. They either occur before during or after the part I’m about to explain. The next part of the dream, I am shackled to all the other women and we are walking up these stairs -not the same stairs I see in the visuals- I look up and see tattered wall paper and old portraits on the walls. The stairs have patterned carpet, and some of the flowers on the carpet have a shimmer to them. There are multiple staircases covered in these women, and the ceiling seems to be miles away. There are large men with face coverings guiding the women and belittling them.
At some point I have escaped these shackles and I’m running through these halls like I’m on a mission. I can see other people searching for me as I cause chaos throughout this mansion. I’m not sure what all I was doing to anger the people “in charge” but the older woman is ordering the men previously mentioned to find me and sedate me. I realized that I can peel the wall back and sort of phase through to different rooms. When I do this it’s sort of wrapping myself into the wall like a blanket. This goes on forever and I can’t really explain all of the events that take place, but basically I’m traveling through the walls and I’m somewhat omniscient at this point. While running through a hallway, I run into a young man, he is much smaller than me he men previously mentioned. I realize I can take him with me when I go into the walls. As we phase in and out of the walls he gives me more information about what’s going on. We search the mansion to find more people who can be saved. However, I phase through a wall, and he does not come through with me.
Now I gotta explain a reoccurring thing in my dreams to explain the last portion of this dream. This always occurs in different dreams, they never start the same. Something that is always the same though, is I’ll walk into a room, and when I exit the room I’ve entered what seems to be a completely different realm. I sort of glide across the floor here, and even float higher at times. This place is like a dark mysterious building but I can’t fully explain what it looks like. I can vividly see it in my mind, but it’s really weird. It’s sort of a collection of corridors, almost like a maze. The first time I had this happen I could hear a lot of voices telling me where to go and what to do, but the voices were conflicting with one another in what they were saying. The first time it took forever, but I end up at this “wall”. This wall is a collection of colors and red beams. The colors are more like static, and the red beams bounce both back and forth and up and down. It is a very large wall, and I can’t decided if it’s safe to go through. I eventually decide there is nowhere else to go. I float upwards and through the wall, and once again everything has shifted. I’m sort of out of control in which way my body floats, and there are images and colors flying all around me. I’ve had this happen in many dreams, but they seem to get closer and closer. The first reoccurrence was months after the first occurrence, and now I’ve had it happen back to back. The first time it happened it took me forever to find this “wall” and each time it seems to get easier and easier, like I just know where to go. In the dream I explained above, I immediately arrived at this “wall” and went straight in. All the chaos started like normal, but I felt a sense of peace and maybe even control over this space.
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