Body found in riverview fl

Bradenton, FL

2010.04.17 07:44 Bradenton, FL


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2023.05.31 19:00 Racoonankles279 Herpes Management

Species: • Age: 9 months • Sex: Female and Male • Breed: DSH • Body weight: not sure • History: Herpes • Clinical signs: runny nose and eyes sneezing • Duration: since I found them • Your general location: Tennessee
Hi all, I found 2 bonded cats (Meatball and Cheese) on the street. I took them in as Meatballs eyeball was quite literally hanging out of the socket. They both had worm infestations. I got them treated for worms until it was okay to enucleate the eyeball. (Continuing the deworming process) My vet told me they have herpes. So, after extensive research, I went back for my last visit I told him that I got L-Lysine and was mixing it into the wet food (followed the instructions on the bottle). I have been doing that for about 6 months now. All was well until a month ago it seems like Cheese has grown a resistance to it? The sneezing is awful and everything is just covered in snot. Her eyes are running and her nose is bubbled with snot. Is there anything else I can try over the counter? My vet gave me the vibe of nothing really controls herpes.
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2023.05.31 19:00 2soccer2bot Daily Discussion

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2023.05.31 19:00 7921393 How may I care for this metal roll-top butter-dome?

I found this wonderful little guy at a garage sale in Austin, TX. It looks really cool and I love how "heavy" and sturdy it feels to open and close. The seller said it sat on her grandma's shelf for years but was surprised to hear that it might be a butter dish (based on my googling).
Dimensions: approximately 5" x 5", 4.5" tall
The marking on the bottom features a "shield" around a W, another identical shield around an A, and the phrase "MADE IN/ SHEFFIELD/ ENGLAND".
The "shield-W shield-A" marking hasn't been on any of the silver websites I have checked (or I'm using the sites wrong) so I am guessing that this is a reproduction or something and doesn't have a legitimate connection to Sheffield, but I wanted some confirmation on this assumption.
I would hate to clean it up and then realize later that I had devalued the piece in some way. (I watched a lot of antiques roadshow as a kid and would hate to be one of those people that refinished a 200 year old piece or something!)
My questions are: 1. Is it okay to polish this piece? I wasn't planning on completely removing the tarnish because I think it's beautiful, but I was thinking about lightly polishing the top of the dome and letting the crevices stay dark to make it easier to see the details.
  1. Is the blueish bit also tarnish, or something different that needs a different kind of cleaning?
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2023.05.31 18:59 StraightMany3455 Can I Travel With This?

Can I Travel With This?
People have told me I’ll be fine, and 2/3 passport offices I called said it should be fine but I would like other people’s opinions! I have a fight tomorrow from FL to The Netherlands for a funeral and I couldn’t get a new one in time.
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2023.05.31 18:59 lilwhitetulip 10/10 for the AlHaitham AI on

10/10 for the AlHaitham AI on submitted by lilwhitetulip to GenshinImpact [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 18:59 Ooozbeckjizm Feels like my body is now dealing with the main part of the withdrawals about 5 or 6 days in.

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2023.05.31 18:59 Narwhal_Ciders 1907 Indian Head $10 Gold Coin Question

1907 Indian Head $10 Gold Coin Question
A family member died and left me a small coin collection in their will. I’m trying to figure out if this coin is real. Fwiw, my family member said it was real and was excited as they followed the value of this coin over the past 18-24 months. If I compare this coin to pictures online, it seems closer in appearance to the commemorative version for sale on Amazon instead of the photo on Numista. I’m concerned it looks too crisp or modern to be the real thing. I plan to keep it either way, with the goal of documenting their collection. We were close so I want to keep their whole collection together. However, I want to make sure document it correctly. Any advice here? Maybe what to look for in a commemorative/counterfeit version? What to look for in the real coin? I’ve spent a few hours looking and haven’t found much. Any help is appreciated!
tldr: Is this real? How do I know? Thanks!
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2023.05.31 18:59 Danger_Pie Dance groups that aren’t requiring masking?

Hey y’all. I used to be active in a few dance communities before the pandemic.
I’d love to get back into the mix, but groups like PCDC, PB&J, and others are still enforcing masking. I’m not anti-mask in general, but I’ve tried and found dancing with a N95 a sweaty, unpleasant experience. Totally respect some people want to mask still, just not my jam.
Does anyone know any contra, swing, blues, or jazz dancing around town that is mask-optional?
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2023.05.31 18:59 ChewableRobots Can we ID pellets here? Found in northern NJ, size is about 1.5 inches long.

Can we ID pellets here? Found in northern NJ, size is about 1.5 inches long.
I'm not confident this is a pellet vs poop.
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2023.05.31 18:59 kingjml Pedals from Spain and/or Ireland

I’m heading to Madrid and Dublin this summer and thought it would be cool to get a pedal from a local maker as a souvenir. I’m not finding a ton of info on makers that is up to date.
Does anybody have any recommendations on some brands that can be found locally in Madrid and Dublin?
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2023.05.31 18:59 Complex_Childhood298 Florida Temporary Certification Question

I'm a soon-to-be graduate from Florida State University and am looking to become a teacher. My degree will be in Athletic Training (Human Sciences). Currently taking my final class this summer, which will end on June 23rd. I'm looking at the Florida teaching requirements and have found a couple of subjects that I would qualify for the Temp Certification with. My question is regarding the timing of everything.
First off, I'm under the impression that, though my class will end in June, I won't receive my Bachelor's Degree until the end of the semester (August). FL requires a bachelor's degree to apply, so would I have to wait to apply until August (after I officially obtain my degree)? This would mean that I could receive my decision by as late as September. At that point, most of the job openings in my area would almost certainly be filled for the school year.
I guess the real questions are:
a) is there any way to obtain my degree earlier in the summer from FSU?
b) is there any way to submit my transcript now to be reviewed for the Temp Cert before being awarded the actual degree? Like a conditional acceptance or something
I tried calling DOE, but I can't ever get through to talk to anyone. Been on Reddit now for a few years, but haven't ever posted anything, so I apologize if anything was done incorrectly. Thanks!
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2023.05.31 18:59 AgeProfessional434 How do I travel with EV Injections?

I’m starting Estradiol Valerate tomorrow (which I’m super excited about) and then I’ll be leaving for vacation. The problem is I’ll be doing 0.2ml of 20mg/ml weekly injections but I’ll be flying to where I’m going. I’m in American so airports are very strict on what I can and can’t take on a plane so what will I need to do about next week’s injection? I’ve thought about not taking it with me but then it would be about 10 days between doses. I’ve also tried to figure out how to take it with me but it requires me to talk in public about it (which I can’t do because I’m not out to my family.) I could also wait until I get back but that’s not really something I want to do. Doing the 10 day gap sounds like my best option but I don’t know how it would affect my body. I’d appreciate any advice, thanks in advance.
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2023.05.31 18:59 OrangesScareMengl Looking for a body spray

I'm looking for a body spray, Flower fever by Gentle & Soft. I've looked in the store I got it from and it's not there, and I've looked online and can't find it. Can someone help?
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2023.05.31 18:59 AlaxisSade Smol Cat Up for Adoption

Smol Cat Up for Adoption
Just wanna try my luck and share on behalf of my friend, any cat lovers looking for another cat? Pics in comments
Hi all 😊
I found a kitten crossing the road and about to be hit by a car. With no mum in sight we decided to bring her to the vet(dewormed and deflea-ed) and now she's living in my bathroom.
I can't keep her because my existing cat is really hostile towards other cats and will make her a chew toy once he has a chance.
-She's approx 7 weeks old -super manja and adorable -loves human beings and cuddles (definitely an extrovert) -healthy and active -eats dry/wet food -litter trained -does well with another cat/ kitten
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2023.05.31 18:58 JhonatanOrj P.U.R.E. I: Book Ilja Dragunov on the Main Roster - Part II

It's time to find out if Ilja Dragunov will recover from losing to Gunther at Summerslam, or it was only the beginning of his downfall.

Build to Clash at The Castle
Ilja has a minor feud with The Miz, who mocks of him for failing to win the title, this leads to Ilja picking up a win.
Backstage, he's approached by The Judgement Day, who as usual, just mess with people, this time with Dragunov, who didn't take it and challenged Damien Priest to a match, this ends in DQ, as Bálor & Dominik jump on Dragunov, put down with a 1916 from Bálor, JD leave, but Ilja gets on the ropes and laughs with his maniac face, JD return and beat him down more, but Ilja does the same, this time, Bálor hits 3 Coup De Grace, that make Dragunov spit blood.
Dragunov seems to be gone, JD brags on getting him out, Bálor says he was never really impressed by Dragunov and knew he could break him, as he did last week. But form behind, Dragunov hits him like a torpedo, but is beaten down 3 on 1, with this time, Priest chokeslamming him trough the announcing table.
JD brag on the attack again, but Dragunov returns, bandaged up, he cleans the ring and tells Bálor he wants him at CaTC!

Clash at The Castle
Iljia Dragunov VS Finn Balor
Despite a couple interferences by Judgement Day, Dragunov puts his heart out in a top performance in front of the people that he made his name initially, in England, Iljia finally gets a hard fought win.

Build to Extreme Rules
The rivalry continues with Judgement Day, getting more and more intense, but now focusing on Damian Priest, who's decided to break Ilja apart and put him down definitely, with a lot of attacks from behind, but Dragunov refuses to lay down and gets up time and time again.

Extreme Rules
Extreme Rules Match
Damien Priest VS Ilja Dragunov
The match is brutal, both willing to leave it all out and get as creative as you can imagine to hurt the opponent, at the end, with both on a ladder, Dragunov gets on top and dives onto Priest, taking him down the ladder and crashing to a table, Ilja falling over him ready for the pin and collecting another win.

Build to Crown Jewel
The week right after, Dragunov is ambushed backstage by Indus Sher. Here starts a little rivalry, with again Dragunov refusing to stay down.

Crown Jewel
Ilja Dragunov VS Veer
A basic set match for Ilja to showcase his strenght with impressive moves on a way bigger man, and picking up another solid PPV win.

Build to Survivor Series
Indus Sher isn't done with Dragunov and attack him again, but this time someone comes to aid Ilja, Shinsuke Nakamura! They form an alliance and beat Sanga & Veer after an intense bout. Nakamura respects Dragunov and offers a hand, but Ilja talks on his respect for Nakamura too, as a wrestler and wants to fight him, after a show stealer match on RAW, that ends in double count out, soon a rematch is announced for Survivor Series.

Survivor Series
Falls Count Anywhere
Ilja Dragunov VS Shinsuke Nakamura
Two factors in here, their intensity and their desire to ask the other for more, they use the stipulation to go all around the arena, getting creative with the different areas they could fight. After a long car crash match up, they are in the stage, trading blows, Nakamura suplexes Ilja, and sets up the Kinshasa, but Dragunov ducks, gets up, T-Bone Suplex, Nakamura falls off kneeling and tells Ilja "come on", Ilja goes with a Torpeda Moskau for the win.

Build to Royal Rumble
Ilja Dragunov continues to build up his stint as unbreakable, but a name from the past shows up, JD McDonagh, who says Ilja can be broken, and he has the proof, and shows a video of their match in NXT in 2022, after which, Ilja was taken out in a stretcher, JD says is a normal man, and he'll break him again. JD says when he helped him battle Imperium, it was a work of scouting. This all leads to a stellar match in the first RAW of 2024, in a show stealer, it's Dragunov who walks out victorious.
This starts his way for the Royal Rumble as he'll enter the special match. In the mean time, Gunther, still Intercontinental Champion, wants to win the Rumble and fulfill his destiny from last year.

Royal Rumble
Dragunov enters early in the match, and survives all trough the bout, even scoring a couple eliminations. Later on, enter Gunther, who enters on fire dominantly. At the end of the match, Ilja & Gunther face off and revive their rivalry fighting in the middle of the ring, Ilja manages to get Gunther against the ropes, and runs to him with a lariat, so powerful, they both end out of the ring.

Build to Elimination Chamber
After such an impressive performance, Ilja is put in a qualifier match for a Elimination Chamber for the Intercontinental Championship. Ilja qualifies over Chad Gable in a technical bout.
But, the show before EC, Ilja Dragunov is found laying backstage. Imperium doesn't accept nor deny the blame, but Kaiser says deserved it for interfering in the destiny of Der Ring General.

Elimination Chamber
There's concern on if Ilja could compete, but he finally wasn't cleared. He's found a quick replacement, but Gunther retains his title.

After the PPV, a tournament to find a new contender for the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania. A wildcard spot is left in there and it's for, after weeks of absence, Ilja Dragunov, who comes back once again, for a final attempt of revenge on his lifetime rival.
Find out in part 3, how will this continue and if Ilja can manage to get one more chance.
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2023.05.31 18:58 Bstallio 25 [M4F] NH/USA looking to catch a vibe and see where it goes :)

Hi! my names Austin, I live in NH but was born and raised in FL, very different climates and cultures, but I have love for both!
I work full time doing mainly wood working, I enjoy what I do and I’m still learning :) it’s one of those occupations you genuinely could learn a new thing everyday for the rest of your life and never know it all
However, because of this and because of my tendency to be a homebody when I’m not working, I tend to have issues meeting people to actually date, and even more so finding people who share the same interests and energy as me, and so I’m here 😪 😂
A bit about me, I’m 6’0, blue eyes, black hair, and chubby but have a muscular build (have been on a health kick for a few years, have lost 150 lbs and I’m still goin 💪 )
for fun I like to weight lift/train, watch different shows (currently watching one piece and Vinland saga), play video games, and read, I also enjoy hiking, swimming, and shooting, but I don’t do those enough to label them as serious hobbies. I have a beautiful dog named Wilson, and people are always calling him my shadow, definitely an accurate description, he’s obsessed with me :) I don’t think I’ve ever spent any significant amount of time since I was a baby without a dog in my life and I don’t expect that to change, if you don’t like dogs we probably won’t click 😪
What I’m looking for is exactly what the title says, trying to catch your vibes, and see where it takes us…. I will say my long term goals are to have a happy, healthy, stable family, and if you’re someone who definitely doesn’t want kids we also may not click, who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️
I won’t write much more so we have something to talk about lmao, I will say though I need a gym partner for the days I don’t go with my boys 😪
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2023.05.31 18:58 pbjoel Where do I start? How do I know where I want to go?

I (20) have been struggling with the idea pretty horribly for most of the latter half of my life. Today, all that I really know about my gender is that I am AMAB, but I've been swinging from branch to branch as far as what I feel like which label fits me best. For the past few months I have been identifying as nonbinary, but I'm still not entirely sure if that's right. I've identified as a woman, genderfluid, and agender in the past, but nothing has completely stuck with me to the point where I feel completely comfortable in my own body.
I guess this is a little too rant-y than I'd like, but I've never really talked about this with anyone before, seeing as how I don't feel comfortable with anyone that I know -- and here I am talking about it on Reddit, of all places...
Nevertheless, I have been considering what the next step is in my journey to figure out who I "really am", so I've come here for some advice. In short... what's next? Gender therapy? Starting HRT? I hope that the kind people in this community can help me find some direction where I currently feel completely lost. Thank you in advance for your words of wisdom, advice, or encouragement.
TL;DR: I'm not really sure what steps I should take to start my journey into exploring a possible transition. Any help would be greatly appreciated <3
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2023.05.31 18:58 True-Area-5394 Web extraction from links found in an excel

Hey guys, I am working with a database of links that I need to extract information from, but I am having difficulty extracting the hyperlinks from excel to the browser (microsoft edge);
What would be the process to have the flow recognize the hyperlinks, continue taking these hyperlinks and opening them on the browser, extracting information, until there is a blank cell?
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2023.05.31 18:58 autotldr Germany convicts left-wing activists for attack on neo-Nazis

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 57%. (I'm a bot)
A court in eastern Germany has sentenced a 28-year-old woman to five years and three months in prison for taking part in a series of attacks on neo-Nazis and other right-wing sympathisers over a period of two years.
Such attacks are still "Serious criminal acts", he said, underlining that the state must retain a "Monopoly" on the use of force.
Prosecutors accused the student of "Militant extreme-left ideology" and conceiving the idea of attacks on far-right individuals in Leipzig and nearby towns.
The men were sentenced to between 27 months and 39 months in prison.
Among the attacks, she was accused of helping orchestrate was a 2020 incident, in which about 15 or 20 attackers beat a group of six people returning from a ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of the firebombing of Dresden.
Prosecutors said that several victims sustained serious injuries after being attacked.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: attacks#1 three#2 months#3 verdict#4 serious#5
Post found in /news, /worldnews, /AlJazeera, /inthenews, /nottheonion, /AlJazeera, /AutoNewspaper and /ALJAZEERAauto.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.05.31 18:58 Moistmeatbag84 Found in costa rica

Found in costa rica submitted by Moistmeatbag84 to mushroomID [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 18:58 Signal_Banana992 Stupid Question but I need someone to dumb this down for me because it’s just not making sense.

Hi everyone!
Im currently in an EMT Program and in our book it says the Greater Trochanter is proximal to the femoral head and neck. Im looking into this wayyy too much, but I need to ask this lol.
I know what proximal and distal means, but Im not understanding HOW the greater trochanter is proximal to the femoral head & neck when it’s below the femoral head.
Also just to get some more clarification, proximal means closer to the center of the body (closer to the trunk), so when we’re referring to only one part of the body, such as the leg, would we say say something is proximal “to the center (trunk)” of the leg? Or when we say something is proximal on the leg, is it a general statement, meaning that yes something on the leg is closer to the center of the body?
Not sure if Im making any sense, but I tried🤷‍♀️
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2023.05.31 18:58 Merilinorr Controller not working only in online matches.

I know this is a not a new problem. I was really excited to play pro clubs with my friends but i can't do anything after the match starts.This also happens in division rivals.
I've been trying everything I can find online. Sometimes controls comes and can play normally for 10-15 seconds. And then it goes again.
Has any fixes been found for this? Maybe with a high success rate? lol
Edit: I forgot to mention that this is for FIFA 23.
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