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2012.01.22 00:02 Cthulhu224 Canadian sales for computer hardware

Canadian sale subreddit for your PC needs. Deals on monitors, cables, processors, video cards, fans, cooling, cases, accessories, anything for a PC build. News and current events related to PC building in Canada. Inspired by /buildapcsales and /buildapc.

2019.09.18 21:16 sobriquetstain Oklahoma Permaculture

Oklahoma Permaculture! Whether your a farmer, an urban homesteader, a carbon-neutral hermit, a houseplant collector, a newbie gardener, a career mycologist, a 4th generation forager, a wisher, a liar, a magic-bean-buyer, come in. 🍄 For we have some flax-golden tales to spin. Come in! 🍄 Permaculture uses these principles in a growing number of fields from regenerative agriculture, rewilding, and community.🌱

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A place to talk about all the great beer in Chattanooga

2023.06.08 06:41 rotundfire FAT legal & financial services?

I've been having trouble finding financial professionals that I'm happy with. I've switched CPAs 3 times in 3 years. None have been terrible, but the first two missed basic things on my return, and took days to reply to simple questions. Similarly, I've been putting together an estate plan, and am not getting the level of service I was hoping for from my current attorney.
For health stuff, I pay for a concierge medical practice, which has been a great use of money. For $25k/yr, I get a doctor who does house calls, answers my texts right away, and is very knowledgeable.
I'm hoping to find a similar level of service for tax, and legal (primarily T&E, but also misc contract reviews questions...etc). My needs are pretty basic (W-2, a few K-1s, need to setup a living trust and maybe SLATs in the future), and I realize $25k/yr is probably overpaying, but I'm looking to save time here not money. I specifically don't want an AUM based wealth management firm though. I want to manage my investments on my own, and while I can justify ~$25k/yr, I can't justify $100k+/yr.
I was thinking that maybe a multi-family office would provide these services, but all the ones I've found look like they focus on portfolio management, when what I want is a company that focuses on the other stuff: taxes, estate planning, misc personal legal advice. Does that kind of shop exist, and what would it be called?
I'm based in San Francisco CA, so any recs around here would be ideal!
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2023.06.08 06:41 stevensrentals Brentwood's Finest: Spacious Apartment for Rent in Prime Location

Stevens Realty offers a range of exceptional apartments for rent in Brentwood, TN. These well-maintained properties feature modern amenities, comfortable living spaces, and a desirable location. With their attention to detail and reliable service, Stevens Realty can help you find your perfect rental apartment in Brentwood. Visit their website for availability and more information.
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2023.06.08 06:40 TokyoGhoulGirl101 Why ask to trade if you’re not going to keep your end of the bargain🥴?

Why ask to trade if you’re not going to keep your end of the bargain🥴?
This happened a year and a half ago but it still annoys me. This person wanted to trade with me. I agreed and I messaged them what I was interested in and we went back and forth for a few days with the trade. Then they changed their mind about doing the trade. What annoyed me the most is why did they bother going back and forth with me for days just to tell me they changed their mind?
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2023.06.08 06:40 harlow2088 Recent hack going around

I wanted to post this in case this happens to anyone else. I’ve had my Etsy store since 2013 and it was hacked recently. All my listings were deleted and 12 new listings were charged to my account as well as marketing fees. Each listing contained the following in the description (the hacker website was bundlepng (I took out the actual links)):
Description* Please Don't Order In this Etsy Shop 1. Product link: (company link was posted here) 2. Choose the Collection you want to purchase. 3. When you buy on (company link was posted here) website, you will get DISCOUNT50% Personalization Required "Buy on website: (company link was posted here)"
I’ve shut down my store temporarily and contacted Etsy; just waiting on them to reply, but wanted to raise awareness in the community.
Etsy has gone down a massive amount in the last ten years I’ve sold on the platform and this is likely the nail in the coffin for me to fully move over to my own website.
If you haven’t turn on two factor authentication, remove any autopay, and backup your listings (all rookie mistakes on my end).
Stay safe out there!
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2023.06.08 06:40 ScholarNeonBot Cross marks, 'leave' posters on Muslim shops in U'khand

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2023.06.08 06:40 Asleep_Ad4334 Cross marks, 'leave' posters on Muslim shops in U'khand

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2023.06.08 06:40 TeutonicTimeTraveler Marriage certificate transcription

Marriage certificate transcription
Thank you in advance for your help.
I would like to have a transcription for the marriage certificate of my great great grandparents (Georg Gross and Julie (or Julia?) Schwende).
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2023.06.08 06:39 Violet_Nightshade Got an offer for what is likely a job scam but I'm not sure how it works.

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2023.06.08 06:39 abatwithitsmouthopen Where I think GameStop is going

I am going to post some speculation that may hype some people. Please keep in mind this isn’t DD but just pure speculation about where I think GameStop is headed.
Apple recently announced its vision pro which is an Augmented Reality headset. Btw I’m very bullish on this product and I think it’s the future. Reminds me a lot like the iPhone.
What does this have to do with gamestop? I think GameStop can launch their Web3 game launcher Playr on VisionPro which will allow users to play games on their AR headset. Instead of going into Vision Pro App Store and separately downloading each game how convenient would it be if you only download one app and can play any web3 game. And it doesn’t stop there. You actually own the skins you buy and can buy and sell them on GameStop’s NFT website.
Think steam for AVR headsets except you’re not locked into one closed system.
NFT platform makes even more sense when you combine it with Web3 games on AR headsets.
And this is just Apple. I’m sure competitors will launch their versions of AR headsets too.
Keep in mind this is a new product that hasn’t been launched yet. I’m talking about both PlayR and Vision pro. It will probably take a while for mass adoption but I do think they can create and capture on something before others.
I have also previously made a post about a virtual mall that could be a new way for users to shop around. Doesn’t look as crazy now with the AR headset being announced but still speculative.
These posts are more for myself than for others since I like to come back later on and see how I did for fun.
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2023.06.08 06:38 Espe-1739 Coffee Experience :)

Can someone give me opinions or tell me about their favorite experiences in coffee shops? (It can be about a certain place or about the service).
Thanks :)
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2023.06.08 06:37 sebastienlorber This Week In React #147: Skia-Experiment, BlueSky, Kotlin, Shopping Apps, Chain React, Expo...

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2023.06.08 06:37 Icy_Professor2753 Big TV dilemma. Lg c2 83 inch vs the flagship Samsung 8k qn900b 85 inch

Hi everyone any help would be hugely appreciated.
I have a store credit after having issues with my LG cx 77 inch. So the store is taking it back I have extended warranty now with $5k store credit to go shopping for another tv.
I want as big as possible now for the living room. I’ve come across great deals for both these tvs, the c2 I’ll have to pay $1k more which is fine and the Samsung qn900b would be a straight swap no money topped up.
What’s your thoughts. Which way should I go ?!?!
They both look incredible in the store, I already know how good an OLED can be and look after having the CX for two years, but the qn900b is an extra 2 inches bigger cheaper this time around and looks also fantastic in person.
Brightness not an issue. My cx was bright enough and I know c2 will be brighter. Real stuck here. Both great for gaming too
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2023.06.08 06:36 PackDiscombobulated4 Taiwan Travel Recommendation

Taiwan Travel Recommendation
Hi All,
We (2 adults/3years/9years/one health elderly) are planning to go to Taiwan in March 2024 for 2 weeks. Is the below travel plan too aggressive? I am mostly worry about the travel time in the east parts of Taiwan due to the lack of high speed rail and numerous hotels check in/out in the different cities with 2 kids. we saved the last few days in Taipei to do some shopping. Thanks in advance for any recommendation.
Our flight will be 10+ hours to Taiwan.
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2023.06.08 06:35 Beau-tea-ful_Day “Black Sesame Flan”

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2023.06.08 06:35 thegifttree01 Shop Unique Corporate Gift Hamper Online in India Food Gift Hampers The Gift Tree

The Gift Tree is the biggest online store for buying unique gift hampers, corporate gift, food gift hampers and more in India at the best price.
Unique gift hampers
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2023.06.08 06:34 KenneallysFunerals The Value Of Hiring A Funeral Company Or Director

The Value Of Hiring A Funeral Company Or Director
Dealing with the loss of a loved one is an emotionally challenging time for anyone. Amidst the grief and sorrow, there are numerous practical considerations that need attention. One of the most crucial decisions to make is whether to hire a funeral director in Camden or near you to assist with the funeral arrangements. While some may consider taking on this responsibility themselves, there are compelling reasons why entrusting the services of a funeral company or director can be a wise decision during such trying times. This article explores the benefits of seeking professional assistance after a personal loss and highlights the invaluable support these professionals provide.
Experience and Expertise:
Funeral companies and directors bring extensive experience and expertise to the table. They possess in-depth knowledge of the funeral industry, including legal requirements, paperwork, and logistical arrangements. Their expertise ensures that all necessary permits, certificates, and legal obligations are met, allowing you to focus on grieving and spending quality time with your loved ones. Their guidance and attention to detail will ensure that the funeral ceremony and related arrangements are executed seamlessly and professionally.
Personalised and Meaningful Farewell:
Funeral companies and directors are skilled at creating personalised and meaningful farewells. They understand that each person is unique and that a personalised service can honour the life and memories of the deceased. From choosing the right music, flowers, and readings to arranging customised tributes, they work closely with the bereaved to create a ceremony that truly reflects the life and values of the departed. Their creativity and compassionate approach ensure that the funeral becomes a memorable celebration of the person's life, providing solace and comfort to the grieving family.

Emotional Support:
The journey of grieving is an emotionally challenging one, and having a compassionate and supportive guide by your side can make a significant difference. Funeral directors not only handle the practical aspects but also offer emotional support to the bereaved. They understand the profound impact of loss and provide a comforting presence, offering a listening ear and guidance through the grieving process. Their experience in dealing with grief equips them to offer valuable advice on coping mechanisms and support resources, helping you navigate through this difficult time.
Time and Stress Management:
Organising a funeral involves numerous tasks, ranging from coordinating with family members and friends to liaising with cemeteries, florists, and clergy. The responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming, particularly when coupled with the emotional toll of the loss. Hiring a funeral company or director relieves you of the burden of managing these intricate details, allowing you to focus on your well-being and spending time with loved ones. Their logistical expertise ensures that everything is taken care of efficiently, reducing stress and providing peace of mind.
Cost-Effective Solutions:
Contrary to common belief, hiring a funeral company or director can offer cost-effective solutions in the long run. These professionals possess an extensive network of contacts in the funeral industry, allowing them to negotiate better prices for services and products. Additionally, they can guide you in making informed decisions regarding funeral options, helping you avoid unnecessary expenses. By carefully managing the budget, they ensure that you receive quality services within your financial means, offering value for money.
In times of personal loss, making the decision to hire funeral directors Camden can alleviate the burden of funeral arrangements and provide much-needed support. Their expertise, personalised services, emotional support, time management, and cost-effective solutions make them valuable allies during this challenging period. By entrusting the funeral arrangements to these professionals, you can focus on grieving, healing, and cherishing the memories of your loved one.
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2023.06.08 06:33 lopezkev147m 30. [F4M]. MN/USA. Seeking taller guys (6’4”+).

About me: Single. Female. Relying on Reddit to find me that special SO/Someone if you are open to a meaningful connection. I enjoy reading, video game, painting, and shopping. I also love trying out new restaurants around town.
Seeking: Single, tall male who does not have kids. Very nice and generous. Is open to local or long distance. Preferably believes in Christ. Adventurous and fun. Not boring.
If you are the one please send me a message and a photo of you. Thanks!
XoXo 😘
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2023.06.08 06:33 VikingArmory New and Dangerous Airsoft Legislation

New and Dangerous Airsoft Legislation
Hey Airsofters! It's Kaleb, owner of Viking Armory Airsoft. Listen guys, it is crucial that this news be spread to everyone in our community, because quite simply, we are under attack.
For those of you who don't know, or may still be confused, here's a quick rundown of the situation; and what you can do to help:
Begining June 26th, 2023, the Consumer Product Safety Commission will enforce new legislation that negatively impacts airsoft for manufacturer and consumer alike. If this legislation passes, essentially every piece of gear and gun must go through federal laboratory testing at facilities that don't exist, by federal personnel that don't exist, and earn a certification that doesn't exist. Because of this, airsoft will likely be made illegal in the US. The equipment affected by this new rule include: paintball, nerf, gel blaster, pellet guns, and you guessed it, airsoft replicas.
With this new legislation in effect, the biggest players in the United States airsoft market will be unable to sell their guns, and every item on their shelves will be seized by local law enforcement. Stores and dealers as large as Evike and Amped Airsoft will be decimated.
But it doesn't stop there. Your local shops will go under, small startups like us will shutdown. I have some good news for you guys, though. There are some ways you can help! There's a link below. Follow that link, and leave a politely worded comment to tell them why this rule should not go into effect. If you'd rather, there's a pre-made comment, shared by our friends at Evike, that you can copy and paste into the comment bar.
Viking Armory Airsoft, and every other person that loves being a part of the airsoft community NEEDS YOUR HELP! So please, do your part, and help save our sport!
Here's the link: https://www.regulations.gov/document/CPSC-2023-0021-0001?goal=0_c45393286e-f99226def1-331934065&mc_cid=f99226def1&mc_eid=2fd1c3e72d
Pre-Made Comment: I oppose the Consumer Product Safety Commission's proposed Direct Final Rule in Docket No. CPSC-2023-0021. Airsoft is a very important, safe sporting activity, enjoyed by myself and thousands of responsible users and hobbyists. As written, the effect of the Commission's proposed rule would have significant and unnecessary impact on myself and all in the air-soft industry, both from an economic standpoint and an accessibility one. Without comment from the industry, the proposed Direct Final Rule would be inappropriate and unacceptable without changes. Accordingly, I request the Commission withdraw the proposed direct final rule. I appreciate and understand the Commission's approach and request the Commission consider excepting air-soft guns from any requirement for GCCs. Thank you for your consideration.
Thank you so much for your time. It's been awesome working with this community, and we'd love to continue in this journey with you. Please share this with anyone you can. Friends, family, anyone, and everyone. We can use all the help we can get.
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2023.06.08 06:33 jpezz28 Valid excuse or what

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2023.06.08 06:32 sean8102 Any of these strains from NSM you'd recommend?

Don't really care if it's indica/sativa/hybrid.
Tomorrow all NSM eigths are $25 at S443. They have 21 strains in stock. Just curious if there are any standouts here I should try. Love trying different strains and harvesters. Osage was on sale recently at S443 and I'm actually really happy with the eigth of Strawberry Banana I got.
NSM is one of three brands/harvesters (others being Delta and Osage) that I haven't bought often despite having a card for ~3 years now (their flower specifically). Not because I have had a bad experience with either the few times that I have bought their flower. But they seem to rarely go on sale (I'm in Hot Springs so it's S443 and Green Springs and GS doesn't even sale Delta or Osage products).
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2023.06.08 06:31 Zestyclose_Act_8630 Customer cussed out my manager over a small mistake (which the manager immediately fixed.)

At the retail store I work at, we offer online shopping with pickup in store. A customer comes in to pick up an online order, so my manager gets it and gives it to her. My manager says “Do you wanna open it up and look just to make sure everything is correct before you leave?” We always say that to customers on the off chance that something was incorrect in their order.
The customer opens the bag and she immediately starts yelling about how one of the items is a 12oz bottle, but it was supposed to be a 30oz bottle. My manager immediately apologized and said “I’m so sorry! Let me just double check and we can get this all fixed for you.” So she quickly double checks the order to make sure she was in fact supposed to get the 30oz bottle (some people just complain and scream like that because they want free stuff or bigger versions than what they paid for.) It said she did in fact order the 30oz bottle, so my manager says “Let me go grab the 30oz one for you really quick, I’m so sorry.” So she goes to grab it, and comes back with it.
When she hands it to the customer, the customer, starts swearing at her. “Fk you! You did this on purpose, bh! You do this so that you save money! You KNEW I ordered a 30oz bottle, and you gave me the smaller one anyways! What the f*k!” and so on and so forth. This went on for a solid minute.
No, Karen, obviously this was a mistake. Whoever packaged the order didn’t realize you ordered the 30oz bottle or accidentally grabbed the smaller one because they didn’t realize. I understand it’s a mistake on our part, but we immediately apologized and made it right. It was a small mistake. People make mistakes, you don’t need to berate and scream and cuss at us. We’re people too.
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2023.06.08 06:31 behboosonly 4. Fuck me.

Saw the wife. She got the kids back. For now. They're battling....
Rhe Wife came home to grab things and ran to the shop. I got to see everything. Everything everything. Apparently cl3an up costs money.
Nightmares incoming. For now I'm still alive and here. The girl that brought her here tried to fight me. Twice.
Give me 30 days and cunt aunt will have to fuckin evict me. For now... she's in another state. Think I can breathe for a minute.
Oh. And whore wife is "sorry" chairs beans!
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