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[Oliver Kay] Manchester City are champions again & Everton have survived again, but both face charges over financial breaches. With resolutions a long way off & rival clubs seeking answers, the whole business underlines English football's need for tighter, more rigorous regulation

2023.05.31 17:28 RyanIsKickAss [Oliver Kay] Manchester City are champions again & Everton have survived again, but both face charges over financial breaches. With resolutions a long way off & rival clubs seeking answers, the whole business underlines English football's need for tighter, more rigorous regulation

[Oliver Kay] Manchester City are champions again & Everton have survived again, but both face charges over financial breaches. With resolutions a long way off & rival clubs seeking answers, the whole business underlines English football's need for tighter, more rigorous regulation submitted by RyanIsKickAss to LiverpoolFC [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 17:28 AbbreviationsWarm383 Ushi Ushi no Mi Model Zurafa

Allows one to become mythical hooved chimera creature and a hybrid version
The user has a beast form that’s size of a regular full size giraffe but twice the size. They are covered in fire reddish yellow like scales and and regular colored giraffe fur in between the scales and up the under neck. They have a large fire like mane of hair along their spine with slight eastern dragon like facial whiskers flowing from under their nostrils with like deer like antlers growing out from top of their head curving off to the side slightly. It has a slightly longer giraffe like tail with similar looking legs & hooves of a horse. They also have a mane flowing as well. Their hybrid form also looks stunningly similar to kaku’s awakening forms but has the standard major on awakened differences.
This mythical fruit gives one incredible increased physical abilities. Among those increased abilities their durability is the strongest being able to almost completely face tank most damage, as well shrug off attacks with little effort. They gain the ability of ignition of the body and fire generation & manipulation. They could breathe fire as well produces a natural wave of intense heat at will. They’re fully capable of shaping their created fire at will. They’re also capable of setting their body in fire. This can increase their combat potential in close quarters. They are capable of generating red electricity from their antlers and releasing it in large discharges, they are capable of aiming this. They can also stockpile this charged energy to use for later uses such as amplifying their flames or lightning and even healing theirselves or others from near fatal wounds
They can use their body ignition ability to simulate flight and fly through the sky to what people see it as “running through the sky”. They can create and manipulate & breathe their flames in any form for any kind of uses they could think of. This also allows one to travel fast across the ground leaving a flaming trail in its wake. They’re also capable of healing others upon touching them with their flowing whiskers.
They suffer from the standard weakness as all fruit users do. They also can’t get wet or they won’t be able to ignite their body. Additionally looking and being very giraffe like they pose a significant learning curve similar to kaku when he first got his fruit.
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2023.05.31 17:27 ElegantLaw5513 28 [F4M] Dallas - Looking for penetrative kinky fun

Hi everyone! In town and looking to Host rm but more fun and kinkiness ~ here are some of my scenarios!
1) breast play, suckling, slapping -anything titty related! We can do this while drinking, watching movies, making out! I can do this for hours lol my nips are soooo sensitive.
2) slapping my ass or face with your dick! Love when guys do this, love the humiliation
3) spanking - put me over your knee or bend me over! I love a little punishment.
5’0, 125. Long hair, petite. Punk n fem. Generally looking for a chill night with drinking and “anything but.” 420 friendly. Professional academic, nerdy, love games! Short, nice tits, and open minded.
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2023.05.31 17:26 Geography3 Totally Not Doom Patrol #4 - Tense Toiling Tale

DC Next Proudly Presents:
In: Tales from the (Totally Not) Doom Patrol
Issue Four: Tense Toiling Tale
Written by u/Geography3
Edited by u/AdamantAce
Previous Issue > Terrifically Tasty Tales
Next Issue > Coming Next Month
Arani Desai was wracked. By pain, emotional turmoil, and agitation. She sat in a rickety chair that creaked with each rocking motion of her shaking body. She looked at the floor with the tense brow of someone on the verge of throwing up, although she couldn’t even tell if nausea was one of her current sensations. A cool breeze drifted in from the vents that did little to soothe her. It was the only comfort afforded to her, as the large glass panels making up one wall of the room didn’t allow for much natural temperature control. On the other side of the room, a locked door faced her. It only ever opened to invite her tormentors in.
Arani thumbed a scar left on her leg from a recent encounter. It was small, but scars like that trapped Arani not just in the house, but within her own body. They made her feel small, and she loathed the powerlessness. She stared at her hands. If she figured out the searing power within her, she could destroy everyone around her and never have to live this life again. The thought process was simple. She couldn’t take it anymore. She ran.
Sound grew harsh, then warbled as she jumped through the glass window and into the pool below. She had hit the window full force but miraculously only had minor cuts, the flimsy glass stinging her skin as it was exposed to chlorine. She was wearing light clothing, but she still felt weighted. She surfaced above water, and turned to see the blurred image of a guard jumping in the pool after her, like a brown smear on a canvas.
Arani propelled herself through her amateur swimming skills, trying to cross to the shallow end of the large pool. As the guard closed the distance, Arani slapped her hands towards him, splashing up water that froze into sharp ice. His face was hit by a wave that crashed into ice just before it reached him, disorienting him. Soon the ice began to spread, surrounding the man and encasing him in a shell of cold.
Arani scrambled to the top of the rapidly forming layer of ice that was replacing the pool. Only the guard’s head was exposed, the rest trapped in glacial agony. Seizing the opportunity, she kicked the man’s head repeatedly. Rage had overtaken her, and all she wanted was to burn it out of her. She was brought back to the real world by her senses, which told her that others were coming. She looked around and realized that the luxurious backyard space was still an extension of her cell. She needed to get off of her father’s land.
She climbed over the railing on the edge of the property, hoping to shimmy down one of the support beams that held the complex aloft over the forest floor. In her haste she made a misstep and clumsily fell, grasping out for branches that only whacked at her on her way down. She landed gracefully in a pile of leaves, now on the ground of the jungle. After a moment to regain her bearings, she was spurred onward by the sounds of armed men swarming above her. People were yelling and moving, their intentions to follow her clear. She stole into the jungle, running as fast as she could.
After some good distance was put between her and her pursuers, she came across a creek, an open wound in the earth. She slowed her pace to descend the minor slope into the creek, but it wasn’t slow enough as she walked straight into a trap. One fateful footfall triggered a large net to snatch her into a tree, sending her hanging like a loose tooth.
As she pressed against the coarse rope of the net, a familiar boil returned to her hands. Her touches fried the cables to a crisp, allowing her to begin to free herself from the impromptu prison. It probably wasn’t set up to catch her; more likely, she had entered a poacher’s range. Still, it was an obstacle, and she was almost clawing at the netting to escape it.
She was helped by gunfire that pierced certain weak spots, sending her tumbling to the ground. Her salvation quickly turned to doom, as five guards from her father’s estate surrounded her, guns smoking. Arani stood up and looked around, their faces familiar. One of them was an old good friend of hers from childhood, who grew up to perpetuate her father’s regime. He came up to her, his gun slung over his cocky chest.
“Easy, Arani. No one here wants to hurt you. We’re required to bring you back unharmed, so why don’t you just come peacefully, okay?” He approached her slowly.
Her response was spitting in his face. Enraged, he grabbed onto one of her wrists, slapping her across the face. After a moment, a devilish look crossed his face. “If you’re going to make this difficult, I deserve some compensation. Maybe we can have some fun before your dad locks you away forever…”
“Never,” Arani grunted as she swiftly grabbed the weapon hanging on his chest. She broke his grasp and switched their positioning, pointing the gun at his head. She faced the rest of the men with raised rifles, eyeing her hostage.
“Get lost, or I kill him,” Arani stated, adding after a few seconds of inaction, “Put your guns down!”
When the guards weren’t complying quick enough for her liking, Arani marched over to the creek, kicking her old friend to his knees. His protests were muffled as Arani dunked his head into the water, holding it there. “Lay down your weapons, now!”
The men slowly put down their weapons, Arani’s eyes flickering rapidly between them to make sure they wouldn’t make any sudden moves. By the time the last man had disarmed himself, Arani felt a disturbing lack of movement coming from her palm. She looked down, at the man face-down in the water, not moving. As the men took stock of what happened as well, their looks became furious. Not knowing what to do, Arani made a break for it, using a fallen tree to quickly traverse the creek.
Gunfire followed a few seconds after, forcing Arani to duck and weave. The heat of the jungle and the buzz of insects around her faded into white noise. She only heard her thudding heart, quick breaths, and feet falling beneath her. Bullets whizzed around her haphazardly, until one struck her in the leg. She tumbled down a small incline she was cresting, her only instincts to cover her head. At the bottom of the hill she became face to face with a large hollow tree laid across the ground. She scurried into the husk for shelter, hoping for refuge from her pursuers.
She sloughed her cloth jacket off. She took a look at her leg, a hole in the back leaking blood. With an amateur knowledge of survival medicine, she wrapped her jacket around her leg tight, trying to contain the bleeding somehow. It was uncomfortable, but the more pressing matter came as she heard the men shouting and surrounding the tree. Arani kept as still as possible, but through a hole in the top of the log she made eye contact. She was spotted.
She heard the men hypothesizing on where in the downed log she was as she scurried around, trying to arouse visual and sonic confusion. After a few moments of silence, she popped through a hole in the top. With the gun she had taken, she shot at random and then ducked back under the moss to avoid the returning counter fire, like a sick game of whack-a-mole. Through the opening she had crawled in she shot at one guard’s feet, landing a hit and sending him falling backwards.
The vessel then shook from the opposite direction, as Arani rolled around to see one crazed guard crawling inside the tight space to try and grab her. Swatting his hands away, Arani’s skin flooded with heat. A torrent of flame flew from her hands, scorching the man as the air filled with the stench of frying flesh. However, this action also compromised her haven, making it burn bright quickly. She burst through the fragile hollow, displacing a man who had stood on top of the log for a better vantage point. Flames quickly spread and she ran through them, using the smoke as cover from gunfire.
The terrain sloped back upwards, Arani having reached the other side of the squished valley. As she struggled up the hill, Arani found herself next to a large tree whose branches reached out to her. She hoisted herself into the tree’s arms, climbing upwards to hopefully avoid the men. She hopped from branch to branch, swinging around the tops of the heavily forested area. She watched as the three remaining armsmen gathered below her. They shouted insults at each other as they disagreed over where she could be.
As Arani leaned back against a tree trunk to hide, a flimsy branch she was resting her arm on snapped and clattered to the ground. Her position was compromised. The men shot into the trees, and Arani got the sense that they no longer cared about her making it back alive. Luckily they had a poor idea of where she was, and Arani narrowly avoided being hit as she jumped to another treetop.
Having found a new vantage point, she had a good look at those below. She breathed into her hands, cupping a chill gasp. The frost coalesced into three daggers of ice, stinging her hands. Hurriedly she threw the daggers downwards, hoping to hit each of the men. Her aim was off, and they all plunked into one man. One in his shoulder, one slicing past his neck, one splitting his eye socket open. Seeing his comrade’s body fall, another guard began to climb upwards to get to Arani directly.
Amidst the desperate rustling and dizzying height, Arani lost track of the man. He got the jump on her, tackling her carelessly. They both careened towards the ground. Luckily for Arani, the man’s reckless comrade shot at the falling pair, hitting Arani’s attacker in the back. This allowed Arani to shift their positions so the man was below her, using his body to break her fall as they thudded to the ground. Arani shook to her feet. Her and the final man stared at each other in a silent standoff. The silence was pierced by the man receiving a phone call, giving Arani the distraction needed to run off. The man lightly jogged after her as he took the call, no doubt from her father.
As she ran on, Arani heard the sounds of civilization. Beeps, honks, whirring wheels. She found herself on the edge of the wilderness facing a busy road, a highway to the dockyards that might hold the key to freedom. There was a resting bike on the other side of the highway, one that Arani could hijack. As she strategized how to cross the roiling sea of vehicles, she saw the last guard approaching behind her. She ran.
Horns blared at her as she made her way perilously. The woman stopped and started, the cars stopped and started, the man stopped and started. All parties, willing and unwilling, engaged in a deadly dance. They played a dangerous game of chicken, where Arani would dash past a car just in time for it to block the man’s path. Arani’s foot caught a rock. She stumbled into the path of a truck. She flattened herself against the ground. She survived. She got up. Right into the grinning face of her tormentor. He grabbed her. But he wasn’t paying attention. A car slammed right into him, sending him flying across the asphalt.
Arani miraculously made it to the other side, ignoring the chaos behind her. Her mind blanked out as she rode towards the dockyard, a place she often went as a child. She was surprised how much she still remembered the route. Sweating and panting, she let her stolen vehicle clatter against the ground as she took sight of a boat, waiting and ready to take her to freedom. She could sneak aboard with the cargo without notice, she was sure of it. There was a loading bridge set up, and no one was around. She ran.
But then she heard vehicles pull up behind her, and the slam of closing doors. And she heard her father’s deep, commanding voice, ordering her to “Stop!” She complied, stopping dead in her tracks. Arani turned around, seeing her father flanked by two men in suits holding pistols. Her father wore a business casual outfit as if he had just stepped off of a yacht. A scarf wrapped around his neck, and Arani wished she could run up and tighten it.
Instead, she blasted ice at the two men’s hands, but in her panic it only manifested as misty snow. Arani ran and hid among the various elements of the dockyard, weaving around crates. She raced towards the bridge that would help her further hide among the cargo. As she stepped onto the bridge, she felt strong hands grab her by the ponytail, yanking her back.
“Little girl,” Ashok Desai glared at his daughter, forcing her to look at him. “You have caused me much trouble.”
Arani was too tired for any clever response. She looked back at him. An exhausted but still defiant look was in her eyes. Her expression communicated, ‘Yeah, and…?’
Ashok sighed deeply. “For years I tolerate your evil, and then I have to grapple with your demonic powers that back up your evil. And this is the thanks I get? You should be glad I didn’t bash your head in with a rock as an infant. Why I don’t do that now, gods know…”
“You’ve made enough of a public mess. It’s time to come home. You have to face the consequences of your actions, little girl,” Ashok tried to pull Arani, but she stood firm.
It was time to burn the bridge - literally. She tensed for a moment as pain rocked through her body. All the uses of her powers that day made her feel like a tingling husk, and this was the most taxing yet. She cried out in pain and rage as a wave of fire erupted from within her. Its force set her father ablaze, his screams filling the air as he grabbed at his already scarring face. He toppled into the water, steam rising as he plunged under.
Arani climbed aboard, watching as the two goons scrambled to help their suffering leader. They now had more pressing matters than stopping her. She hid among some of the crates, finding a nook that kept her hidden and allowed her to rest her head for a moment. Sleep didn’t come easy despite her exhaustion. Hours later when she felt and heard the ship moving around her, the soft rocking of the ocean lulled her to sleep. It had been bloody, but she had fought for her independence and made it out to the other side. She would see another day - and perhaps even become alive within it.
What Arani really shared with the others was, “Actually. I grew up in India. My dad is evil. That’s all you really need to know.”
NEXT: What The Hole?!
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2023.05.31 17:26 Particular-Let-7185 Keeping Sacchan in our thoughts still ❤️🙏🏻

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2023.05.31 17:26 Spaghetti_Oh_No Facial filler doctor recommendations for fitzpatrick skin tone type 5 in NJ, PA OR NY?

I want some fillers to fix nasolabial folds but have had trouble finding people that have a sure method to avoid occlusion on my skin tone. I've had people recommend getting fillers directly there but that would definitely weigh down my face, and the people who've recommended cheeks (for a pulling/lifting method) say they look for visual markers (e.g. going pale) to avoid occlusion

I would pay more just to have them use an ultrasound or something specialized to avoid this
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2023.05.31 17:26 WFProduction New coupons for WFP 125 Digital watch face

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2023.05.31 17:26 crimewriter40 Exile Island Shit Show

Panama/Exile Island is probably in my top 5 seasons, and I love it for the same reason I loved Gabon- it was like a Survivor fever dream.
By far the best part of the season was Casaya, and what a troupe of misfits they were; even better, they were misfits who dominated the season, despite much bigger brains (in Dan Fuego) and brawn and pure athleticism (in Terry) on La Mina. Mario makes the best case for why Casaya was such an enjoyable shit show in his Funny 115-
But one thing I caught on the re-watch that wasn't clear to me initially, was how the editors juxtaposed the dysfunction and drama of Casaya with the polar opposite existence of La Mina, who played "honorably", genuinely liked and respected each other, and were completely up front with the votes so no one would be blindsided at Tribal. The one time Aras made the mistake of trying to be upfront before a vote, the whole thing blew up in his face.
So you have two tribes who literally exist on opposite ends of the spectrum; dysfunction and drama end up winning in the end except that the actual winner of that group, Aras, was the most "honorable" member of it. Lots of thematic interplay this season that makes re-watching it highly entertaining.
Does anyone else love this season and/or pick up on the thematic dichotomy on a re-watch?
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2023.05.31 17:25 WFProduction New coupons for WFP 125 Digital watch face

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2023.05.31 17:25 StuartGibson Huge congratulations to /u/DivingFaces from Newtownards for getting his Lego Jaws design to become an official set later this year.

Huge congratulations to DivingFaces from Newtownards for getting his Lego Jaws design to become an official set later this year. submitted by StuartGibson to northernireland [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 17:25 zonathan9 Fiance and I looking for our first sectional

Fiance and I looking for our first sectional
Hello all,
My finance and I just moved into a rental, and are looking for our first sectional. We have 2 dogs, no kids, and are hoping to be able to buy a house in 1-2yrs, but we need something more than my old recliner. The living room is different from anything I've ever had, so here is a layout picture. Currently the plan is to have the have a TV on the wall to the Right of the fireplace, bookcases on the wall between the living room and kitchen(that I am planning on building myself), and a small table on the wall to the Right of the foyer. We are thinking about a U shaped sectional in the center of the living room facing the TV, but want something modular so we can change it if that doesn't work. Neither of us claim to be good at decorating, so any and all advise is appreciated. She was thinking about a blue/green color scheme and likes mid-century modern type furniture.
Any advise on sectional and layout would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.31 17:25 Babycloud20 Preventing Dry Skin for Babies

Preventing Dry Skin for Babies
Keeping a baby's skin moisturized is important to prevent dryness and irritation. Here are some tips to help prevent dry skin in babies:
Gentle bathing: Limit baths to a few times a week to avoid stripping the natural oils from the baby's skin. Use lukewarm water and a mild, fragrance-free baby cleanser. Keep baths short and avoid using harsh soaps or excessive scrubbing.

Moisturize regularly: After bathing, pat the baby's skin dry with a soft towel and immediately apply a gentle, fragrance-free moisturizer. Look for products specifically formulated for babies, such as creams or ointments that contain ingredients like ceramides or shea butter. Avoid products with added fragrances, dyes, or other potential irritants.

Dress appropriately: Choose soft, breathable fabrics like cotton for your baby's clothing. Avoid synthetic materials that can trap moisture and cause irritation. Dress your baby in layers so you can adjust their clothing to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Use a humidifier: Dry indoor air can contribute to dry skin. Consider using a cool-mist humidifier in the baby's room, especially during the drier months or in climates with low humidity. Ensure the humidifier is clean and properly maintained to prevent mold or bacteria growth.

Protect from harsh weather: In cold or windy weather, cover your baby's skin with warm, breathable clothing and use a hat and mittens to protect their face and extremities. In hot weather, keep your baby in shaded areas, dress them in loose, lightweight clothing, and apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) to exposed skin if they're over six months old.

Avoid irritants: Be mindful of potential irritants that can dry out the baby's skin. Avoid using scented laundry detergents, fabric softeners, or dryer sheets when washing their clothes and bedding. Opt for gentle, hypoallergenic products instead.

Hydrate from within: If your baby has started solid foods and is older than six months, offer them water in addition to breast milk or formula. Staying hydrated can help maintain healthy skin.

If you notice persistent dryness, redness, or irritation on your baby's skin, or if you have any concerns, it's best to consult with your pediatrician or a healthcare professional for further evaluation and advice.
For more visit-
BabyCloud APP
BabyCloud Bizz App
LinkedIn Page
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2023.05.31 17:25 away7655 Interesting way to look at it

My SOs exs' family owns a restaurant in their very small home town. There's another similar names restaurant in the same town. I often (and still) confuse the two names of them.
When I started dating my SO we went to dinner at a restaurant with his whole family. I was between SOs mom and himself. The restaurant his Exs' family owned was brought up in passing conversation. (Not talking about the ex, just the restaurant) My SO was talking and I didn't want to interrupt his whole conversation so I quietly asked his mom "That's the one with [ex name] right?" and she said yes and made an ugly dissatisfied face and says "She always used [SOs name]" I was so taken aback lol I asked SO about it later and he absolutely has no idea what she's talking about at all because as the person she claims is the victim of that relationship he says nothing like that happend. In addition, he's always kept a high level of privacy when it comes to his relationships and what his parents know. Cue to almost 4 years later and she has never once said anything about any of his ex's ever again. It may be because I'm ELC based on her other behavior (extremely low contact, think Hi and Bye and that's it, once a month.) but it got me thinking, the one and only thing she said about his ex was completely negative and unsupported. A total assumption.
I know for a fact I'm not her favorite and tbh, if she could have the same grandchild, same son but different DIL I have no doubt she would. So, I don't even have to wonder what she says about me 🙄
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2023.05.31 17:25 hwhfjfnakd 23(F4M) I’m down and available for hookup i do both Incall and outcall blowjob FaceTime body massage you can hit me up on snap. vero_8613 or kik: taniaashley224 or telegram: vero_love112

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2023.05.31 17:25 readithere_2 [product question]

Female: fell on brick driveway last night face down from 5ft. I have about a 3 inch gash where my eyebrow is. Went to the ER for treatment. My concern is having the doctor on call who stitched me up versus a plastic surgeon.
I’m vain and I’m in the fashion industry. My skin has always been my greatest feature. I’ve taken excellent care of it, porcelain complexion and I don’t go in the sun. I wear spf daily and I wear hats most of the time.
Even though I eat healthy, don’t do drugs or alcohol I don’t heal from scars particularly well.
Two questions:
Should I try to get in with a plastic surgeon to see what they think about the sutures?
What can I do for the best outcome for the scar?
Thank you!
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2023.05.31 17:25 WFProduction New coupons for WFP 125 Digital watch face

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2023.05.31 17:24 yam_ha_hum My frustrating relative

Hi everyone, I just need to vent about a frustrating situation involving my relative. About a year ago, my parents built a house in Gurgaon while we were living in Janakpuri. We needed to find a carpenter for various tasks such as Almira doors and windows. Since we were unfamiliar with the carpenters in Gurgaon, we asked a friend who had hired one for a similar job. After visiting my friend's house and seeing the work done by the carpenter, we contacted him and he agreed to work in Gurgaon. We discussed the project and agreed on a deal for approximately 5 lakh.
However, the carpenter had another project in Delhi that caused a three-week delay in starting our work. When he finally arrived, my father expressed his frustration, explaining that we didn't want to hire him anymore due to the delayed start. As we were discussing this, one of our relatives called and recommended another carpenter, claiming he could provide quality work and resolve any issues personally. Considering that this relative lived in Gurgaon and might have knowledge about local services, my parents agreed to give it a try.
The new carpenter arrived at the site and assured us he would use the best quality wood that wouldn't break, attract termites, or be affected by weather conditions. However, he quoted a price of 8 lakh, stating that he could use cheaper materials if we insisted on paying 5 lakh. Si In order to ensure quality work, my parents took out a loan of 2 lakh and paid the full price of 8 lakh.
Fast forward to today, about two months since the work was completed, and we have started to notice several issues. The sliding doors of the Almira have started to bend and get stuck, requiring significant force to separate them. Some cabinet doors are not aligned properly, leaving a 1 to 2 cm opening at the side even when closed. Additionally, there is a considerable gap between the cabinet doors, allowing my phone to fit through when closed. It is evident that the carpenter did a poor job.
I brought up these issues with my parents and suggested confronting both the relative and the carpenter. However, they are unwilling to take any action and want us to live with the problems. This doesn't sit right with me because my parents worked and saved for 40 years to build this home while taking few loans along the way , only to face such issues. I reached out to the relative to explain the situation, but he brushed it off, suggesting I talk to the carpenter. My parents got angry at me for accusing the relative and jeopardizing our relationship.
This whole situation frustrates me to the core, and as soon as I become financially stable, I plan to move out of this country and take my parents with me, cutting ties with all these untrustworthy relatives. Furthermore, when I have more say in my own home, I will have a professional examine a sample of the supposedly high-quality wood used by the carpenter. What angers me even more is that we still have some furnishing left to do, but our budget has been exhausted. My parents refuse to accept the 30k I have saved up to help them out
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2023.05.31 17:24 NullAnony Constant suicidal ideation

Hey all, just want to get some advice, I’ve always had ideation but for the past couple months it seems like I’ve gone from somewhat thinking about it daily to it always being on my mind or at least in the back of my mind.
Not gonna include examples but they get pretty detailed with everything I look at…
What do you do to help with that? Like, I definitely don’t want to live, but I don’t wanna die this second either. I’ll start scratching my face and arms hard to stop thinking about it. It just seems like it’s catching up to me or something after years.
Idk sounds weird now that I typed it out. I dont take medicine and won’t but anyone have experience getting over this? Seems whatever activity I do, I just think of ways to end it someone.
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2023.05.31 17:24 drink_and_industry Sienna DLC theory

Sienna DLC theory
Specifically, one I haven't seen anyone else post. I don't lurk religiously but I'd have thought I'd see at least one other person mentioning it somewhere, whether here or on the Steam discussion boards.
(I made a reddit account specifically to post this as a comment here, and was then told my account had to be three days old to have my replies not be auto-deleted, so okay whatever here it is again.)
Sienna's 4th class will be a Grey wizard.
She mentions her old mentor, Old Rambler, wanted a shadow-apprentice. She also claims she "had talent only for the blaze", but regardless of his poor judgment with regard to hitting young girls with the butt of his staff, I doubt he chose her as his apprentice for no reason. It's not outside the realm of possibility that he saw she could be a talented Grey wizard.
Olesya is, of course, already a talented Grey wizard. And we just helped her reclaim her tower, full of who knows how much Ulgu lore. Even if Olesya had wanted to mentor Sienna at the keep, there's not a lot you can do without the proper workspace. I gather that Fatshark have said there's (a) clue(s) in the tower mission; it might be as simple as this.
I don't think "everyone is hyper-religious now" is enough of a Theme among the DLC classes to justify it being something Myrmidian. She's not going to be a necromancer because lol have you met literally anyone else in the U5 (Kruber and Salty in particular). We'll get Pusfume before necro!Sienna. And while I can sort of see the logic behind saying she'll be an ice wizard because ice and fire are both temperature-related things, that strikes me as too ham-fisted a connection for the writing we've seen so far. But I have played too much Dark Souls not to know that you can't have fire without also having darkness and shadow.
Apparently in The Lore™ it's nigh-impossible for people to change Winds like this, but that doesn't strike me as much of an obstacle. It's the End Times, weird things are happening everywhere.
I also, for the sake of thoroughness, just gave the tower map another run-through with an eye for potential other clues, and I found this image. It's to the right of you when you're about to enter the portal painting in the Hall of Reflections. I'm bad with faces so I can't really tell if it resembles Sienna at all, but the anguished faces in the background do gel with what we know of her past. And it's intriguing that her eyes are two different colors. (I realize this is very much a reach, but hey, thoroughness.)
Thoughts and opinions welcome.
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2023.05.31 17:24 SapiosexualGuy 28 [M4F] india / anywhere - your personal therapist.

So, I'm offering to be your virtual therapist without any reciprocation needed from your end. And once I accept someone, I am not the type who abandons people. I am open to any nature of chat, serious, or fun, whatever feels most useful to you given your moods and life phase.
I want to listen to your life issues. Maybe it feels lighter to you after venting it out. Maybe you need advice on something.
I want to support you in your search for life partner. I understand navigating reddit or any dating platform can be hard. Some people get enormous choices that it becomes difficult to chose while some have a lack of options.
However, I have a few requirements from you -
You must be polite and give me respect. Because it encourages me to want to put efforts to think of solutions to your life challenges. And whatever advice I give, you must try sincerely to implement it. (not saying you should follow anything blindly).
I think having someone in life makes it colorful. Gives us more strength and support to face challenges together and amplifies the joy we receive in pursuing common interests and having quality time together.
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2023.05.31 17:24 theborah93 Looking for information - THANK YOU

Hello everyone, I hope you are all good :)
I am currently looking for information about a car dealer in West Bromwich area - a particular guy posing as a company has defrauded me by selling me an unroadworthy vehicle and then disappeared off the face of the earth, even going as far as disconnecting his mobile phones. He has been known to pose as different dealerships (Simon Cars, James Cars, and Stuart Cars so far) and I would really appreciate and be really grateful for any information anyone might have on this individual.
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2023.05.31 17:24 Chicky_Nuggies2009 Scorpion idea 🦂

Boss tier creature
In the cave behind the rock in the sandbox Summoned with 'arachnid ambrosia' (3 broodmother venom, 4 salt shard, 3 black ant head, 1 pinecone piece)
3 attack patterns 1. big claw slam (takes a while to charge, can't be blocked) - stuns 2. claw attack, claw attack, sting (inflicts super venom) 3. bite, sting, bite
Weaknesses: Busting, chopping, fresh Resistances: Slashing, spicy, salty Weakpoint (takes no damage everywhere else): Underside
DROPS: 'Super venom' (The same one that you get from black widows)
'Scorpion shell' Used in: -(Tier 3) scorpion helmet (4 scorpion shell, 3 pupa leather) -(Tier 3) scorpion plate mail (5 scorpion shell, 4 pupa leather, 5 dust mite fuzz) -(Tier 3) scorpion greaves (3 scorpion shell, 2 pupa leather) Piece bonus - medium armour + deflect - 5% chance to negate damage Sleek bonus - sizzle protection Set bonus- thorns -(Tier 3) scorpion spear (2 scorpion shell, 1 scorpion stinger, super venom, 2 splinter, 3 lint rope) - inflicts poison -(Tier 3) scorpion wall shield (6 scorpion shell, 3 pinecone piece, 2 lint rope, 3 pupa leather) - 2 handed shield, move slowly while using, bit completely blocks damage from the front, food for multiplayer Scorpion equipment is in the style of roman gear
'Scorpion stinger' -Scorpion ballista (2 scorpion stinger, 7 pinecone piece, 4 splinter, 5 lint rope) -Ballista bolts (x5) (1 pinecone piece, 1 scorpion stinger, 2 lint rope) Ballista bolt x10 + super venom -> venom bolt Ballista bolt x5 + everchar coal -> burning bolt Ballista bolt x10 + gunpowder -> boom bolt -Scorpion spear
Drops both of its claws on the ground when looted, a tier 3 hammer is required to break open the claws and they drop 3-5 'meaty claw pieces' Cooking these gives you 'claw roast' When you eat a claw roast, you get a scorpion shell (the outside of the claw)
To defeat it, you have to (when it's charging its big claw slam) jump onto its back and it will smack itself in the face and flips itself over, and only then can you attack its underside
When you defeat it, you get the mutation 'Carapace' You take half damage from the front, but double damage from behind
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