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2023.05.28 13:09 MoleOfWar LF specific Percy Jackson SI or gamer fic

So I read this fanfic some years ago and I can't find it back What I remember is that it was a Percy MC with some kind of gamer system (maybe not a complete one). I'm not sure but it maybe was a SI.
At some point he frees Aphrodite from a bond with another god? And there is a moment where he stays in the ocean with Poseidon and meets his wife and half brother. The wife doesn't seem to like the half brother for some reason (who plays music and fakes being useless). There is a plot of treason that he must investigate while going to a party and ends up fighting some monster (maybe a giant crab) and the party holder. He unlocks new skills at the end (that he must choose) and there is one which gives him some eye power. The plot was that a titan wanted to take back the rule over the oceans if I'm not mistaken and at some times Percy fights alongside his half brother?
Anyway that's all I can remember. Anyone knows this fic and where to find it?
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2023.05.24 02:44 Icy_Trainer1754 Help

I'm trying to search an apocalypse/skill gamer kind of fic on novelupdates but can't seem to find it. The story starts with the MC going after one of the skill books that were scattered all over the world before the doom. Then, he met a truck driver, a fat one of course, who by the power of the author's pen, turns out to be a future top ranker, player, hunter or whatever you want to call it. Oh, he also encountered some sort of a mysterious wandering merchant on a bus. All this happens in the first few chapters. I hope someone can help 🙏
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2023.05.23 01:57 TrainJocky Looking for gamer fics

no reader or isekai gamer fics just a character or oc getting the gamer power. id like something based on the gamer manhwa but it be cool if it was based in like america or something like that (and obviously it be cool if they were specced different then han ji han)
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2023.05.21 13:06 Sadface_lostaccount Any Fics where Shigaraki & Midoriya are friends despite not being on the same side?

Kinda like “They're Gamer-Nerds, Your Honour” where they are still supposed to be enemies, but in reality they are friends? (Link btw for example fic
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2023.05.21 07:37 Horny4Zarina Crack ship time! (Haruka x Prinz)

Hello epic gamers
I'm back again with another crack ship that I found here (But instead of being multiple fanarts, it was only one post about a madlad suggesting the ship and me going "Let him cook! ...and then let me cook"
Albeit I took his ship to a completely different maybe I'll write a chapter two if I get the chance)
I'm quite happy with this one cuz I really love Prinz (even though she didn't do much in the story)
I'll admit that this fic is less "cracky" and shorter than my previous Chainsaw Man fanfic, but I still ask yall to give it a shot and leave some kudos
So yeah, here's the link:
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2023.05.16 16:47 shrink-ray2333 How do I make my Kirigakure Gamer SIOC fic as unique as possible?

Crossposted from NarutoFanfiction since I didn't get any answers there. I have my own ideas but I need some ideas from actual creative people.
The ideas I have so far are; The ideas I have are MC is four years older than Naruto, He becomes the weilder of the Kiba blades after his sensei(Ameyuri Ringo because fuck Raiga) dies in the war, He defects to the Kiri rebellion shortly after he graduates from the Kiri academy, a year after he SI's(this happens before he becomes a swordsman because, duh) His gamer system only shows stats, skills, and quests with titles being weak. He becomes a ruthless shinobi during the Kiri rebellion(I just want you to imagine what happens when he sees his sensei die, imagine Obito slaughtering the Kiri's entire Anbu but its lightning instead of wood) Lets see, he gets Isobu after the war because Kiri needs power and he's one of the strongest around at the time, so as Yagura's dying he gets the three tails transferred into him, Isobu's a dick until they encounter the akatsuki and they become friends(but the three tails power can only be used sparingly sadly) This is all I have for now. Any other ideas will be appreciated.
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2023.05.16 02:09 MangoEnvironmental76 Story ideas for gamer fics

1) why not have the instant dungeons be inside the seal with their final boss be Yami Naruto? Have it be solo leveling style in there with the rewards be related to chackra control or skills instead of grinding Lv, stats, money and more and making the world feel irrelevant outside of the system?
Pro- makes Lv up harder and only allows the improvement or skills he knows/ raw chackra skills
Con ish- less likely to have random items or styles unless you make portions of minato/ Kushina chakra as boss characters with their jutsu/ bloodline as rewards. Would make it so he has to “earn” his op moves, would put it off till at least after the tsunade mission, and also make it stick a bit closer to cannon
2) if each clan has a shrine why not make them a dungeon based on strongest members of the clan? A way to clear it could be to bring an hier with you and then help the hier with a challenge for bonus loot
Pro- could be interesting and world build the clans
Con- could feel repetitive
3) a way I always had the thought for was for the jutsu learning system to cost something. Maybe mind shards or whatever from the inner ID, but it is so easy for you to bloat up what you have and not realize it before Naru or whoever has 50 jutsu and uses 5 of them
Again it’s a limit, needing a grind but also requires more thought on what is needed
4) companions- animal, why not a summoning quest? Human, a rescue quest
I’m putting this here because in a couple fics I’ve seen people gatcha/ buy people and no matter what you have to know that doesn’t work in certain settings
If anyone has more to add, put it in the comments pls
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2023.05.15 22:24 shrink-ray2333 I want to make my Kiri SIOC gamer fic as unique as possible. Ideas?

I have a few of my own already but i'd love some more before I get started on chapter two.
The ideas I have are MC is four years older than Naruto, He becomes the weilder of the Kiba blades after his sensei(Ameyuri Ringo because fuck Raiga) dies in the war, He defects to the Kiri rebellion shortly after he graduates from the Kiri academy, a year after he SI's(this happens before he becomes a swordsman because, duh) His gamer system only shows stats, skills, and quests with titles being weak. He becomes a ruthless shinobi during the Kiri rebellion(I just want you to imagine what happens when he sees his sensei die, imagine Obito slaughtering the Kiri's entire Anbu but its lightning instead of wood)
Lets see, he gets Isobu after the war because Kiri needs power and he's one of the strongest around at the time, so as Yagura's dying he gets the three tails transferred into him, Isobu's a dick until they encounter the akatsuki and they become friends(but the three tails power can only be used sparingly sadly)
This is all I have for now. Any other ideas will be appreciated.
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2023.05.15 20:35 provegana69 What's your favourite abandoned story or story under indefinite hiatus?

For me, it has to be The Gamer Of Sunagakure. It's been almost two years since I last read it and as much as I would love to read it again, I don't want to disappoint myself as I know a new chapter is likely never coming.
I believe it's one of earlier Gamer fics and definitely one of the better ones, especially compared to the generic, boring, repetitive and uncreative numbers game that most gamer fics have turned into. I also like to think that it was one of the fics that popularised the trope. It was well written, both in terms of the plot, story and prose. The protagonist has an interesting power and I loved the parts with his mother.
I would love to hear what are your favourite stories that are most likely dead.
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2023.05.14 01:04 dull_storyteller Dark Wolf Shiro Guild of Gamers Jumpchain

The Dark Wolf Shiro Jump is really good. I mean I’m terrified of the thought of sharing a universe with those psychopaths but I digress.
With Shiro’s guild of gamers series getting more additions as he comes up with new plot lines I want to know what you guys would think of a Jump based off them with each series forming an origin.
And the others like craftsman and warlock would get included once those fics got more chapters
So what do you guys think? Would it be something y’all are interested in or is everyone else as scared of being in the same setting as Shiro as I am?
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2023.05.12 23:27 lewdcherryvr My partner has been using ai chatbot for months i dont know how to feel

(we're both seniors in highschool) It started two or three months ago now when i noticed they were turning the darkness on they're phone down texting someone at the time i was curious but didn't think anything of it two months ago i asked what they were doing and they said reading which i didn't believe but i know that they used to read fan fics so i just figured they were making they're own and didn't want to say it or show me i didn't say anything that last month i started thinking something was up in the classes we have together they would always keeping the the brightness low leaving the tap when i get they're attention i started to think they were cheating on me but i wasn't sure so whenever i saw them texting i moved away from them this wednesday at lunch it happened again but i didn't notice then texting so i didn't move i look at they're and all i saw was gamer bf that night i told them i knew and they said it was an ai chatbot they kept saying that only sexted it once they apologized so much and I just feel like shit i was and still am so hurt over this i know its an ai but i feel like they were cheating on me they put to much afford into the ai and i was so jealous of that fact they took hours to text or just ignore my texts when they texting the ai i feel like i haven't been enough for them and why they did this its been going on for months and they wouldn't have told me if i didn't find out I told them i need time to cool off and i not to text me for awhile but i dont think i can look at them the same i love them but this feels like such a betrayal to me and i have no idea if im right to feel like this or if im being insecure and overreacting about this
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2023.05.11 07:34 razorsmileonreddit Hard Mode Xianxia Story Recs

I am looking for xianxia stories and/or fics where our protagonist does NOT have access to any cheat codes or shortcuts (no Gamer system, no Spirit Grandma, no reincarnation, no time loop, no magic ring etc) at the start AND doesn't acquire them in the course of the story either, no unfair advantages, no outside context powers, no setting-breaking capability, just a protag working hard, training well and raw-dogging reality as best he/she can in a single life time. They don't have to end up the strongest person in the setting either.
So far the only one I've seen that qualifies is Forge of Destiny (her "unfair advantage" is literally The Friends We Made Along The Way ) Even Sect, as good as it is, still has the presence of Taylor Hebert and her ludicrous sensory range plus multitasking PLUS all the OTHER advantages)
So. Any recommendations that fit these criteria?
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2023.05.08 15:14 neneboy97 Fanfic idea

Hey! First post here! Just merely a brainworm I have that won’t stop nagging me. A Gamer fanfic worm at that. The horror I know—
Using a couple of ideas from other Gamer DxD fics: 1) The DxD world is used as the primary base with 2-4 other verses added in, how much they change the world of DxD depends on said other verses. My plan? God of War (1-Ragnarok), Monster Hunter (1-World/Iceborne), a dash of Fate (and maybe one other verse but not too sure yet.) As you can imagine, this combination would greatly change a lot of the world’s history, supernatural or otherwise. The main would be that the ‘Old World and New World’ described in MH World is essentially the real life counterparts. This also means that the supernatural side of things isn’t hidden from the public because…well come on, monsters like Rajang, Deviljho and so many others are roaming around, not to mention the existence that is Kratos—
2) Being able to add in a number characters based on a dice roll (thanks flameclawsxxx). Adding in a bit more flavor and chaos to this already chaotic world. A couple of characters I’d want to add are the oni gang from Tensura (especially Shuna) and Guts from Berserk. Guts and Kratos teaming up to fight a top tier DxD opponent sounds like an awesome action scene doesn’t it—
Now. The worry from all this is that it’s a Gamer fic: the perfect breeding ground for power fantasy OC who will end up being the NTR king and edgelord supreme, being stronger than Kokabiel before killing Raynare.
The rough draft idea for this OC will hopefully avoid these trappings. Such as the fact that the ever so common “demerits” (read as Gamers with the “Lustful” and “Greedy”) won’t be used and instead will be much more severe. An example? Magically Inept. How would he get around that? Simple! The classes he chooses, which brings me to that idea—
The rough idea is that I’d want this character set himself apart from the typical OC Gamer build; necromancer, umbramancer, assassin, potioneealchemist, etc.. Having dozens of classes that end up being little more than stat buffs at best and meaningless text at worst. To change that? This Gamer system only allows for a racial class, 4 “base” classes (which can be of higher rank) and advanced class for each, (at most) 2 prestige classes that combine 2 advanced ones and finally a Mythic class that is the culmination of all of them. Also, a maximum of 3 ‘production/crafting’ classes with a chance to rank only one up to Mythic.
An example would be a pyromancer and knight eventually combining into a Soul of Cinder like prestige class. Or a aeromancer and spearman creating a Dragoon. The possibilities are endless-
As for this OC’s classes? Monk and Blue Mage are only two I’ve really gotten down. The idea of this man copying Brachydios before throwing hands just sounds so appealing to me. I’ll keep the rest a secret.
Any way, this is enough of my unhinged rambling. Feel free to roast me for all this lmao
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2023.05.08 09:03 Otherwise_Cow8375 New to gaming

I played Diablo 2 avidly, and then put another couple hundred hours into resurrected. Diablo 3 is garbage, sorry. I love the roots of this franchise and the novels and the fan fic but I digress. My fiance has taken a mild interesting in gaming since we met and she is interested in playing Diablo 4 with me when it comes out. She's only got gaming experience on Xbox with games like Stardew valley, kart Rider, and Minecraft dungeons. Clearly Minecraft dungeons is our best launch point for playing a Diablo game lol. I spent minimal time playing the beta as I knew what it would do to my psyche while waiting for "full release"... I only really experimented with one class, but I digress. I am in search of recommendations for classes or builds that may be easier to pickup for a less than casual gamer. I will be her Sherpa for sure but advice or direction from some of the people that dipped their toes further into the water than I did would be great. Thanks guys.
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2023.05.07 09:33 AcidAspida Actual system for gamer systems

I'm just wondering if anyone has an actual write-up, or if everyone whos ever written a gamer fic makes shit up based on The Gamer Manwha and random games? Pls, link if possible.
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2023.05.06 03:37 ChimmonTheCimmerian The Wandering Gamer (Fanfic)

The Wandering Gamer is an on-going Wandering Inn/Worm facfic I'm writing. It's on SB, FF, and Ao3.
Of note, it's a sequel to another Worm fic I wrote: The Most Dangerous Gamer. The plot involves the OC from that (along with Bonesaw and>! the Siberian!<) being transported to the world of the Wandering Inn. So, while the plot is contained there, some of the context on the non-Wandering Inn characters will be missing if you haven't read the 1st fic.
Additionally, much of the current plot took place in Noelictus, but does not take Gravesong into account.
That said, I hope everyone finds it enjoyable!
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2023.05.04 23:29 Fearless_Brother7945 The Gamer Ability fic recs

I really love The Gamer fanfic but I can never seem to find many any recs would be much appreciate. I read for:
The Sandman The Witcher Harry Potter Teen Wolf MCU Shadowhunters Hannibal Spiderman Percy Jackson The Hobbit My Hero Academia Star Wars Star Trek Game of Thrones Lucifer Twilight Voltron The Vampire Diaries Detroit Become Human The Hunger Games Merlin Travelers Supernatural The Magicians Doctor Who Buffy the Vampire Slayer Labyrinth Lord of the Rings The Flash Encanto Elementary True Blood MacGyver Torchwood Stargate SG-1 Pride and Prejudice Elder Scrolls Pirates of the Caribbean The Originals Instinct House of the Dragon Shadow and Bone Inscryption Interview with a Vampire Wednesday Obey Me
But I am will to branch out if its truly very good. Thank you!
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2023.05.04 16:32 Pieni_Peruna Know any good Gamer/LittRPG fics?

So, I'm a fan of stories that take an interesting spin to the GameLitRPG system, ones that aren't an outright powertrip and still have plot beside levelling. Just read an interesting one and of course now I need my fix. I'd love for anything that isn't a Sith or Jedi main character.
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2023.05.02 23:55 mf9676 Looking for Naruto gamer fics

Hi! A fic was suggested in a post here recently (The Adventurous Gamer - Daichi Hekima) and I really enjoyed it so I have been looking for more gamer naruto fics. Just finished Yami:The Gamer Kage (both fics are on FF. Net). Anyway, am looking for recommendations for other similar fics. I don't mind if its a SI or OC or evening if its a ridiculously OP MC. As long as they are complete, very long or the author updates regularly. Thanks!
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2023.05.02 14:42 snowshadow2867 Gamer Fic Where Protagonist Ignores Gaming Elements and Tries to Have a Normal Life

From everything I have seen from this genre, it's always "[CONGRATULATIONS YOU DIED] followed by word vomit stat pages every other second and the protagonist being railroaded into quests/missions + having an obsession with cultivation all of a sudden.
Is there a gamer fic out there that just doesn't do that? they take the reincarnation gift at face value and just ignore everything else and try to have a normal life because they aren't some adrenaline-cultivation master gonk with a hero complex to save world x from the fantasy anime/game/cartoon they casually enjoyed once or twice in their life?
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2023.05.01 02:18 Ok_Reputation420 Gamer fic that is neither Naruto or OC

I found one iruka gamer fic pretty good, anything like that with side character getting game systems
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2023.05.01 01:00 Strongi_Klaus Wizard with an AI assistant.

I got this idea for a fic a few days ago and can't stop thinking about it.
The idea came because of chatgpt.
It goes like this in my case it would be an si but it can be Harry or an oc. They wake up with an ai assistant that has access to a lot of magical knowledge and libraries now don't confuse this with a gamer fic there wouldn't be levels and stuff like that but if the user asks what is the best book for this topic ai would recommend it or if the user asks what a specific spell does or what they need for a potion... you get the idea.
So I wanted to ask is there a fic like this. I would love to see one. I would try to write it myself but unfortunately I don't have much free time.
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