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Public Commute from Downers Grove?

2023.06.08 04:51 purplesoda- Public Commute from Downers Grove?

Basically the title. First time in Chicago and staying in downers grove, wanted to know the best way to get to Grants Park from there as I don’t know the train / bus lines. Thanks
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2023.06.07 14:25 tnick771 West suburb maid recommendation?

I’m in Downers Grove and we’re looking to get a cleaner maybe every other week.
Given the sheer volume of results I get when I google maids in the area, I’m hoping someone has experience with a cleaner and can recommend them.
Any experience?
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2023.06.07 03:26 zastalorian123 ILLINOIS at it again. Pritzker for King

"Can't make it to one of these two counties over over 100? Too fkng bad" -JB Pritzker
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2023.06.06 12:09 fivassistant 6.06 Jobs with USA visa sponsorship

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2023.06.03 20:34 Ddw1988 2020 GTI S Brake Question

2020 GTI S Brake Question
Hello all! I took my car to my local VW dealer for its 30,000 mile maintenance recently. The tech told me my back brakes were fine, but they wanted to show me my front brakes visually. I attached a photo of the inspection. The tech stated the front brakes are starting to have a grove. Is 7 millimeters a cause for concern? I haven’t noticed any issues stopping, no shaky steering wheel when braking, etc. I don’t brake hard unless I have to, and I do mostly highway driving. Thanks!
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2023.06.03 11:08 grantandpower r/DownersGroveLandscape Lounge

A place for members of DownersGroveLandscape to chat with each other
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2023.06.03 05:49 GeekCitizen Breakfast Tacos - Lombard Area

Where can I get breakfast tacos near the Lombard, Glen Ellyn, Downers Grove areas?
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2023.06.01 03:52 AMRhone What historical evidence exists to support the claim that some inhabitants of the Roman Empire were expecting the world to end between the years AD 68–70?

In his commentary on the Gospel of Matthew, Michael Green writes the following:
The years AD 68–70 saw the Roman world tottering on the edge of total ruin from internal wars and rumours of wars. After the death of Nero in ad 68, the next year or so saw no fewer than four contestants for the supreme office of emperor fighting it out. It was a period in which, some Roman writers tell us, people were widely expecting the end of the world.
I’m familiar with many of the events that occurred in the Roman world from AD 68–70, but to date I haven’t come across any writers who mentioned that people were expecting the world to end. After running a few searches in the commentary, I couldn’t find any primary source citations that supported Green’s claim, so I would appreciate it if someone could provide some along with any other insights about perspectives held by the inhabitants of the empire during this period.
Edit: Clarity
Source: Michael Green, The Message of Matthew: The Kingdom of Heaven, The Bible Speaks Today (Leicester, England; Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2001), 252.
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2023.05.31 22:35 dhoosee 5 Through the Grove

5 Through the Grove
Westbound California Zephyr passing through Downers Grove, IL, at the edge of a thunderstorm.
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2023.05.30 20:05 ItsJMhere Former Toys R Us, Now a Golf Galaxy (Downers Grove, IL)

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2023.05.30 06:57 criminiii Does anybody from downers grove remember this shop? Or brand?

Hi folks, my grandparent passed away and i found this in their kitchen and it looks pretty old but has no expiration date or anything and cant find info on this brand. Im just curious if any of you old enough or your parents are familiar with the store or brand?? Any help is appreciated (:
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2023.05.30 00:59 marma_iz_da_best Farmer’s Markets in Western Suburbs

Hi everyone! I just moved to the western suburbs, think Downers Grove, Lisle, Naperville. I am wondering what some of the best farmers markets are in the area?! Before I moved here, I lived in Chicago and frequented the Wicker Park and Logan Square farmer’s markets regularly. Hoping I can find a good replacement in my new neighborhood! Thanks in advance! :)
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2023.05.27 11:44 AbeGTAssociates Condo Insurance Downers Grove

Condo Insurance Downers Grove
Condo insurance provides coverage for your personal belongings, electronics, and more. Abe GT & Associate's condo insurance provides extensive coverage to protect your condo from various perils. Our experienced agents will work closely with you to assess your needs and tailor a policy that fits your budget. Contact us today and get a quote today for condo insurance in Chicago!

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2023.05.25 23:47 jquailJ36 Any Suggestions for Boot Fitters (not on-line) near South Bend, IN?

Yes, I know about Mr. Edge in Downer's Grove, IL, but I'm kind of hoping to find someone a LITTLE closer to South Bend (not where I live but best reference point.) If they're the best option, though, I'll have to drive! I haven't gotten new boots since I lived in Massachusetts (Jonathan English/Sharper Edge did these) and I'm at the point I really need to bite the bullet and replace them. I'd rather not gamble buying on-line, as I need orthotics, split width but not sure D/C (rather than D/A, which is what I have) will work, which current boot is appropriate, and I'd really like someone who knows dance blades to look at mine and see if they have anything left or it's worth buying new ones. The rink I'm at doesn't have a pro shop that fits figure skates and most sporting-goods shops are hockey-focused.
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2023.05.25 21:57 PrestigiousFlower677 Preceptor for FNP school

Trying to get creative; I’m starting nurse practitioner school in August (post Master’s certificate) for Family Nurse Practitioner at University of St. Francis in Joliet. I’m reaching out to all venues to find preceptors now as the school leaves it up to us. Any NP’s/DO’s/MD’s/PA’s out there willing to take me on? I’m in Downers Grove, but I’ll travel all over for the opportunity.
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2023.05.25 21:55 KerryAileen Every dollar counts 🍔🌮

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2023.05.25 21:54 KerryAileen Every dollar counts 🍔🌮

Every dollar counts 🍔🌮
Check your snail mail. Most of us get weekly circulars—and most of them end up going directly into the trash. Thing is, they’ve almost all got one or two sheets of coupons from almost every FF joint I can think of (save McDs, but aren’t you sick of them anyways?)
I keep these in my car and when I’m tired of gas station snack stops, these are often really helpful. You’d be surprised at how much they can save you – – and with prices the way they are and with all of us making so much less, I thought I’d pass the hint along.
Now go make those 💵, honeys.
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2023.05.25 01:30 redditduk [MegaList] SG Music Gigs & Concerts: Late May-Vesak (25 May - 7 Jun 2023)

8 June Update: added more events today, new list still wip for tonight

25/05 Thu


26/05 Fri


27/05 Sat


28/05 Sun


29/05 Mon

30/05 Tue

31/05 Wed

1/06 Thu


2/06 Fri - Vesak Day


3/06 Sat


4/06 Sun


5/06 Mon

6/06 Tue

7/06 Wed

* 8/06 Thu

find me on - t.me/sgmusicchat
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2023.05.24 17:22 Powerful_Heron_4881 I know it’s 25 bucks. But 32 miles? F no!

I know it’s 25 bucks. But 32 miles? F no!
I declined this. It’s been incredibly slow in my area. But what if they wanted me to deliver something huge like a bathtub from this hardware store. Wtf. No.
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2023.05.24 17:21 Powerful_Heron_4881 I know it’s 25 bucks. But 32 miles? F no!

I know it’s 25 bucks. But 32 miles? F no!
I declined this. It’s been incredibly slow in my area. But what if they wanted me to deliver something huge like a bathtub from this hardware store. Wtf. No.
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2023.05.21 18:09 Fxguy1 Should we stay or should we go?

We are transplants to the Chambana area from Joliet / Will county area. We’ve been down here since 2007. Bought our house and generally living “ok” but have started to think recently we should move.
While yes the gun violence has gone up in recent years, we still feel safe in our neck of the woods. What really has gotten to us is a sense of a lack of a community or tribe for us. We are in our early 40’s with kids going into 2nd and 4th grade. My wife is a nurse and I’m a pharmacist looking to transition to teaching or creative design (think museum exhibits, theme park and entertainment experiences and the like).
I feel like there is a lack of opportunities for us (a quite introverted family except for our daughter) to meet and socialize with like minded people. By like minded I mean geek culture. We were avid board gamers (prior to kids and our board gaming friends who moved), love Marvel, Dr Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Stargate (noticing a pattern here? Lol).
My hobbies include 3D printing, building functional animatronic droids, electronics, programming or coding, building replica props, cosplay, model building, miniature painting, and monster makeup. Think Adam Savage.
While there is a Fab Lab with the University, my projects are slightly more advanced and I have most of the same equipment they do save for a laser cutter and a milling machine.
There is Ren Faire in Bristol, WI to the north and Gen Con in Indy to the east. We like to travel and attend when possible but that’s not often. We’d love to go once a year but have only been able to go to Ren Faire once and Gen Con twice in the 15 years we’ve been here.
What we miss is in the Chicago metropolis we could often find mom and pop type shops and tons of meetups that various groups would have. We would drop in on 2600 meetings at central station or a board game shop in Downers Grove.
Now, while we miss being close to a larger variety of opportunities, we are introverted and like to keep to ourselves. We would love to be in a wooded area with 1-2 acres.
So, should we stay or should we go? We’ve never lived anywhere but IL but we really love the mountains and are liberal (or Socialist Democrats ala Bernie Sanders) in our politics.
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2023.05.20 18:16 carrotnose258 Maps suggests time travel

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