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2023.05.31 15:59 bullethole27 Fraud

I was speaking with an Att rep at Costco who was telling me about the service. I told him I was interested in transferring phone service at the price he was quoting. He took my information and asked if I was married. I told him I was and he said we would need to come back together to complete the transaction. I said I would. I didn't sign anything or finalize the original phone deal.
Two weeks later I was signed up for a wireless account with an iPad in at&ts system. I had previously been a customer five years ago and I believe they used that information to find me and create an account. I immediately contacted them and told them I didn't sign up for the account and wanted to close it and return the equipment. They said I needed the pin to close the account. I said I don't have the pin because I didn't open the account.
They refused to close the account or give me any option to remedy the pin issue saying they could send it to me on the device that was delivered only but I didn't want to open the device for fer I couldn't return it later. It is an ipad they are charging me $2000 for.
They told me to speak to the fraud department. I filled out their forms and filed a police and ftc report. During this time they said they would freeze the account and no further bills would occur beyond the first month. I went back and forth with the fraud department (who you can't really contact at all other than someone to help you complete a form of you don't have internet). Eventually they decided it wasn't fraud and I did owe the money. No idea how they came to that conclusion because there's no way to talk to the people that decide.
At this point I'm completely willing to be sent to collections and dispute the charges there. I refuse to pay for any of this including the second month of charges they said wouldn't happen when my fraud claim was filed. I wanted to see if anyone has suggestions other than my current approach. I have been told the fraud department is done reviewing. I am not a current customer as they have cancelled my account.
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2023.05.31 11:10 inspirit16 LPT 15% on all Apple products and use your gift cards when you use your Apple employee discounts globally

Everything shared in this post is my personal opinion and is not recommending to buy Apple products. I don’t buy Apple devices even though I worked for Apple I think their products are more of a status symbol and grossly overpriced, but I wanted to share this LPT to help people who do buy Apple devices save some money.
LPT you can ask a fellow Apple corporate friend to get 15% off anything sold globally at Apple, from the cheapest third party accessory in China to AirPods in Spain to the most expensive iMac in US. This also applies to some refurbished products when available. The same gift cards, return policy and warranty applies: in the US, it’s 15 days in store return, 31 days online return, or 6 months if you return in store for Apple store credit and 1 year hardware warranty.
TIL if you want the best return policy and warranty for peace of mind, buy at Costco or other wholesale retailer and get 90-180 day return period and 2 years of warranty and always get lower than full price at Apple Store. You can also buy from other authorized retailers such as Amazon Warehouse, BJs, Walmart/Sam’s Club, Target, Staples, or Best Buy, but few are as generous as Costco when it comes to returns and warranty.
If you get on the good side of an Apple employee near the holidays, ask them if they used up their annually renewed 25% toward an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook, AirPods, iMac, Apple TV, limit 1 per device type per year. Likely they have not, so you just scored another 25% off the full retail of those products.
Put into perspective, the average $800 spent at Apple Store will be $680 after employee discount or $740 at other retailers. Other retailers prices may vary, pickup from a sales tax free state if you live near one is very worth it, that would be another $40 off.
Discounts really add up when it comes to Apple. Buying a new iPhone ($1000), an Apple Watch ($350), a MacBook Pro ($1600), an iPad and Accessory ($920), you can spend $4,000 on Apple goodies this year, which would be $3,400 ($600 in savings) if you used one of the above avenues. Assuming 1,000 diehard Apple fans followed this post and asked one of the 30,000+ Apple employees for a discount through connections or the established Apple employee discount exchange, that would be $600,000 saved combined this year.
Another LPT if you have Apple gift card loaded into your App Store balance and cannot transfer it to a friend or family, you can buy something on Apple Store online using App Store balance, return it, and now you got a new physical gift card for them to redeem.
Source: I worked at Apple and buy Apple products at above storefronts.
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2023.05.31 09:00 Throwaway_Z4L I am so tired of this

Possible TW? maybe, idk. talking about how my dad treated me when I was little
I am so sorry for this giant wall of text, I just have to vent for a minute. I doubt it will fix anything, but I am desperate. My dad was horrible to me when I was little, the "typical" stuff like getting pissed if I showed any emotion other than fear, basically. If I got sad, if I got mad, even if I got too happy/excited (only when he was in a really bad mood though), he would get mad and pretty much just try to get to shut up and not show have any feelings. He would always blame everything on me (not even an exaggeration, he seriously blamed me for basically anything he could, even if it obviously made no sense). Then when my mom started trying to get him to stop, he finally started to get better when he was around my mom, but to compensate for that he would have me go on a drive with him every 2-3 days where he would spend the entire drive berating me and yelling at me for whatever I did that had upset him over the past couple of days. He would always tell me I was being manipulative whenever I cried, no matter what it was about, even if I got hurt. He was always telling me how weak I was and how I needed to "be stronger" and "be a man", and he would try to embarrass me any time he saw an easy opportunity to do it, especially around extended family (namely, his family). I remember one time when I was really little (idk how old exactly, I suck w/ remembering my age in my memories) and our family was at Costco, I basically started throwing a tantrum and started crying about something (so he was kinda justified in this case, prob) about something, I don't remember what. Then he told me to stop and when I didn't he told my mom he'd take me out to the car, then while he was carrying me out to the car he put my head on his shoulder and started whispering to me about how I was ruining my Mom's day and was being childish and selfish. I noticed that everyone was watching me, and he said that everyone was watching me because of how I was acting and that they were all thinking I was so annoying and childish and selfish, and were all judging me. Which, idk, maybe they were, I have no idea. Then when we got out to the car, he just started completely ignoring me. Although, sometimes I got a break from this, but it was almost worse in a way, because that was when he would just completely ignore me. He would ignore me for days at a time, a couple times he did for like a full week or two. Then when he is done he just goes back to normal and acts like nothing happened and like everything is normal between us. He has *finally* gotten better since, but he still gets really bad sometimes. One weird thing I noticed, literally *the day I turned 18*, he got so much better. I can't even explain in what way, but he was just so much better towards me, and he had pretty much finally stopped being so suspicious of me all the time, always thinking I was up to something or trying to hide something from him. Before I turned 18, he would go through my room almost every day while I was at school, and he would always look through my phone and iPad every night and send screenshots of anything he found that he didn't like to himself. I didn't know he did that until he started showing me the screenshots and accusing me of stuff in some of our arguments. He was finally getting better for a while, but over the past year or so now, he has been getting worse again. He will just completely ignore me like at least once a week for a day or so, and whenever he is a little upset he will stomp around the house and slam doors and just be super impatient. If my room isn't clean when he goes to walk through, he will just kick everything out of the way super hard and really angrily, and then be mad at me for a couple hours for not cleaning it. If I do anything without telling/asking him, like going into town or stuff like that, he will be mad that I didn't let him know beforehand. Yesterday, after he went into town, I noticed he had accidentally left a drill on the driveway right next to the sidewalk, and so I picked it up and put it in the house by the front door so it didn't get stolen. When he got home I told him I noticed the drill outside and wasn't sure if he left it out there on purpose or not, and that I had put it by the door just in case. He then got really irritated and started snapping at me saying "I know it was out there, I put it out there for a reason. Put. It. Back." and started storming around the house. Then later that night he noticed one of our dogs (who barely eats, it is really hard to get him to eat his food) had some food in his bowl, and apparently he had already been fed dinner and ate it all that night. When he noticed that he yelled asking us if we had given the dogs extra food, and when I said yes and my mom said that we did cause they were really hungry and we didn't know he had already fed them, he stormed over to each of their food bowls, picked them up, stormed out to the garage and put them up on a shelf so they couldn't get them, which I have *never* seen him do before now. I am gonna stop writing about what he has done because this post is already way too long, and I could go on forever saying stuff he has done. But basically, I am so tired of this, I am so tired of him getting worse again and started to act like he used to. Honestly, I think he truly hated me as a kid, not even joking. I am 19, in college, living at home. I had to quit my job because I can't keep up with that and school lately, and I am barely staying caught up with school. In fact, I have to read almost 200 pages in a book and write 3 separate papers on it for class, which is in ~9 hours. I don't have a source of income really, and so I am stuck here. I can't be stuck here for any longer, I swear. So many nights lately I have been seriously considering just taking one of our cars and sleeping in some random parking lot just so I could get out of the house and away from him, I almost did a couple times but was too worried that he would notice it on the cameras in the morning so I didn't. I want to just move out, but I am in the worst depression I have ever been in right now and am just getting worse and worse overall, and am starting to fall behind really badly with all my schoolwork. I would honestly go homeless if I tried to move out right now, I think. I am too weak right now to even support myself financially enough to move out and rent a cheap apartment, and I want to so badly. He is so bad these past few days and I just want to get out of here and get as far way from him as I can right no. I swear, I don't know how much longer I can do this for. If he keeps getting worse, I honestly don't know if I can keep doing this, I don't think I can keep going on like this for much longer. I want someone to talk to this about with, but I feel too weak whenever I try to, especially since I start crying a bunch of the time when talking about it, which makes me feel 1000x weaker. I just hope he will start getting better a little bit, or that I will be able to figure something out for what to do about this. Because I can't do this anymore. I can't keep going on like this. Sorry for such a long post and for ranting so much, just had to get this out there, maybe this will help me stop feeling so bad for myself rn. Thanks for spending the time to read this essay of a rant, honestly appreciate it if you did, that means that what I am feeling is at least somewhat valid, maybe
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2023.05.29 04:58 WingFirst514 iPad Air 5 (256gb) or iPad Pro 11' (128gb)

Hello I am student who is looking to buy an iPad for lots of notetaking outside of class and inside of class, consume content, organize my life, and shop.
I am looking at both the Air 5 256gb and Pro 11 128 gb as the difference in price from Amazon and Costco is only $100!

I keep going back and forth because I feel like I don't need the power of the Pro at all but for only $100 more I get the 120hz display (not sure if it's worth it).

Something else to note is that I currently have a Macbook M2 Air which I love and use daily, but I would rather bring an iPad to school as it's more portable and I just like the design of it better for taking on the go everyday.

I've never considered the mini 6 because I think it'll be too small for notetaking (not sure if anyone has an opinion on this) The only reason I bring it up is because I already have a case for it so I would only need to purchase the Apple Pencil.

Thanks for all opinions!
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2023.05.27 18:10 bjos144 Best credit card for spending a bunch of money on electronics in the next 3-4 months?

BUY $5Kish ELECTRONICS OVER A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME. Introductory offers, cash back, warrantees. Dont care about travel.
I never hold a balance, I want free money for spending on my business which is work from home. I want extended warrantees. I will almost certainly choose cash back over anything else, but I'm open if the deal is just too crazy. Once I make these payments I'm happy to throw the card in the trash if it will not be good long term. I've never had AMEX. I dont like the idea of an annual fee but I can be talked into it if the reasons are really good. I need a fancy new desktop with all the fixens (3090, stupidly fast processor, insane amounts of ram, pretty lights etc.). ipad and iphone 14 maxed out specs on the iphone.. Maybe a new monitor ( replace my 49 inch ultrawide monstrosity bit maybe on this one)
Thanks so much for your advice!
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2023.05.25 17:19 dicemal Best time to buy an IPad?

I've been looking into buying an iPad pro for a while now and I'm wondering what are the best possible deals I could get.
Im in Canada, costco is having a buy more, save more event right now, which would give me $300 off the device.
Are back to school, black Friday and boxing day sales better than this?
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2023.05.17 11:33 manicmango2021 Swap for Macbook air M1 2020

Got a Lenovo Slim 7 ProX - Touch, Ryzen 9, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, and RTX 3050 like 6 months ago from costco at a great deal. So far no complaints and honestly it’s an absolute monster. Upgraded from a 6 year old laptop so the difference was insane, however for school we mainly use ipads and the compatibility btw them is starting to get very annoying. Thinking bout selling it and just getting the cheaper M1 Macbook air 2020 but no idea if that’ll last me 5 years. Also have never used MacOs before so what y’all think?
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2023.05.17 04:31 manicmango2021 Swap for M1 MBA 2020

Got a Lenovo Slim 7 ProX - Touchscreen, Ryzen 9, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, and RTX 3050 like 6 months ago from costco at a great deal. So far no complaints and honestly it’s an absolute monster. Upgraded from a 6 year old laptop so the difference was insane, however for school we mainly use ipads and the compatibility btw them is starting to get very annoying. Thinking bout selling it and just getting the cheaper M1 Macbook air but no idea if that’ll last me 5 years. Also have never used MacOs before so what y’all think?
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2023.05.17 04:09 manicmango2021 Swap for Macbook Air M1?

Got a Lenovo Slim 7 ProX - Touch, Ryzen 9, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, and RTX 3050 like 6 months ago from costco at a great deal. So far no complaints and honestly it’s an absolute monster. Upgraded from a 6 year old laptop so the difference was insane, however for school we mainly use ipads and the compatibility btw them is starting to get very annoying. Thinking bout selling it and just getting the cheaper M1 Macbook air but no idea if that’ll last me 5 years. Also have never used MacOs before so what y’all think?
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2023.05.10 17:38 ronkj How well does viewing Wyzecam 24x7 work with Amazon Fire tablets with Google Play Store installed

An elderly friend likes to watch his front yard cam 24x7. this works fine on his Pixel 7 phone watching a Nest cam.
two questions:
1) with Fire tablet (Play Store installed**) how well would monitoring a Wyze cam V3 or similar work?

2) Same question but using Fire Tablet to watch Nest Cam 24x7?
NOTE: Fire tablets are low cost. If an iPad is a better experience I can buy a new one at Costco. The soon to arrive Google tablet also looks VERY attractive (especially using the wireless charging hub)
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2023.05.08 08:10 techfinanceguy Modern tablets are so good that a cheap 3 year old tablet is all 99% of us will need.

It could be Chrome, Samsung, or Apple, the modern use case of basically all consumer tablets do not require an $800+ investment. We can all view our social media, share pictures and videos, watch media content, and play games on tablets that are far cheaper than the newer offerings in 2023. Personally, I own a 2021 iPad which I paid $269 for at a Costco with no additional features, and I find it more than adequate.
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2023.05.06 23:01 DealsCanada Apple iPad 9 64GB $399 (11% off)

Link: … 07035.html Price: $399 Discount: 11% Expires: May 11, 2023 Retailer: Costco
These don’t seem to last long when they drop the price under $400. Save $50. Ends on May 11.
Link: … 07035.html
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2023.05.06 06:31 yah_i_can_cook Looking for optimal quiet generator for commercial use

Hey all!
I handle operations at a winery in Southern Ontario, we have been starting to do more events and I am realizing that our outdoor electrical supply is lacking. For power draw at any given event(let's say an average), I would be looking at 3-4 induction cooktop units(each pulling 11-12 amp or so), 1-2 bar fridges [mini fridge/wine fridge(wine fridge sits at 40°F instead of 32-34°F so less draw?not sure)] as well as 2-3 iPad chargers and 3-4 patio lights(Costco 45' Edison bulb light strands. And a DJ/Band setup. So ideally I need 8-10 outlets available near our patio. Currently I have 2 nearby receptacles (10'-20' away, one that needs to cross a pathway, 2 120v outlets each, both on possible shared circuits as far as I am aware, don't have reliable drawings or plans, most likely shared with LED lights) Realistically I can run the lights and chargers off of one, and the band/dj off the other. If you could please recommend a suitable generator that would be quiet enough to run within 50' of the vendors (around a corner, with a band playing, some soundproofing could be done sude as fencing or three walls and a roof to direct it the other direction) that would be able to handle 60-75 amps of draw at peak that would be much appreciated. I have 220v(dryer and over plugs) 30 amp breakers and outlets(3 pase for filters and pumps) that coulda be used with extensions cords for power boxes if that's a feasible option. Sorry for the long post, just want all the info there, Any recommendations or suggestions are appreciated!
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2023.05.04 00:02 todbos42 iPad has replaced my laptop

My dads computer died so I gave him my ultrabook and picked up a 9th gen IPad at Costco. What an amazing device. I got the logi combotouch case and it’s just perfect for my use cases. Procreate with the pencil has also gotten me back into drawing. I can’t believe I slept on tablets for so long this is much more enjoyable to use than my laptop. Only drawback was the 64gb of storage but I fixed that with an ssd and the camera adapter. Definitely recommend this iPad
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2023.05.03 04:46 oriyamio Tips and Advice for Apple Products

Hey, so I noticed that there’s a discount for concurrent UC DAVIS students, and since I have an email I was wondering if that discount is better than just buying it from Costco ( usually 50 dollars off and sometimes an extra 100 off )
I’d really like advice about buying new materials because of personal reasons I have to basically buy everything I need for school from scratch, meaning laptops devices and books and all of that. I want nice things and I can afford them but it’d also nice to get a bargain!
I’m thinking of buying a Macbook Pro 13inch 2023 and an iPad 12.9 later on, but I’m excited to buy discounted spotify :)) I didn’t know our email gave us free prime?
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2023.05.02 09:48 BroMandi [Costco Wholesale] Apple 11-inch iPad Pro, Wi-Fi (4th Generation, 2022)-$50 off @ Costco => 256GB is $799 [Deal: $799.00, Actual: $849.00]

[Costco Wholesale] Apple 11-inch iPad Pro, Wi-Fi (4th Generation, 2022)-$50 off @ Costco => 256GB is $799 [Deal: $799.00, Actual: $849.00] submitted by BroMandi to ShoppingDealsOnline [link] [comments]

2023.04.25 18:39 dragndon Safari on my iPad is doing the dumb

For some strange reason, I can no longer access website using Safari. “Too many redirects”
In private mode, it works just fine, every other browser, it works fine.
Yes cache/history has been cleared.
Yes I have tried different wifi channels.
Yes every other device and browser can get to the website.
And yes, I have tried a different network even (connected to the hotspot on my iPhone, which was on an LTE connection).
I do not have a VPN active, let alone installed.
Private Relay turned off, same result.
What am I missing here?
11” iPad Pro(2018), iPadOS 16.4.1
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2023.04.24 18:05 lsimpsonjazzgurl How I got my Shark Vacuum to connect to Wi-Fi

Like many other posters, I spent wayyyy too much time pulling my hair out to get my dang Shark AI Ultra to connect to the Wi-Fi network. I’ve documented my observations that eventually led to a successful connection to hopefully help someone else out there. These instructions are specifically for a mesh WiFi system.
The systems: Shark AI ultra with self empty base (from Costco, Model UR2000SR) Internet: Starlink router with Deco 6E Mesh system (set at 2.4 GHz band, not auto). Starlink has its own network, while the mesh system has a different network name.
Initial observations: Shark vacuum was connected for a few months but then stopped doing its daily clean and clean logging, probably due to getting something stuck underneath and I didn’t save it in time and it ran out of batteries.
Note do not skip any steps. Skipping any step will result in failure to connect and must redo entire process
  1. Delete bot on app (on iPad not iPhone)
  2. Sign out of app then sign back in
  3. Put bot belly up and hold the clean button to reset. Weird beeping noise, keep belly up/upside down
  4. Unplug Starlink router AND wifi mesh system
  5. Turn off iPad
  6. Plug in Starlink and wifi mesh until internet is back and running
  7. Turn on iPad and ensure internet is working/connected on mesh system. Ensure auto connect is on mesh system not Starlink network.
  8. Roll bot back on to base and wait for happy bot noises, bot emptying and “Ready to clean” greeting. WiFi light should NOT be on at this point. If it is try resetting bot again.
  9. Hold “dock and clean” buttons until “Ready to connect to WiFi” greeting
  10. Check that Shark WiFi network pops up in settings but don’t connect to it. Stay on mesh system
  11. Connect the new bot. The “bear with me” initial WiFi connection screen should only stay up for a few seconds before moving on to the next step. If it takes more than 30 sec connection probably failed.
  12. Select the WiFi mesh system network and insert password and connect. Again, should only take 10 seconds to successfully connect. This step failed and received and “unable to connect to WiFi when I did not reset the iPad.
Map and schedule should be there already
I never got the bot to successfully connect when using my iPhone… so in summary, in order to successfully reconnect to WiFi from scratch you need to reset EVERYTHING, wifi, device and bot.
Hope this helps someone else. I really love this robot vacuum but not the WiFi stuff. I want to get another for my upstairs but the WiFi issues are stopping me. Let’s so how long I have to go before doing a full WiFi reset again. I have these exact instructions on a post it note on my base.
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2023.04.24 14:53 TheNavigatrix Rechargeable HAs

Hi! New here -- I'm a lifelong hearing aid user with severe to moderate hearing loss. I'm currently using the rechargeable Rexton aids from Costco. I'm still within my 3 year warranty period and I've swapped them out I think twice now? Because the charge time keeps dropping. Yesterday I lost charge at about 9:30. Granted, I'd been binging on a TV show, so I'd been streaming from my IPad all morning.
The question is, are all rechargeable aids like this? When you buy them, they say they have 78 hours of charge, which is utter nonsense. I truly hate batteries, so I'd much prefer a rechargeable aid. And FTR, I'm not sweating heavily when using the aids or anything like that.
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2023.04.23 01:59 Jogaroo Selling iPad 9th Gen and Apple Pencil

Lightly used (warranty still intact ) iPad 9th gen 64 gigs and Apple Pencil 1st gen for sale.
iPad - $250 Apple Pencil - $80
It is literally 10 days past the return date for Costco and it’s just a personal preference that I don’t want the iPad anymore. Mainly I needed it for chem :P
Dm me if interested
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2023.04.19 21:56 vdimaggio iPad Pro 12.9 M1 Battery — time to change device?

Quick background: Always coveted the big iPad. But only used an iPad for video consumption. In 2017, my MBP completely died, and work made sense to go with iMac (another dream device). So, in 2018, got the redesigned iPad Pro 12.9 for my main portable device. Since, have a new job that necessitates Windows for most of work (ugh) and iOS or iPadOS for email when not on a work device due to compliance/security measures. I now have the 2021 iPad Pro 12.9. Barely use it because of the size, aside from email and occasssional second screen. Have iPad Mini 6 because I love the form factor, but find it hard to get any work done on.
Photo attached: I am now finding my Pro doesn’t really last a full day. Something is going on in the background killing it though background refresh is off. My avg screen time over last ten days is 1hr 50min. I maybe get half a work day of use out of it (not the 10 hrs Apple advertises).
With the Air 5 on sale on Amazon and Costco today, I am struggling NOT to buy it. I know I’ll miss XDR and multitasking, and don’t really want to spend that kind of cash right now, but it’s not really meeting the needs.
Open to any and all advice, including if the battery life is a real issue and what I can/should do about it. Appreciate you very much!
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2023.04.16 05:22 OliverTwisted2017 Too Good to Be True? Hope I Did Everything Correctly

Hi! So I finally pulled the trigger on switching to AT&T from T-mobile, mainly because of the 25% off nurses discount. We have 8 phone lines, 6 watches (tied to a phone but can also make calls), and one Ipad. There were some great deals through Costco where you get $250 in bill credits over 36 months and a $100 Costco card when you buy a phone on installment and port in a number. During checkout on all these various new phones I purchased, the Costco deals appear to have been relevant. I worry, though, because the Costco deal states,
" *$250 Bill Credit Offer: Subject to Change. Available in select Costco warehouses. Purchase new eligible smartphone on qualifying 36-month 0% APR installment plan and port-in new line from an eligible third-party carrier to receive up to $250 off ($6.95/mo for 36 months) eligible devices (max credit of up to $250 with port-in of new line). Other installment options may be available and vary by location. Req’d Wireless: Postpaid unlimited voice & data (min. $65/mo. if new with autopay and paperless bill discount. Pay $75/mo. until discount starts w/in 2 bills. Existing customers can add to current unlimited plan if eligible, which may be less). Eligible plans: Unlimited & More, Unlimited & More Premium, Unlimited Plus, Unlimited Plus Enhanced, Unlimited Choice, Unlimited Choice Enhanced, Unlimited Choice II, Unlimited Double Play, Unlimited Value Plan, Unlimited Elite, Unlimited Premium, Unlimited Extra, Unlimited Starter, Unlimited 55+. "
In the beginning it states "Unlimited Premium" and "min. $65/mo". I chose Unlimited Extra for our phones and the beginning cost WAS NOT $75 (or $65). Just wondering if I should switch the first line I brought over to be "Premium Unlimited" to be safe. They make the wording so confusing!!! I don't want them to say that I don't really qualify after all because of some obscure or confusing wording. Again, during checkout it showed the that the deals were applied during checkout, though. I've never had AT&T so hoping it all goes smoothly.
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