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Hello and Welcome to Epheria!
This is the newly dedicated subreddit for discussing Ryan Cahill's The Bound and The Broken series alongside author discussion.
Firstly, thank you to the the mod team for their help in designing and implementing this. We are essentially building this from the ground up and whilst it is far from our vision, we hope this will be the start of a great discussion page for fans of Ryan Cahill.
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We also have a pretty healthy discord channel that you can join: https://discord.gg/RM3ECdN8 which is outstandingly active and immersive.
This subreddit is a work in progress so should you wish to provide any feedback or suggestions, or if something doesn’t quite look right, then please contact the mod team directly. We thank you for your patience whilst we do this.
Thank you once again. We hope you actively post and comment and do everything in between!
Myia nithír til diar. My soul to yours.
The Mod Team
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REWIRE: Rewrite the Rules. Reshape the Market. Rewire Your Success.
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Hello everyone,
Guild Name: The Butchers Block Guild Tag: TBB Language: English Labels: (Casual, Hardcore, PvE, PvP, Leveling, Social) Clan Description: We're just a group of gamers that share a united love for Diablo 4! We have a strong interest in playing this game for a long time to come! We gladly welcome all new players as well as long time Diablo franchise veterans!
Recruiting Message: The Butchers Block is now recruiting! Clan looking to expand it's roster size! Travel the world! Meet new and interesting people! Kill them! Check out of Established Discord! All levels accepted!
Clan Rules...
  1. No Discrimination of Sex, Religion, or Race.
  2. Age requirement of 16+ years.
  3. No Spamming.
  4. Be Trustworthy, Honorable, and Respectful.
  5. No Lying or Cheating.
  6. Have fun.
  7. Have common sense.
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/YHahPbdV
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2023.05.31 18:17 texasguy911 PSA: Exhaust paint is very thin

I have my 2023 DCT bike since mid Feb this year.
So, I have noticed that my exhaust becoming kinda "orangy". It did have some very tiny rust spots in a few places but that orangy look just did not look like rust. There was no flaking and the orangy color looked very uniform on big areas. Rust usually creates hot spots that look dramatically different from the surrounding areas. So, it was not rust. But I did say that rust did start in some very small areas, and it does look like rust, what I'd expect. This orangy look was kind of more reddish than yellow-ish, so, did not look like rust. So, I did try to take pics. Thing is, it looks off when it is right next to something very black. If it is by itself, the effect disappears. The camera was unable to capture this nuance.
First, I have the bike for like 3 months and seeing even small specs rust on exhaust is not good at all, I'd expect to be at least a year of rust free. Secondly, the whole bike is black and the pipes becoming kinda off black with a shift into red/orange.. Not looking its best.
Well, coincidently, why exhaust caught my attention, I was in process of adding cowling to the belly and also had to take the exhaust off for additional wideband oxygen sensors to be welded on.
Since welding is an invasive procedure that requires some paint removal to expose metal, I decided just to repaint the whole exhaust. Did not have confidence in the current paint job.
To remove the paint I used a wire-brush with dremel and the flex shaft for convenience. Probably took an hour, but it was very non-destructive for the metal, just the paint got removed, no scratches on the metal.
So, my observations. The primer is one that is red-orangy, the black paint is very thin. I'd say the black paint on top is probably 5 times thinner than the primer layer. Thus, the paint layer, thin as it is, was simply starting to expose the primer layer. Perhaps riding, wind rubbing, started to wear out the paint layer. Not sure what would be a reason, just Honda cheapness?
Another observation is how well the primer+paint was stuck to the exhaust. I found that the amount of work put to remove the paint was different in different parts of the exhaust. The headers and where the slip-on goes, in these areas the removal of paint was SO EASY. The most difficult part was the catalytic area, specifically the plate where the part number is stamped on. Something is off how this exhaust was painted. The effort to remove the paint should be the same.
So, I feel like there are these points:
1) Seeing some rust after 3 months on a new bike - come on, Honda!
2) Why the paint is so thin? To keep the price low?
3) What is wrong with their paint methodology where it's basically coming off so easily in some areas but not others? Maybe the primer was not dried properly? Bad prep?
So, check your exhausts. Removing it is rather easy, no need to jack up the bike. You do need 2 gaskets for re-installation ($7 each), I decided not to reuse.
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2023.05.31 18:16 MAKI_cause_why_not [FOR HIRE] FULL BODY Character Design COMMISSION starts at 25$°˖✧( ˘▽˘ *:)°˖✧ Dm me if interested (4 slots left)

[FOR HIRE] FULL BODY Character Design COMMISSION starts at 25$°˖✧( ˘▽˘ *:)°˖✧ Dm me if interested (4 slots left) submitted by MAKI_cause_why_not to commissions [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 18:13 sage_droid "Background commit check" in Android Studio Hedgehog (Intellij 2023.1)

Hey everyone,
I wanted to share an issue I've been facing recently with Android Studio Hedgehog and Intellij 2023.1. If you've already tried these versions and use the Git integration to commit your changes, you likely have noticed a change in behavior. Previously, the IDE would scan your code for errors, warnings, etc. before allowing the commit, and if any issues were found, the commit process would be stopped. However, with Android Studio Hedgehog, the scanning process now occurs only after the commit is made. This means that problems can be committed along with your changes, and if you want to fix them, you'll need to add another commit or undo the current one.
Personally, I find this behavior quite frustrating because I always strive to maintain clean code without introducing new warnings or issues. Even though I've configured the inspections quite well, it's now much easier for problems to slip through. I'm really curious to know how you feel about this change and how you've been dealing with it. Have you been committing through Android Studio, or have you found alternative methods to avoid this issue? And more importantly, are you positive about this change? I'm interested to hear about your workflow because, honestly, mine has been a bit disrupted since this change took place.
Example from Android Studio Hedgehog
There is also an open issue to bring back the old flow, but even if that happens, it will take quite some time to get it into Android Studio.
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2023.05.31 18:11 twatheadnumber7 offer rescinded for not completing a course

bit of a background on my current situation: i’m an international student in the american high school curriculum, took four aps this year and self studied for two, graduated with a 3.97 gpa, and finished all my courses completely, except precalc, a prerequisite to my program. I closed 11 units in total for precalc, 6 essential and 5 selectives (the required amount is 10 units-7 essential and 3 selectives)
due to a lot of absences that were caused by health complications (i had to undergo surgery and missed three weeks of school) and an immigration issue (had to fly to canada before may to collect my pr card) i missed a couple of unit tests, i was able to make up for everything except one unit. Although formally everything is completed on my transcript, my counselor said they’ll have to specify that i didn’t complete the course to my university.
i don’t know if I should contact admissions and explain my situation or to leave it as it is and hope they don’t notice. Should i fear of getting my offer rescinded
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2023.05.31 18:09 Decent_Ear589 A map of U.S. states that have enacted expanded or universal background checks for gun purchases (Blue = enacted). These states now cover 263 of the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win a Presidential Election

A map of U.S. states that have enacted expanded or universal background checks for gun purchases (Blue = enacted). These states now cover 263 of the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win a Presidential Election submitted by Decent_Ear589 to WhitePeopleTwitter [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 18:07 CCorgiOTC1 Affidavit of Heirship

In Texas. My grandfather died in 2016. My dad died in 2020. I am my father’s only child, and he didn’t leave a will because he died young and suddenly. He did not own any assets other than his 15 year old truck.
My dad’s stepsister, who was the executor, has decided to probate my grandfather’s will after 7 years (best guess why is so she can sell the house, which she owns by right of survivorship). All valuable property and insurance money was removed from the estate by stepsister, so all that is left is my grandfather’s truck and the contents of the house, which for my dad’s share is $4,000. Her lawyer said they would charge me $1500 to file an affidavit of heirship for my dad’s portion, but I would rather do it myself as it isn’t a lot of money. Can someone please briefly tell me the best way to go about this?
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2023.05.31 18:06 Ok-Kick832 hello everyone I had this what if in my head months ago and so I finally wrote it down over the course of months it was, what if mammals dominated during the Mesozoic? And what would WWD be like?

Hope you enjoy this first is NEW BLOOD
By a river, a female Archosaur stalks a herd of dicynodonts called Placerias, looking for weak members to prey upon. Downstream, a male feathered dinosaur resides in a tree with his family. A female Postosuchus, a rauisuchian and one of the largest carnivores alive in the Triassic, attacks the Placerias herd, and wounds one individual; the herd scatters, leaving the wounded Placerias to the Postosuchus. Early bats are depicted feeding on dragonflies and cooling themselves in the little water remaining during the drought before being eaten by a larger dragonfly. Searching for food, a female badger like mammal, alongside another badger, discovers the dinosaur nest; the female wards them off. Later that evening, after he goes off hunting, an inquisitive chick follows but falls onto land trying to follow its father and is caught by the female badger. At night, the dinosaurs pick up their remaining pups and then move away. On the next day, the badgers work to collapse the tree. The female Postosuchus meanwhile is shown to have been wounded by the Placerias, a prior attack on them leaving her with a tusk wound on her thigh. After being unable to successfully hunt another Placerias, she is expelled from her territory by a predatory phytosaur. Wounded, sick, and without a territory, the female Postosuchus dies and is eaten by a pack of archosaurs. As the dry season continues, food becomes scarce. The Placerias herd embarks on a journey in search of water, while the archosaurs begin to cannibalise their young, and the male dinosaurs also resorts to hunting baby badgers at night. Finally, the wet season arrives; the majority of the archosaurs have survived (including the lead female), and the dinosaur pair have a new clutch of eggs. The episode ends with the arrival of a herd of giant Procoptodon like mammal which are followed by a large fox like mammal which fights and kills a Postosuchus.
This episode follows the life of a female prosauropod, beginning at the moment when her mother lays a clutch of eggs in the heart conifer forest. Three months later, some of the eggs hatch; the young prosauropods are preyed upon by fox like mammal and other dinosaurs. After hatching, the hatchlings retreat to the safety of the denser trees. They face many dangers as they grow, including predation by the foxes and existing Smilodon like mammals which are replacing the foxes increasingly . Even a giant Deinotherium like mammal accidentally also kills one of the hatchlings by swinging its tusks while fending off a pair of Smilodon like mammals and a weird crocodile like cetan. Elsewhere, adult herds of prosauropods are shown using their massive weight to topple trees in order to reach cycad leaves and giant ferns. Each one hosts a small mobile habitat of damselflies, bats, and beetles. After some time, the creche of cute creatures have grown into subadults. Nearly all are killed by a huge forest fire; only three survivors emerge onto the open plains, including the young female. They encounter several Paracetherium before only two reach safety of a herd of adult prosauropods. Several years later, the female mates, and a few days after, is attacked by a bull smilodon like mammals. She is saved when another prosauropod strikes the Allosaurus with its tail. She rejoins the herd, albeit with deep wounds on her side, but she will recover. The closing narration notes that their successors the sauropods will in the Cenozoic become the largest animals ever to walk the Earth but currently its the paracetherium.
episode begins with a small elephant like mammal being snatched from the shore by a male Liopleurodon. It then cuts to show how dinosaurs have dominated the European islands with fauna similar to the ones in Jurassic Impact. Meanwhile, hundreds of cetans arrive from the open ocean to give birth but they are attacked by a Basilosaur look a like. Hybodus and a Liopleurodon are on the hunt; when a mother cetan has trouble giving birth, a pair of Hybodus pursue her. They are frightened off by the male Liopleurodon, which eats the front half of the cetan. Meanwhile, a Andrewsarchus like mammal the last of its kind if you forget the fox like mammals swims to an island and discovers a turtle carcass; it fights over the carcass with another. Later, during the night, a group of horseshoe crabs gather at the shore to lay their eggs, which attracts a flock of bats in the morning to eat the eggs. However, a few of the bats are caught and eaten by a giant dragonfly . While the cetan juveniles are growing up, they are hunted by Hybodus, which in turn, are prey for the Liopleurodon. While the male Liopleurodon is hunting, he encounters a female Basilosaurus like mammal; after the male bites one of her flippers, she retreats from his territory, and a group of Hybodus follows the trail of her blood. A cyclone strikes the islands, killing many animals, including several bats and the basilosaurus, who is washed ashore and eventually suffocates under his own weight. A group of small dinosaurs feed on her carcass. At the end of the episode, the juvenile cetans that survived the storm are now large enough to swim off and live in the open sea but are hunted by some other cetans.
The episode begins with the last giant Dragonfly dead on a beach. Six months earlier, the last Dragonfly, resting among a colony of breeding giant bats in Brazil, flies off for Cantabria where he too must mate. He flies past a migrating group of chalicothere mimics and the nodosaur Polacanthus. He reaches the southern tip of North America, where he is forced to seek shelter from a storm. He grooms himself, expelling his body of fleas; the wings begin to change colour in preparation for the mating season. He then sets off across the Atlantic, which was then only 300 kilometres wide, and after a whole day on the wing, reaches the westernmost of the European islands. He does not rest there however, as a pack of dromaeosaurs are hunting horses; a young one is bullied off an Horse carcass by the adults. The Dragonfly flies to the outskirts of a forest to rest after stealing a fish from a bat, but is driven away by a flock of new fliers called Anurognathids. Flying on, he reaches Cantabria, but finds no other dragonflies and consequently he does not mate. After several days under the sun trying to attract a mate, the protagonist dragonflies dies from a combination of heat, stress and starvation. . The new replacements bats feeds on its corpse.
A few hundred kilometres from the South Pole, a clan of Leaellynasaura emerge during spring after several months of total darkness. They feed on the fresh plant growth (which has adapted to the changing seasons), and build nests to lay their eggs; a Koolasuchus also wakes and heads to a river, where he will stay during the summer. Out on the banks of the river, migrating herds of Macraucheia have also arrived to feed and lay their eggs. When summer arrives, many of the Leaellynasaura clan's eggs have been eaten; however, those of the matriarch hatch successfully. Meanwhile, a male Polar Smilodon like mammal and its pride hunts both the Leaellynasaura and the Macraucheia, the latter species also having to deal with blood-sucking birds the Smilodon male deals with being attacked and exiled by a larger male. When autumn arrives, the herd begins to migrate, and the Koolasuchus leaves the river to find a pool for hibernation and all the cubs of the old male Smilodon are killed. During the migration, some Muttaburrasaurus become lost in the forest; they vocalize loudly while trying to return to their herd, preventing the Leaellynasaura clan's sentries from hearing the male Smilodon approaching. It manages to kill the matriarch of the clan. Winter descends and the forest is shrouded in darkness, but the now matriarch-less Leaellynasaura clan is able to stay active, using their large eyes to help them forage for food. The clan and other creatures are also shown to use various methods of coping with the cold.. Finally, spring returns, and two Leaellynasaura males challenge each other for the right to mate, and the clan establishes a new dominant pair and the old male Smilodon kills the new male Smilodon and takes the pride back. The closing narration acknowledges that soon this landmass will be pulled closer to the South Pole and when that happens, this unique ecosystem and its inhabitants will disappear.
Several months before the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event, the last mammals are living under intense environmental stress due to excessive volcanism. A female giant Entelodont like monotremes abandons her nest, the eggs rendered infertile due to acidic pollution. Her calls for a mate are answered by a smaller male, who kills a young rhino like mammal to appease her. Three days later, after repeated copulation, she drives him off. The mother fasts as she tends to her nest, contending with raids by dromaeosaurs and Squirrel like mammals. Meanwhile, herds of deer like mammals wander between islands of vegetation among the volcanic ash, and rhinoceros rut for the right to mate, while losing their young to attacking dromaeosaurs. Only three of the Entelodont hatches ; the mother hunts one of the last elephants to feed herself and her brood. One of the last giant bats flies into the area and is killed by the last cetans. Several days later, while defending her two surviving offspring, the mother is fatally injured by the tail of an Ankylosaurus. The juveniles remain expectantly next to the carcass of their mother the next morning; several hours later, they are killed along with the other mammals in the region by the impact of a comet in the Gulf of Mexico. The impact, said to be as powerful as ten billion Hiroshima bombs, resulted in 65% of life -the mammals included- dying out in the ensuing cataclysmic changes to the climate. In an epilogue, the present-day African plains are shown; while they are now dominated dinosaurs after millions of years of recovery from the impact, they are still populated by a small group of mammals that did survive the extinction: the rodents, the squirrels and many other small vermin like mammals.
searches the late Jurassic islands for Therizinosaurus, who has massive and very long claws.
The episode starts off with Nigel in his ship where he shows a giant claw that scientists originally thought to be the rib of a giant turtle but was actually the claw of Therizinosaurus. He is interrupted when a giant turtle passes through and he films them. The turtle sneezes on him and Nigel sets off on his journey
Nigel comes across a nesting ground of heterodontosaurs that he crosses by using a red flag to draw their attention while one snaps at his cameraman. They travel into a forest where they watch a pack of cassowary like dinosaurs and their friends hunt heterodontosaurs. In a different forest, Nigel sets camp and finds a scorpion that he keeps. At night, a group of Mononykus like creatures approach the camp site and Nigel tries to catch one. After he caught one, he discovers that they have feathers but he puts his thumb in its mouth causing it to bleed. The next morning, Nigel finds that the Mononykus have eaten his scorpion and he packs up his camp. In the scrublands, Nigel hides in the vegetation urging his cameraman to turn off the camera when he spots a feathered predator that spooks some Mononykus.
Then Nigel waits out at a beach with some Heterodontosaurs and Mononykus as a perfect place for theropods to hunt prey. There he finds a hatched nest with the skeleton of a baby Therizinosaurus in a partially hatched egg as well as herbivore dung. Not far away, he finds a full skeleton of a Therizinosaurus. A large crocodile notices him and chases him and his cameraman into the forest. They climb onto tall tree stumps out of their reach and use a bicycle horn to scare of the raptors. After hearing commotion from the heterodontosaurs, Nigel returns to the watering hole where a feathered apex comes to scavenge and drink but is interrupted by the roar of a Therizinosaurus leading to a clash of the titans. The Therizinosaurus fends off the Tarbosaurus with its formidable claws forcing it to back down. Nigel then finds whole herd of Therizinosaurus emerging from the forest and it is a herbivore that uses its sickle-claws to hook tree and bush branches towards its mouth. Nigel ultimately concludes that it was gentle herbivore by touching one that licks him and knocks him over.
Nigel travels back in time with his film crew. He travels to a nearby lake, where large mammals named Brutodontids nest every year. There Nigel sees a juvenile Brutodon, where he is attacked by a giant mosasaur. Nigel then coaxes it out of the lake by splashing a stick in the water. It lays on the shore. Nigel attaches a video camera to his head and walks towards it, and demonstrates it's biting power by pushing a stick into it's mouth and having it bite down on it.
Later Nigel climbs up the volcanic slopes to get a panoramic view of the area to see Brutodon herd. Instead he finds a herd of small horses. His search leads him all the way to the coast, where he views a colony of medium sized bats on the cliffs hunting fish. Nigel doesn't return to the campsite until night, where he finds that a large predator has attacked his tent, and left all the provisions littered across the surrounding ground. He finds a single theropod dinosaur tooth jammed in a can of meat.
The next morning Nigel has set up an alarm system outside the camp so that if something breaks the laser tripwire, a loud alarm will sound, alerting Nigel. Later he tracks down the predator, where, around midday, Nigel hears a commotion further ahead. He finds a wounded horse in a rocky gully. He walks further upstream to find a smaller dead individual with a strange feathered apex predator eating it.
Later Nigel is shown flying over the ash-fields in an ultralight. Soon he finds another Sea Bat flock. After breaking away he sees a giant bat, one of the largest animal ever to fly. Soon Nigel discovers the Brutodon herd far below, so he lands the ultra light nearby his jeep. He then drives off towards the herd and locates it without any trouble.
After appreciating their gargantuan size, Nigel drives into a natural 'funnel', caused by a break in some trees. He then sets up some weighing scales designed for lorries. After several fruitless attempts, an Brutodon steps on the scales, showing that it weighs 92.3 tonnes, and Nigel explains that that's the same as 30 African elephants.
The next morning Nigel in chasing an horse 20 miles away from the camp in the jeep, when he realizes that it is actually running because a Giganotosaurus is chasing them both. Nigel narrowly escapes the predator only to meet up with the herd later in the morning to find an entire pack of Giganotosaurus mobbing the herd but most are killed.
By the afternoon the pack has singled out a juvenile, and are inflicting wounds, waiting for her to bleed to death. The hunt continues for the rest of the day and into the night, when filming is no longer possible and Nigel must leave.
The next morning, Nigel finds the herd at the nesting site beside the lake. While the females lay their eggs Nigel comments on what a magical ending this is for his dinosaur safari. Suddenly a Mosasaur lunges at him out of the water
The episode starts by showing how the mammals were dominating the land and that dinosaurs were small. Then it shows how "an asteroid the size of Mount Everest" struck the Earth and demolished the mammals, and how dinosaurs evolved into new forms thereafter. The first episode depicts the warm tropical world of the early Eocene, sixteen million years after the extinction of the giant mammals. Bats, the one of the surviving lineage of the mammals, including the giant carnivorous Mega Bat, rule this world, while dinosaurs are still very small. The setting is near the Messel pit in Germany. Due to volcanic activity, sudden bulk escapes of carbon dioxide trapped underneath lakes pose a significant hazard to the local wildlife. The episode centers around a Parkosaur family, a leaping, shrew-like dinosaur, which has emerged in the dawn hours to forage for food. As the mother forages, first in solidarity, and then with her pups, she wanders near a large predatory mammal, identified as an Ambulocetus the last cetan. A female Mega Bat, who has been taking care of the single undeveloped baby in her nest, makes two attempts to hunt a small herd of Protoceratops like dinosaurs, early ceratopsians. The first attempt fails when sounds among the vegetation betray her presence and they mob her. The second attack proves successful when the Protoceratops consume fermenting grapes and are unable to evade her attack also defends her territory from another. Unfortunately, while the mother hunts, a horde of Titanomyrma, giant carnivorous ants, encounter the baby when it dropped out of the nest, and successfully kill and eat the chick. When the female discovers her dead offspring at dusk she leaves the forest to try and start another family.
With the arrival of night, a band of lemur-like Godinotia, socialize and copulate in the dark the narration reveals how they will be the most successful in this new world. Ambulocetus finally manages to catch a Flamingo like bird near the lake edge. As the night wears on, an earth tremor unleashes trapped carbon dioxide out from underneath the lake and the gas suffocates most of the surrounding life. The Parkosaurs survive because the nest was upwind of the gas while the Bat was killed because she stayed in that area in the forest.
It is mentioned that although they survived the gas, they would ultimately leave many descendants, while the Ambulocetus, who was killed by the lethal gases, would leave none.
This episode introduces the Mosasaur, an ancient type of mosasaur. Mosasaur became the new king of the ocean after the giant cetans of the Mesozoic died out alongside the mammals (see Cruel Sea). It was much bigger than the sharks it shared the ocean with, and it regularly ate the sharks. However, Mosasaur was still less advanced than the modern species; it still had rear flippers (that helped it during the mating) and lacked the blubber. At the same time, this program depicted the beginning of 'climate chaos' - a relatively minor extinction event between Eocene and Oligocene, also known as "The Great Cut". On land dinosaurs too have become big and huge. This episode featured Torosaurus like ceratopsians and the Andrewsarchus, a mammal that was considered to be a relative to the kings of the Cretaceous the Entelodont. Both were much bigger than the land dinosaurs featured in New Dawn episode, but their brains were still small and their behavior - primitive. They were the first true dinosaur rulers of the land and most of them would die out during "The Great Cut". As the El Nino continues and the extinction event is beginning, the female Mosasaur is forced to change her hunting ground from open seas to mangrove swamps (the future Sahara desert). There she encounters small sharks, Apidium, and Moeritherium. It is described as the last stronghold of the mammals A spinosaurid like dinosaur eats an Apidium but is too small to attack Moeritherium, The mosasaur hunts and eats one alive. She leaves.
The Torosaurus continue to strive but most of the juvenlies are killed young by the poisonous plants of their home Two Andrewsarchus steal such a calf, but begin to fight over it in order to determine which of them gets to eat it first. The calf's mother decides that the calf is alive and fights off the Andrewsarchus - for a time, but leaves when the rest of her young hatch.
The female Mosasaurus discovers a lagoon where dolphin like mammals that appeared after the mass extinction of cetans are beginning to calf. At first the smaller whales use their numbers' advantage to chase away the giant, but the female Mosasaurus eventually returns and begins to hunt and devour the calves - and this time the adults can't stop her.
Several months later Basilosaurus gives birth to her own calf, but the episode ends saying that both the mother and child are doomed to perish - but whales as a group will survive.
The third episode takes place in late Oligocene Mongolia, where seasonal rains are followed by long periods of drought. It follows a mother giant hawk, an enormous herbivorous bird , and her young male calf. The mother struggles to raise her calf, fending off predators such as Dromaeosaurs and trying to teach the calf to survive on its own. The episode also follows other animals in the surroundings, including a Therizinosaurid, tyrannosaurids and iguanodontids, and the hardships they endure as the new animals from the south move in.
A family group of the descendants of the Apidium is down; yet another female was killed by the Troodontids that hunt them, leaving behind an orphan daughter. The males of the group, Grey and Hercules, are beginning to challenge each other for leadership, and the females are supporting Hercules rather than Grey, A bigger, more numerous group attacks, driving the focus group from their old home. Because of this, they start to migrate through the highlands of Ethiopia, searching for a new one. During their travels they meet a large stegosaurid in musth which chases them away from its territory as it tries to wow a much larger female. They settle in a area with a waterfall where many iguanodontids roam they try to scare them off but can't. However it is also home to a large allosaur type creature which kills many and drags the rest for its chicks to eat. Grey is killed in the process and using some planning they steal some of the allosaurs chicks and cause it to migrate for the safety of its chicks. That night one of the babies is stolen by a Troodontid which now rule the area without the constriction of the Allosaur. One day the female orphan is attacked by the Troodontids in full daylight when the rest rally together and try and kill the Troodontid. They settle down and some evolved descendants of the protagonist from the first episode comes and eats the lice in their fur.
The fifth episode shows the strange fauna of the isolated continent of South America and explores the effects of the Great American Interchange, which had happened 1.5 million years earlier. Since South America had drifted apart from Antarctica 30 million years ago, many unique dinosaurs had evolved, including a Ankylosaurus like creature , an armored armadillo-like ankylosaur with a cannon ball-sized spiked club on its tail; An edmontosaurus like dinosaur, a camel-like dinosaur with a long trunk and though not a dinosaur a large heron like pterosaur has evolved larger than the largest of the bats.
Before the continents of South America and North America collided, a 10-foot-tall predatory bear called with sabre teeth like Smilodon, had reigned as top predator. However, the great birds, migrating from the north, soon displaced them as top predators. The episode focuses on a male bear, a saber-toothed ursine, called Half Tooth, who lives a lone life in a territory of females all of their cubs are his one day two males chase him out and try to become the individuals the females mate with.
Next, the episode shows The new birds hunting down the edmontosaurs and the bears trying to protect the young from the two brothers (in vain) but they are eventually killed when they go hunting. In the background, the mammals still hunt, but give way to the birds. However, a therizinosaurid, who wanted to eat meat as diet supplement, charges the pack while the males attempted to mate, in order to eat some of the carrion. In the process, it kills the dominant rival male, enabling Half Tooth to return, kill the other male and reclaim his territory. Then he had another litter of cubs. Meanwhile the pterosaurs arrive for their winter migration.
narrator reveals that the world's climate is starting to deteriorate, bringing on an ice age. This means all animals, even the mighty titanosaurs and their symbiotic bird partners are struggling with the last of their kind living in the focus herd. One of the herd falls through a pond concealed by ice. Her sisters comfort her, and in the morning the scavengers Troodontids and humans gather gather. The herd then have no choice but to leave their fallen sister to prepare for the coming Ice Age winter. The narrator also reveals that so much water is frozen at the poles, causing sea levels to drop. A vast Ice Age forest, which today is the North Sea, supports an array of dinosaurs including a herd of titanosaurs. Also residing on the plains in summer is a new creature: Human.
Despite having no physical adaptations for the cold, they wear animal hides to keep warm. The episode's main focus is the mammoth's 400 kilometre migration to the Alps and back in the spring. Meanwhile, two stigymoloch like dinosaurs are fighting for a harem of females, but are then ambushed by the humans who kill one of the males. As the titans migrate, one of the herd and the juveniles under her care are separated and stalked by a woolly giganotosaurus, but survive.
Upon reaching the Alps, the mother and the juveniles are reunited with the herd. Here in the valleys, one of the herd lays her eggs to return next year to raise the survivors and the birds mate with each other and a new generation is born, some leave into the Alps but many stay with their parents. The episode also focuses on the Neanderthal, who, despite being built for the cold, is struggling as a result of the Ice Age. One of them is attacked by a Woolly Pachyrhinosaurus, but survives because of his shorter stature and thicker bones.
As the titanosaurs migrate back to the plains, they come into Neanderthal territory where the juveniles is annoyed by the mammals and one is killed by the largest of them all Cave Foxes which drag them down to their cliff home where several giant Parkosaurs watch. they arrive back in their forest where the Gigantosaurus the only thing an adult fears attacks and kills the matriarch. The humans scavenge on the carcass. The titanosaurs are revealed to be going extinct with their herd being the largest thanks to the Ice Age while their birds have a different story thanks to their big partners. The scene then changes to the Oxford Museum and the narrator reveals that "If all this has taught is anything, it's this: no species lasts forever.
The special begins at the University of Wyoming's Geological Museum, showing the bones of a baby prosauropod followed by an Allosaurus (2.1 metres tall is the maximum height) named Big Al. After the ghost of Big Al wanders the museum passing by his own skeleton and a burrow with some fossilized eggs, the film then travels back in time to 150 Mya) showing a similar nest. Al and his siblings are hiding in the burrow when they are called by their mother. She brings them to a river bank and the hatchlings start to hunt for insects and lizards. When the mother leaves the hatchlings temporarily, a predatory Dilephodon like mammal comes out of hiding and kills one of them (luckily, the victim was not Al).
Al is then shown at the age of two years. He tries to hunt a flock of Dryosaurus. He has not yet learned how to ambush from his mother so he fails to kill one of the swifter, smaller dinosaurs. Later, he snatches a lizard from a branch to keep him satisfied. Al comes across a dead Deinotherium like mammal and an Allosaurus waiting for death in a pit of sticky mud, which forms a predator trap. Meanwhile, a two-year-old female Allosaurus, attracted to the carcass, also gets stuck. She struggles to free herself, but fails. Al luckily avoids the same fate, because he has learnt to avoid carrion and the large carnivores that it usually attracts. Unable to escape, the trapped Allosaurus pair die of exhaustion, their corpses left to the bats. Al returns to his mother and his three siblings and feasts on the carcass she has caught.
Three years pass, and a herd of juvenile Prosauropods are migrating across their forest home and into the grasslands, heading for a herd to the south. Al, now 1.2 meters long, is joined by several other Allosaurus (possibly, his siblings) and they manage to successfully panic the herd into leaving a weakened sick individual behind. But as the Allosaurus gather for the kill, Al is struck down by the neck of the prosauropod. The pack decides to wait for a few hours until the prosauropod is brought down by heat exhaustion and his illness. Though they feed, within the hour, a five-year-old female Allosaurus scavenges the kill. Al takes some remnants of the carcass for himself and leaves, trying to find a safer place to eat.
3 years pass by, and Al, now 1.8 metres long with the crests over his eyes reddening, is shown drinking at a pond. His presence however makes other mammals around the pond nervous and the smell of blood he brings with him puts off a pair of Deinotherium that were attempting to mate. Away from the pond, he discovers the scent of a nearby six-year-old female Allosaurus and issues a mating call. She is interested, but as Al attempts to mate, a Smilodon like mammal out on the prowl pack attacks and kills the female. Al is lucky enough to escape from the ensuing fight with his life, although he sustains injuries to his right arm as well as smashed ribs. Later the dry season comes, and Al is attempting to hunt a flock of rabbit like mammals as the Dryosaurus have moved away. Whilst ambushing them however, he steps on a hedgehog like mammal and kills it but then it is stuck in his foot so he ends up breaking something in his right foot in the resultant fall; he limps away the, his chances of survival as prey gets scarcer now very unlikely. As the dry season turns to a drought, Al's limp from the fall gets worse and his right middle toe -which he broke in the fall- has become badly infected. Soon, unable to hunt because of this handicap, he dies in a dried-up riverbed, where two hatchling Allosaurus are hunting for bugs and come across his emaciated carcass where they eat his eyes and tongue and leave. He is said not to have reached full size, dying as a mature adolescent and that the process of his fossilisation was so perfect it preserved even the injuries he sustained in his lifetime including -amongst others- lumps where his ribs healed after their break and the raging infection on his middle toe even the hedgehog he stepped on. The narrator concludes the special stating how Big Al, in death, represents a frozen moment in the fast and furious life of a carnivorous dinosaur.
Now I'm going to do the worst part of WWD, Walking With Dinosaurs 3D and I'm going to remove the voices and keep it as an actual documentary
In the early cretaceous a few million years before the fourth episode of WWD a thing that was actually good and next to the western interior seaway. Patchi is the youngest and smallest in a litter of tiny baby Torosaurus like dinosaurs that are being out competed by pronghorn like mammals. Their father Bulldust the leader is the leader of the herd. Patchi is also attacked by a bird, which attempts to eat him, but he is saved by his caring mother, resulting in Patchi having a hole in his frill as an injury.
Later, Bulldust moves his herd south as well, but when they try to pass through a forest, they are forced to flee when the local Dromaeosaurs make fire to flush out some pronghorns and a forest fire erupts. Taking advantage of the chaos, a pack of dromaeosaurs attacks the scattered herd. They kill most of Patchi and Scowler's family, while their leader and alpha, Gorgon, fights and kills Bulldust while he’s trying to run away as he cares nothing about his children thanks to his kind's ability to breed like rabbits. Afterwards, Patchi's herd, now led by Bulldust's mate, combine with a female named Juniper's herd as they continue their migration. Gorgon's pack attacks them again, and in the ensuing chaos, Patchi, Scowler, Juniper (and many others) fall into a river and are swept downstream to the ocean all juveniles but Juniper, Scowler and Patchi killed in the process, with a scavenger bat following them from above. At a beach, Scowler follows a herd of rhino like mammals to find food, leaving Patchi and Juniper behind as they are scarred up and Juniper's eye is destroyed. The two make their way through a forest and eventually are able to find their herd and Scowler.
After years of making the same migration from north to south and vice versa, the leader of the herd is killed in a river by two cetans Scowler confronts his brother and his gang of friends and challenges him for a battle in exchange for leadership of the herd. Scowler, as he is much stronger and larger than Patchi, quickly gains the upper hand and defeats his brother by trapping him under a young tree before disowning him and ordering Juniper, along with the rest of the herd, to leave Patchi behind. Despondent and heartbroken, Patchi, now trapped underneath the tree and unable to do anything, attempts to accept his fate by allowing scavengers to kill and eat him but thanks to a pterosaur literally pecking out his eye while looking at a butterfly he has the rage to go out fighting.
Reinvigorated by the bat, Patchi and his friends (actually just a bunch of dragonflies that live on his back but like him despite their intelligence) escapes and fights off the scavengers, before catching up to the herd, only to find them confronted by Gorgon and her pack once more (now its gets dark) they manage to scare most of the herd and a bunch of Pronghorn like mammals into a river which causes most to drown, during the battle between Gorgon and the ceratopsians. Scowler pushes Juniper accidentally into a hole with a spike and kills her. patchi in a fit of rage fights Scowler and has his last remaining eye gouged out but he manages to push him off a cliff that was there and while Patchi looks like he's contemplating his action when he is just standing there when Gorgon and her pack kill him, meanwhile a male approaches Gorgon and drops the head of Juniper in front of her she accepts this and leaves to mate.
It then cuts to the survivors who are building up their nest and thanks to their rerouted migration which saves them and their kind from extinction from the Pronghorns. Gorgon's pack have to move away and the lovely gory ecosystem collapses a few million years after this thanks to the arrival of Brutodon which out compete the definitely not sauropod replacement mammals that look like giraffes that will become the largest creatures on earth and it ends on one of Gorgon's young evolving WWM style into the giant theropods from Nigel Marvin's adventures with the largest creatures on earth. The credits this time are of a before and after showing the area in Patchi and friends era and in Nigel marvin's adventures era showing the river area where Patchi was killed into the river area where the Brutodon laid their eggs.
Species/ replacements
Nanotorosaurus replaces Pachyrhinosaurus
Nanogigantosaurus replaces Gorgosaurus
Pronghornodontids replaces Parkosaurus
Parkosaurs replace Chirostenotes
Loxodontamimus replaces Edmontonia
mega Dragonfly, Nanoanurognthathus and mega bats replace Quetzocoatlus
Brontomimus replaces the hadrosaurs
Atroxodontids replace troodontids
Tiny Compusnathids replace Alphadon
Avitelmessus replaces Avitelmessus (crab evolution wasn't that impacted)
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2023.05.31 18:05 LootProductions Anything against sales?

I will remove this if I've missed something in the rules.
Are you looking for a fun and challenging way to spend your time? Do you love puzzles and solving problems? If so, you should check out LooT Productions, an online shop that sells them.
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Whether you want to relax, stimulate your brain, or have some fun with your friends and family, LooT Productions has something for you.
>> LooT Productions <<
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2023.05.31 18:04 monkeyman764 Need advice on how to best handle getting decently fast internet into my apartment.

Hello folks, I am at a loss on what to do with my apartment when it comes to getting internet, so I am coming here to ask for advice.

Some background, I live in a rural area of the Midwest about 30 - 40 mins from any major city. My town only has two options for internet, Mediacom on the Cable Line and Windstream on DSL. Mediacom offers up to 1 gig and is currently what I'm paying for, and Windstream offers only up to 100 mbs. These are literally the only two ISPs for the area of the town that I live in.

I've had Mediacom for about a month now, and the speeds have been acceptable, but the reliability has been very poor. Every day my internet drops out for around 10 mins multiple times a day. We've had some days be as bad as 2hr drop outs. I've had Mediacom out three times and each time they've found no problems and been on there merry way until the most recent time the tech admitted that he gets a lot of calls for my building and he believes it's because the Coax in my building is out of date. A theory which I think could potentially be accurate as my building was constructed some time in the 70s and has switched owners a lot in the last ten years.

I talked to my landlord about seeing if he would be willing to replace the coax running thru the walls of the building and of course it was met with little give. He said he hasn't received any complaints from any other tenants and he thinks I am expecting too much out of the internet service. He also basically said he'd investigate and get back to me. (Which I assume probably means no.) So I'm kind of left without any good plan of what to do.

My initial thought was that maybe I was asking for too high of speeds for the old cables to carry and so I was going to downgrade my plan, but it turns out if I do I will lose my initial starting deal and pay full price which will make any other plan upwards of $20 more a month minimum. Windstream is available to my building as well thru DSL, but only at 100 mbs which is naturally a huge downgrade from my 1 gig, but I would be willing to put up with if you guys think it would be more stable and would be fast enough for just me and my partner.

I have also checked and Starlink is available but I'm not allowed to put up satellites since I'm in an apartment. T-Mobile's mobile internet is also not available in my area. I am at a loss for what to do and willing to pursue any suggestions.
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2023.05.31 18:04 Scarlet_Imperial_18 After 6 months of wait, I discovered my RTC referral somehow was lost. I am devastated. Looking for advice if anything can be done

I (30F) have been showing ADHD symptoms for decades at this point, and it's messed with my life. In early December last year, I spoke to my GP and apparently convinced them to refer me for an ADHD diagnosis under the Right to Choose scheme. My GP practice has always been poorly organised, so I tried to make it as easy as possible for them by filling every possible form and I crossed my fingers. After a couple days I chased them up and they confirm they'd sent the referral via email to Psychiatry UK. I relaxed and started to wait.
It's now been almost 6 months, and having heard nothing since I decided to try to chase it up with Psychiatry UK. It turns out that they cannot find my referral, so they suggested I check with my GP. The GP practice insists that they've done their share by emailing the referral and it must be Psychiatry UK's fault. Regardless of whose fault it is, the result is that after 6 months I have nothing on my hands. My GP said at best they can refer me again, but this would mean being put back at the end of the queue and I really can't handle another 7 month-plus wait on top of these six months.
I know this is going to be a long shot, but is there absolutely anything I can do (other than going private)? It seems horribly unfair that I have to start over again because someone else messed it up. I am genuinely devastated, I feel so powerless and I genuinely cannot take one more year to start treatment.
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2023.05.31 18:03 London-Roma-1980 NON-CONFERENCE MATCHDAY 11 RESULTS

Basketball on Naismith Island is a game of 40 minutes. If you don't play all 40, you can lose a winnable game. See below.
#1 UCLA 80, #8 Michigan 77. Every defensive positioning matters; every play matters; every call matters. It's how you remain the #1 team in the land.
Bill Walton took a charging foul from Chris Webber with 12 seconds left, then sealed the game after being fouled on the inbound, as the Bruins (11-0) stole one from the Wolverines (9-2) to run their winning streak to 48 games in a row.
"I don't know what the complaint is. I had the position, I was far enough away from the basket, and I kept myself still. Chris [Webber] ran into me. It was the right call," Walton claimed.
While block/charge calls will always be controversial, it helped that the result of the collision took Webber's shot off-line. This wasn't a case of Michigan losing the lead on the call; reverse it, and Webber would have gone to the line down one. Still, the feelings of coming close and being so far resonated in the Michigan locker room.
"You can't do that -- you can't make that call," Webber griped after the game. "You gotta let us play, man."
Walton led all scorers with 18 points; Juwan Howard led Michigan with 17.
#3 Kentucky 82, #5 Kansas 81, OT. Wilt Chamberlain has never fouled out. Critics would say that stat plays too heavily in his mind at crucial points in the game -- that if you get a fourth foul on him, he becomes weaker on defense and passive when he should be going for blocks.
Is that what happened here? Obviously we'll never know, but the talk will become louder.
Anthony Davis' dunk over Chamberlain -- whose block attempt seemed to be a product of hesitation -- provided the difference with 1.2 seconds left as the Wildcats (10-1) took out the Jayhawks (9-2) after 45 minutes of end-to-end action.
"Coach [Adolph] Rupp told us that late in games, you could go to the rim," Davis said after the game as Kentucky fans swarmed him. "I didn't know how many fouls anyone had, I just knew that we were one down and the best chance I had was to get inside and dunk it down. I was able to do that, and we won the game as a result."
For his part, Chamberlain denied that his four fouls affected the final play. "I thought I had an angle to block it, but I wouldn't have gotten my hands there in time. I was out of position trying to guard [Dan] Issel on the final play. That's not how you zone."
Chamberlain had a monster game, putting up 19 points, 10 rebounds, 7 assists, and 3 blocks. But it's another number that everyone will focus on -- 4, his foul total for the game.
John Wall led Kentucky with 15 points.
#4 Duke 73, #6 Michigan State 71. A common joke through the years has been that it just isn't a Duke season until they make someone hate them by ripping their proverbial hearts out.
Kyrie Irving's three-pointer as time expired silenced the partisan Michigan State crowd and lifted the Blue Devis (9-2) to a bounceback win over the Spartans (8-3) in a game both teams sorely wanted for different reasons.
"We needed that win, man," Duke forward Grant Hill, who led all scorers with 16 points, said after the game. "You come off a loss, you're facing an even tougher team, you gotta dig down deep. This was a gut check. We got what we needed."
Irving's last-second heroics -- or villainy, depending on whom you ask -- wiped out an incredible performance from Spartan guard Scott Skiles. With Jason Richardson in foul trouble and Magic Johnson as a shooting guard, Skiles turned back the clock and put up 11 assists to go with his 7 points. He found Johnson (14 points) with 7 seconds to go for the sky hook over Elton Brand that gave Michigan State a 71-70 lead and sent the crowd into a deafening roar.
That roar would go eerily quiet soon after.
#25 Illinois 87, #12 Connecticut 70. Eddie Johnson had been hearing noise from the Auburn faithful saying he was an impostor and that the "real" Eddie Johnson resided on the Plains. Your move, Auburn.
Johnson stunned and thrilled the crowd by putting up 27 points with the help of seven three-pointers as the Fighting Illini (9-2) stole one from the Huskies (8-3), who had no answer on defense for Johnson's hot hand.
"Incredible," Huskies coach Jim Calhoun said while shaking his head at the post-game press conference. "I don't think I've seen something like that in some time. We knew [Derek] Harper could cause trouble, and I figured we had Red [Kerr] contained, but sometimes it's the last guy you expect."
As Connecticut attempted to double-team the red-hot Johnson, he made the passes needed to keep Illinois on track. Meyers Leonard was a major recipient of those passes, ending with 15 points of his own.
Cliffy Robinson led the Huskies with 16 points.
#2 North Carolina 101, #22 Florida 56. Note to self: never, ever, ever, EVER face Michael Jordan coming off of a close loss. Ever.
Jordan, who when given the green light is almost unbeatable, scored 33 points and had 10 assists as the Tar Heels (9-2) gave a rude welcome to the Top 25 to the Gators (8-3), disheartening the Florida crowd and leaving coach Billy Donovan without answers.
"You know, when you look up at the scoreboard and it's the first half and there you are down 30, 35 points... you try to tell your team to take it one possession at a time, but you know they're thinking about how big that hill is to climb and how close they are to the point of no return," Donovan said. "We spent the second half trying to get our plays in order so that when SEC season began, we wouldn't run into this trouble."
Jordan, for his part, wanted to make a statement in this game. With 6 minutes left in the second half, Jordan even seemed to refuse to come out of the game, much to his substitute Vince Carter's chagrin. Eventually Dean Smith called a timeout to remind Jordan who the coach was.
"Michael's competitive, and we usually like that," Smith said after the game. "Usually."
#9 Notre Dame 78, #11 Ohio State 68. Is Digger Phelps on pace to be a Coach of the Year? He has to be the leader at this point.
With John Havlicek off to a hot start, Phelps went to a bigger lineup, moving Austin Carr to point guard and bringing LaPhonso Ellis in to stop Havlicek's slashing to the hoop. It paid off: only two of Havlicek's 22 points came in the second half as the Irish (9-2) stormed back to beat the Buckeyes (8-3).
"Coach asked me to step up, and I was able to today," Ellis said after the game. "You're facing a tough lineup like that, and you gotta hope for the best. I was able to come through for the team."
Ohio State led 40-33 at the half, but a monumental turnaround began when the Irish cut off Ohio State's top scorer. From there, Adrian Dantley took over, getting 17 of his 22 points in the second stanza -- a near mirror of Havlicek.
"Whatever I said at halftime I need to bottle, don't I?" Phelps joked after the game.
#15 Southern Cal 64, #7 Syracuse 55. Both teams went to a zone defense to unsettle the opposing outside shooters and cut down the passing lanes. It worked, but one team found just enough offense to put themselves over the top.
Bill Sharman's 15 points led all scorers as Syracuse missed 22 of 25 three-point attempts and the Trojans (9-2) knocked off the Orange (8-3) in a game meant for the basketball purists.
"We got them to use almost all of the shot clock on every possession," Sharman said after the game. "When you get a lead, you gotta play airtight defense. I've talked to the guys about being ready to give 110% on both sides of the ball, and it worked tonight."
The first half of this game proved to be a war of attrition. Syracuse missed all 11 of their three-point attempts, while Southern Cal committed four different violations of the 30-second shot clock. The teams went into the locker room tied at 24.
"We need to forget this game as soon as possible," admitted Orange guard Dave Bing, who had 12 points. Carmelo Anthony finished with 10, but on 1-12 shooting from outside the arc.
#18 LSU 66, #19 Georgetown 57. The anticipated matchup was between big men Shaquille O'Neal and Patrick Ewing Sr. That matchup was a battle of the bulls, but it was the shooting guard matchup we should've watched.
Pete Maravich had 21 points, outscoring Allen Iverson by 10, while O'Neal and Ewing had 16 points each. That was the difference, more or less, as the Tigers (8-3) knocked off the Hoyas (7-4) in a bruising clash between two power teams.
Coach Dale Brown was happy with his team's performance after the game. "It was a slow game, it was a half-court game, but we still found the outside shooting we needed to make it work," he told reporters. "It was necessary that we get this win -- I believe we can make noise in the SEC."
Hoyas forward Alonzo Mourning was frustrated all day by Bob Pettit cutting off passing lanes and keeping him from getting the ball. In the end, Mourning had only 7 points.
"I don't know how he did it," he said. "That guy's so underrated, man."
Meanwhile, in our featured game...
#17 DePaul 107, Rhode Island 77. In a surprise move before the game, coach Ray Meyer sat George Mikan and went small-ball, having Terry Cummings take the tip and Quentin Richardson join the starting five. It paid off big-time.
Richardson had 9 points, but he opened others to thrive in an up-tempo game as Mark Aguirre put up 25 points and the Blue Demons (8-3) established the pecking order over the upstart Rams (7-4), surviving their speedier style and winning in it.
Rhode Island coach Frank Keaney was disappointed, but not worried. "Our style is something we practice every day. When the time comes, we'll be ready to steal games with it. We need games like this to show our guys how much work they still have left to do if they want a postseason bid."
Sly Williams led the Rams with 16 points.
  1. UCLA 80, 8. Michigan 77
  2. North Carolina 101, 22. Florida 56
  3. Kentucky 82, 5. Kansas 81, OT
  4. Duke 73, 6. Michigan State 71
  5. Kansas 81, 3. Kentucky 82, OT
  6. Michigan State 71, 4. Duke 73
  7. Syracuse 55, 15. Southern Cal 64
  8. Michigan 77, 1. UCLA 80
  9. Notre Dame 78, 11. Ohio State 68
  10. Indiana 85, West Virginia 64
  11. Ohio State 68, 9. Notre Dame 78
  12. Connecticut 70, 25. Illinois 87
  13. Texas 92, Oregon State 56
  14. Arizona 92, Iowa State 58
  15. Southern Cal 64, 7. Syracuse 55
  16. Maryland 82, South Carolina 65
  17. DePaul 107, Rhode Island 77
  18. LSU 66, 19. Georgetown 57
  19. Georgetown 57, 18. LSU 66
  20. Minnesota 74, Detroit Mercy 66
  21. Alabama 73, Wichita State 63
  22. Florida 56, #2 North Carolina 101
  23. Iowa 71, Clemson 65
  24. UNLV 105, Old Dominion 67
  25. Illinois 87, 12. Connecticut 70
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2023.05.31 18:02 Gojoxxwife AITA for wanting to leave him

My boyfriend [21] and my [22] have been dating for 2 years and 7 months. We met in high school and were reunited in college. I’m not sure how much background to give considering it’s my first time posting. Anyways, when we first started talking I had recently gotten out of a relationship and thought what are the odds he came back into my life when I was heartbroken. Everything was going great, I finally felt really happy and was high on life. After a month or so, he asked me out and I said yea. I know now that I probably shouldn’t have dive into a relationship so early. As time goes along around 2 months later I realized he would hide a girl’s notification and would only open it when I wasn’t around. Once I realized what was happening, I looked and she was sending him nudes and explicit messages. Although he said he didn’t send nudes back his response to her messages were enough. I know some might think it’s not cheating but it definitely hurt. I wanted to leave but ended up giving him a second chance. Since then I’ve been brushing things off and kind of forgetting them after a while. I also learned he has a mental illness, he has ied. To be honest I had no clue what that was and just heard past stories. I never thought much of it and just felt bad he had to deal with such thing. I then noticed how bad it could get. All I wanted to do was help, he was taking medication but sometimes it didn’t seem to work. It was until one day I was in the room and he was angry, threw things and punched a hole in the wall. I was scared but I just thought oh it’s just his condition ! He is a kind person but he is being blinded by rage right now.
Fast forward I have tried the best that I can to help him but sometimes it’s not enough. There have been instances where I don’t feel safe/am not safe and am scared but since he is angry it doesn’t matter. I don’t want to be too descriptive with what all he has done because I don’t want him to be labeled as a bad person, but lord knows what I’ve been through. I’ve tried to just shove those memories away but have recently resurfaced in my head. I do admit he has been getting better but I recently have been carrying a lot of weight and all those memories surfaced back up. I feel like he has weigh me down a lot at times and I haven’t been able to succeed in life how I’ve always wanted to. Since I’m older I am also closer to graduating and finding my career job. It would be ideal if I found a job not so far from where we live but I would also not turn down if I received an opportunity else where. I understand we have been through a lot but I feel like I’ve lost myself and don’t think I’m mentally okay to be with someone right now. I’ve always been taught that a person needs to love themselves before they can love someone else. I tried explaining it to him that maybe we should just take a break. I would never plan on doing anything to hurt him, I just want time by myself and learning new things about myself as well as working on things I need to resolve. He hated the idea and said if we took a break we were over. I am just mentally and physically exhausted. I can’t take someone’s feelings into account before putting myself first anymore. I forgot to mention that we live together so it does make it really hard to have alone time. I am moving out soon but it feels like it won’t change. Am I the asshole if I were to break up with him to personally heal myself and grow as a person? I do think it’s something he should do as well.
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2023.05.31 18:01 PurpleSolitudes Best Internet Monitoring Software

Best Internet Monitoring Software
SentryPC is a powerful internet monitoring software that allows parents, employers and individuals to monitor and control computer and internet usage. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, SentryPC has become the preferred choice for those who need to keep an eye on computer and internet activity.

In this review, we will take a closer look at what makes SentryPC the best internet monitoring software and why it has become so popular among users.



The first thing that sets SentryPC apart from other internet monitoring software is its comprehensive set of features. Whether you are a parent looking to protect your children from online predators or an employer concerned about productivity, SentryPC has everything you need to monitor and control computer and internet usage.

Free Demo Account Available

Some of the key features of SentryPC include:

  • Keystroke Logging: SentryPC captures all keystrokes typed on the monitored computer, including passwords and chat conversations.
  • Website Monitoring: SentryPC tracks all websites visited by the user, allowing parents and employers to see which sites their children or employees are accessing.
  • Application Monitoring: SentryPC records all applications used on the computer, including the duration of use, providing insight into how time is being spent.
  • Social Media Monitoring: SentryPC monitors social media activity, such as Facebook posts and Twitter messages, giving parents and employers insight into online behavior.
  • Screenshots: SentryPC captures screenshots of the monitored computer, allowing parents and employers to see exactly what the user is doing.
  • Remote Control: SentryPC allows parents and employers to remotely shut down or restart the monitored computer, lock the keyboard and mouse, and even log the user out of their account.
  • Alerts: SentryPC sends real-time alerts when specific keywords are typed or certain actions are taken, such as attempting to access blocked websites.
  • Reports: SentryPC generates detailed reports on computer and internet activity, making it easy for parents and employers to identify trends and patterns over time.

Ease of Use

Another key factor that makes SentryPC the best internet monitoring software is its user-friendly interface. Even if you are not technically savvy, you can easily install and use SentryPC to monitor and control computer and internet usage.
The software is easy to download and install, and once installed, it runs quietly in the background, capturing data without interfering with computer performance. The dashboard is intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to quickly access reports, alerts and other monitoring tools.
SentryPC also offers a mobile app, which allows parents and employers to monitor computer and internet activity on the go. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and provides real-time access to all monitoring features.

Free Demo Account Available

Customer Support

SentryPC is committed to providing excellent customer support. Their team of support technicians is available 24/7 to answer questions and provide assistance with installation and troubleshooting.
In addition to email and phone support, SentryPC also offers live chat support, allowing users to get answers to their questions in real-time. They also offer a comprehensive knowledge base, which includes articles, tutorials, and videos to help users get the most out of the software.


SentryPC offers flexible pricing plans to meet the needs of different users. The plans range from $59.95 per year for a single license to $995 for 100 licenses.
The basic plan provides all the essential monitoring features, while the premium plan includes advanced features such as webcam capture and audio recording. Users can also customize their plans by adding additional licenses or upgrading to the premium plan at any time.


Overall, SentryPC is the best internet monitoring software on the market today. Its comprehensive set of features, user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support make it an ideal choice for parents, employers, and individuals who need to monitor and control computer and internet usage.
With SentryPC, users can rest assured that they have the tools they need to keep their children safe online, enhance productivity in the workplace, and protect sensitive information from cyber threats.

Free Demo Account Available

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2023.05.31 18:01 jrhunt84 Maybe it's just me but...

Most Wake Surf boat owners are the WORST at following or knowing the rules of navigation and are completely ignorant towards no wake zones.
I grew up boating on Lake Michigan and the only surfing that happened was at the beach. Having moved to North Texas back in 2015, wake surf boats are everywhere on the lakes down here and they seem to be more arrogant than the sail boaters were on Lake Michigan. It's almost as if all that money they spent on having the fanciest new wake surf boat, they don't care about anyone else but themself.
Okay...rant over, but has anyone else experienced this?
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2023.05.31 18:01 AnonymousGuy9494 Regarding silence in tournaments

This is the dumbest rule ever created. How the hell am I supposed to have fun if I can't yell check(oslovakia) every time I attack the opponents king?! This is an abuse of power by FIDE and I demand this to be overruled.
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2023.05.31 18:00 AutoModerator Buy, Sell, Trade - May 31, 2023

Buy/Sell/Trade here at your own risk!
Always get complete contact information before anything is shipped.
Check that you aren't dealing with a brand new account or someone who has been reported at /badkarma.

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2023.05.31 17:59 telemachos90210 Custom actions to filter junk mail arriving in Junk mailbox aren't executed

I receive a lot of junk mail that is sent to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). I’ve found that I can set up a rule based on the Original-Recipient header that matches with “rfc822:[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])” to delete most of these emails. This rule works perfectly when invoked manually.
What I would like to do is have these emails sent to the trash *before* they arrive in my Junk folder. This should be possible, because according to Mail > Settings > Junk Mail, if I set up a custom action with this rule (and with the setting checked “Filter junk mail before applying my rules”), I would expect the very same rule configured as a custom action to do this.
However, it doesn’t work. The spam with this Original-Recipient header “rfc822:[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])” arrives normally in my Junk folder without being sent to the Trash or deleted.
Do custom actions work for anyone? I've filed FB12213605 with Apple.
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2023.05.31 17:58 antibiz OOZ1ES (on-chain)

OOZ1ES (on-chain)

The Original OOZ1ES launched 9/2021 on IPFS. This was my second NFT project and I was still learning how to code properly. I then created www.space-babez.com www.swingerz.net www.3d.ooz1es.com chess.ne0.xyz
After creating these projects I learned a lot about NFTs including working with (on-chain) assets.

I took all the knowledge from creating the original OOZ1ES + 3D OOZ1ES and put all my new ideas into OOZ1ES (on-chain).

This project uses pixel art, 3 frames of animation, and upwards of 7 trait categories. In total, there are 339 assets/traits.
The coding started for this project back in September 2022. We just finished coding this May 2023 and launched on 5/29/2023.
The policy will lock 6/02/2024 so we have 1 year to mint all these. In total, there are 9,999 total NFTs. The rare NFTs have more animations + more traits. Similar to CryptoPunks 7 traits OOZ1ES are more rare.
You can check our website https://www.ooz1es.com to go through the filters to see all the crazy combos we created.
50% of the project has 3 traits, and the other half has 4-7. So you have about a 50% chance of getting something rare or cool. Since there are so many traits just about everything is rare in the project. https://ooz1es.com/rarity-chart

Since we are using multisig minting we have the #s of the NFTs hidden on our website currently.

We did hundreds of outputs to correct everything possible in this project. I would say it's 99.9% perfect in terms of exclusions, ordering, art style, combinations, etc.
The mint cost is only 5 ADA and you will get something very unique that helps build the world of OOZ1ES. OOZ1ES are the trademarked comic book characters. You can think of them as toilet-dwelling Pokémon.
The character you see above is known as "Booger" they are one of the main OOZ1ES in the story. They are a chemist that lives at Booger Lake.
Support for this project will lead to future comic books that are already written just need the $$ to make the art.
As part of the roadmap, I also plan to make Space Babez 2 (on-chain) with all new art and take it to the next level. So if you're aware of any of my past projects minting 1-10 really helps as this will help me continually build. I've invested everything I've made back into my universe which I've been working on since 2015 before I got into NFTs. So I won't be stopping anytime soon!
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2023.05.31 17:56 Trixis2 Trixis2's IGS Rep Page

PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THIS Users may feel free to add any other rep here, steamtrades.com, /SGS rep, /GCXRep, etc but understand that the only fully accepted rep on /indiegameswap is on /IGSRep. Traders may reject trades for any suspicion and should feel free to contact the mods for background checks
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